Thursday, March 03, 2005

Tis morning me, my mum & sis brought Alisha to Bedok Polyclinic for her follow up due to her jaundice.. Alhamdulillah, her jaundice has gone away but still doctor wants to monitor her again so we have to bring her back on Saturday for another check up... Cian dia kene amik darah kat tapak kaki dia lagik! Uwahh!! I didn't go in to the lab with mum to take her blood test as I knew tat I cudn't see her cry...Feel so sad... Luckily she cried for awhile and mum gave her drink air kundur + gula batu and she went to sleep till we reached home..

Now she's sleeping soundly with her 2 neneks outside watching over her... Tat's why I can surf the net and update the blog!! hehehe

I just received Alisha's photos from Peter Pan Studio... We took them when we were at East Shore...

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