Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Noty LiL Rascal!

This morning, both me and hubbie were caught off-guard! Alisha was crying loudly and when we saw her, she was faced down!! I was away to make her bfast while hubby was sleeping at the sofa.. I quickly carry her and saw blood in her mouth.. Was so panicked and I called hubbie.. Blood was gushing down her lips.. Iskk... I kept dabbing her lips with tissue to wipe off the blood.. While she was crying refusing to wipe off her lips.. As a result, she got a swollen upper lips.. After comforting her, I gave her bfast.. She just cried for awhile and after that it's back to her normal bubbly self.. iskk..budak ni! Kita adalah panic... Tak serik jugak budak kenit ni.. Dia suka nah nak panjat sana, panjat sini, merangkak sana, merangkak sini..

By the way, we noticed another tooth coming out on the upper gum!! yay! Alisha has a total of 3 teeth! But can't beat Lil Amir Mukthar who has 8 teeth rite Liza?? haha

And amazingly over at Kampung, she can already walk but still unsteadily.. A few steps only lah! Hope that she can walk steadily soon!! :)

Come watch her short clip on how Alisha "tateh"...Click here!!

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The swollen lips..

Pictures of Alisha with her blue cheongsam..

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Monday, January 30, 2006

End of short gateway!

I'm finally back in S'pore!! uwahhhh!!! Can I not go back??!!! The 3 days 2 nites stay at Kampung was not enuff!! Apart from the scorching heat, everything was good! Especially the food!!! *ohHHH noo! I'm gaining more kilos again!!!!!*

Anyway reached home about 3.45pm just now... Was super tired!! But what is my tiredness compared to hubby who was driving!! hehe.. Now my Lil Icah has slept..guess she was "car lagged" hiak hiak hiak... As for me, I cudn't get any sleep.. Was sleepy just now but due to hunger, I'm just wide awake.. Now waiting for the KFC delivery.. What?? Chicken again?? Aiyohhh no choice lah.. Hubbie tried calling Golden Pillow but was sold out, Arnold - no answer, Sup tulang delivery - a $10 surcharge (so ex) so finally we settled with KFC lah ye...

Wokay, let me recapped back the days we were at Melaka...

Saturday (2.00am)

We decided to drive in the Tuas checkpoint by 3am as we were afraid that it might be jammed with cars going in Malaysia for holiday... Lil Icah was wide awake at 1.35am.. Mcm tahu je si kenit ni kita nak jalan... We fetched PIL first before we proceed to meet Abg Long & family at CCK...

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Icah ready to go..

After meeting at the confirmed place, we proceed to Tuas checkpoint.. As we were the first one to clear the immigration, we waited for Abg Long & family after the checkpoint exit.. Waited for quite sometimes and wondering what happened to them... Hubbie received a call from Abg Long and was told that the Toyota Picnic's tyre was flat!! Ohh no!!!! One of the right side tyre has punctured...We were kinda panicky... Hubbie started calling Abg Chik... Abg Long tried his best to drive carefully and parked behind our car.. Gosh! When I saw the tyre, I just cudn't say anything! Was really flat!!! All of us were wondering whether cud we proceed or just have to turn back to Spore... So both Abg Long and hubbie tried to change the flat tyre to the spare tyre.. It takes ages to first find the spare tyre and secondly changed the flat tyre.. hur hur hur... But at last they managed to change the spare tyre but was not confident at first to continue our journey as the spare tyre was small compared to the original one and it's thin! MIL suggested that we drove slowly and Insya Allah we will reached to our destination... Like MIL said, this is all dugaan...

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Changing the flat tyre..

So with tawakal, 2 cars drove at 80km/h to proceed to our destination.. First stop was at Tanjung Kupang Esso and Petronas to pump some air in the tyre... After some survey, they found that the flat tyre has hole on it.. Anyway we just continue with the journey... By then I was asleep.. What I know was that we stopped at Machap Petronas and that was about 7am.. Had our subuh prayer at the surau there and proceed to Ayer Keroh.. Alhamdulillah we finally reached Ayer Keroh near to 8.30am...Took the new route to Sungai Udang.. We stopped over near to MIL's kampung to change the tyre.. Luckily the tyre shop was opened that day! After changing den we proceed to Abg Ngah's hse within 5 mins drive.. After settling down ourselves, had our bfast, we proceed to clean ourselves before most of us fell asleep! Really tired!!! By then was awake in the afternoon...

At 6.30pm, went over to Pasar Malam.. Bought lotsa food!! We were like hungry hippos!!! Imagine the Apam Pulau Pinang, we bought 28 pieces and it finished!! hehe.. That very nite, we really sleep like log!!!


Woke up early morning and we bought bfast at Mak Besar's stall... Bought Nasi Lemak, Lontong & Roti Canai... Again ate like we all suffering from starvation... hahaha... By 9am, we were all ready to follow Abg Long & family to Kuala Sungai Baru to visit Abg Long's MIL's relative... A long drove there before we reached the place...After a short visit, we proceed to take a drive to Pangkalan Balak beach... Nice place for a picnic... Then we off to Melaka Sentral terminal and then to Tesco.. Had our lunch at Tesco food court before doing our shopping.. We din't buy much things as Lil Icah has been cranky as she was sleepy at that time... After that we proceed back to Abg Ngah's hse...Went over to visit Mak Yah (MIL's sister) for awhile..
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Icah with her mentel-ness
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At nite, Abg Long & Abg Ngah went out to buy Satay, Tomyam, and few kinds of mee.. Again, we had a feast for the last nite.. That very nite, both Icah & me slept early.. We were tired anyway...


Woke up early as usual.. Kak Ngah & Kak Long busy preparing bfast.. We had nasi goreng putih, mee goreng and jemput2 bawang & ikan bilis.. Best!!!! After that all of us beginning to get ourselves ready.. Packed our thing and prepared to go back.. Before going back, we visited Mak Oteh (MIL's sis) beside Abg Ngah's hse.. After which at 11am, we set off back to Spore.. Luckily no jammed and it was a smooth ride back to Spore.. Abg Long & family made their way back to CCK while we headed off to Ubi....

And not too sure if tonite hubbie wants to bring us out.. See if he's not tired then we shall go out else we just rest at home...

Till then, do visit to my multiply for more pictures...

Friday, January 27, 2006

Short Gateway!

Yesh! Finally the day has come!! Tonite we will be driving up to Malacca for a short holiday! Back to MIL's kampung! Can rest and relax over there! I just lurve going back there!! Hopefully the shopping centres there are open!! At least can do some shopping too! So guys, I wont be blogging for few days and once I'm back, I will update on the short gateway together with loads of pictures...

Till then, have a great super long holiday!!

To all who celebrates CNY, Gong Xi Fa Cai...Hong Bao Na Lai!!! *grin*
Pada semua umat Islam, Selamat Menyambut Awal Muharram...!!

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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Old Newspaper!!

How? Like my new blog look? Kewl isn't it? All thanks to my dear fren, HAYI.. oops HAJIRA!!! She created this layout exclusively for me!!! a BIG THANK YOU Hajira!! You made my day! hehe.. Owe you not ONE but TWO! hehe

I sooo very the fall in lurpe with my new skin! hehe.. Kay that's all to update!! Shall off to dreamland for now!Adious and Good nite!!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Icah's progress at 11 mths old..

- Amazingly she is so into in crawling...It's her new way of "merayaping" .. Initially she doesn't know how to crawl.. She is the type who straight away knows how to sit and stand but w/o crawling.. But now at the age of 11 mths, suddenly she can crawl.. haha.. One thing she likes to do is to crawl over my body when I;m lying down!! She just lurves to do that! After crawling up my body, she will lay her head down resting on my chest.. So cute lah!

- She likes to do "hidung bucuk" to us. Or even when she sees herself in the mirror, she will smile with her "hidung bucuk" and showing her 2 lower teeth...

- She likes to sway herself when hearing music..

- She can call Abah-bah-bah and Mama-ma-ma...

- Likes to talk to her toys eg. Her Sesame Street character, Bert..

- When put her in her swinger, she will swing herself and laugh...

- She will behave herself when she's with my PIL but right after we went to PIL's place to fetch her, she will start her manja-ness with us.. Will asked me or hubbie to carry her..or she will just stuck beside me in her walker when we are eating our dinner... And doesn't want to be carried by my PIL...

- Immediately when we carry her, she will start to bye bye to others.. She knows that when we carry her, meaning it's time to go jalan-jalan! *shake head*

- Lastly, she is one super hyper lil kenit!! I can be out of breath when entertaining her!!! *gasp for air*

Wonder what will be her "kepandaian" when she turns ONE... let's wait and see!

My LiL darling turns 11 mths!

Happy 11 mths old to my dear Alisha Ameera.. Wow! It has been 11 months since I gave birth to her last February! And she will be turning a big ONE next mth!! Children really grow fast ya without us realising! She was so cheerful this morning! As if she knows today is her 11 mths besday! hehe..

Here are some pics of her taken this morning!!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Weekend updates!

Sunday coming to an end soon! As usual, can't get enuff of weekend!! A short update of wat we did over the weekend..


After work, we fetched Alisha then off to Eunos MRT to fetch Daya & Din. Headed to KKH to visit her.. She has given birth to a baby boy on Thursday.. Met Megat there and we went up to Ward 32. Aeki aka bell was waiting for us up there... They have lotsa visitors.. We get to see Baby Rusyaidi Shakir.. He is soo cute!! Poor nuries that she was having fever at that time.. She looked weak.. After staying for a while, we made a move at 8.30pm.. Sent Megat to werk den we off to Jalan Kayu for dinner... After dinner, off to send Daya & Din home... And we went back home.. Both Icah & me slept around 11 pm...


Morning, we did housewerk... Then around 3.30pm, we went out.. Headed to Bedok as I wanted so much to buy a new hp.. Went straight to the shop that we had reccee before.. After settled everything, I finnaly get hold of Sony Ericsson W800i.. Yippie!! Was grinning widely after that! :D

My new W800i.. Finally! :oP

Then off to Alexandra Rd to fetch hir.. Had our dinner at The Cheese Prata Shop at Clementi Rd.. Not sure where to lepakz, we headed to Tampines. Thinking of going over to Tampines Mall but the carpark Queue was super long and we dropped the idea of going there. Instead, we drove to Changi Airport after picking up Din.. Lepak at T1 Delifrance.. Lepak there for near to 2 hrs den we sent Din & hir back.. By then me & Icah were sleeping on our way back home..


This morning, went JB to shop for Icah's pampers and toiletries and also for some groceries.. We were stucked in the jam when going back time.. Sian!! Luckily I bought some magazines to read.
Went over to MIL's place to gave her things den went back home at 5 plus. By then it was raining heavily. Tot of going out again but we dropped the idea.. And now feeling so mendak and tired... Yet to eat dinner and now was thinking to cook or to eat out... Hmmm...

Stop here for now.. Brain dead oredy! Have a great week ahead ya! And will be looking forward for this coming weekend as we gonna go Malacca!!! Balik kampung!! Ohh ohhh ohhh balik kampung!!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Dam Di Di Dum...

Nuthing to blog today... Anyway it's TGIF!! Enjoy yur weekend peepz!

Presenting Alisha in the Trolley Pasar....

Thursday, January 19, 2006

4th day @ werk!

It has been 4 days since I started werk... fast huh! I'm trying to adjust myself in this new werk environment and alhamdulillah, I managed to do it comfortably... :)

Nothing much to do for the first week as my mentor just brief me and gave me some easy task.. The BIG task has yet to come I supposed.. hehe.. Finally yesterday I got my Staff Pass! But no access yet! *shrugs* Super leceh seh when need to enter my dept.. Nak kene ding dong bell first! iskk.. Hopefully by today my access is granted lah!

Now counting down for lunch!! hiak hiak hiak! *that's what I'm looking forward to cos I get to lunch with my PIC (partner in crime) ahakzz....

Kay better continue with my small task.. Adious!!! ;)

Monday, January 16, 2006

First day of werk...

Alhamdulillah all went well today... Reached the new werk place super early due to my kiasu-ness.. Afraid that I might be late, I get hubbie to go out early.. hehe.. Verdict = reached 30mins earlier.. hehe.. sempat pi dok kat canteen minum teh... hehe.. At 8.25am, I went up to the HR.. After a short briefing, I was asked to take a sit as someone will come and fetch me to bring me to my new department..Waited for nearly 30 mins.. Soo ngantuk seh!

At my new department, I was briefed by my supervisor as well as one kakak.. Luckily there's a kakak melayu in my team.. As usual, I dunno wat to expect on my first day.. Just read the notes... Stared blankly at the notes as satu benda pon gue tak tahu.. hehe.. And so super ngantokk also... Dunt have internet yet.. hopefully can get the access but email has been functioning and the only thing to keep me awake was emailing to Nollie, my hubbie and some of my frens.. hehe

Lunch I went with Nollie...yay! Finally get to lunch with Nollie as a colleague... haha... Went over to Starhub Ctr foodcourt... Anyway for a first day, the time really flies so fast! Knock off at 6pm and went to meet hubbie at SPC...

Anyway yesterday I get to meet Nazreen and Hawa! It has been such a long time that we gather together..So many stories that we shared yesterday! Hawa has just given birth to a baby boi, Muhd Aqil Muzaffar... A cute baby!! Before that me, hubbie & Alisha went to Adriana's cukur rambut... Thanks Ogy for inviting! Adriana sooo cute and she was soundly asleep when we met her..

Talking about babies, next mth gonna be Alisha's 1st besday and we still have no idea on how to celebrate her day! Need to sit down and brainstorm!!

Shall stop here now! Gonna continue to watch DIA...it's getting more and more exciting!! :)

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Updates & more updates...

I am getting lazy to update my blog..Really!! Each time I'm thinking to update but the "M" syndrome overcome me so I decided to forgo the idea.. So now I am update my basi stories.. Pls bear with me ya! :)


Not werking today!! The feeling so syiok ah when you wake up in the morning and need not go to werk! Wow! That's how I'm feeling in the morning! But I can't wake up late cos kenitz woke up as early as 7.30am.. Both me & kenitz send hubbie to the door as he's going to werk.. Tried putting kenitz to sleep but she refused. So I have to layan her.. Gave her farley bfast, bathed her and finally she went to sleep.. Managed to have 2 hrs time off from her.. Did watever I need to do.. At 11.30am, I have to wake her up as I need to send her to MIL's .. Had an appointment with my fren, Rohani, to go to Bugis.. By then it was raining heavily.. Walked slowly under the shelter to MIL's hse.. At 12.20pm, I went to catch a bus to Kembangan MRT and proceed to Bugis from there.. I saw a fren of mine who was pregnant with her 2nd child now.. Wow! She was pregnant with her 1st child together with me and now she is pregnant again! Weee!!! Most of my frens who was pregnant year 2004, is pregnant this year too... HmmmMM.. not too sure when will be my turn?! haha.. Insya Allah "Project No. 2" will be this year.. who knows? hehe

Met Rohani and we went straight to Siam Kitchen for lunch.. So hungry and wat's more it's raining... We had the lunch buffet.. After that we went shopping and we bought ourselves a pair of shoe each.. I bought a baby gift for my fren, Siti Hawa, who has just given birth to her 2nd son last Wednesday.. Shall be visiting her soon.. Then off we went to Arab St.. Bought a baju in one of the shop called Murlia... Den went to search for Cennie's present.. All of us decided to buy her kain.. Fell in lurve with a purplish with pink flower material.. So after conferencing on the phone with Nollie & Kak Sun, I finally decided on that kain... We then walked along the shops and stopped by a kopi shop for tea session.. By 5pm, we were back at Bugis as Rohani's hubby was there to fetch her.. I took MRT back to Paya Lebar to meet hubbie at 6pm..

We went back home first.. After packing kenitz's things, we went to fetch her den fetch dad at his work place den off to Boon Keng for the Sup Kambing..After tapau the sup kambing, went back to Bedok..Mum cooked Thosai... We ate thosai and sup kambing.. Kenitz was playful today. She was super hyper... We left Bedok late, around 10.45pm as the next day we are not werking.. Hubbie decided a drive to no where.. But ended up at Boat Quay.. Not to clubbing eh! kekee.. But instead we took a fresh air along the river.. Sat there and oversee the Fullerton Hotel and the high rise building around.. Took some pics and we went off... Reached home around 12.40am..

Us at Boat Quay..


Finally I get to wake up at 8.30am as kenitz too woke up the same time.. She will wakes up late when we were to bring her out the nite before.. hehe.. At 9.30am, we went Pasar Geylang with PIL as MIL needs to get some groceries there.. Had our bfast in the pasar itself den start marketing.. I bought some stuff too.. Not forgetting I bought kurta near the Raja Lelong side.. Cheap2 and nice... :) Reached home at 12.15pm after sending PIL back home.. Rested for a while and put kenitz to sleep.. Packed the necesary things and get ready for kenitz clothes as we gonna meet the "Datin-Datin" & "Datuk-Datuk" later for High Tea at Cafe Vienna..

The day that all of us been waiting for.. Kak Sun, Nollie, Rosie, Cen, Yaya & esbOkz took half day today juz for today event.. Met them at Royal Scotts lobby around 2.35pm.. By 2.50pm, we went in Cafe Vienna. The high tea starts at 3pm.. So apa lagik, bedal ah!! We really had a feast.. Kenitz too has her share.. She ate the chicken congee.. But she likes the Bread and Butter Pudding the best! See lah, this kenitz of mine really have a good taste bud just like her Abah & Mama.. ahakzz.. We celebrated Cen's advanced besday too.. We had loads of fun there.. Yaya & Omar made a move first den followed by Kak Sun & Abg Mie.. Den esbOkz & hubby headed to Taka while Nollie, Cen and the 3 of us proceed to Coffee Bean Scotts to meet some ewah2 chatters...Met up with Putra, Celine, Daya, Naj & Kinna.. There we celebrated Naj besday.. So today we get to celebrate 2 gals besday! :) Went over to Far East for dinner den sent back Nollie and Daya home and we headed home.. Was so tired and in the end we did not went in JB to top up petrol...

Alisha getting ready to go her first High Tea session..

Click image for bigger view..


Today was a mendak day.. The weather is so sunny yet I feel so lazy...Furthermore both hubbie and me dunno where to go... I managed to lipat the "bertimbun" kain baju... I was putting kenitz to sleep and in the end I joined her too.. We finally went out at 4.30pm... Headed to Plaza Singapura as I wanted to go Aussino.. Before that we went Long John for our late dinner.. Then off to Aussino.. Bought towels & 1 cotton blanket and 1 quilt blanket.. Then went to John Little.. Bought Alisha a pair of jeans and a matching top. Bought myself a blouse and 2 "goggles".. After walk walk.. we then made our move from Plaza Singapura and headed to Holland Close to pick Nollie up.. Went to Adam Road for dinner and then off to McDonald Rideout Garden to lepakz for awhile..Reason why we went McDonald was bcos, free wireless to surf.. Hubbie brought his laptop along.. While hubbie busy surfing, Nollie & myself busy entertaining kenitz.. And this kenitz of mine likes to eat McDonald fries..

Alisha eating fries..

We left McDonald at 9.30pm as kenitz cannot sit still and I cudn't handle her anymore... So tired liao with her tak tahu diam seminit pon!! Send Nollie back and off we went home.. After bathing her, feed her milk and now she's off to dreamland! Finally I have time of my own!! Phew!!

So fast tomoro is Sunday and have a day more to go before I start my new job!

Happy weekend guys!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

End of Journey!

Today was my last day in HP. It was a sad moment bidding goodbye to my koligs whom I have spent 8 months together. I tried to control my sadness as well as my tears from falling off and I succeeded! :) I will still miss them. Their laughter, their jokes and most importantly their companionship. Nevertheless, we will still keep in touch tho. Thanks to my kolig, Janna, who bought for me a friendship notebook as well as a postcard. Feel like crying when I read the content.. Too bad my fellow neighbour, Rohani (she sitting beside me) is on leave today.. But it's okay, we be having our "date" tomoro...*wink* .. Rohani has been my kolig since my old werk place.. We have been in the same account before and never did I expected that we would be koligs again when I join in HP. Same account some more.. But today I'll be leaving her again! We shared lotsa things together..Gossips, personal life, future life and many things.. Will be missing her! *sniff*

Anyway we had pizza de france for my farewell lunch.. Nice pizza! Rekemen to order.. Had order the pizzas few times..

On the brighter, I have 4 days to rest before starting my new job this coming Monday, 16th Jan..Yeahoo! A new beginning in a new job field! No more in call centre environment.. Had enuff of it! And one thing for sure, my partner in crime is working at my new werkplace there too! Am so looking forward lunching together with her!! *wink partner in crime* Shoppings & eating together! hehe... If you guys know who my partner in crime, you shud know where she is werking..so there I am werking in the same company.. :)

Let's talk about Hari Raya Haji... I baked Chocolate Fudge Cake on eve of Raya Haji.. My rajin-ness came so I baked 3 trays of it...On Raya Haji itself, we spent our Raya Haji at MIL's place as well as my Nani's place.. Went over to MIL's place at 12pm... We have our bfast cum lunch there. MIL & SIL cooked ketupat, rendang ayam, sambal goreng pengantin, sambal satay & lemak lodeh.. Over at my Nani's place, we had the old time feveret, Briyani Dam.. hingga menjilat jari youuuu.... Anyway Aidiladha this year is the same as every year except that this year we have Alisha with us.. Last year I still remember that I was carrying her in my tummy and at that point of time, I was in my 8 mths.. With heavy stomach, I felt so lazy to go anywhere.. hehe... And a year has past....And this year, we gonna celebrate 2 Hari Raya Haji. The next one falls on 31st December 2006... wahh!

Okay lah..Now let the pics do the talking... I shall take my leave for now.. For more pics, pls visit my multiply...

Alisha in yellow baju kurung..

Alisha & Mama..

Abah, Alisha & Mama..

The yummylicious Nasi Briyani Dam..

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Wet Sunday!

It's been raining since midnite. The weather really make me super lazy.. But nevertheless, I managed to whip up Black Pepper Fettuccine for lunch. Skipped bfast as I have to entertain Alisha with her bfast, her poo and her bath time.

Black Pepper Fettuccine fresh from the wok

Anyway yesterday we went to visit Sabrina at East Shore. She has gave birth to a baby girl on 06/01/06.. Nice date huh! Made appointment with mayang and we reached there around 4 plus in the afternoon. Sab just finished breastfeeding the cute Lil Nur Alyssa.. Nice name ya! She really look like her brader, Ilham Shawqi.. Exactly mind you! hehe.. Where mothers happily catching up with each others, the daddies have to entertain their kiddos.. Rian was so malu-malu meow with Alisha.. With his cheeky smile and his cute face, I feel like pinching his tembamz pipi.. Alisha was so friendly with Rian when they met but turned up Rian so shy lah.. What else, our camera focussing at the 2 "kembars"... We met her over at ESH too..

Mummy Sab with Nur Alyssa

Pictures taken at ESH

Finally we made a move around 5 plus. Bid goodbye to mayang and family and the 3 of us went off to Kelantan Lane.. Where else but tat Lim Ah Boy shop lah! Hubbie bought his bike rectifier. Of all sudden yesterday, his bike stalled after finishing inspection. Luckily it stalled near our place. So he had to drag the heavy Super 4 back to the carpark..

Kay gotta stop here.. Need to finish up housewerk before the kenit wakes up..!

Alisha's latest smile

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Counting Down the days!

I left with 3 more days to work before I bid goodbye to my werkplace here! Sad it may be but when there is an opportunity, we need to grab it fast.. My last day will be this coming 11th, a day after Hari Raya Haji.. And I will have Thursday and Friday to enjoy!! Being booked by my fren on Thursday and on Friday, a big "GALA Event" happening on that day! *wink to those who are involved* hehe.. I will start my new job on 16th January 06. Am so excited.. :)

Now am thinking of baking my Chocolate Fudge Cake over the weekend. It's not for Hari Raya tho' but it's for my koligs here! Tomoro will be a short day for me as I will need to clear my 3hrs time off! yay! Thanks to my kolig, Masita, who is willing to change the shift with me! Else I will have to work from 10am to 7pm....

Will be following hubbie for his knee check up at SGH tomoro! And wat's more tomoro is Friday and I'm not working on Saturday as last Saturday is my last Saturday to werk! My new job is a 5days werk week! :)

Okay now I'm counting the hours before I can go home at 7pm today! aiyohh! faster lah the time! So sian! and I'm freesing rite now!! helep!!!!!

Monday, January 02, 2006

New 2006..

Thanks a lot for the wishes frens!! Alhamdulillah my Arwah datuk selamat dikebumikan semalam pagi.

Anyway to wrap up 2005 is not a good end for us.. Firstly on Saturday morning, our car roof was dented badly. Someone threw a "water bomb" and it landed just on roof top.. Both me and hubbie was sooo shocked!! Cursing like wat!! And that very morning I have to go to werk by cab.. Hubbie called the police.. I was told by hubbie that the car next to us too hit the same problem but the dented is at their rear cover and a "botol kicap" was found near the car.. iskk..

The dented roof top

I just hope that Year 2006 will be a better year for our family. Insya Allah...

Anyway here are some pics of My lil cutie pie taken with our new Panasonic Lumix FX9 digicam..