Friday, January 19, 2007

What to update?

I feel super lazy to update my blog now..I'm thinking of sticking to only 1 blog..Either blogspot or multiply..I think I choose the latter...

So what's new? hmmm...Life is pretty the same...Only that I'm lurving my job and my colleagues...We really have fun in the office...eating, gossiping, singing to the radio tunes...Not forgetting my MMVD daily emails that makes me smile everyday! :)

I'm always looking forward for weekends..And yes! Today is Friday! I smell the weekend! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Ermmm...perhaps this might be my last entry for blogspot..But hey! I will not close my blogspot cos I've got so many memorable entries in here/there. Whoever visit, please direct yourself to ... But I will still blog hop to my fellow bloggers' site...

Till then, adious!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

An update after MIA..


Finally I'm back with an update... Masita, I've update!! hehe...

Actually I'm super lazy to update lately.. Really! Feels like exiting from the blogging world...shall tink abt that... Anyway I was busy with work for the past week...Many things need to be done.. That's the reason why I din manage to update my blog or even blog-hopping or multiply-hopping..

And lately so many things's personal anyway... Now's it's already Thursday...meaning a day before weekend starts..yay!!

Last weekend, we din do much things except going to Parkway on Saturday with my parents... On Sunday, we went to Punggol Beach together with Abg Long & Abg Chik's family.. We had fun there especially Icah...It's her first time playing with the sand.. At first she was very skeptical stepping on the sand but when she saw her fellow cuzzins playing with it, she asked me to bring her down and took off her shoes..After awhile she was like walking and playing with the sand happily...

Hopefully this weekend we will have some fun too...As of now, no plans yet.. But was told by hubbie that his exam is coming in 2 weeks time and he need to do revision..So hopefully he will have some time with Icah & me..

Shall stop here for now and hopefully I will be back soon.. Byee!

Punggol Beach Pic

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

First post for 2007..

Haiyooo...besok back to work liao!! So fast the long holiday coming to an end!! The next PH will be Chinese New Year week.. Like so lambat need to wait for the next holiday sey!

Yesterday we went to my Aunty's place at Yishun for my late uncle 7-days kenduri... Stayed there around 1 hr plus den we went off.. Dad & sis followed us but mum stayed on.. Went back my place... After maghrib, dad, sis, icah & me went to Parkway.. Hubbie stayed home as there was a soccer match between Liv & Bolton...So off we went Parkway by bus.. too bad me no lesen too.. :)

Reached Parkway around 8.30pm...Went window shopping at first...Icah got a toy lappie from her Tok Bak.. She was soo happy...hehe..As for sis & me, we shopped at Dorothy Perkins (ni pon Mamy Rosie nya influence..:p) ..Dad bought us 2 tops each.. At Isetan, we got 1 top each.. Den off to Ya Kun to grab some toast...Took bus back to my place... Hubbie waited for us at the carpark..tot of sending dad and sis back home but all of us ended up at Airport T2...At first tot of slacking at Coffee Bean but when we had gotten a very nice spot to sit, we ended up thinking of going to Swensens...By the time we went down, Swensens was closed for the day..Iskk...So we ended up walking towards McDonalds.. Ordered some food and we ate as we chat...

Dad wanted to go for holiday this Chinese New Year week but he's not sure where to go..End up all of us agreed to go KL...Hubbie will do the booking and planning...So now it's confirmed that we're going for a holiday together! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! Will start to countdown soon!!! :D
We left the Airport at 2.30am...Sent dad & sis back and off we went back...

Today, we went to Bedok Library for awhile..Den off to my parents' place..Mum cooked many2 food as Kala Nah & family came over...At 5.30pm we went back...Stopped over at MIL's place for awhile..After maghrib we went back... I just finished ironing our werking clothes...

Shall sleep early today as I feel so tired...Now countdown to 3 more days to next weekend! *belom pon besok dah kaundaun* ekeke

Till then..Adious!!

The DP tops that I bought...

First blouse I chose Brown kaler and the Long sleeve top I chose Red..