Thursday, September 29, 2005


Azmir!!!!! Altho he got 2nd place but I still support him!! He's the best!!!But anyway Khairul deserved it lah cos he really performed well!!

1st place: Khairul Anwar

2nd place: Syed Azmir

3rd place: Fauzie Laily

4th place: Khairil Mohd Yusoff

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Back with updates..

First of all, me & hubbie would like to thankyou guys for the well-wishes for my FIL.

It was a crucial moment for me & hubbie's family these few days.. On Saturday, we went to hospital after hubbie fetch me from work.. Spent our time there... FIL looked good that day.. He was cheerful and talked to the guests who came.. But at around 7.20pm, FIL vommitted fresh blood when the doctor did a check on him. It was puddle of blood on his bed.. All of us were scared and shocked. Even the doctor panicked... A Senior doctor was called in. Did a check and we were told that they need to do a endoscopy to FIL's tummy again. The Doctor also mentioned that if the scope is unable to locate the bleeding area, they have to do a major surgery which will be a 50-50 survival. We were extremely shocked and sad!! All of us started crying.. It's just so sudden... Hubbie being the first point of contact and the person who needs to sign the operation letter was the unwilling party to get FIL to do ops but as it's the best choice, he has to force himself to sign the form. After signing he cried out. I was soo sad to see him in that state. MIL was too stunned. All of us really din expect FIL to be in that kind of state. He is a healthy and active man..

Doctor advised us not to go back first. They will schedule to do the endoscopy at 9.30pm. At around 9.20pm, he was wheeled to the endoscopy room. Before that all of us salam him and told him to recite prayers and not too worry. FIL was crying and it was really a sad & critical moment for all of us. We were waiting outside the ward. At 10pm, hubbie received a call from a nurse and was told to go down. We waited for hubbie then. Then I received a call from hubbie to go to the Operation theatre waiting area. We were so worried and were crying when told that FIL needs to be operated!! It means 50-50 chance of survival???!! We can only pray and tawakal to Allah and hopefully the operation will be a success. According to hubbie, the doc told him that the ops will take an hr. So we all waited at the waiting area there from 10.30pm... The clock ticked and few hrs passed by but FIL is not out from the ops theatre. We were unable to sleep nor eat at that point of time altho the it was past midnite.

Hubbie had to call up the ward and asked for the status. All the nurse can say was that, FIL is still being operated. It was my first ever experience waiting for someone having a major operation outside. The feeling was soo undescribable that I wont want it to happen again... I only saw the scene on TV but never did I expect that it will happen to me & family.

Finally at 6am, we caught a glimpse of FIL coming out from the Ops theatre... They brought him to Surgical Intensive Care Unit. We were told to wait outside the SICU. We were anxious to know what is the status of FIL and why the surgery took so long. We managed to get hold of the surgeon outside and summoned him with lotsa questions. Were told that FIL's is critical still after the long operation and he also mentioned that there are risks involved after the operation. FIL might suffer from stroke, heart attack or even infection. He needs to be taken care very attentively. We were quite sad but at the same time were at ease as the operation is over. Doc said that the small intestine so called "burst" and that caused it to bleed. They actually cut off the affected area and stitched it up and channelled the intestine to another way.

At 6.30am, we get to see FIL but 2 person at a time. The sight of him really made us cried. With all types of tubes inserted in his mouth and nose, he is responding when we talked to him. We know that his "semangat" is really strong. After get to see him, doctor asked us to go back and rest and come again during visiting hours. All of us went back and refresh outselves but still we were unable to get some sleep. I got migrane but is unable to sleep. Stomach is empty but can only eat a little. Both me and hubbie went back to take our shower and came back to MIL's house. Bathe our Lil Alisha and put her to sleep. At 11 plus, we went back to hospital. Was told that FIL managed to open his eyes. We went to see him and he is able to open his eyes and speak but we din let him to talk as he needed to rest. Furthermore can see the pain from his face.

The whole day were spent in the hospital. On Monday both me & hubbie took leave and we also spent out time at the hospital with MIL & hubbie siblings. Right now, FIL's condition has stablised and just got info from hubbie that he will be transfering to a normal ward soon as he is recuperating well.. Alhamdulillah! Syukur!! Now we just hope that FIL will have a speedy recovery and can go back home soon...

Will be visiting FIL in hospital after werk today. Hubbie has started his reservist today and it will be for 2 weeks...

And Ramadhan is only 7 days away.. Anxiously waiting for the day.. :)

Saturday, September 24, 2005

No weekend for us!

Yesterday FIL was warded in CGH. The day before he was vommitting and having diarrhea.. We wanted to send him to doctor but he insisted that he was alright after taking medicine. But yesterday morning as early as 6am, SIL called up to inform that FIL's vomit was in black color.. And he was soo weak. We were quite worried as MIL have to take care of Lil Alisha alone as FIL is too weak to help her. But I cud not take leave as it was too late and furthermore I start werk at 7.30am the earliest shift. SIL said that she will call my 1st BIL to see if he can bring FIL to doctor.

After sending Alisha, hubbie sent me to werk.. At werk, hubbie keep updating me about FIL's condition. At 11.10am, hubbie told that FIL need to be refer to hospital as doctor suspected that there is internal bleeding in his tummy. I applied for urgent half day leave and it was approved. Went back around 11.40am and took a cab to MIL's place.. Hubbie was already there.. both BILs had brought FIL to CGH. After Zohor prayer, hubbie drove me, MIL and Lil Alisha to hospital. FIL has to be warded. Doctor gave him blood transfusion as his blood pressure is very low. In the afternoon, doctor did a scope inside his tummy. Finding was there is bleeding in the small intestine. Doctor has to inject him and even clip the intestine to stop the bleeding... Yesterday nite, doctor will again do a scope to his tummy before coming to a decision whether to go ahead with an operation.. Hope it will not be that serious..

We just hope FIL will have a speedy recovery and nothing will happen to him. Insya Allah..

Anyway today my precious LiL Alisha turns 7 mths old.. Wow! Isn't it very fast?? 5 more mths to a year old.. :) Yet to upload her latest pic.. Will upload soon ya!

And to the ewah2 ladies, we are sorry that we cud not join you guys for the September besday bash picnic gathering at East Coast.. Looking forward for our iftar together during fasting month!!

To eL, Happy Belated Birthday!! Hope you enjoy yurself today with the rest!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I've been tagged? Part II

Wahh!! Now it is the trend of the tagging game.. Never ending liao!! hehe.. Now I've been tagged by syana.. This time round it will be more listings that I have to make! isk isk isk!! hehe.. Kene dok perah otak japz.. hehehe

Here it goes:

Se7en things that (will) scare me:

1. Cockroaches - sworn enemy liao!
2. Cicak - I so very the geli of them cos ever one time it passed thru my hand and from then on I have a phobia of tis creature called CICAK!
3. Any flying insects.. I will try to shooo them away and will get so nervous if they are near me.
4. Watching horror movie - that is why till now I never watch The Ring, dunno wat other story lah... Scary lah... Tatottt!!
5. Listening to ghost stories.. After listening, I will sure imagine and will be too afraid to go toilet on my own.. that's me!! hehe
6. Job interviews - if after so long I haven't been to any job interview, I will be sooo scared.. My hands will turn cold... :P
7. Lost of my loved ones - nothing can described that...

Se7en things i like the most :

1) My families - especially my hubbie & doter
2) Kissing my Lil Alisha's cheek - sooo gebu! hehe
3) Shopping - if someone paid for it lah.. ;)
4) buying things for my Lil kenit - anything that I can get for her
5) Trying new recipes - If i have the spare time..
6) Month of Ramadhan -yeshh! it's coming!
7) Taking bath at California Fitness Centre - I like the smell of the changing room.

Se7en most important things in my room :

1) TV set
2) Radio
3) Bed with comfy bedsheet
4) My toilet of cos!!!
5) Dressing table with all my perfumes, make up kit and etc...
6) Fan & Aircon
7) Ayat Kursi frame

Se7en random facts about me :

1) I love pinky stuffs
2) I really look forward for weekend as that will be the 2 days to spent quality time with my hubby and doter and sometimes frens..
3) I dunt bear grudges against others
4) I'm a forgiving person
5) A soft hearted person too but can be keras kepala at times.. (betul tak hubbie ku? ;p )
6) Loves cute stuff
7) If I travel to work or anywhere alone, I must have my mp3 player with me, else I will feel sooo bored...

Se7en things I plan to do before I die :

1) To be a good person (sentiasa dekatkan diri dgn Allah)
2) Wear hijab
3) Travel around the world with my hubbie & children
4) To make sure my children by then have a good education and hold a good job so that they can have a good life!
5) Perform Haj with hubbie
6) Make sure I clear all the hutang piutang if I ever owe ppl..
7) Make my family as happy as possible

Se7en things I can do :

1) Can sit in front of my PC for hours
2) Cook for my beloved hubbie
3) Giving birth to my dear Lil Alisha thru normal delivery.. ( Syukur Alhamdulillah for that)
4) Window shopping from one place to another without feeling tired
5) Make my family happy
6) Jemur baju, lipat baju and gosok baju - non stop chores, one after another
7) Wake up early morning with just 1 alarm rings and I will be fully awake.

Se7en things I can't do :

1) To stop my age from going 30 years old next year ;P
2) If I'm sick, I can't bring myself to do anything. Just sleep all day.
3) To be as pantas as my mum when comes to cooking... she can cook very fast one..
4) Driving - Insya Allah will take up driving license in coming year.
5) Kemas store - for sure I will start sneezing like nobody bisness.
6) Be a supemom (not superman u know..hehehe)
7) Sleeping with lites on - sooo silau man!

Se7en words I say the most :

1) Izzit?
2) Really?
3) aisyeman!
4) Elo Kenit! (Everyday I must say this to my Lil Kenit)
5) eh?
6) Alah!
7) ye ker?

Se7en celeb crushes :

1) Anuar Zain
2) Orlando Bloom
3) Johnny Depp
4) Arjun Rampal
5) Shah Rukh Khan
6) Jerry Yen from F4

Se7en people I'll love to see doing this (names not in order) :

1) Mal
2) Aliyah
3) Lizanoor
4) Yahfiq
5) Nisrina
6) Lea
7) nz7976

p/s: syana..penat sungguh hendak menaip dan memerap otak!! haha

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Mem Besar tapi Kenit..

Now my kenit dah mcm Ma'am Besau bila mandi.. Tgk lah gambar kat bawah nie!!

Cewah!! Tgk kaki dia tuh.. tak padan kenit ni!

Mem Kenit dgn Itik Getah nya...
Tak padan kan kenit satu ni???? ekekekeke

Monday, September 19, 2005

I've been tagged?

Oops! I've been tagged by her! So now the game continues...

3 things about me:

1) I love collecting cute stuff.. Notebooks, cartoon stickers or anything cute that caught my eyes, I will buy them.. ;)

2) I'm afraid of staying alone at home during nite time... Someone must be around to accompany me.. So that's why my hubby works only office hr.. ;)

3) If I want to buy something, I must get it by all means.. Bad habit ya?! hehe

So who will be my 5 victims that I shud tagged!

- Rosie
- HuS
- nymph
- Fiza
- mayang

Updates & more updates...

Kay sekarang baru ada mood nak update walaupon masih penat.. So citer dia cam ni....


Pagi-pagi kita semua dah bangun.. Si Alisha kenit ni macam tahu jer kita nak berjalan pagi.. Pukul 4 pagi dah siap bangun ketawa2 lagik.. Mama dia ni apa lagik kelam kabut mandi sebelum si kenit ni memekak.. Lepas siap, bangun kan Abah nya den siapkan si kenit.. Fuh! Kalau kes nak melaram nombo satu anak kenit ku ni... Pukul 5 pagi jer kita semua dah ada kat dalam kete.. pi kat carpark MIL tunggu PIL turun.. So apa lagi, kita pon zoom ah ke 2nd link... Trafik smooth abis..apa tak nya, kuar pagi2 buta... hehe.. So sampai jer kat Tanjung Kupang, kita pon stop kat Perhentian dekat situ utk solat Subuh.. Hujan gerimis plak tuh.. Peh sejuk... So kita pon terus kan perjalanan ke Ayer Keroh.. Best jalan pagi2 ni sebab permandangan di highway cantik.. Nampak kabus jer kat bukit-bukit...

Sampai Ayer Keroh dalam kul 8.10am... toilet break den trus zoom ke Kampung Sungai Udang.. Sampai rumah BIL dalam pukul 8.20am.. Mata satu2 dah stone.. Ngantok beb! Tapi bukannya bleh tido.. Berbual2 ngan Kak Ngah..Carik sarapan...Dalam pukul 11am gitu, apa lagik..lepak ah.. Mata dah tak tahan.. Tahu2 bangun dah pukul 1pm... Budak2 pon dah balik sekolah..

Dalam kul 2.30pm, kita pon pi lah Kedai Tailor tuh.. Konon nak pi amik baju raya.. Sekali datang jer kat kedai tuh, nyonya cakap blom siap dah... Hujung bulan baru siap.. Aisey.. Tapi takpe lah.. Nanti leh kirim Abg Man Kojek antar itu baju kat Spore bila dah siap... Lepas tuh kita pon pi lah Tesco.. Nak pi belanja susu kenit Alisha and pampers.. Tapi memandangkan susu si kenit ni takde kat Tesco den Drypers dia pon mahal.. So kita batalkan niat nak beli kat sana.. Pi belanja lain plak... Lepas tuh dok kat KFC.... Sampai umah dalam kul 6pm..

Lepas magrib, kita pi merayap ke Family Store.. Kat sana dapat beli Drypers.. Peh murah harga kat sana.. iskk... Nasib baik lah tak beli kat Tesco.. Susu Promil Gold pon ada.. And much much cheaper seh!! Apa tak nya kat Spore harga $24.50.. Kat sana bila dah convert cuma $19.90.. Bayangkan kita leh sep dalam $4.60... Apa lagik sekali angkut 4 tin... Sempat ku beli barang2 kuih... Beli nya dulu, buat nya entah bila.. Tak tahu bleh terbuat ke tak dgn si kenit ni.. Tapi semangat dah berkobar-kobar nak buat kuih raya oiii! Last year si kenit dalam perut dapat gak buat 6 mcm... Tis year ntah brapa macam bleh terbuat.. Iskk..posa belom start dah bual pasal kuih raya plak.. hehehehe...


Kita tak merayap ke mana...cuma pegi Masjid Tanah makan cendol power! Fuiyoo..terangkat jap bila makan cendol tuh! hehe.. Si kenit pon ikut ah.. So apa lagik dia pon dapatlah rasa cendol power tuh.. hehe.. Lepas makan cendol, kita semua pi umah kakak MIL kat sebelah jalan jer... Si Alisha ni dah berkenan sgt dgn ayam dan anak2 ayam.. Agaknya kalau dia bleh pegang dan kejar, abis lah mati anak2 ayam tuh dikerjakannya.. hehe.. Si kenit ni tgk dgn geram.. hehe..

Petang, kita semua dok umah jer..Lepak2... Cuaca panas yg teramat sgt so malas nak pi kuar.. Dalam evening time, pi Pasar Malam carik makanan yg power2 dan murah.. Beli Ayam Jerangkung (it's a must!), Mee Sup, Sup Campur, Laksa Penang, Apam Balik, Putu Bambu & Air Soya Bean.. Itu lah makan malam kita semua.. Kul 8.30pm, kita semua ngadap TV tgk Anugerah Era kat Astro Ria.. Best plak tuh.. Lagik2 ada si Syaifuk Apek yg buat kita semua gelihati dgn gelagat dia yg kelakar... Kalau bleh rekod, ku dah rekod tapi tak bleh lah.. hehe.. Abis kul 11.30pm lepas tuh tidooo...


Pagi2 dah siap beli sarapan..Bawak si kenit ni ronda2 dalam kete... Lepas sarapan, lepak2 ... MIL & Kak Ngah sibuk masak rendang ayam cili padi.. Apa tak nya kita beli ketupat Nona so direbus dan dipadankan dgn Rendang ah.. Kenyang perut semua.. Tengahari sempat tido jap... By 2pm, semua dah ready nak balik Spore.. As usual bonet mesti penuh nya.. hehehe.. Biasa lah kata balik kampung, kalau tak penuh tak sah oii.. hehe.. Mangga dah 3 plastic bag... ni nasib baik takde pisang ngan ubi.. hehe.. Hubbie ku nak balik cepat sebab ada Liverpool vs Man Utd kul 6.55pm.. Sebab tuh lah semua kene ikut arahan dia.. hehe.. Sampai Spore dalam kul 5.30pm.. nasib baik tak jam... Balik umah MIL jap sebab SIL and family blom balik Bukit Panjang.. Ingat nak dok kejap tapi memandangkan berbual nya berbual den bola pon dah nak start, kita tgk lah sampai half time.. Tgh half time, kelam kabut balik... Nasib baik si kenit ni dah mandi & makan.. Balik jer trus kemas kan barang2 & unpack bags... Lepas tuh kasi si kenit tido baru leh mandi..

Lepas bola abis, dalam kul 10.30pm, kita 3 kuar pi Orchard.. bayar bill citibank den trus pi Bedok.. Carik late supper lah.. Den pi umah my parents utk kasi harta dan collect harta (parents ku baru balik dari Jogjakarta)... Fuiyoo... si kenit ni dapat complete set.. Baju, kasut, topi, stokin, baju tido.. iskk ... cute2 plak tuh.. hehe... Lepas makan, rileks jap den balik.. Lepas tuh tido ah.. best ah dapat tido kat tilam sendiri ngan bantal sendiri.. hehe.. Syokkkkk.... Si Kenit ni pon tido straight sampai pagi.. Kepenatan lah tuh.. hehe

dah lah itu saja jer citer yg nak diciterkan ... Dah penat menaip ni.. Nak pi carik makan plak ni.. hehe..

Uwahhh..besok keje plak... Kay lah tata!! Kalau nak tgk gambar2 meh sini!! Tak byk gambar ah sebab dah selalu balik... hehe

Sunday, September 18, 2005

We are back!

*yawn* ....

Dah balik pon kita ni... Penat tak terhingga..*padahal bukan kita yg drive..ekekeke* Dah panas yg teramat sangat... isk isk isk...

Akan ku bercerita tentang Melaka besok lah ye.. Nanti ku upload gambar nya sekali... So sabarin dong! ;)

Gue mahu rehat!! Besok tarak keje!! Selamattt!! keke


Thursday, September 15, 2005

Zooming for Malacca...

Another 6 hrs we are off to Malacca... Time for a well-deserved break!! ;) Will be back on Sunday... Stay tune for updates when I'm back... To all my frens, have a great weekend ahead! Enjoy your time wif your beloved family and loved ones...

Adious from us! Tata!!!

A Tale of Missing Undergarments!

Pagi2 tadi darah betul nya up seh!! Bila bukak pintu, tgk kat galah jemuran tu lain macam jer... So telek nya telek..nampak "Seluar sepen" dah bergumpal atas galah and 2 "goggles" hilang! Satu my sis nya and satu mine... Punya lah hot!!! Badigol so'ot mana ntah dah kebas pakaian2 dalam tuh! Dah lah itu "goggle" baru beli 3 mths ago.. uwahhh... Peh bingit! Wah kecoh kejap kat depan corridor.. Takde keje lain ker orang2 ni!! Heran.. tak pernah terjadi benda2 cam ni, tiba2 pagi tadi plak bleh kene...

But on the brighter side, tomoro my leave starts!! And we be leaving Malacca 5am in the morning! Yippie!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Counting Down again!

Yay! 1 more day to work!!! ;)

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Counting Down!

Yesh! Another 2 more days to work then I'm gonna take a break!! Yippie! Will be on leave this coming Friday and next Monday! Destination = Malacca... yay! This time we gonna collect our Hari Raya bajus! hehe

2 more days!!

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Selamat Pengantin Baru Suhanah & Mahadi!

Finally it's the day we've been waiting for.. shanah will be the Permaisuri Sehari!! She was gorgeous with her wedding outfit.. Not forgetting the charming groom ... Upon reaching the Multi Purpose Hall, we saw the Wedding Couple seated at the Pengantin table.. Without further a do, we quickly took their pic and as well as our pic with them.. Blom makan tau dah sempat nak amik gambar dgn Pengantin.. ehehe.. Sungguh kan kita2 ni! hehe.. But anyway shanah told us that she'll be going up and change to another wedding outfit.. Okay we shall wait for the next outfit..

The Pretty Bride & her Charming Groom..

Us with the Pengantin..

Found seats at ujung korner of the hall.. Saw eLy... She's the Berkat Woman! Next time kasi lah rocher tu lebih2 ye! hehehe.. Together with Kak Sun, Nollie, Rosie and shammek, we "rempuh" the buffet table.. Lapar beb! hehe

Kak Nor & Abg Wan join us not long after... We ate, we chat and we pose for pics but the Pengantin have yet to come down.. Kak Asmah came after that.. We didn't manage to see another round of outfit from the Pengantin.. So all of us made our way back..

Nollie, Rosie, myself, Kak Nor, Kak Sun & Lil Alisha...

Kak Sun, Lil Alisha & Rosie...

We joined Abg Wan & Kak Nor to A&A Eating place at Chong Pang... Nowadays they frequent there and they recommended us with the food sell by Abg Wan's fren.. I had popiah basah, hubbie had che chong fun, Abg Wan had Nasi Ayam and Kak Nor had Wanton Chicken Noodle w/o the wanton! My sis didn't want anything as she was full.. As Lil Alisha, eat a bit of che chong fun and her plain water...

Stayed there till 7pm before we made a move back to MIL's place... Abg Long and family were already there... Had chit chat & laughter session together.. Watched Rapsodi at Suria.. Not bad ah! I like the part where Ahli Fikir performed! Superb! *thumbs up*

Finally we went back at 11pm... And now I need to get my sleep.. Lil Alisha is already sleeping... Good nite all!! Have a good day tomoro!!

Shanah & Mahadi...
Selamat Pengantin Baru!! Semoga jodoh kalian berkekalan hingga ke akhir hayat dan semoga dikurniakan cahayamata yg comel2... Selamat menempuhi alam rumahtangga! Welcome to the club! *wink*

Here is my kenit peektures taken at home before we went to shanah's wedding! For me visit my multiply aye!

Friday, September 09, 2005

Happy 56th Besday Bak!!

Today is Dad's 56th Besday... So we decided to treat him to dinner at Cafeela Jalan Kayu... First we decided to go to Sakura Restaurant at Eastpoint but later we changed our mind.. So jelak of Sakura actually.. last week we were at Sakura Far East and today we need to eat elsewhere beside Sakura...

In the afternoon, Aunty Ani called me up asking if my dad will be at home tonite cos she and Uncle Mat wants to surprise dad by coming but I told her that we gonna be out for dinner.. So I suggested to her to join us instead.. She agreed and she will buy a besday cake..

So after maghrib, we picked my parents and sis up while my bro took his bike.. Reached Jalan Kayu at 8.15pm.. Aunty Ani and Uncle Mat were on their way too... We didn't tell dad that they were coming... Surprised beb! ehehe.. Once they reached, not only the BESDAY MAN was surprised but the BESDAY MAN's WIFE was surprised too.. *grin* And guess wat??? We have to changed table 3 times... it's all bcos of one CAT!! Yeay! a Cat!! My sis and the cat really are sworn enemy!! She really has a phobia with cats.. Tak tenteram dibuatnya.. Wat's more when my aunty came, she oso another cat phobia... So in the end we took a place inside.. Selamat sket! Baru makan dgn aman! kalau tak kesian bapak ku kene halau itu kucing! hehe

We ordered Seafood Fried Rice, Cereal Prawn, Kangkong Belacan, Lemon Chicken, Baby Squid, Hotplate Beancurd and also pratas... Really full ah!! Oops sorry no pic for the food as everybody were so engrossed with the food till we forget to take the pics! hur hur hur! And my dear Lil Alisha lurves to eat hotplate beancurd! Dunt play2! Kecik dah pandai makan hotplate ah! hehe

Time to cut the besday cake!! Dad happily cut the chocolate cake!! And the cake was yummylicious!

The yummy chocolate cake...

The Besday Man & his wife!
We made a move at 10pm.. Sent my parents and sis back den we zoomed back home.. And now I feel sooo full and sleepy! Tomoro gonna be a working day for me.. Shud turn in liao!! *yawn*

To Dad, Happy 56th Besday!! Semoga dipanjangkan usia dan dimurahkan rezeki selalu..Dan juga semoga sentiasa diberikan kesihatan yg sempurna... Thanks for being such a wonderful dad to us!! Amin!!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Midweek again!

2 more days to weekend!! I dragged myself to werk today.. Feeling so sleepy actually.. Wish I cud sleep longer.. But at least nowadays my Lil Alisha only wakes up at 6am...

I'm just looking forward for the weekend to come.. Saturday will be her wedding! Am so looking forward to see her in the wedding outfit.. *grin*.. Sunday will be a jalan day for the 3 of us... yay!

And now I'm still thinking of a place to eat for this coming Friday nite... It's dad besday... Tot of bringing him and the whole family out... But where to?? Hmmm.. any idea guys?? Have to celebrate on Friday as Saturday my parents gonna go to Yogjakarta (dunno if I get the spelling correctly) with my uncle & aunty to attend their wedding solemnization there.. They will only be back a week after tat..

And next Friday we gonna go Malacca again! Yeay!! Another break again for us! hehe.. This time we have to collect our Hari Raya outfit with the tailor there.. And do some shopping.. hehe

Oops I tink I'm all excited oredy.. better stop here lah... Need to continue with my werk and hope the clock will tick faster!! *padahal baru masuk keje dah nak balik* :p

Hv a great day guys!! :)

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Ayer Hitam mari!!

Woke up as early as 6.15am today.. Get ready to go MIL's place to "post" Alisha there before going to Ayer Hitam.. After a light bfast, both me & hubbie together with SIL, her hubbie and doter set off to 2nd link.. It was raining heavily after the Malaysian Causeway.. After an hr drive, we reached Ayer Hitam... First stop was at the bantal2 shop.. Bought my Lil ALisha a pooh bear & tweety pillow.. And also a powerpuff girl soft toys..

After tat we find the stuff that we needed... At the end of the shopping, I got myself a wooden tall vase, rubber type flowers, a coffee table flower, frame and a door mat.. Sampai kering duit dibuatnya.. hehe.. Luckily we never stay there for long else, all our money gone buying more stuffs... hehe..

Took our lunch at Yeo's Family Restaurant at PTP.. By 3 plus we are back at MIL's place...

I did not managed to go to Ayu aka blackrose's wedding... Anyway Selamat Pengantin Baru to Ayu & hubby.. Semoga berkekalan hingga ke akhir hayat.. Insya Allah!!

Now I'm gonna "godeh" my new mp3 player... And will be turning in soon.. So sleepy oredy!! Monday is here again! So have a great new week... Tata!!

Alisha with her new soft stuffs...

Alisha with the big headed Blossom from PPG.. :)

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Zen Touch!

Hubbie drove me to werk before sending MIL to TTSH for her routine blood "donation" of her check up... Luckily today not tat busy at werk..

At 1pm, hubbie picked me up and we off to have our lunch at Evertop Hainanese Chicken Rice at Commonwealth Drive. Was introduced by Abang Long and it was indeed delicious!! Tak terkata kesedapan nya.. hehe.. After tat we proceed to Comex Exhibition at Suntec City.. Wow! It's really2 hard to get a parking.. But our patience paid off when a car make it move just in front of the Convention Centre lift.. Phew! Dah tunggu parking satu hal, nak naik lift pon kene Queue.. tsk tsk tsk...

Once we entered the Lvl 4 Comex, our eyes were everywhere.. There were lotsa things to see.. The place was packed with ppl.. Naik pening kepala beta... iskkk... My main aim was to find a brand new mp3 player... First hubbie went to check out the Linksys Wireless Router... after getting the price information, we continued our "journey" from one booth to another.. My eyes were wide open when I saw Creative booth.. I dragged hubbie quickly to the booth and scout for the mp3 player.. At last settled with Zen Micro 5GB...but too bad I didn't get the color that I liked..but nvm!! ;) Muka ada senyummmm! *grin*

My new music gadget, Zen Micro by Creative..

Then we went back to the Linksys booth and hubbie decided to get the Wireless G Router.. So both of us made a move from that Comex Exhibition with a happy face, getting a gadget each... Off we went back home..

At 5.30pm, went over to MIL to pick up Alisha den off to Bedok to fetch my parents and sister.. Went over to my aunty's place at Yishun. It's my late grandma 100 days tahlil... It's been 100 days since dear grandma left us.. But yet we just feel that she has been always closed in our heart... Thinking of her, really made me cry cos this year she & my late great-grandma will not be with us during Hari Raya... :(

Stayed over at Mak Opat's house and hr plus before we made our move..Sent my parents and sis back and off we went back home.. Was feeling sooo tired!! Tried to "godeh" my new gadget but was not able sync the songs from my pc to the player.. So I better go and pelok my bantal... hehe.. Anyway need to wake up early tomoro as we have promised SIL to go to Ayer Hitam wif her...

Alisha getting ready to go jalan..

Alisha with her new toy courtesy of Atok Bedok..

Till then, good nite!! :)

Friday, September 02, 2005

Ex-PYSS bloggers meet up!

The ex-PYSS group of bloggers meet up at Far East Plaza to have dinner at Sakura... Those who present were : Diana, Lea, Nisrina & hubby, Mayang & hubby and of cos myself and family.. :) We had such a great time catching up with each other.. Too bad the time is short.. hehe..

Alisha being the center of attraction, was being passed around.. Luckily she is not that cranky apart from she was sleepy but forced herself not too sleep.. Her mentel-ness smiles made the aunties & uncles soo geram with her.. hehehe..

Of all the time, my digicam chose not to let me take any photos due to battery nak mati!! Grrrr!! This selenger lady tot it's a new charged battery inside.. But watever it is, I will "kapok" pictures from either Diana, Lea or Nisrina.. hur hur hur..

Thanks for the great outing eventho it is a short one.. We should make another outing soon ya! Thanks Diana for the advanced "duit raya" for my kenit.. kekeke..

Till then, will be updating other happenings soon! Have a great weekend!

Yeay! Friday again!

We all been waiting for the day! It's Friday!! *grin*

Later in the evening, the ex-PYSS gonna meet up at Far East to have dinner.. We tried to plan for quite sometimes and finally today we managed to gather all of us together for a meet up.. :)
Will have the pictures up after the meet up.. ;)

Hmmm..wat else to say ah?? *scratch head* I tink tat's all for now!! *just too happy that today is a Friday ;p*