Sunday, January 30, 2005


Yesh! I finally can get my eyes closed and sleep peacefully last nite.. No doubt with the tossing and turning but I did have my sleep at last! Mebbe due to my tiredness and also I ate my "itchy" medicine which is quite drowsy...

Woke up just in time to watch SPS... Hubbie got ready to go in Jb to top up his bike fuel.. Too bad I can't follow! Anyway he's back home after an hr plus... He bought for me my magazines..

After Zohor prayers, we went out to attend majlis cukur rambut for Nazreen's 2nd son @ Tampines...Chit chat with Naz & Sahmil... Naz's 1st hero is really an active boy.. He grows so fast!! And he's sooo cute... Pandai main2 kan orang..hehe.. Her 2nd hero oso very cute.. Very kwai type cos he's just 3 mths old...hehe

Nazreen's 2nd hero, Syurabil

At 3.15pm, Rohani & Faizal came... By then me & hubbie have to make a move as we need to attend a wedding at Ubi... Went over Mus's place and just in time to see both bride & groom there... Mus is my hubbie's Ubi fren & he is also my schoolmate during sec sch.. As for the bride, elli (Known as AnnaO in Alamak), we both know her since the Alamak days! Anyway the couple look stunning in their wedding suits! Saw many familiar faces of ex-Ping Yians...But mostly all Mus's batch... Waited for the couple to change their outfit.. We went off after the couple left for the bride side.. We have to forgo to go to the bride side as we be going to MIL's place after tat...
Wishing them a blissful marriage!!

Went over to MIL's place for awhile...We headed back hom after magrib... Now I'm feeling sleepy oredy..I guess I need to stop here for now and try to get my lost sleep for the past few days! Have a brand new week guys! Byee!

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