Friday, September 02, 2005

Ex-PYSS bloggers meet up!

The ex-PYSS group of bloggers meet up at Far East Plaza to have dinner at Sakura... Those who present were : Diana, Lea, Nisrina & hubby, Mayang & hubby and of cos myself and family.. :) We had such a great time catching up with each other.. Too bad the time is short.. hehe..

Alisha being the center of attraction, was being passed around.. Luckily she is not that cranky apart from she was sleepy but forced herself not too sleep.. Her mentel-ness smiles made the aunties & uncles soo geram with her.. hehehe..

Of all the time, my digicam chose not to let me take any photos due to battery nak mati!! Grrrr!! This selenger lady tot it's a new charged battery inside.. But watever it is, I will "kapok" pictures from either Diana, Lea or Nisrina.. hur hur hur..

Thanks for the great outing eventho it is a short one.. We should make another outing soon ya! Thanks Diana for the advanced "duit raya" for my kenit.. kekeke..

Till then, will be updating other happenings soon! Have a great weekend!

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