Monday, February 27, 2006

Updates that you've been waiting for!

Alisha First Zoo Trip

Friday (24/02/2006)

It's Alisha birthday!! In the morning, the 3 of us together with my PILs, went to Geylang to shop for groceries for Alisha's besday bash.. We took 2 hrs plus to shop at Geylang & Onan Road before we finally reached home.

At home, put Alisha tp sleep and I quickly get ready her stuffs for the Zoo Trip.. We went out around 2pm. Reached there almost 2.30pm. First stop was the KFC. Had our lunch there.. Then we proceed to buy the tixs and went in.. Both me & hubbie were soooo "jakun" when entering the Zoo.. Why? Bcos, it has been ages since we came to the Zoo.. Last trip was in our primary school days.. Instead of Alisha getting all excited, it's her parents who were really excited at that point of time!! hahaha.. Equipped with the map given, we start our expedition.. Alisha was soo excited upon seeing the animals.. She kept pointing to the animal and started to talk in her language... We were laffing seeing her expression... She is just so cute...

We covered one area to another area.. Was lucky that the weather really show mercy on us.. It was cooling and the wind was blowing right at our face! No scorching hot sun!! Phew! Else we will be udang kene bakar oredy! We took the Tram ride when we were already tired of walking.. Watched the Polar Bear feeding show.. Too bad we missed the Animal Show.. Alisha was wide awake thru out the "expedition" eventho we knew that she was sleepy at that time.. By the time, we almost covered every area, it was already 6pm.. Went to the DFS shop and bought Alisha a Girrafe & Monkey beanies.... She likes it!! Then we had Ben & Jerry ice cream before we made our move...

Next stop was to Concourse.. I had a last minute shopping for teh party stuff.. And to McKenzie Rd to have our dinner... Den off we went to fetch MIL's relatives from Kampung at hubbie's aunty's hse.. And off we went back...

At nite, I put Alisha to sleep before I make Chocolate Fudge cake and the Konnyaku Longan Jellies. Slept around 1.45am...

Image hosting by Photobucket
Trip to the Zoo

Alisha's 1st Birthday Bash

Saturday (25/02/2006)

Woke up in the morning and prepare Alisha's bfast. Bath her and let her play.. Both me & hubbie did a last minute spring cleaning and move the tables and sofa around. My mum came early and helped me with stuffs in the kitchen.. My Sis has to pick up Alisha's birthday cake at Parkway.. My cousin, Nini, came around 1 plus. She helped out with the living room decorations together with her sis and my sis.. As for me, I have to make sure Alisha gets enuff sleep.. Dad came awhile later from his work place.

At around 3 plus, SIL and family came.. She was soo lincah to get the food ready on the table.. We had Roti Kirai, Kari Daging, Salad cooked by MIL, Fries Bee Hoon & Almond Jelly Cocktail by my mum, Coconut Blossom by SIL, epok2 by Nollie's neighbourhood makcik, sotong balls, fries, hotdogs which we bought from Giant. At 4.00pm, kenduri doa selamat took place. FIL lead the kenduri... I was like busy changing Alisha to her pinky gown.. and this Mak Pengantin oso busy changing to a better looking clothes and make ups... Nollie came shortly after that.. And guest kept coming after that.. At about 5.30pm, Alisha cut her birthday cake.. We sang her a birthday song and guess what? She dance her way right to left, left to right.. haha.. Good thing my bro took a video of her! And she has her cake cutting and blowing candle (it's her Abah & Mama who blowed the candle off..wakakakka) I tink Alisha was sooo "geram" to see her cake and made her go round the table trying her luck to "touch" her Sesame Street cake! She was soo smart that when we moved her cake up, she went to the direction of the cake and when we moved the cake down, again she walked towartds the cake.. iskk...

Soon after the cake cutting, she started to get cranky.. So I changed her to her hippies pants and her Groovy Fox tee shirt.. She felt better... Then she & Aaryan had a "crawling competition" .. hahaa.. Bothof them goes diff direction..cute lah! Another cute baby is Baby Ellia aka Toothless Babe.. She laffed at Alisha when Alisha was crying! cuteness!!!

All the adults there were too engrossed with the babies there! There's Rian Haris, Zikry, Najwa, Ellia, Sarah, Qaisara, Nabil, Ilham, Alyssa, Aaryan & Dania Sofia.. Too bad Alisha din get a chance to take all babies together2..iskk.. Bleh terlupa plak.. Aiseyman...Seems that the babies had fun too!!

By nite time, Alisha was getting crankier as she's sleepy.. Bathed her and changed her into her pyjamas.. My parents, sis and cuzzins left close to 10pm... I quickly put Alisha to sleep while both me & hubbie did a spring cleaning.. Lucky it was not that much to do cos most of it, my SIL had helped us with the kitchen cleaning... Phew! By 12am, I was feeling groggy.. After my bath and everything, I went to sleep! A tiring day but we definitely enjoy ourselves as much as Alisha enjoyed herself! We would like to thank the guests who came over to our house...

Thanks a lot for the gift too! Alisha lurves all of them! Thanks!

For now, enjoy the peektures here...

The peektures are uploaded in my multiply
- Zoo Trip
- Alisha's Birthday Bash

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Alisha's 1st Birthday Bash

Vote for Alisha pls!

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Thank you!

p/s: Sadly her picture is not clear. I've oredy resubmit her clearer picture.. Hopefully it can be changed!

Anyway come back for more updates on Alisha's Trip to the Zoo and Alisha's 1st Birthday Bash!

Friday, February 24, 2006

Alisha turns BIG ONE!!

My darling Alisha turns 1 year old today at 1.37am... Yesh!! She has grown up to a 1 year old toddler! Pretty fast isn't it? A year has past but the sweet memories of my labour experience still fresh in my mind.. Every encounter I still remember vividly..

Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket

Yep It's just like yesterday I've given birth to her! I think she herself knows that it's her birthday and she was all happy since yesterday nite! She was playing and laughing with my parents and sister when we visited my parent's hse.. And rite now she is wide awake while I blog this entry abt her...

As today both me & hubbie are on leave, we will bring the besday princess to the Zoo later. We want her to enjoy herself today and of cos tomoro for her first birthday bash!

Outz for now! Will be back with more updates!! Adious!!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

It's Midweek!

Yay! It's already middle of the week! Quite fast huh! Am sooo looking forward for this weekend! *grin* This Friday my dearest cutie pie gonna turns 1.. Both me & hubbie are taking leave and will be spending our quality time with her.. Not too sure where to go as yet but for sure we will bring her out that day! Too bad the Free Zoo passes from our company have been grabbed fast for the mth of Hubbie has already made bookings for March!

And come Saturday, Alisha will have her 1st birthday bash! Wonder how will she react or behave on that day! Hopefully she will not be a cranky child! For sure she will be happy to see her frens coming as she loves having toddlers around her! She is one friendly gal u know!! hehe

So now, I shall wait patiently for Friday to come! 1 day of werk tomoro and our weekend will start!!

Kay for now getting ready to go Fish & Company for lunch with my team mates to celebrate our Boss's birthday! *stomach growling*

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Happy Birthday to Rian Haris!

We attended Rian's birthday party this afternoon! The birthday bOi seems sooo energetic playing with balloons.. Met cahayamata & family and also Dnora there for the first time.. Thamrin & family & also mk & family were there too. Got to meet 2 ex Ping Yians there too! :)

Soon Rian was feeling sleepy and get a bit cranky.. So the besday bOi has to be put to sleep first.. While we were waiting for the besday boi to wake up, the mak budaks and bapak budaks busy entertaining the 3 toddlers who were there... Alisha, Aaryan & Dayyan... We were laffing and giggling on their "keletah-ness".. And my Alisha was sooo hyperactive just now!

Finally Rian woke up at 5pm.. Mama Rian quickly set up the table for the cake and all of us sang a besday song for Rian.. Rian looked sooo masam lah!! but cute of cos! ehehe.. After the photo taking and all, the 3 of us made a move. We went to Concourse to buy Alisha's fren party pack for next week birthday bash! This Mama of Alisha getting so excited upon seeing the stuffs there! After taking near to an hr of shopping, we finally mad eour way out from Concourse. Headed to Jubilee for Nasi Briyani... That's our dinner.. Then off to MIL's place for awhile den back home...

Hubbie watching the soccer between Liverpool and Man Utd.. Currently Man Utd down with 1 - 0.. Iskk..When will Man Utd gonna score?!! iskkk... Hubbie and I are rival when comes to soccer.. He supports Liverpool while I support Man Utd.. Wonder who will Alisha support when she grows up ah! *errrmmmm*

Okay shall end here! Enjoy viewing the pics. For more pics, pls click here!

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Alisha ready to go out!

Image hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by Photobucket
Her mentel poses..

Image hosting by Photobucket
Rian's present. Left - By Aunty Aliyah & Aunty Frina, Right - By Alisha Ameera :)

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Image hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by Photobucket

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Thursday, February 16, 2006

LiL Kenit with many expression!

Juz uploaded some photos taken over the weekend and also photos from yesterday Dinner at Siam Kitchen... See how my Lil Alisha with her many expression posed for camera.. hehe

Last Sunday - Set to go for Tosei lunch at Komalas Novena Ville...

Image hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by Photobucket

See her toncet? I just can't resist to toncet her eventho I knew that her hair is just too little.. Nevertheless she looks cute with the tiny weeny toncet! hehehe

Yesterday - Mum's besday dinner at Siam Kitchen, Parkway Parade

Image hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by Photobucket

oh yes! This excited Mama has ordered her Lil Princess birthday cake from Polar.. Wow! Wee! Mama is getting excited rather than her daughter who will be celebrating her 1st year birthday next week! See! Mak Budak yg paling hepi dan excited! Wat to do!! Can't help it wat! hehe

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Happy Burstday Mak!

Today is my mum 53rd birthday... Happy besday to her!!!! Tonite dad gonna treat mum and of course us, to Siam Kitchen, Parkway Parade.. Made the reservation since yesterday!! Too bad my bro is on reservist and he has to stay in camp.. sien! Not complete as a family!! Anyway, had bought an embroidery bag for mum at Takashimaya just now. Since Nollie is on leave today and I got no lunch partner, I zoomed myself down to Taka.. Managed to buy mum the bag that I'm eyeing for her, not forgetting myself a smaller embroidery bag and 2 tops from FOX for my cutie Alisha.. *get money, spent money* This is why we have to avoid working in town else money will be out from our pocket like nobody business! hiak hiak hiak...

So another 1 hr to go before I can go back and fill my empty stomach (nvr take my lunch juz now) with Siam Kitchen's food!! I oredy imagine their Tom Yam Soup and Maggo Salad.. yummiee!!!

Okay lah shall stop here for now.. Since my werk already done and now I wanna read 8 days!!

Have a pleasant evening guys!! :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

4-Teen Feb...

Happy Valentines' Day to those who celebrated the day.... :)

This morning, my team had a V-day bfast... It's just for fun and get the whole team to eat bfast together.. Kak Suriani, the chef of the morning, cooked for us Fried Bee Hoon, Jemput2 Ikan Bilis and Corn Beef Sandwich... Niceee!! Got a chuppa chups from her too and another gift from a colleague of mine... :)

Still thinking of where to go for lunch! Both Nollie & me have no idea where to have our lunch.. ErmmMMmmM...

Shall stop here for now.. Will update more of Alisha's pics which I have yet to upload!!

10 more days to her BIG ONE!!! yay!!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Can't tink of a title!

Well, I'm still at home at this time.. Hubbie said that we gonna go out at around 3 plus.. At the mean time, I just put Alisha to sleep.. Gosh! She is sooo active! Both hubbie and me having a hard time with her!! hehe.. This morning, when both of us woke up, we found her standing by the sofa and keep tickling hubbie's leg! haha.. It's 12 more days to her BIG ONE! Preparation for her BIG event is still ongoing..Still have unsettled business to do!

Anyway yesterday we spent our time at Orchard. Had our Ewah2 Comm Session at Starbucks Paragon.. Celebrated Putra's besday too... shanah joined us... After which, we went to Swensen for our late dinner at 9.45pm.. It was such a long Q at Swensen Crown Prince Hotel. Waited for almost 30 mins before we get our seats.. Went back around 11 plus....Met Jenny outside Swensen... Thanks gal for the "Ang Pow" you gave to Alisha ya! ;)

Let the peekture do the talking ok! Shall stop here for now!

Image hosting by Photobucket
Alisha Mentel!

Image hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Black Pepper Fettuccine Recipe..

As requested by fiza, here is the recipe.. Sorry to keep you waiting! Terlupa ah! ehehe

Image hosting by Photobucket


Fettuccine (direbus ikut arahan paket)
isi ayam (potong kecil)
Daging (potong kecil)
Fish cake (slice)
Udang (buang kulit, tinggalkan bontotnya)
1 tablespoon dark soya sos
2 tablespoon oyster sauce
1/2 cawan air
lada hitam (ditumbuk - depends on brapa pedas u want)
minyak utk menumis
capsicum (optional)

Bahan Hiris
5 ulas bawang kecil
2 ulas bawang putih
1 inci halia
1 biji bawang besar


Panaskan minyak. Tumis bahan-bahan hirisan sehingga wangi dan layu. Masukkan ayam, daging, udang, fishcake dan gorengkan sehingga masak. Kemudian masukkan dark soya sos dan oyster sos. Masukkan capsicum. Campur air supaya ia tak terlalu pekat. Campurkan lada hitam yg telah ditumbuk. Kemudian, masukkan fettuccine dan gaulkan sehingga rata. Hidangkan dgn daun sup bawang dan cili merah sebagai hiasan..

Happy trying!! :)

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Wanton & Prawn Fritters Recipe!

Here's Syazah and iLah for the recipes..


Chicken Breast (meat only)
Wanton skin
Rice flour mixed with water


Chopped the prawns and chicken breast in smallest pieces. Pour 4 tablespoon of oil in the frying pan. Put in the chopped prawn and chicken breast and add salt, ajinamoto & pepper. Fried till both prawns and chicken are fully cook.

Put a moderate amount of the cooked filling on top of the wanton skin and wrap it accordingly. Use the mixture of rice flour to strengthen the wrap.

Finished everything then fry lah! ;)

Prawn Fritters

Wanton skin (cut in strips)
Corn flour
White egg


Unshelled the prawn and just leave the tail. Cut middle of the prawn to leave it open (optional).
Dip the prawn in white egg den dab it over the corn flour. Wrap the wanton strips around the prawn. Use the white egg to make the strips stick to the prawn.

Then fry the prawn

Both can be eaten by dipping the Sweet Sauce or Mayonaise..

Happy trying gurlz!! :)

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Go away Mister FLU & COFF!!!

Woke up at 8.20am as Icah has crawled over me! No chance to wake up late now! After entertaining her and gave her bfast, I bath her. By the time hubbie has woke up and I put Icah under his care while I started preparing bfast cum lunch... Cooked Bee Honn Hailam, wantan and prawn fritters wrap in wantan skin. Wantan and prawn fritters were taught my my kolig... So I soo berkobar-kobar wanted to do the wantan.. hehe..

After settled everything, I feel soo satisfied with the result. Had bought the Sweet Sauce to be eaten with the wantan. So lunch was served and at the same time fed Icah with her porridge.. Seems that hubbie liked the wantan and the prawn fritters.. *grin*

Image hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by Photobucket

At 2pm, I put Icah to sleep and I took a nap too as I was feeling groggy due to my flu and coff and also my "bestfren" came.. I sooo lepak even after Icah woke up, hubbie has to take care of her as I continue my sleep.. Finally woke up at 4.30pm as hubbie has promised Megat and hir to go Sim Lim. Feeling blury, I woke up and washed myself. Hubbie has to bath Icah.. At 5.10pm we went out.. Headed to Sim Lim den to Funan then to Raffles Banquet for dinner. Then we dropped by HomeTeam chalet (former Singtel chalet) to pass present for Lil Qaisara. Was so sorry to both Irshad and Nazirah as I was soo lembik to attend the 1st birthday party for Lil Qaisara.. When we came, the besday gurl has fallen asleep.. Icah got her "ole-ole" from the besday gurl parents. We too get something from them. Went off after catching Irshad and Nazirah for awhile..

Alisha was so sleepy by then... By the time we reached home was around 11pm.. After washing up and put Icah to sleep.. Now I have the time of my own but was alredy feeling so sleepy due to the coff syrup.. Shall off to my dreamland now! Till then! Adious!!!

Friday, February 03, 2006

Wanita Mithali Ialah....

Received this article from my partner in crime! Thanks!! :) Here am I sharing this out to you guys! Hopefully we can learn something from this! So just take a few mins of your time to read ya! :)

1. Mithali bermaksud "baik, boleh dicontohi, solehah.." (mithali berasal dari perkataan misal iaitu contoh)

2. Rasullullah s.a.w. bersabda "Dunia ini baik tetapi yang paling baik ialah isteri solehah"

3. Isteri yang menyediakan minuman dan memberi suami minum dapat pahala seperti solat malam.

4. Di dalam Al-Quran ada banyak gambaran tentang isteri solehah dan kita di zaman moden ni kena apply according to perubahan masa.

Yang penting ialah intipati isteri solehah. Antara gambarn-gambarn itu ialah :
(a) Khadijah isteri Rasul Allah : membantu Rasul Allah dalam kewangan
(b) Aisyah : kelebihannya ialah beliau kreatif, mempunyai daya kreativiti yang tinggi dan pandai menghibur Rasul Allah.

Pernah pada suatu masa Rasul Allah jatuh sakit, Saidatina Aisyah mengubat baginda. Baginda Rasul Allah bertanya : Ya Aisyah, bagaimana tuan hamba tahu mengubati saya?" jawab Saidatina "Aisyah " Ya Rasul Allah, saya belajar tentang ubat-ubat herba ini dari orang-orang yang datang berjumpa kamu".

5. Rasul Allah bersabda ; "Wanita amat mudah memasuki syurga. Sekiranya kamu
(1) mengerjakan sembahyang 5 waktu
(2) berpuasa di bulan Ramadhan
(3) mentaati suami
(4) menjaga kehormatan diriAllah menjamin kamu masuk syurga dari pintu mana yang kamu suka."

6. Selain daripada 4 perkara di atas, isteri mithali juga mesti memastikan bahawa tanggung jawab diri sendiri sudah dilaksanakan seperti jaga kebersihan diri, jaga sembahyang, pastikan kiraan haid betul supaya tahu bila nak bersuci, begitu juga dengan kiraan nifas dan tatarias diri. Selepas mandi hadas besar setelah bersuci dari haid & nifas, wanita perlu ambil minyak wangi dengan kapas dan menyapu minyak wangi tersebut di tempat keluar haid dan nifas. Ini ajaran Rasul Allah s.a.w.

7. Wanita juga perlu ada inisiatif untuk mencari ilmu, tidak perlu tunggu suami. Rasul Allah bersabda : Wanita yang paling baik ialah wanita Ansar yang tahu menunggang unta dan dalam masa yang sama tidak malu untuk mencari ilmu". Bagi wanita di zaman sekarang , unta itu ibarat kereta (kenderaan). Wanita boleh cari pendapatan sendiri supaya boleh membantu suami seperti Saidatina Khadijah dan dapat bersedekah dengan wang pendapatannya.

8. Wanita mesti tahu menjaga kehormatan diri. Selain dari menjaga kehormatan , wanita juga perlu tahu kemampuan diri. Contohnya,katalah suami inginkan ramai anak, sebagai isteri wanita sanggup melahirkannya.

Tapi selalunya wanita yang telah melahirkan anak yang ramai akan kelihatan cepat tua. Si suami pula, bila dah macam tu suka cari yang lain. Kasihan wanita. Justeru itu, wanita juga berhak membuat keputusan, bukan suami sahaja. Dia mesti tahu kemampuan kesihatannya.

Bagi pasangan zaman sekarang, ramai yang pergi bekerja & berjumpa dengan orang lain di tempat kerja. Pada masa inilah iman perlu kuat. Suami perlu tahu kehendak isteri dan isteri perlu tahu kehendak suami supaya masing-masing tidak mencari yang lain.Contohnya, bila tiba harijadi isteri, suami tak beri apa-apa pun, ucapan pun tidak tapi Boss di tempat kerja beri hadiah dan kawan-kawan belanja makan. Si isteri gembira dapat perhatian dari orang lain. Jadi, si isteri ,mungkin lebih sayangkan Boss daripada suami.

Kita perlu yakin dan percaya bahawa setiap sesuatu ada kebaikan. Jangan bandingkan suami kita dengan orang lain, i.e. suami si polan tu rajin tolong bini dia masak tapi abang tak...dan macam-macam lagi. Mana tahu suami si polan tu suka membebel pula dan suami kita tidak ...janganlah sampai suami kita membandingkan kita dengan isteri orang atauwanita lain...buruk akibatnya...

Dalam peristiwa Isra' & Mi'raj ini,golongan lelaki & perempuan yang tak pandai jaga kehormatan diri di panggil " orang-orang yang memakan daging haram". Contohnya : suami yang ada affair dengan isteri orang dan sebaliknya.

9. Dalam surah Al-Imraan, Allah dah menerangkan bahawa lumrah lelaki ialah mereka memang sukakan wanita. Justeru itu isteri mesti pandai menjaga hati suami.

10. Jangan dibuai rasa sunyi. Sekiranya suami pergi outstation lama-lama, si isteri mesti pandai mengisi masa lapang dengan melakukan aktiviti2 berkumpulan seperti berpersatuan dan sebagainya. Jangan disebabkan rasa sunyi kita akan melakukan perkara-perkara yang dilarang Allah.

11. Taat pada suami. Rasul Allah berkata; "Inilah yang paling susah" Sebagai contoh, sekiranya suami marahkan anak, si isteri janganlah menyebelahi anak dan memalukan suami di hadapan anak. Pernah suatu masa dahulu, Saidatina Aisyah sudah menjahit langsir dan digantung di jendela. Bila Rasulallah pulang, Baginda berkata pada Aisyah " Wahai Aisyah, bukankah kain itu lebih baik dibuat bantal?" Tanpa berlengah, Saidatina Aisyah terus turunkan langsir itu dan memotong kain langsir tersebut untuk dijadikan bantal.

12. Suami dan isteri tidak perlu berkira tentang soal peranan. takut nanti masing-masing akan menyalahkan satu sama lain. Suami isteri haruslah bertaqwa. Rasul Allah bersabda : "Saling memaafkanlah di antara kamu kerana itu lebih hampir kepada ketaqwaan".

13. Isteri perlu dapat sokongan dari suami untuk menjadi isteri solehah. jangan nakkan isteri baik tapi suami tidak berperangai sepatutnya. Walaupun begitu, ada di dalam Al Quran tentang isteri beriman tetapi suaminya tidak. Contohnya Asiah isteri Firaun. Di situasi begini, si isteri perlu membimbing suami, sentiasa bersabar dan yakin pertolongan Allah akan tiba. Sentiasalah berdoa dan percayalah bahawa setiap orang adakelebihannya masing-masing.

Allah telah berjanji " Manusia ini lemah, bagaimana sombongnya dia, ada satu titik kelemahan padanya". Yakinlah bahawa Allah akan mengubah suami yang tinggi egonya, sombong. Lelaki perlu ada ego tapi tidak boleh keterlaluan. Ego itu perlu spt. cemburu melihat isteri bergaul bebas dengan bukan muhrim. kalau tiada perasaan ini, suami itu tiada sifat kelelakian. Janganlah jadi dayus.

.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.* .*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.* .*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*.*

1. Rasul Allah bersabda, lebih kurang maksudnya :
"Sekali kita berbuat baik, tidak diingati tetapi sekali kita berbuat jahat, akan diingat selamanya".

"Seorang bertanya : Ya Rasul Allah, apakah itu agama? Agama itu ialah jangan marah ."

" Kepada lelaki yang nak berkahwin, kahwinlah dengan wanita yang boleh beranak kerana dia pandai berkasih sayang. Sekiranya dia tidak boleh beranak, carilah yang pandai menyayangi".

2. Wanita perlu pandai menjaga diri hingga ke usia tua.

3. Ayat Al-Quran yang menerangkan kedudukan wanita ketika usia menopause ialah An-Nur : 60. Di dalam ayat ini diterangkan bahawa wanita hendaklah menjaga kelakuan mereka supaya mereka sopan. jalinkan kemesraan bersama suami dan lakukan aktiviti-aktiviti bersama-sama.

4. Hadith Rasul Allah s.a.w. : "Mana-mana isteri yang melayan kehendak kelamin suami akan mendapat pahala seperti sembahyang malam."

5. Isteri mestilah mendapat redha suami, sokongan dan persetujuannya. Mesti pandai tunjukkan kasih sayang, pabila disuruh ia taat dan pastikan rezeki di rumah itu adalah dari sumber yang halal. Rabi'atul 'Adawiyah pernah berkata kepada ayahnya :" Aku sanggupberlapar dari makan makanan yang haram." Perkara yang paling penting ialah mendapat keberkatan dari rezeki yang sedikit tetapi mencukupi, bukan yang banyak tetapi tidak mencukupi.

Perkara-perkara yang menghalang dari menjadi mithali :
1. Terlalu cemburukan suami
2. Mengabai hak suami
3. Mengelak hubungan kelamin tanpa sebab.
4. Tidak mahu menemankan suami tidur.
5. Bergaduh tentang perkara yang kecil, remeh temeh.

6. Isteri yang baik ialah isteri yang mahu kebaikan untuk suami. Suami sepatutnya menjadi Imam dan isteri pendokong kepada suami. Sebenarnya, di setiap kejayaan sebuah rumahtangga, di belakangnya ialah seorang isteri.

Perlu berjihad di dalam rumahtangga, berkorban untuk kebahagiaan rumah tangga.

Suami & Isteri perlulah sentiasa berpesan di antara satu sama lain untuk mengingati Allah dan bertaqwalah kepada Allah. Banyakkan berdoa dan memohon kepada Allah kerana doa itu penting. Ianya adalah senjata orang mukmin. Berkomunikasi dengan baik di antara Satu sama lain, berkasih sayang, redha dan bersyukur selalu kepada Allah.