Monday, January 31, 2005

It's drawing nearer & nearer!

Gosh!!! I'm already in my 34th weeks!! Now it's like counting the weeks by finger oredy!! It can be 3 weeks or 4 weeks from now! *gulp* Ya Allah! Berilah hamba mu ini kekuatan untuk menempuhi saat-saat waktu ku bersalin kelak...

I've yet to pack my emergency bag! I keep delaying packing it... Everyday hubbie keeps reminding me to pack the bag but I told him later can pack lah! hehe.. Now I keep getting people telling me tat I will be due tis end of Feb when they see my tummy... Ermmm.. Even just now dad told me over the phone tat most probably my baby will pop up by end of Feb! Hmmm.. see lah whether my lil' gurl wanna be Feb baby or March baby..hehe

Anyway today I feel tat my tummy is extremely heavy than before.. My "dobok" lil gurl is putting more weight I guess! Just imagine I walk from my room to the kitchen, I'm panting for breath!! Sesak napas btul ah! Just let see the weight tis Lil' gurl puts in tis coming Sat when I have my check up...

Okay I tink I'm in a mood to pack my emergency bag.. Now I shall list down the things tat I need to put inside the bag.. If anything missing, kindly remind me of what else to bring ya!!

For mummy
  • toiletries
  • towel
  • nursing bra
  • disposable undies
  • maternity pad
  • socks
  • clothes
  • jacket
  • surah yasin
  • make up pouch
  • marriage cert - Thanks Magg for reminding me!
  • nursing pad - Thanks mayang! ;)
For baby
  • blanket
  • tops (button in front)
  • bottoms
  • mittens & booties
  • napkins (for bedung)
  • air zam-zam
  • kurma
  • cap - Thanks Layla for reminding!
Anything that I left out? Feel free to add on in my comment box! Thanks! :)

Sunday, January 30, 2005


Yesh! I finally can get my eyes closed and sleep peacefully last nite.. No doubt with the tossing and turning but I did have my sleep at last! Mebbe due to my tiredness and also I ate my "itchy" medicine which is quite drowsy...

Woke up just in time to watch SPS... Hubbie got ready to go in Jb to top up his bike fuel.. Too bad I can't follow! Anyway he's back home after an hr plus... He bought for me my magazines..

After Zohor prayers, we went out to attend majlis cukur rambut for Nazreen's 2nd son @ Tampines...Chit chat with Naz & Sahmil... Naz's 1st hero is really an active boy.. He grows so fast!! And he's sooo cute... Pandai main2 kan orang..hehe.. Her 2nd hero oso very cute.. Very kwai type cos he's just 3 mths old...hehe

Nazreen's 2nd hero, Syurabil

At 3.15pm, Rohani & Faizal came... By then me & hubbie have to make a move as we need to attend a wedding at Ubi... Went over Mus's place and just in time to see both bride & groom there... Mus is my hubbie's Ubi fren & he is also my schoolmate during sec sch.. As for the bride, elli (Known as AnnaO in Alamak), we both know her since the Alamak days! Anyway the couple look stunning in their wedding suits! Saw many familiar faces of ex-Ping Yians...But mostly all Mus's batch... Waited for the couple to change their outfit.. We went off after the couple left for the bride side.. We have to forgo to go to the bride side as we be going to MIL's place after tat...
Wishing them a blissful marriage!!

Went over to MIL's place for awhile...We headed back hom after magrib... Now I'm feeling sleepy oredy..I guess I need to stop here for now and try to get my lost sleep for the past few days! Have a brand new week guys! Byee!

Saturday, January 29, 2005

I'm so frustrated!!

Guess what?? I didn't get to sleep a wink the whole nite!!!! Tis time is very very bad! Cos usually I get to sleep altho' the time shows 3am in the morning but yesterday nite, was sooo teruk!! Tried reciting few doas, putting axe oil on my nose but I kept tossing and turning to get to sleep! I was awake till 10.30am tis morning.. As early as 7plus in the morning, I took my bath and had 2 half boiled eggs and a cup of milo.. Hoping after the bfast, I can sleep... but arghhh!!

So around 11am, I tink I managed to knock out but only for abt an hr...Suddenly woke up at 12.15pm.. My eyes really cannot open but I just CAN'T GET TO SLEEP!!! I just hope tonite I can sleep lah! else bleh jadi gila aku!!!

Okaylah me gotta go...Gonna watch the Gila Gila Pengantin Remaja at Suria... bye!!!

Friday, January 28, 2005

Friday Nite Out!

Both me & hubbie went down Orchard to meet the rest of the guys for dinner and lepak session..
We had dinner at Lucky Plaza foodcourt.. Met kissy, Klopez, shanah, Kak Sun & eL there... I had Sliced Fish Noodle...

Then after Lucky Plaza, we headed to Paragon Coffee Bean for our chit chat session... sham joined us there while hir joined us later after his dept dinner at Hyatt.. I had tis White Chocolate Raspberry Ice Blended... POwer!!!! soDapp!! hehee...

We made a move around 10.40pm...

Here are some photo shots taken juz nOw!

Ermm...did u see the uncensored werd there???????

ermmm...penyet or penyek???? *wondering*

White Christmas being "seludup" inside Kopi Bean!

Charlie Chaplin & his 3 sweet angels!! *grin*

Obek Sun & the kuncu-kuncu nya! hehe

Satu tgh amik gambar, lagi satu tgh termenung!!

More pics, pls click here!

Oh ya! I've finally got my hands on BLESSINGS! Thanks Raz for the "package" sent thru my post box & with the original Taufik's autograph! Hubbie was the one who gone all excited abt receiving the copy... He quickly grabbed the CD and played it... Singing along Me & Mrs Jones track (his most feveret song!!) ..

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Shooo Mr Flu!!!!

Achooooooooooooooooom!! I got tis Mr Flu since yesterday nite!! And it's becoming worst now!! Now VICKS has been a bestfriend to my nose!! I just pop in the flu medicine and gonna knock out anytime now!

Didn't do much things today... Read book & surf the net.. Both me & hubbie went over to Bedok Home to take home BAMIAH tat mum had cooked earlier.. Then we off to Shing Shiong Bedok Reservoir to do some groceries shopping...

At around 8.20pm, hubbie's cuzzin came with his wife... They went back around 9.30pm and we had a quick dinner... Bread with bamiah...

Now watching the American Idol... I tink I better stop now... Si irritating ah tis flu! I just need to lie down for now! Bye!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Well, Midweek's here!

I guess tis week really past quite fast... Perhaps I've been out for 2 days straight else I tink the days will past very slow!! hehe

Anyway today hubbie is back to werk... But suddenly tis morning he remembered tat he needs to report to Kallang Base for his IPPT eventho' he is excused from IPPT due to his medical review (knee ops)... He had reached office and suddenly he called me tat he need to rush to Kallang Base... Tat means will he get another day off??? yeahooo!!

Hubbie called back around 9am and was told tat he just need to sign the attendance and can go back home now!!! I was soo delighted!! But he said tat he still needs to report back to office at 2.30pm cos it's just haf day off... Okaylah better than nothing rite?? At least I got his company till 2pm before he leaves for werk! :)

Hubbie reached home at 9.30am with Roti Prata for bfast! MIL actually gave some kuihs too (balance of her jualan).. had bfast together while we watched DVD (Duplex).. Actually I was still sleepy tis morning as I didn't get to sleep well last nite... It's not bcos of my lil' gurl movement but I just cudn't get to sleep...It's sooo frustrating...But I'm telling myself to tahan just another month before my lil' gurl pop out from my tummy.... :) E-N-D-U-R-E is the werd rite now!!!

We both took a short nap at around 1pm.. Woke hubbie up at 1.45pm as he needs to be back at his office by 2.30pm... After his solat Zohor, he went off... I tried to sleep back by tossing and turning but my lil' gurl doing her "exercise" in my tummy by bulging in and out... I gave up and read my book...

Rite now I just finished doing 2 A Maths sum requested by hubbie's nephew, Farhan... Phew!! Nowadays kid can become crazy with all these higher standard sums given to them.. I myself have to crack my brain to solve the sums...iskk... Pity these kids... Will have to do the explanation to him later on...

Kay gotta go now...Hubbie is back oredy!! Gotta lay out dinner for him... He brought back goreng2 stuff from Old Chang Kee courtesy from my dad...Hubbie saw dad at the usual buss stop where dad usually take bus back home... Hubbie stop his bike to have a chat with dad and was told by dad to wait for awhile as he wanted to buy for us Old Chang Kee (Ubi Branch) ..

Enjoy the 2 remaining weekdays guys!! Papai!! :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Reading Time!

Yesh!! Finally I went over to Bedok Library to borrow some books to kill my boredom at home.. Hubbie was asking me where can we go today for jalan2 but I really got no idea... We lazed around at home till it's 4pm den hubbie suggested to go my parents' hse... So I told him to bring me to Bedok Library before we went over to Bedok Home..

Called mum & dad to inform tat we're coming over... Mum told me tat she cooked gado-gado & mee goreng... Alhamdulillah, terjamin dinner kita ya!! hehe.. Met my sis near the library as she wants to tag along too after her class...

Managed to borrow 6 books... So hopefully I wont complain getting bored starting from tomoro!! hehehe..

We ate gado-gado as soon as we reached Bedok Home cos our tummies were growling badly! hehehe... Anyway we actually had lunch at 2 plus.. MIL gave Lemak Ketam & Ikan Goreng...
Dad came home at 7pm.. Watched TV together...

Before we went home, I ate some mee goreng and tapau some for hubbie... Ermmm...tomoro hubbie has to go back to werk after 2 days of leave..iskk.. So fast ah!! No company tomoro!! :(

Just finished ironing hubbie's clothes... And now I'm gonna start reading my book!! See ya! Byee!!

Monday, January 24, 2005

Monday Outing!

Hubbie is on leave today & also tomoro.. He has to clear his in-lieu by end of the mth... I woke up at around 9am while hubbie still in his dreamland.. Heated up the macaroni & kuihs tat I got from my late-grandaunty's tahlil yesterday nite... Had my bfast first.. Hubbie woke up at 11.45am..Bayar niat betul dia..hehe

After Zohor prayer, we left home for Mustafa Centre... Bought some undergarments for myself, napkins for my lil' gurl and hubbie got his Hugo Boss perfume there too... After tat we went to Tampines to catch movie... Decided to watch KungFu Hustle 4.45pm show... Before entering to the cinema, we seludup in Old Chang Kee's stuff...

After the movie, went over to Metro and bought another blanket for lil' gurl and 2 small packets of baby wipes for jalan2 purpose... Actually got 2 big bottles of baby wipes but still need to buy the small2 packet...

We bought our dinner at Bedok den off back home... After bathing and praying, we had our dinner and now I'm msn-ing with kiccy & Kloops while hubbie playing with his CounterStrike...

Shall stop here...Gonna take my obat gatal later and off to sleep!! Papaiii!!

Saturday, January 22, 2005

My Dobok Lil' Gurl!

Headed to Kembangan Plaza at around 8.20am... Was 2nd in Q outside the Clinic.. Phew! After taking weight, BP & urine, sat one korner while waiting for Dr to arrive.. Dr came about 9.30am..
We went in and before Dr did the scanning, he told us tat at 32 weeks, baby's weight will be around 1.6kg to 1.8kg... So let's see how much weight did our lil' gurl put in??!!! Dr showed the baby's head, thigh & body and was shocked to see the weight!!!!! She's oredy 2.1kg mind you!! Fuhh!! dobok betul lil' gurl aku ni!! iskk iskk!! Dr oso laff with us! No wonder I feel so heavy lah.. I gained 1kg of weight too... lucky it's not much! We also get to hear our lil' gurl's heartbeat.. So cute!! Did asked Dr what will be my baby's weight roughly when reaching the due date... He told us tat our baby might be weighing around 3.5kg but he said for my size, it's best to give birth when the baby's weight is around 3kg to 3.1kg... Ermmm...we shall see how it goes! :D

Dr Aziz oso discussed with us on the warning sign of labour and was asked to call him anytime... Next visit will be every 2 weeks now... And he will further discuss on breastfeeding and others... He gave me medicine for my itchiness too... He said it's normal for some pregnant woman to encounter itchiness all over her body... Hopefully tis medicine help reduce the itchiness...

Now I'm back home and just took my medicine...Hubbie had just finished cleaning the fridge and he'll be mopping the whole house... As for me, I need to catch some sleep while hubby doing the chores ;) Tenkiu dear!! :D

Have a great weekend peeps!!!

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Sad News in Eve of Aidiladha...

Was awakened by the news of the demise of my paternal grand-aunt, Nani Pon.. Dad called to inform the news.. I was so shocked upon hearing it... As I know my grandaunt is a healthy lady apart from her "sakit kaki" tat makes her not to move about frequently.. Dad told me tat yesterday nite, my aunt did inform dad tat grandaunt fell critically ill suddenly... And tis morning she left us... Now I'm short of 1 grandaunt... Left with my granny and her 2 sisters...

Semoga Allah mencucuri Rahmat ke atas roh Allahyarhamha dan ditempatkan dikalangan orang2 yg beriman... Amin...

Dad took half day urgent leave to pay his last respect.. For me, as much as I wanted to go and see my grandaunt for the last time, I was advised not to attend cos of my pregnancy.. Am feeling sad now.. And what's more, mum is at Batam now and she will only be back tis Sunday.. Tomoro, dad and sis will be going over Batam for Aidiladha.. But now dunno wat's the plan now.. Mum will surely be shocked upon hearing the news but dad will not tell her first in case she will be uneasy over there... She has to look after my maternal granny in Batam at my Pak Long's hse..

Anyway I'm not so looking forward for tis year Aidiladha.... Will only go to MIL's place... Usually will go over to granny's place with my parents and siblings but I doubt me & hubbie will be going as I guess granny will be at her late sister's house..

Here, I wish fellow bloggers & frens -

Selamat Menyambut Aidiladha bersama keluarga tercinta....Maaf Zahir Batin...

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Go down Town!

I was feeling so sleepy today as I didn't have a good sleep last nite.. It was not bcos of my lil gurl kicking but I just simply cudn't get to sleep... Was awake till around 3am in the morning... Was feeling so frustrated.. I knew tat I'm just so sleepy but yet I cudn't sleep a wink.. :( Woke up again around 5 plus...and it took me around 15 mins to get to sleep... Arghh!! Stresss!!!

Anyway today no cooking for me again... MIL too did not cook for the day... We gonna go out to town after hubbie finished his werk... Need to pay our Citibank bill... So I went down to hubbie's werk place around 6.15pm and we went to Orchard... After paying the bills, we went to Old Chang Kee and bought Prawn Nugget, Crab Nugget, Soft Squid, Fried Squid and Spring Roll.. Yummyy!!! So nice!! Anyway the Halal Cert has been displayed!! :)

Then we off to Lucky Plaza foodcourt to have our lunch...Had Laksa and hubbie had Chickie Rice.. After tat we went back...

Feeling tired now... I need to laze around on my bed now... Tomoro is eve of Hari Raya Aidiladha...

Papai for now!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

It's only Tuesday???

After 2 weeks of dapur tak berasap, finally today I whipped up Mee Hoon Hailam as hubbie wanted to eat before he go to work at 2pm... At 10am tis morning he had to report to PHQ for his medical review... At 11.45pm, I started to cook the mee... Then FIL came to send Asam Pedas, Ikan Sambal & Sayur Goreng tat MIL had cooked... So tat will be our dinner... Gave some mee to my PIL...

After hubbie gone to werk, I lazed around and surf the net as usual... My uncle called to inform tat he's coming over to my house after werk as he needs further coaching in Excel... Dad called too and I told him tat Uncle Mat coming over.. So dad too will come over to my house after work... Had called my sis telling her to come straight to my house after her class... Since mum is not at home this week (mum had stayed at my Pak Long's hse in Batam to accompany my granny who wanted to stay over), I did ask dad & sis to come over to my house to have dinner rather than spending money to buy food outside.. Since MIL gave lotsa dishes, I just have to cook the rice only...

Dad bought mee goreng for my uncle and mee hoon goreng for my aunty and also prata telor for me, hubbie & sis... And some masalodeh & vadai... We had dinner together but w/o my aunty as she had lotsa werk to finish....

Today hubbie became Uncle's Excel tutor... So I just relax... :) My aunty came around 10pm...

All of them just went back....Had finished with all the chores and now time to turn in!! Goodnite peeps.... Papai!!!!

Monday, January 17, 2005


The moment I stepped in front of the National Stadium, old memories flashed back in my mind!! It was like 10 yrs back I last stepped my foot here to watch the Malsysia Cup matches!! The feeling oh-so great!!

Both me & hubbie reached the Stadium at around 5.35pm... We waited for Klopez & her fiancee plus their gang outside the Stadium... We then saw a redemption booth and we kepo2 take a peek and saw tat we can get free Lion's Supporter T-Shirt... We being the kiasu Singaporean too, joined in the Q... With a happy face, both of us get hold of the free T-Shirt... Hubbie on the spot changed the T-Shirt.. iskk..tak sabau2 laki aku ni!! hehe.. As for me, takkan lah nak tukar kat depan2 manusia yg ramai ni..ekeke.. So I told hubbie tat once we go in then I will go to the ladies and get changed... U know lah...all my red t-shirts cannot fit in just bcos my tummy growing & growing so I got a difficult time in choosing a RED SHIRT in my wardrobe.. So just before we went out from our hse, I saw tis red baju, It's M size... So I try lah... It fits me cun cun one!! So pakai jer lah..

We decided to go in the Stadium first and wait for them inside... Went over to the ladies and changed into the Free Tee while hubbie went to buy drinks... We then went inside... Ohhh boyyy!!! The atmosphere really like the Malaysia Cup days!! I see RED everywhere!! Except a small portion of the Indon camp in white... We found a sit but not really in the middle as it was already packed at tat time.. I just sooo like the atmosphere there!! Fuhh!! Anyway Klopez, Nahar and their gang came late so they sat at the other side... Too bad we cudn't meet lah!

Suddenly I ponder to myself...10 - 12 tahun dulu, aku tengok bola masa tuh tgh kali aku datang Stadium dah nak jadi Mak Budak!! isk isk isk... How time flies ya!!

We joined in the Kallang Wave & the clapping...It was soo great lah! Dunno how to describe..hehe
The moment started at 7.30pm sharp... There goes our screaming & cursing... When Spore scored, iskkk...the whole Stadium ROAR!!! For once, i tot I'm not pregnant and I started to join in jumping and clapping.... nasib baik gue tak terberanak kat situ gak!! hahaha..

Final result, Singapore 2, Indonesia 1 and S'pore won by 5-2 aggregate!! We stayed till the Cup presentation.. We left the Stadium with a satisfaction feeling!! Before we went back home, we drop by at Lion City's KFC and tapau chicken meal back... I'm sooo hungry after the screaming and clapping!! hehe..

Back home, my whole body aching...tu lah terlompat2 cam monyet! hehe..Den some more the seats bukan nya leh sandar..eheh.. After washing up and solat, both of us went to our dreamland with a smile.... :)

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Disappointed?? No More!!!

Hoorayyy!!! We've got 2 Complimentary tixs from my hubbie's PCG fren... Thanks to him tat me & Klopez get to go to the Stadium & support the Lions today!! Hip! Hip! hooray!! Since yesterday, we've been asking around for any extra tixs... The verdict - No tixs.. All buy ngam ngam ho one! Until tis morning, hubbie tried calling all his frens in his hp contacts and Alhamdulillah, just 10 mins ago, his fren called back telling him tat there is a Complimentary Gallery Tix with him as he did try to search for hubbie... We were sooo happy... Few mins ago, he called again and told hubbie tat now he got 2 tixs in hand... Hubbie quickly called Nahar and told him tat we got a tix for Klopez too!! yeah! Now my spirit is flaming high!!! Yeahoooooo!!

After Asar prayer, we will go all the way to CCK Swimming Complex (he's werking with Spore Sports Council there) to collect the tix...

I'm in rejoicing mood now :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Duh! So disappointed!

For once I tot we had secured tickets to the Tiger Cup Final but now I heard from hubbie tat Bamz only get 2 tixs from his fren... Meaning only Bamz & hubbie can go to the match! Whereas me & Klopez must stay at home!! No way!! I'm in high spirit to go and support the Lions but tis happenned in last min! If I know, I have gone to Tampines Stadium tat day to line up for the tixs! iskkk!!

Now where on earth can I get the tixs????? Yahoo Auction really squeezed ppl's money!! Daylight Robbery man!! A pair of tixs can cost up to $200?????? What the heck man!!! Now my chances of going to National Stadium tomoro is very very slim.... *sob*

No mood oredy now!! :( :( :( :( :(

Friday, January 14, 2005

The One Being Blessed!

Yesh!! It's finally out today!! You will get to hear 11 songs in this "Blessings" Album!! And what's more, Taufik's in town today!!! Catch him and bring along yur digicam, pen and autograph book!! Who knows u can get to meet Taufik in person!!!

Venues :
  • 5.00 p.m.: CD Rama (Orchard MRT)
  • 5.30 p.m.: Gramophone (Paragon)
  • 6.00 p.m.: HMV (Hereen)
  • 6.30 p.m.: Sembawang Music Centre (Orchard Cineleisure)
  • 7.00 p.m.: Music Junction (Plaza Singapura)
  • 7.30 p.m.: Carrefour (Suntec City)
Too bad I cudn't make it to town!! :( But anyway I shall be looking out to tis site for more juicy news abt Taufik's Debut Album Launch! Great job Raz!!!
And now I shall wait patiently for the CD to arrive in my letter box!! :)

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Helping the Tsunami's victims in Acheh!

On behalf of my Aunty.......

My Aunty's company, AIRMARK AVIATION (SINGAPORE) PTE LTD ( will be organizing Qurban Amal for the Tsunami's victim in Acheh. Goats will be slaughter in Acheh and be given to the poor people there. They're also be collecting daging qurban from Singapore mosque & provide free flight to Acheh. If anyone of you are interested to make the Qurban, it will be $220 per goat otherwise you can donate sejadah & telekung as the people in Acheh are in need of that... Money donation also are welcome...

Contact person: Rohani Zainal
Contact no: 96945330
Contact email:

We really appreciate yur kind donation.... Semoga Allah membalas segala jasa-jasa kalian... Amin!

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

King of Fruits!!

Today I have to wake up early as there will be a powershut down in the whole blk between 9am to 5.30pm.. After hubbie went to werk, I did not sleep back like usual but instead I took my bath...While waiting for my fren, Rohani, to drop by, I checked my mails... Rohani came by around 8 plus... She had brought me a carton of Daisy Fresh Milk and 5 boxes of Fruit Tree juices.. All courtesy of her cuzzin, Kak Fuah, from JB who work in a company who produces all those milks and juices...

We had a long talk since we have not been seeing each other for quite sometimes... Too bad the power was shutdown at 9am sharp... But we still continued talking & talking..hehe.. Around 11.10am, she sent me to Bedok Home before she went over to her dad's shop... Thanks Rohani!! :)

Reached Bedok, mum is in a midst of cooking Ayam Serai Lengkuas & Sambal Goreng... While I returned call to my fren, Nazreen... We had along talk too over the phone.. Ever since she gave birth her 2nd son, she has been very very busy..Pity her!! She gave me lotsa tips & advices on labour and many things..

At about 2pm, I had got ready to meet kissy, shanah & Klopez but I soon realised tat I didn't bring my wallet with me!! So very the careless of me!! Iskkkk... How am I going to go out with them to Tampines??? Told mum abt it and mum gave me cab money to go back to my home... Make a quick trip to get my wallet and met the 3 gurlz at Kembangan MRT...

Went jalan2 at Tampines Mall & Century Sq... Had a birthday present search for someone.... After a long & tiring walk, we decided to sit at McD... After tat we went back home... Took MRT with kissy while shanah took the bus and Klopez waited for her mum to go another shopping trip...

Went back to Bedok... Rested for awhile before hubbie came... We had dinner den lazed around with my sis & bro... Dad came back with DURIANS!! We had durian feast together... But I didn't eat tat much cos I'm scared it's too hot for my body!! :) ...One craving down!! :p

We went back home around 8.40pm... I need to sleep early today as I'm quite tired since I didn't get to sleep enuff.... Byee for now!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

So itchyy lah!!

Had Nestum for bfast today... It has been a long time since I ate tat... :) Lunch, I had yesterday roti kirai and chicken curry.... Didn't have to cook today! Yesh again! No cooking!! I heated up mum's kuah rawan for today's dinner... MIL gave paru goreng & kacang boncis goreng..

Washed bedsheets & fold the dried clothes... Tried to take a nap in the afternoon but my eyes just cudn't sleep... So just lazed around watching TV and surfing the net...

Tomoro there will be no electricity in my house or shud I say the whole blk as they gonna change the meter outside... From 9am to 5pm mind you..iskk.. Meaning no surfing the net, no fan! Arghhh!! But anyway I have my own contingency plan!! hehe.. Back to Bedok home lor where else (must go morning2 one)!! Most importantly I need PC to fill my time... :) .. Gonna meet her tomoro noon as she's on half day... Tis time no town for me...We will go to Tampines for jalan2...

Oh no!! My tummy starts to itch!! I so can't tahan it leh!! I guess my lil' gurl must have lotsa hair....Merana mummy dia kat sini...asyik gatal jer!! iskk...

Ok lah better go now... Papai!!!!

Monday, January 10, 2005

So Lazyyyy!

Today's mood - LAZY!!! VERY-VERY LAZY!!

Didn't have to cook today as MIL gave Roti Kirai, Kari Ayam & Salad... So I ate tat for lunch and dinner...

Hubbie came back with McD Curly Fries & Prosperity Burger.. He cudn't find durian at the Blossom Cake Shop at SPC... Aisey... I wanted to eat durian lah...Another craving of mine!! iskk.. Nevermind, will try to see at Bedok Central on Thursday...

No mood to update actually..hehe..Bye for now!! *yawn*

Sunday, January 09, 2005


Oh well, I managed to sleep soundly last nite despite the tossing and turning to find a comfortable position.. Alhamdulillah my tummy is not tat painful anymore... But at around 6 plus in the morning, my lil' gurl inside had start her kicking session..I guess it's the exercise routine for the morning..hehe..

SIL called to inform tat she had cooked lontong goremg for bfast and told me not to make any bfast or lunch... She asked us to come over to MIL's hse... We went over around 11 plus... It was drizzling at tat point and started to rain heavily once we reached MIL's place.. The weather was soo cooling in the afternoon...

MIL told me tat her instinct tells her tat I will be giving birth end of Feb cos my tummy had went down a bit... Oops...isn't tat too soon! hehe... But even my mum said tat I will give birth early.. Anyway it doesn't matter when I will give birth as long as it will be a smooth delivery process for me & my lil' gurl... Insya Allah... Makin hari makin dag dig dug jantung ku!! Serammm!! hehe.. Will be in my 8th months in a week time... fast huh!!! Hubbie has been telling me to just pack my hospital bag just in case... Hmmm... When shall I do tat?? *scratch head*
Anyway thanks to her for opening a thread in on wat to bring for delivery... Now at least I have a rough idea on wat things to bring there for me & baby...

I just changed my bedsheet and now I'm tempted to laze around on the bed... :) Okaylah time to go!! Have a great week ahead!! Byee!!!!

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Wet Saturday!

It has been raining lately... Both me & hubbie woke up quite late today.. For me, I cudn't sleep a wink after waking up at 3 plus in the morning as my Lil' Gurl kept kicking till 6 plus... At the same time my tummy still in pain but tis time is still bearable...

Hubbie washed up and needs to go to Sim Lim to but PSU Unit for his sis's PC... So off he went and I continue lazing around before I actually got up and took my bath.... On PC and chatted with kissy, nymph & Kak Mah in MSN conference...

Hubbie came back with lunch packs... Actually he went over to Hjh Maimunah Rest at Jalan Pisang to buy some dishes... He bought : Paru Sambal, Siput Sedut Lemak Cili padi, Ayam Panggang, Ikan Bakar, Bagedil & my Pengat Pisang (now one craving down!!)... I just have to cook rice only....

After lunch, I just surf around and finally got really tired and took a nap for awhile.. SIL & her children came over... We chatted abt my pregnancy and was given lotsa advices by her....

They went back around 9 plus and both me & hubbie watched The Tiger Cup, INA vs SG over at Star Sports... SG leading 2-0....

Kay gotta continue watching the 2nd half now... Hopefully Spore will score more goals!! Hubbie did told me tat we might be going for the 2nd leg in National Stadium next Sunday... *yippie* It has been a long time since I watched soccer at National Stadium... Reminds me of the good old time of Malaysia Cup...

Till then..bye!!!

Friday, January 07, 2005's Friday...

I was lazing around when dad called asking whether I want to go makan with him & sis? They had just finished registering my sis's admission to ITE Bishan and now on the way to Ubi.. Dad will go Friday prayer at Darul Aman and sis will be coming up my place... We will go Bugis after dad finished praying... So I said okay lah since I didn't know wat to eat for lunch.. And dad is on leave so why not I just follow them out... Called hubbie to inform him...

After dad finished praying, we took service 51 to Bugis... First stop to Tong Seng Stall where we had our lunch there.. I had my Seafood Noodle..Old time feveret!! Then we walked around Bugis Junction as my sis needs to get her school bag... Got the bag at one of the shop.. I got a sling pouch too courtesy of my dad :)

Tired of walking, we sat down at McDonald and had the new set meal which consist of Curly Fries & the new Prosperity Burger.. The curly fries taste nice!! I missed A&W tho'.... The new burger taste like Mc Pepper Burger tat McD used to have.. After tat we went over to Bugis Village to walk2... Sis bought a 3/4 shirt from This Fashion & we bought some "buah berangan"..
Before going home, we returned back to Tong Seng to tapau Seafood Noodle for hubbie, Chicken Rice for my dinner and for sis too...Laksa for my mum... Tot of taking a cab back but for sure there will be jam all over so we took 51 back my place... Hubbie had reached home by the time we reached... Layout hubbie's Seafood Noodle while watching Double Happiness... After the drama ended, dad & sis went back...

I just eaten my dinner and quite full now.. My tummy still in pain but tis time it's in the center... I'm feeling miserable rite now... I know tat I can't sleep well again tonite... I just hope tat the pain will be gone soon... Insya Allah... Anyway thanks fellow frens for yur kind advices, comforting words & doas.... I really appreciate it...

Have a great weekend guys!! Papai!!!

Thursday, January 06, 2005

What an Experience!

Thanks peepz for yur kind advices and comforting words... Alhamdulillah the pain is gone tis morning... But I had really an experience last nite...

It was around 12 plus at nite...I oredy switched off my PC and felt so sleepy... But I know for sure i cudn't lie down to sleep... I'm getting restless as the pain is really giving me off... Hubbie asked me to give a try to lie down... Slowly I tried to lie down on my left side since the right side of my tummy is really painful...but I just cudn't! I feel so uncomfortable plus I can feel the pain too.... Tried to get up but I cudn't..Hubbie helped me... I was tinking wat other position tat I can sleep with... Tried to rest my back by putting pillows but I just felt so uneasy and the pain make it worst... Hubbie told me tat he will sleep on the floor while I try to make use of the bed space.. By then it was already 1.30am and I was feeling so frustrated...I knew tat I'm soooo sleepy but I cudn't get my body to lie down.. I recited watever ayat tat comes to my mind and also ayatul kursi while gently stroke my tummy... Hubbie oso recited some ayat and place his hand on my tummy...

By then hubbie was already sleeping... I tried to lie down myself and still it was sooo painful... I cried and cried! In my mind, there must be something wrong in there and the worst part is tat I kept tinking of HOSPITAL!! I didn't want to get warded!! Hubbie woke up hearing me crying... He console me and asked me if I wanna rest over at the living room... I agreed! Then again, I tried to sleep at the living room sofa but only lasted a few mins as the pain is really excruciating... I cried again! I pity hubbie as he gotta werk in th emorning and here he's trying very hard to comfort me... He suggested tat we moved back to our room..

It was already 3am... I told hubbie to continue sleeping and I will try my very best to find a way to sleep... I tink by 3.30am, I forced myself to lie on my left and recited Ayatul Kursi many times and the same time I talk to the baby eventho' I was in pain... What I know is tat, I managed to sleep and the next thing I know, I can slowly turn myself to the right and sleep... In the morning when it's time to wake hubbie up, I can feel th epain is no longer there... Else hubbie wanted to bring me to my gynae for a check up... Syukur Alhamdulillah by then the pain is gone and I can slowly turn myself to the left and right... Hubbie kept asking whether I'm ok... I wanted him to go to werk w/o any worries in his mind...

Phew! I just hope tat the pain will not come and visit me again... I tink my lil' baby's head is "stuck" on the below right side of my tummy and tat caused the pain... I dunno! But according to my hubbie's fren, lil' baby is slowly positioning herself downwards for the BIG DAY! hmm...watever it is, I just pray my lil' baby inside will be okay and will stay healthy.. Now I can't wait for my check up tis 22nd Jan so as to see what she's doing inside and how many kilos she has gained!

Okay shall stop here for now... Gotta get ready to go Bedok Home... byee!

Wednesday, January 05, 2005


The whole day I'm feeling uncomfortable cos of the pain on my tummy below.. And it's on the right side... I can't lie on the bed.. Tried to turn to either right or left but I just feel so heavy and in pain... When asked around, was told tat it's norm for a 7 mths and above in pregnancy... Cam nak nangis pon ada!! iskkk...

Just now I tried to lie down on my bed while watching TV but I can't get up...Hubbie had to assist me in getting up... I just hope the pain will go away soon... Hope it's nothing serious!!

Kay gotta stop here...In no mood to update.... BYe!!

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

So T-I-G-H-T!

Get to wake up late today as my lil' baby is good today... *grin* .. Actually the whole day I'm feeling quite tired eventho' I didn't do much things at home.. I guess tis is due to the heavy tummy tat I'm carrying now... I even slept for 2 hrs in the afternoon just now... And still after waking up, I still feel sleepy..isk isk isk...

Anyway didn't have to cook today as MIL gave sambal daging & veggies... Will resume cooking tomoro!

The whole afternoon, my tummy below feel so tight... I feel so uncomfortable and plus the baby's kicking and made it worst... I tink tat's normal rite?? The tightness feeling?

Shall stop here for today... So sleepy oredy.... Papai!!!

Congrats Hajira on the arrival of yur Lil' Gurl tis afternoon.. Hope both mum & baby are well.. Take care!!!

Monday, January 03, 2005

Oooopsss SyiOkkkk!

Was awake quite early today despite of my sleepiness due to the lack of sleep last nite!! Tis baby of mine start her vigourous kicking as early as 3.30am.. Tis time the kicking is super unusual.. I was sooo shocked when I put my hand on my tummy... There's bulging here and there on my tummy.. And it's hard!! Rupanya siku dia lah!! iskk...Pagi-pagi dah kene siku... After a few secs, I get a very hard kick!! pain! Kesian mummy dia nie!! isk isk isk!! At first I was quite scared when I touched the bulging thingy but just bcos I'm really sleepy, I talked to her asking her to sleep as I need to sleep but she kept kicking...And left me awake till 7 plus.. Once hubbie went to werk, I managed to sleep for around an hr plus...

Reason I woke up early is tat mum's fren gonna come by to give me an urut session... And was told tat she be coming around 10.30am and both my parents & sis gonna come earlier than tat.. So I quickly took my bath and got ready..Siap buat air teh lagik..hehe.. Tunggu punya tunggu sampai ngantuk dibuatnya.. At last my parents & sis came around 11 plus and the makcik came around 12 plus... Mum brought mee hoon goreng... So I dunt have to cook today...

After the urut session, my body feel soo light and soo syiokkk... The makcik told me tat my baby's position is good for now.. Alhamdulillah.... Next urut session will be in my 8th mths of pregnancy... Later in the afternoon, dad, sis & myself went jalan2 to the shop behind.. Bought Fruit & Nut Ice Cream fcrom sedap!! Den went to GValue and dad bought me my fresh milk & my Corntos.. :)

Hubbie came back around 6.30pm... We had dinner together.. My mum made Roti John... After magrib, they went back...

Did you guys watch the info-ed on Suria "Hanyut Di Buai Nafsu"? A good programme as it will be an eye opener for the teenagers out there...Sad to see our Malay teenagers mostly young at age go astray.. Hopefully they will soon realised the value of their life!

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Mendak plus Mendung Day!

It is raining since early morning till now... No doubt the weather is so syiookkk to stay indoor but it makes me "rimas" at home with the whole house so gelap... And I doubt with tis kind of weather, you guys have the mood to go out?

Anyway I just woke up from my afternoon nap... Didn't want to sleep but I guess I'm sooo tired after not sleeping well last nite... Ohhh...My lil' gurl is soooo active kicking me at nite and I can't just find a good position to sleep... In the end, I slept the opposite side where my head rested at the end of the bed which is opposite from hubbie... I tink she went to sleep for awhile before waking up around 7 plus in the morning... I was awaken by a hard kick of hers.... I forced myself to sleep but in the end I keep tossing & turning tis morning till I finally decided to wake up at 10am... Hmmm.. indeed it's true wat ppl say tat 7 mths onwards, the kicking will be unbearable... hehe... She can make wave some more... and the movement can lasted like 30 secs non-stop.... hehe... I will laff each time I happen to see the movement on my tummy so do my hubbie... *giggle*.. I guess she can't wait to see both her mama & abah lah... But wait Lil' gurl...U have to wait when U are in full term then you can come out kay!! Now U're only 7 mths plus...So just wait for another 2 more mths... hehehehe

Gonna go to my MIL's place...My peyut soo lapar oredy... I didn't cook for lunch today except Fried Rice for bfast... Heard SIL cooked Kari Kepala Ikan... *slurpppppp*

Have a brand new week & year ahead of you guys!!! Byee!!

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Taufik MTV!!!

Taufik's I Dream video clip is on air now!! I'm sooooo excited!!! Bulu roma ku ternaik melihat MTV I dream!! He's sooo cute and the MTV is soo awesome! He's becoming more & more charming!!

Hope to catch more of his video clip on TV!!! Wish tat one day I can get to meet him!!

I Dream - Taufik Batisah
In my mind
I can climb
All the mountains that surround me
My spirit's there, where eagles dare to fly

In my heart
There's a spark
That can light the world around me
An open door, where I am sure dreams are

It doesn't matter if I win
Or the colour of my skin
Cause the race is all about
Believing in yourself

And I dream
I can run
Like the wind
And be strong
When my heart just wants to give in
I dream
I can be
The hero that's in me
When I dream, I dream

If there's a time
In your life
When the odds are so against you
There's no defeat, if all you keep is pride
First or last
Slow or fast
There's a dignity that makes you
Keep driving on, when world's have come apart

It doesn't matter rich or poor
Or the things you've done before
Cause the race is all about
Believing in yourself

And I dream
I can run
Like the wind
And be strong
When my heart just wants to give in
I dream
I can be
The hero that's in me
When I dream, I dream

I dream
Of a moment
That forever will be golden
When the torch is passed
Only dreams will last
That are shared by everyone

And I dream
I can run
Like the wind
And be strong
When my heart just wants to give in
I dream
I can be
The hero that's in me
When I dream, I dream