Saturday, October 23, 2004

What are your takings???

*grin* Harlow!! I'm back from my 5mths check up... :) Today check up was fast indeed.. Dr Aziz showed us all the major organs and the whole features of the Lil' One.. Amazing!!! Alhamdulillah, as what Dr said, sifat nya cukup.... Syukur pada Allah swt... We were like smiling & giggling seeing our Lil' One very active in my tummy.. As doctor was scanning, Lil' One keeps opening her/his mouth and closing it.. And her/his leg stretching and one one point she/he goes to "bersila" position..haha..So cute!!!! I just cudn't believe it tat is my Lil' One.. Maha Besar kurniaan Allah..
I know wat you guys wanna know rite??? Hahaha... The gender of my Lil' One rite????? Oops... I dunt feel like revealing it now... ;P .. Why not u guys make a guess and put in in the comment box below.. See how many of you are correct!! I'm cruel??? No lah!! Where got???? hehe.. Will tell you guys but not today!! Perhaps one of the days tis coming week... So meantime keep guessing lah... Boi or Gurl?? *evil smile*

Baby's weight: 355g

Here is the scan pics...

Left: Lil' One's spine, Right: Lil' One's face & abdomen & heart

Left: Lil' One's abdomen circumference, Right: Lil' One's head circumference

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