Friday, December 31, 2004

Happy New Year!!

Wow! In few hrs time we gonna say goodbye to 2004 and Welcome 2005!! Isn't it fast for 12 mths to past just like tat?? Hmm... I just feel tat we are still in early 2004... How time flies!! I hope we, as an individual, had made a mark or at least achieved something tat we have yearned for tis 2004...

Let me recapped what have I done for tis 2004..


  • Managed to get a job in NTUC Income but only lasted for 2 mths as I'm really not into the frontline service and it was a not so good experience.. Always have to drag myself to werk and hubbie told me to just quit and find another job..
  • Finding job is a hard task tis 2004... Hundreds of resume being sent but not a single interviews or even replys tat I get.. *sigh* .. I'm not applying for a director, CEO, Manager post mind you!! It's just a post tat suits my qualification and I even went as low as GCE "O" Level qualification... But still no interview in hand!!
  • July 04, one of the pkh forummers, cadburry or known as Ida, informed me tat her werking place need a part time for around 2 mths.. I was so happy then as I tot I cud still earn some money despite just sitting at home doing nuthing!! Finally I started a part time job..But sadly it lasted only 2 days as I was tested positive by GP tat I'm 5 weeks preggy and what's more on tat very day, I bled!! Was so kancheong to see the blood! The next day went to the gynae and was told to have lotsa rest and not to move abt so much... So there goes my part time job! takpelah..mungkin takde rezeki...
  • Till now, Dec 04, I still yet to hold any job.. Since I'm pregnant, hubbie asked me to just stay at home and take good care of myself.. Even if I'm gonna apply for jobs, which company wants to take in pregnant lady?? So I have to just stay at home till I deliver and will find a job few mths after tat!


  • 2004, I'm beginning to learn to be a good wife as compared in 2003...
  • I cooked more in 2004, learn many dishes either from SIL, MIL, my own mum and even recipes books! Not forgetting exchanging recipes from the ewah2 gurlz... :)
  • Being a wife, I am grateful and blessed tat finally in 2004, I managed to give hubbie precious gift from my womb itself..yes! Being pregnant after 1 year 6 mths is a greatest gift for the both of us... Overjoyed, rasa bersyukur ke Allah swt..


  • We managed to spend more time with both side of families...
  • As for my side, relationship with my immediate family is goping on strong and even stronger but sadly to say with some dad's siblings, we can see some relationships are getting strained.. *sigh* We used to be a big happy family where all my dad's siblings gathered and have fun but now, it's only a few families tat we can get along with... We tot tat after our grandma gets well after being admitted to hospital will bring all dad's siblings closer but it even made them drifted apart... Some didn't agree with one another and leds to quarel and black face! I just hope 2005 will be a better year for them so tat we cud just get everyone to be united hand in hand again!

2005 resolution

  • To be a better wife and a good mummy once my lil' gurl is born..
  • Give more attention to both hubbie & doter
  • Get hold of a job so tat I can help with the family income as we be having additional family member come March 2005...
  • To be a good daughter to both parents and daughter in law to both PIL...
  • Save more $$ for our lil' gurl and for our future needs
  • list will continue as days passed by! :)

Most important of all, I pray tat I will have a smooth delivery in 2005 and my baby will be healthy always! Insya Allah...

Hope you guys will have a great 2005 ahead and may all yur wishes and dreams will be answered!! Take care my frens!! enjoy yur holiday!!

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Window Shopping!

Made an appointment with her to go Orchard as she is on leave today.. Anyway even if she is not on leave, I will still meet her there... Orchard Rod is her 2nd home wat!! hehe.. Brought my sis along as I really need a bodyguard with me.. Hubbie would not allowed me to go out alone!! hehe..

Headed for lunch at Orchard Emerald.. The 3 of us had Yong Tau Foo.... Then we off to Centrepoint where I had my white gold ring (besday prezzie from her & hir) altered.. A size bigger tis time! :) Then we go jalan2 at Robinsons.. They are having sale!! Saw many2 things there especially baby clothings!! Cute-cute some more!! But I have to resist in buying tat cos we had enuff of shopping at Malacca tat time... hehe

After we had our "tawaf" at Robinsons, I have to find a sit as my hip is aching... So we went to Coffee Bean and rest our bum there... Met Bunnyz for awhile as she is on half day today and will be doing shopping with her mum at Robinsons... Then we walked our way to Paragon to cclooklook at Metro Sale... Nuthing much actually except if we go to the Metro Warehouse Sale @ Expo then we can get a better bargain... By the time we went out from Paragon, it was nearly 5pm... We decided to end our day as I need to go back Bedok Home.. kissy took a bus home while me & my sis took MRT back to Bedok... Quite tiring lah cos in the MRT, not a single soul offered me any seats!! Can't you see my big tummy???? Blind izzit?? I have to wait for ppl to alight then I can grab the seat... iskk... Pathetic Singaporean!!

Anyway I was told by my sis just now when we were on the way to Orchard, a guy was actually alighting at Lavendar Station and the empty seat is just in front of me..and of cos being pregnant I need to have tat seat... I didn't see tis nyonya beside me actually signalling to tis achi standing to take up the seat... My sis saw the whole incident... She was saying tat when the nyonya saw me sitting, she shooked her head and so called take pity to tis achi...Pls ah!! Tis achi is not really old... Of cos I deserved the seat better than her wat!!! So what's the problem???? If only I saw the whole incident, I would have blasted at her... My sis just stared at the nyonya tua kutuk with a pissed off look!! Ugly Singaporean!! iskkk...

Once reached Bedok Home, I was already panting for breath!! My hip really pain!! iskkk... Rested at the living room sofa till hubbie came... Dad came back shortly... We had dinner together.... Oh bought me a maternity pant & 2 sets of baby's clothing when they went Batam last Monday... The baby clothing soo cute!! My dad told me tat he was sooo geram with the baju baby there... hehe... He said once my baby around 4 to 5 mths, we can bring her to Batam and buy her clothings there... Atuk dia yg excited!! hehe

There will be no live telecast of the Nation's Countdown tomoro as a mark of respect to the tsunami victims.. Meaning no Taufik??? ok ok...nvm...still got other chance to see Taufik on TV.. :)

Shall stop here for now..Need a massage for my pain hip... Enjoy yur New Year Eve tomoro!! Byee!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Midweek oredy huh!

Today quite a boring day... Didn't do much things except for surfing the net and lazing around.. Didn't have to cook as MIL gave Ayam Masak Lemak Cili Padi and Sayur Goreng.. Initially I planned to cook Mee Hailam but since MIL gave the dishes, hubbie told me not to cook...

Nowadays, my M mood keep bugging me.. Just to lazy to do anything... What's more my tummy getting heavier each day and my lil' gurl been kicking me vigourously... iskk...betul nya active minah kat dalam ni!! And my tummy so itchy!! My mum told me tat my lil' gurl surely follows me having lotsa hair and tat's why the itchiness explained.. And these few days, I feel pain around my hip area.. It comes and goes... I dunt have any problem with my back nowadays but my hip area is in pain... Kind hubbie will always put some oitment and massage the area for me...

Now gotta iron hubbie's clothes and then I'm gonna get massaged from hubbie... Byeee!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

It's Rainy day!!

It's a wet day today and has been raining non-stop... A cool weather to grab yur pillow & bolster and continue sleeping... ;) I woke up late as I took the advantage of the weather anyway... After washing up and everything, I cooked a small portion of rice and heat up yesterday dishes and I'm ready for my bfast cum lunch!! But before tat I will have my milk as usual...

After lunch, started to check emails and as usual chatted with the rest while watching CNA for the Tsunami updates... So sad seeing those victims being washed away by the huge tidal wave... And even sadder seeing their family members grieving for the lost of their loved ones!! When I read today Newpaper, I was soooo sad whereby a couple lost their 4 yrs old girl in the wave.. Ya Allah..jauhkan lah kami semua dari bencana-bencana ini berlaku di Singapura...

Today I cooked Thai Green Chicken Curry & fried some wantons & ngoh hiang... a simple dinner for both of us... Mum told me tat she will call the tukang urut to urut my peyut (7 mths urut) tis coming Monday.... I told mum tat I wanna urut my whole body as it has been aching for quite awhile... Syok lah kalau dapat urut!!

hmmm...Wat's on TV today?? Nothing interesting lah.. boring!! I shall stop here lah.. Finding something to do... Byee!!

Monday, December 27, 2004

Monday Bulus???

Was awake early tis morning as the baby hyperstore man will be delivering the baby cot and the baby swing bet 10am to 12pm... It finally came at around 11 plus.. Tot of not installing first but it came with free installation then might as well just install it lah... Lil' baby get to sleep on it next coming 2 months.. hehe..

Afternoon was spent lazing around on my bed... I felt so heavy nowadays and lazy to move around much.. Doing the laundry just now made me breathless!! iskkk... Supposed to cook fried mee but SIL had cooked Ikan masak kicap, sambal ayam and taugeh goreng and gonna give some to me...

Hubbie reached home around 6.40pm... Layed out dinner while watching Double Happiness... Right now I'm utterly bored!! Thinking of what to do now...


Sunday, December 26, 2004

Goodbye Honda Civic!

Today as early as 11.50am we went over to Bedok Home oredy!! Hubbie still need to take a look of my bro new PC... Oh ya, he got a new PC from dad for his 22nd Birthday today! Yesterday me, hubbie & dad were at Sim Lim buying him the new pre-assemble PC... So now my sis got her own PC so does my bro...

Around 2 plus, me, hubbie, dad & my sis went out to the airport to fetch my uncle & his family who will be coming back from their holiday at Gold Coast Australia...It's their 4th time there anyway as my aunt's sis is staying there... Before tat we sent uncle's car for Car Wash as yesterday the car was in a major disaster!! Been attacked by birds' shit!!! Bukan nya sket, belambak seh!!! iskk!

The off we went to Airport... As the flight will be touching down at 4.32pm, we went to Popeyes Rest to eat... I'm craving for the delicious mashed potato!! After tat we standby at Belt 34 waiting patiently for them to come out... as usual, lotsa baggages seen!! hehe... Even the car boot cudn't squeeze in all the bags so, the four of us took a cab and carry some of their luggages back to their home..

Stayed for awhile at uncle's hse before we went back home... No more car now!! It has been 2 weeks we've been using my uncle's car and now time to give the car back to the owner!! hehe.. Bila lah nak ada kete sendiri ye!! ;)

Gambar Minah Tunang!

Pada sesiapa yg nak sangat tengok gambar tunang Klopez, here presenting the beautiful lady!! You can view more pics here ...

Puteri Jelita di Hari Pertunangan...

Kaum Hawa bersama Puteri Jelita..

Kaum Adam bersama Puteri Jelita..

Kek Tunang dari Putera utk Puteri Kesayangan nya..

Puteri Jelita berbaju merah hati..

Posing bersama Puteri Jelita..

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Selamat Bertunang!!

Khas buat Suzie (Klopez) & Nahar,

Selamat Bertunang pada kamu berdua!! Semoga ikatan yg dibina ini berkekalan hingga ke jinjang pelamin... Insya Allah... Dan semoga Allah memberkati ikatan pertunangan kalian... Amin!

Friday, December 24, 2004

Holiday Eve...

Hubbie is on half day today as it's is Christmas Eve... Cooked Kari Daging and Roti Naan (instant).. In the afternoon, we just rest at home...

Dad called informing tat bro will be bringing them to Tan Tock Seng to see my moyang... Sadly she had a fall and fractured her leg... I told dad tat I wanted to follow... Hubbie has to stay at home cos there's no space in the car...

I was so sad to see my moyang in a weak state..Tho' she's oredy 100 plus years old, she still can remember each and everyone of us... But yesterday seeing her in tat kind of state really brought me to tears... The sad part was when we wanted to go home and she seek for forgiveness and told us to pray for her so tat she can leave the world peacefully... I was crying when I kissed her... Mum told us tat the doctor is unwilling to let her go back as she is waiting for her time... *sob* I pray tat everything will be well for her...

Went Victory Rest for dinner... Pre-advanced besday dinner for my bro.. Rohani was there to tend the shop.. :) Ordered 2 types of murtabak & Nasi Briyani.. Tapau murtabak for hubbie too... Reached Ubi at 9.15pm... Me & my sis went up while hubbie came down and drive both my parents and bro back to Bedok...

Around 10 plus, hubbie brought me, my sis and his niece & nephew to the Airport... Tot he cud test the WiFi at the McDonald there but to his disappointment, there is no WiFi there.. We just had a light snack and went off... I suggested to go Orchard and see the Christmas Light so hubbie drove off there BUT!!! There was a massive jam along Scotts Rd...So we U-Turned back and drove off... Sent my sis back and den we went back...

By then was oredy 12 plus midnite... I got ready to go to bed but I just cudn't sleep!!! Read Motherhood Magazine and hopefully I can get to sleep but I managed to dozed off only around 2.45am... :(

Neway I backdate tis entry.. :)

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Taufik in Manja!!!!

When hubbie opened our letter box mins ago, I was so happy when I saw .........

Manja January Edition - Taufik as front cover!! Grab now!! ;)

and it comes with tis......

Berbaloi youuuu......

Now I'm happily flipping thru the pages and will be reading it shortly before my bedtime ;)

Was at Bedok just now... My bro and sis came around 3 plus and took the car as my bro gonna use the car tonite.. So I followed them back to Bedok.. Before going back to my parents' house, we went to Bedok Interchange as I need to find a Xmas gift on behalf of hubbie.. Tomoro his department will be having a Xmas gift exchange.. Cracked my brain on wat to get and when I saw BodyShop at Bedok Central, went in and saw nice gift pack of toiletries.. Grab a set of White Musk toiletries ($18.90)... After tat, the three of us went to LJS to have our lunch tho' mum had cooked..hehe.. I ate Chicken Wrap in Pita...

At Bedok home, I lazed around as I was tired and baby is kicking real hard... Waited for hubbie to come... Had dinner with hubbie.... Mum cooked Tandoori Chicken, Beefball masak dunno wat..hehe.. and roti pita... Dad came back shortly... All of us sat in the living room talking and joking away...

Went back home around 9.15pm.... Now gonna take my hot bath and continue reading my Manja.... Have a great Christmas Eve and holiday guys!!! Papai!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Dapur At Last Berasap!

See my title??? Today after so many days my kitchen never do any cooking, I hereby declare tat my kitchen is busy doing work today!! hehe.. Cooked Ayam Masak Merah, Kacang Panjang Goreng, Telor Dadar & goreng some keropok ikan... All tis was done within 1 hr as hubbie wanted to lunch @ home.... Dah cam kartun beta dibuat nya... hehe...

At 2.10pm, hubbie reached home and served lunch...After tat I cleaned the kitchen and rested in front of my PC.... Hubbie went back office around 2.50pm...

In the evening, we fetch dad at werk and go back to Baby Hyperstore as dad gonna get for our Lil' gurl the baby rocker... Actually the staff there called it The Bed Swing.. After dad paid for the swing, we left for Mustafa Centre... Dad shooped for mum while both me & hubbie shopped some frozen food... Then we had our dinner at CMK.. Had Thosai Masala... Hubbie drove to Tekka Mall as dad wanted to go Shing Shiong to get Fresh Chicken... After tat, we sent dad home and we went back...

Now I've taken my coff medicine and will be off to bed soon... Have a great Thursday guys!! Byee!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

99% complete!!

Woke up at 10am today... Was coffing non stop.. But tis time round lotsa phlegm came out... I hope the coff will go away soon! Ate raisin bread for bfast... Mum called telling me tat she's gonna cook lontong kering and botok-botok and will get my sis to send it over to my house.. Selamat lah...tak yah masak hari nie! Dapur tak berasap lagik! yay!!!

Sis came over at 12 plus.... Hubbie told me tat he's gonna come home for lunch... Waited for him to have lunch together... Didn't do much things in the afternoon... Took my medicine and in few mins time, I knocked out... Managed to sleep for 2 hrs... Woke up around 6pm... By the time hubbie gonna be home...

After magrib prayer, we went out to Baby Hyperstore at Kaki Bukit to survey our lil' gurl baby cot... Finally we place an order for the cot tat we wanted... It's 6 in 1 cot... With free 9 pcs of mattress set & a play mat set... Total cost $299... Worth it! :) ... Will be delivered tis Monday.. fast huh!! Then at least by my 8th or 9th mths, I don't have to search for things anymore... ;)

The Oak coloured baby cot

Saw tis Baby Rocker too.. It's not a normal rocker tho'.... I saw it at my cuzzin's hse and I tink it's good to put baby inside and rock it away! (it slides from left to right) It can also be converted to a baby chair/feeding table... It's on sale... $119... Hmmm...was tinking who wants to sponsor for us!! hehe... Nevermind can slow talk my dad one!! *wink* After paying the baby cot and get to bring back the free gifts, we went to Shing Shiong to shop for our groceries... Then of to Bedok Home to send my sis... Went up for awhile.. Showed my dad the baby cot pic tat I've taken using my hp and also the baby rocker... ;) Before i told dad abt my intention, dad had told me tat he will buy tat for my lil gurl....fuh!!!! Tak payah ku cakap!! kekeke... So tomoro we be bringing dad to Baby Hyperstore again to purchase the set!

Baby Rocker

Now the only thing tat we gonna get is the bath basin... Closed to 100% completion for the baby stuff!! Now we can start saving more $$ for year 2005 as we gonna have an extra responsibility by March! Money! Money! Money! :D


Monday, December 20, 2004


Went to see my gynae tis morning for my 7 mths check up... Was first in the Q (were there @ 8.45am) but Dr Aziz came only at around 10.30am... As a routine Dr will do a scanning to see what's my lil' gurl doing inside! As usual he will measure her Head Circumference, Abdomen Circumference & her weight... As of today, he weight is now 1.16kg... Dr told me tat she's big.. hehe... This time round I cudnt get to see much of her features cos I was coffing & coffing non-stop when Dr did the scanning.... Dr prescribed me with 4 types of medicine for my coff.. Hope I will get better soon!!!

Left: LiL' gurl's feet
Right: LiL' gurl's head circumference

Reached home, took my medicine & slept from 2.45pm till 6.30pm... Wow! The medicine really knocked me out for few hrs! Actually me & hubbie wanted to go to Baby Hyperstore at Kaki Bukit here to check out the baby cot & to Shing Shiong but cos I slept like a dead log, we cancelled the idea...

Till now I still feel quite tired due to the coff.... Okay now I shall story a bit on my short vacation frm last Fri till Sun...

Friday (17th Dec)

After subuh prayer, both me & hubbie went out to fetch my parents @ Bedok. Reached Bedok at 6.10am... By 6.20am we had zoomed off to Tuas checkpoint... No massive jam at all... Everything was smooth.... Cleared Malaysia Checkpoint around 7.25am... It was soo nice driving early in the morning... Anyway we reached Ayer Keroh Tol @ 9am... Fast rite?? hehe.. Hubbie was smiling when we kept saying tat the journey was fast...Apa tak nya bawak 120km/h - 130km/h.. Tapi tak rasa seh! eheheh

Waited for my hubbie's bro to fetch us @ Kota Mas as hubbie is unsure on the way to the kampung... We get to rest once we reached MIL's kampung... Around 2pm, we went out for our shopping trip @ Mahkota Parade... There, my eyes went 'kero' seeing all the baby stuffs on sale!! There's also Disney Sale!! So I go and borong the baby stuffs and it was damn cheap!! Hubbie gave me green lite some more!! All the cute2 stuff..Iskkk!! Dah tengok baju tu semua mcm tak ingat dunia!! hehe.. Went Parkson and shopped for baby stuffs again!! Went over to the food court to eat! Cheap2 & nice food.... Went back around 6 plus... We didn't go out anywhere after tat... We really slept soundly tat nite!

Saturday (18th Dec)

Woke up early morning....After subuh prayer, we sat outside the verandah to feel the morning breeze.... It was cold boi!!! Syiokkk!! My dad was soo happy there... hehe.. MIL & SIL helped mum to make "wadeh"..Yes! Mum brought the "wadeh" ingredients all the way from Spore to make breakfast for us... Hubbie went to buy Nasi Lemak & Roti Canai from MIL's sister's shop...
Had our breakfast.... At 10am, with 2 cars, we set off to Pasar Besar Melaka where my mum really borong lotsa stuff!! Dah mcm makcik siput seh!! hehee...Then we went over to the tailor where we frequent tailored out baju kurung & kebaya.. Mum made 2 bajus there... Then we off to my dad's cuzzin's hse at Bukit Katil.. Stayed there for awhile den we went to Tesco for shopping again! As usual, I bought some baby stuffs & my own stuffs... After tat we had our late lunch at the food court there... Dad belanja all of us... Then we went home...

Rested for awhile before we went to Pasar Malam nearby around 5.45pm... As I'm pregnant, PIL was against of me going to the Pasar Malam after magrib so we set off earlier.... Dad bought lotsa food for dinner... Everything there was cheap and dad just cudn't stop buying...hehe .. We had Laksa Penang, Mee Goreng, Kway Teow Goreng, Mee Soup, Satay, Ayam Jerangkung, Murtabak & soya bean drink for dinner... What a spread!! Tat nite, we slept around 12 plus midnite...

Sunday (19th Dec)

Woke up early... I followed hubbie to buy breakfast... SIL cooked Nasi Goreng... All of us had breakfast together... After tat as usual we relax outside the verandah... By 9.45am, all of us had got ready to go back Spore as we were afraid tat if we were to set off later, both checkpoint will be jammed! MIL & FIL and both hubbie's niece & nephew chartered the usual Malacca Car to bring them back to Spore... It was soo sad to say goodbye as all of us just love to stay at kampung as there are no stress at all... Sad faces were everywhere... After bidding goodbye, we set off around 10.45am.... Along the way, my parents & myself really knocked out leaving hubbie alone to drive..hehe.. Sorry hor! hehe.. We go thru 2nd link and lucky the traffic was smooth... Reached Spore at 1.30pm... Before sending my parents back, we went for lunch at Bedok... Then back to Bedok Home... Waited for my sis & bro to come back... Chit chatted for awhile before we went back... Went over to MIL's place for awhile as we need to collect our shopping bags tat we tumpang at the other car... Bonet penuh beb!! hehe..

Finally reached our home sweet home at 6.10pm... After unpackinbg all the things & run the washing machine, took my bath and finally I get to rest! Was coffing badly yesterday nite!! Sleep around 11 plus... But I did not have a good sleep afterall due to the coff and baby's kicking...

Tat's all for my update for the past few days... Overall, I'm really happy altho' it's a short vacation!! I'm so satisfied with my baby stuffs shopping... In all me & hubbie spent RM600 (SGD260) for just the baby stuffs... Cheap!! Where can we get $260 worth of things in Spore!

Anyway, you guys can view all the pics HERE!

Some of the preektures taken @ Malacca

The baby stuffs tat I bought there.. Cute rite???

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Jet lag? No!! It's Car Lag!! ;)

Hi guys! I'm back from my short vacation to Malacca!! But now I'm too tired to update lah!! Still uploading the pictures to my fotopages... Insya Allah will update abt my vacation tomoro!!

Gonna sleep now as I just had my coff mixture and now very2 sleepy! Furthermore need to wake up early tomoro as I'm having my gynae check up tomoro!! So excited cos I will be able to see my lil' gurl inside!! yay!!!


Thursday, December 16, 2004

On Vacation!!

Finally I m anaged to pack my bag!! Ever since tis afternoon, I have set aside the clothes tat I'm gonna bring to Malacca but too lazy to pack inside the bag... So now tat I've done with the packing, I can update tis last entry for the week! :) Will continue blogging after I come back hor! But if I'm not tired, I shall update it on Sunday else Monday lor!!

Was out just now after magrib prayers... Went to Sim Lim to get my optical mouse then off to Swensen Bugis to have our dinner... Post celebration of my besday & anniversary!! hehe.. I ordered Ribeye Steak Set Meal while hubbie ordered Seafood Platters Set meal.. Each set comes with Soup of the day, drink & ice cream... Worth it lah!! As we were soo hungry, we finished up the food very the fast one! hehe.. Lapar beb!! Baby kat dalam pon dah tendang2 mintak makan! hehehe

Here is the sneak preview of our dinner!! ;)

Shall stop here!! Need to have an early nite as we gonna wake up as early as 5am.. After Subuh prayer, we have to pick up my parents den off to Malacca... Too bad sis didn't get to join as her N Level result is out tomoro!

Kay guys!! Have an enjoyable weekend!! Take care & Tata!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Yay! It's midweek!

Went over to Bedok quite early today... Met my fren, Suriani, at Bedok Library Cafe as she was in the library... Had a chat before we walked back home.. Su had to go to the doctor nearby as she is having bad sore throat... I went back to my parents' place... My granny staying over at my parents' till tomoro... Nani Yah (granny's sis) came over to keep my granny company... Dad's cuzzin pop up during lunch time... Granny cooked her all time faveret dalca with my mum's help!! Eventho her memory now is not really good, she can remember her dalca recipe!! hehe.. Then mum fried chicken wings and papedum...

My uncle came in the afternoon... He needs help in Excel as he will be starting his new job tomoro which requires Excel for his everyday task... So I taught him the Basic Excel...

Dad came back at 7.15pm while hubbie reached there at around 8pm as he went for his hair cut... Had our dinner together.... We all chatted together... Granny seems to have great sense of humor nowadays...hehehe... She can be a loyar buruk too u know!! But we pity her lah cos she's suffering from dementia... She can be like a small child sometimes... I tink the fall tat she had during fasting mth really left a great impact on her... But watever it is, we pray for her good health.....

Went back at 9pm...Sent my uncle back to Pasir Ris before we headed home... I'm so looking forward for tis Friday!! yippie!! Malacca here i come!! Anyway tomoro nite we gonna have our dinner outside... A Post Besday & Anniversary Celebration..hehe.. I opted to go Swensen... Dunno suddenly feels like eating there... :D

I shall stop here..Will blog again tomoro before I stop blogging for few days.... :) Have a great Thursday guys!! Papai!!!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

It's only Tuesday???!!

Today had nasi lemak for bfast cum lunch... SIL gave us Nasi Lemak the nite before and we decided to keep it for bfast the next day as we were too full.. She bought for us DURIANS!! Actually both me & hubbie are still having coff but we cudn't resist the temptation after seeing the fleshy, juicy & yellowish durians! Big2 some more!! hehe.. So we ate them!!!! Finished off 5 durians!! :) But before I sleep yesterday, I did took my coff mixture... hehe..

Today we have my uncle car for ourselves... During hubbie's lunch time, me, dad & bro met hubbie at Geylang East Area Office to do a temporary transfer of the season parking till my uncle came back from Australia... Then my bro sent me & the car back to Ubi....

After magrib, me & hubbie went over to SIL's place to sent the new CPU over and setup the new PC for them... Reached home only at 10.50pm...

I'm so sleepy rite now... Shall continue tomoro lah.... Byee all!!

Monday, December 13, 2004

Our Wedding Anniversary!

Dear hubbie...

I dedicate tis special entry to you....

On or about the 13th of December,
Is a day I'll always remember
This the day we agreed on together,
I'll remember this day always and forever

We've had our share of ups' and downs'
And I know there's been times I've made you frown.
The two year we've been through,
The only reason why is because of the Love I have for you

I never thought I could Love someone as much as I Love you
I've proven to myself and hopefully proven it to you too
From the day I met you, you've had a special place in my heart
Not a day I want to go by and us spend it apart

All the years before this all seem wasted
Especially since your Love I've tasted
All the Love I have for you, you'll never know
But for the last 365 days I've tried to show

You mean so much to me you've made me cry
You've made me laugh
And there's times that I Love so much I feel I could die.

This has been the 2nd year, all I can pray for is many more
For the rest of my life I will forever adore
The name of this poem is "A Day to Remember."
The day I refer to is the 13th of December.

Happy 2nd Anniversay to my dear hubbie, Rahmat!!

Sunday, December 12, 2004


Helep!!!! The stretch marks are here!!! *sob* ... As I was lying down just now and both me & hubbie were talking to our lil' gurl inside...suddenly ..

hubbie: "Eh! Ada stretch marks ah"
Me: Mana?? mana??? Arghhhhh! Stretch marks plak!!! (I shouted frantically)
hubbie: "Ada ni...Eh! Sini pon ada lah!"

At tis point of time I was like trying to catch a glimpse of the stretch mark but I just cudn't cos it's hiding underneath my tummy area...

Me: "Yang, amik kan cermin kat drawer tuh! Cepat ah!!"

Hubbie search for the mirror and gave it to me... I began to search for the marks and sadly saw a few of it!! *sob*

Me: "Kan dah tak lawa my peyut!" (part ni suara ku sungguh lah sedih)
hubbie: "Apa jer lah u nie!"

Hubbie went out of the room while I still keep looking at the stretch marks!! Ni lah gara2 kadang2 terlupa pakai stretch marks cream! Tu lah! Padan muka gue!!! *sob* nasib badan lah!!! Hopefully it will go away after I give birth!!

Was out in the afternoon to my cuzzin's place at Eunosville... She gave birth on the 3rd day of raya and only today we managed to go over to her place.. Actually on the 3rd day of raya, we went over to her place to see her SIL who had gave birth too and on tat nite itself, she was on labour... So just now, my family and my dad relatives were there to see her & baby Yasmin.. Baby Yasmin soooo cute lah!! So fair! Sungguh geram saya tgk!! Everybody was like saying.. "Lepas ni awak nya turn lah ye...Kita pulak datang rumah awak nanti" *dag dig dug* .. Counting my fingers!! Oh no!! 3 more mths to go!!! As she & she are counting for their BIG DAY, while I'm counting for my LABOUR DAY! Fast huh!!!!

Okay okay! I wont want to be kancheong spider..Time to relax!! Will begin my kancheong-ness when I'm in my 9th mths!! *grin*

My lil' gurlz nowadays really been very very active!! My tummy seems like punching bag everytime I look down there! She's been kicking & punching me anytime of the day! And it makes me sooo sooo difficult to sleep at nite!

Now I need a cup of milo! Nowadays I keep feeling hungry lah! But I dunt want to put on weight so much! So far so good...Along my coming to 7 mths pregnancy, I put on 4kgs of weight only!! Phew!! Luckily my gynae said it's okay as long as my lil' gurlz grows healthily (indeed she is lah!! last time she puts on extra 200g..isk isk isk..hehe).. Now can't wait for my next check up on 20th..Get to see her progressing and what she's doing in my tummy! *biggrin*

Ok ok!! Shall stop here!! Have a great week ahead of you guys! As for me, I'm counting days to go Malacca! yippie!! Byeee!!!!

Lil Yasmin

Cute ain't she???

Her eyes open big big one!

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Boring Saturday!

Today is super duper boring Saturday!! We dunt have any plan so we decided to just stay at home.. Was thinking on wat can I do!! iskk... Boring nyaaa!! Anyway I cooked early today... Menu: Ayam Masak Lemak, Kobis Goreng & Ikan Kering Goreng..

Watched TV, surfing around, lazing on bed were the itinerary for today! Keep sms-ing kissy as both of us were bored too! Suddenly I feel like baking brownies... Luckily I got all the ingredients in my cabinet!! In 20 mins, I'm ready to bake my brownies!! We had the brownies for tea time...

At 7.30pm, both of us sat in front of the TV to catch the repeat telecast of Spore Idol!! Both of us just cudn't get enuff of Taufik's performance eventho' I had downloaded the videos & mp3 of Taufik!!!! Had our dinner while watching...

Shall stop here and continue watching the program... Byee aLL!!!!!!

Friday, December 10, 2004

Open Haus!

Went over to hubbie's ex-kolig's (Faizah) hse @ Compassvale Lane... Walaupon hari raya sudah nak masuk saat yg terakhir, itu tidak menjadi penghalang buat kaum2 Singtel nak beraya kat rumah Faizah! hehe...Faizah made steamboat, nasi goreng, popiah goreng & ayam panggang power! First time seh makan steamboat kat umah org..selalu kat kedai jer!! hehe.. watever it is, very the nicee lah!!!

Managed to catch Ikhlas there and Taufik sooo cute wearing the maroon suit when he sang Belaian Jiwa.. TOO BAD!! I didn't get to catch him sing I DREAM as we were on our way back home... And I heard tat one makcik get to kiss him on stage!! And few teenagers came up to the stage to give him presents and hug!!! auww!!! Best nya!!! Saya sungguh lah jeles!! hahaha... Bila lah dapat jumpa si Taufik ni!! iskk! :) Hope to catch the repeat telecast of Ikhlas provided Suria will be having one!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO TAUFIK BATISAH!! Hope you will succeed in yur music career and will be recognised in the whole Asia & International!!

Okay gotta now!!! Have a great weekend guys!!!