Sunday, January 09, 2005


Oh well, I managed to sleep soundly last nite despite the tossing and turning to find a comfortable position.. Alhamdulillah my tummy is not tat painful anymore... But at around 6 plus in the morning, my lil' gurl inside had start her kicking session..I guess it's the exercise routine for the morning..hehe..

SIL called to inform tat she had cooked lontong goremg for bfast and told me not to make any bfast or lunch... She asked us to come over to MIL's hse... We went over around 11 plus... It was drizzling at tat point and started to rain heavily once we reached MIL's place.. The weather was soo cooling in the afternoon...

MIL told me tat her instinct tells her tat I will be giving birth end of Feb cos my tummy had went down a bit... Oops...isn't tat too soon! hehe... But even my mum said tat I will give birth early.. Anyway it doesn't matter when I will give birth as long as it will be a smooth delivery process for me & my lil' gurl... Insya Allah... Makin hari makin dag dig dug jantung ku!! Serammm!! hehe.. Will be in my 8th months in a week time... fast huh!!! Hubbie has been telling me to just pack my hospital bag just in case... Hmmm... When shall I do tat?? *scratch head*
Anyway thanks to her for opening a thread in on wat to bring for delivery... Now at least I have a rough idea on wat things to bring there for me & baby...

I just changed my bedsheet and now I'm tempted to laze around on the bed... :) Okaylah time to go!! Have a great week ahead!! Byee!!!!

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