Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Counting Down!

My confinement period will end in 7 days time! Yippie!! Fast huh?? isk isk isk!! But actually makes no different leh cos durng confinement oso I broke the "law" by going out but only I'm looking forward to eat what I craved for during confinement! I want SWENSEN ICE CREAM! hehe... I strictly follow the eating pantang!! So I must indulge on the food tat I wanted so much during my pantang..hehe.. But still need to maintain my weight and figure...Cheh! Kang nanti, weight ke mana, figure ke mana...hahaha

But after the confinement period, we can bring Alisha out for jalan2 oredy! yeah! But the problem is, our motorbike cannot fit Alisha in..hehe... If only we got a car! hehe.. Hmmm.. Insya Allah kalau ada rezeki, ada lah kurita itu! *wink at hubby*

Alamak, now I dunno wat to update ah! Brain being block plak! Take my leave now! Shall update when I got more ideas or newest photo of my Alisha Kenit.. :)

Papai for now!!!

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Lil' Alisha 1 month old!

My cutie Lil' Alisha is a month old today! Fast huh?? She has grown in term of weight, length & also appearance... Today also her first dose of Hep B jab.. Went over to Bedok Poly with mum & sis.. Luckily, she cried for a few sec when the nurse gave her the jab.. Good girl my Lil' Alisha! She has to come again for her 2nd dose of Hep B when she's 2 mths old.. Anyway, she's already 4.54kg...padan lah semacam jer kalau angkat dia sekarang.,.hehe

After tat we went NTUC to shop for her diapers & some stuffs... Den took a cab back home... I just put her to sleep as she's so sleepy....

Meanwhile, enjoy looking at her photo tat was taken before going to the clinic...

Lil' Alisha with her cute hairband & cap

Lil' Alisha inside her stroller courtesy of her Ewah2 Godmummies!!

Sunday, March 20, 2005

There goes her hair!!

Now my Lil' Alisha is hairless.. She's now BOTAK!! Uwahh!!! I feel sad for her.. Her newborn hair has gone!! Hubbie shaved off her hair tis morning.. After her cukur rambut yesterday, her hair became "berpetak-petak" and not so nice oredy... :( So we decided to shave off her hair eventho' I feel so heavy to let it shaved off!! Imagine yesterday when the "Marhaban" group shaved off her hair, I feel like crying when I see the makciks2 cut her hair.. I feel like telling the makcik to cut her hair only a bit!! But some makcik really grab with their finger and cut it like nobody bisness... Heart pain man!! but wat to do!! uwahh!! Pity my Poor Alisha!!

Anyway Alhamdulillah the majlis cukur rambut all went well... Lotsa people who we invited came... Sampai tak terlayan mereke2 semua.. To those who came, thanks peeps and sorry if I'm not being a good host... ;) To fiza7178 & Layla, nice meeting you both for the first time.. To Sabrina & Wati (blitze), thanks for coming... to my ewah2 gang, kissy, Mal, shny & hubby, Kak Sun & Abg Mie, Kak Nor & Abg Wan, sham & Iffah..Thanks guys!

Thanks to my ex-kolig, Nazreen (plus Syahrun), Rohani, Zamri & Nurul (plus Amirin) who came too... :)

At the end of the day, I felt so tired and my body aching all over... Luckily hubbie is there to massage my back... And Poor Alisha so tired after being passed around..hehe..

She really sleep so soundly today... Just wakes up for her milk only den after tat she sleeps back.. hehe.. Cian anak omak!!

Kay lah I better stop here for now.. I'm feeling so sleepy rite now... Will update again kay!! Adious!!

Here are the photos of the majlis cukur rambut...

See her hairless head!! But she's cute aint she?? hehe

I'm sleeping after my haircut!!

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Lil' Alisha's 3 weeks old!

Fast isn't it??? My cutie Lil pie is 3 weeks old oredy! Dah besar anak omak!!! NOwadays the time really past very the fast!! tsk tsk tsk..

Now she's been sleeping less in the day... She will opened her eyes wide during the day for about 2 to 3 hrs before getting to sleep... But she wants ppl around her to layan her else she will make noise!! Her favourite time is her bath time... She likes water... She will keep still when mum puts her in her bath basin..so cute!!

At nite, now between 10 plus to 12 plus, she will stay awake.. And her both tired Abah & Mama have to layan her till she goes to sleep.. isk isk isk... Padahal mata dah ngantuk, tapi dia tetap tak nak tido..aisey...

Now she's sound asleep... I tink she must be pretty sleepy..hehe... Kay lah better stop here.. Need to lepak2 for awhile... Feel quite sleepy actually... But must watch the 9pm Chinese Drama first!! Will update when time permit... Tata!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

LiL' Alisha Ameera's pose

Peektures of Alisha with diff2 pose!

Gambar dia kene bedung!!

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Wedding Bell!!

Am happy today as both me & hubbie managed to "sneak" out from our house to attend LeNNy's sanding.. My mum look after Alisha while we had 2 hrs of "fun" at LeNNy's wedding! hehe.. I feel so terkilan if I didn't go to her wedding cos we are close with one another and she's part of our Ewah2 gang...

After dressing up, look myself in the mirror... Cheh! Now no bulging tummy for jemputans oredy!! haha.. After 9 mths & 1 week bawak peyut, now go jemputan with a "selim melim" figure.. hahaha... But definitely I miss those days with my bulging tummy where Lil' Alisha is in there...

Anyway we reached LeNNy's majlis around 1.45pm.. Saw Kak Sun & Abg Mie near the Multi Purpose Hall.. At the same time, Rahmat, the groom also arrived.. Managed to snap2 pics den off we went to meet the rest.. They managed to get a good seats... Just in front of the pelamin!! LeNNy looks sooooooo gorgeous!! So pweety!! Fuh!! Hubbie & I took turn to become the photographer yg tak bertauliah... Anyway I didn't eat the Nasi Briyani as I'm still pantang on wat I eat.. Just drink a cup of teh 'O' and eat kuih tart 2 pieces.. Takpe, lepas pantang, bleh makan Nasi Briyani tapi nak kene tunggu yg single2 tuh naik pelamin! hehe

After LeNNy go bertandang at the groom's place, we oso made our move... Reached home, SIL & her hubbie came and also MIL... We finally done with the discussion on the stuff to buy for the cukur rambut menu...

Ok gotta go now.. Need to attend to Lil' Alisha... For those who wants to see more of LeNNy's sanding pics, pls click HERE!

To Lina & Rahmat, enjoy yur honeymoon tomoro!! Once again Selamat Pengantin Baru!!

Pengantin Lelaki nya sudah sampai!!

Pengantin Perempuan sedang menunggu!!

Up close & personal of the Pengantin..

With the bride's parents...

Bagai Pinang Dibelah Dua..

The Ewah2 Gang with the bride & groom..

The nice Wedding Cake..

Mal, me, kissy & shanah..

The Laydees...

The Guys...

Friday, March 11, 2005

It's Friday!

Wow! It's Friday oredy! The week past very fast indeed! I feel tat I just been out of hospital yesterday & tis Lil' Alisha just came out of me! How time flies!! My EDD oso havent past yet!! hehe.. !6th March shud be next Wednesday... Anyway yesterday nite received sms from one of our fren, Zunika, who just gave birth to a baby boi.. Her EDD is just a day after me which is 17th March.. Congrats Zunika & Fauzi!! When I read her sms, all the moments in the labour ward flashes thru my mind!! I still can remember vividly every second of the labour tat I went thru.. The pushing, the pain and most importantly the moment when Lil' Alisha came out!! Phew!! The ordeal still fresh in my mind! And tat's why when ppl asked me when will be the coming of the 2nd one, I will just tell them tat the "trauma" is still fresh in my mind..hehe

Yesterday nite, received MMS from shanah... When I opened the message, saw her beautiful picture.. Auww...so sweet and pwetty ah!! Dapat gak tgk "live" dari hp walaupon tak dapat pegi ke sana..hehe...Here's the picture!!

Pretty aint she??

waiting for hubby to come home later in the afternoon and we gonna rush down to Shing Shong for awhile to scout for Lil' Alisha's cukur rambut "berkat"... Then later tonite, my uncle & aunty gonna visit Lil' Alisha...

Now I better get some rest since Lil' Alisha is sleeping... Papai!! Hv a great weekend!!

Thursday, March 10, 2005

2 weeks old!

Yesh!! My Lil' Alisha is 2 weeks old today! fast huh???? It seems tat I just had given birth to her yesterday.. Another 2 more weeks, a month old oredy! isk isk isk!! Time nowadays flies very the fast one!!!

Anyway, I've not been updating diligently like I used to do before...hehe.. For now, either I'm too tired to blog, catching up with few hrs of sleep or attending tis Lil' Alisha's karenah...Luckily now she's sleeping so soundly and I got the chance to blog, surf and chat! hehe...

Sadly today I cudn't make it to LeNNy's nikah with the rest of ewah2 gang!! uwah!!! I wanna see her in her bridal costume!! iskk.. Salah timing ah! Now I'm gonna wait for the photos from Klopez or shanah!!

To Nurlina (LeNNy) & Ahpek (Rahmat), semoga mahligai yg anda bina berkekalan hingga ke akhir hayat!! Insya Allah... Dan semoga cepat2 dikurniakan jnr Lina & Rahmat!! :) Selamat Pengantin Baru!!!