Thursday, December 30, 2004

Window Shopping!

Made an appointment with her to go Orchard as she is on leave today.. Anyway even if she is not on leave, I will still meet her there... Orchard Rod is her 2nd home wat!! hehe.. Brought my sis along as I really need a bodyguard with me.. Hubbie would not allowed me to go out alone!! hehe..

Headed for lunch at Orchard Emerald.. The 3 of us had Yong Tau Foo.... Then we off to Centrepoint where I had my white gold ring (besday prezzie from her & hir) altered.. A size bigger tis time! :) Then we go jalan2 at Robinsons.. They are having sale!! Saw many2 things there especially baby clothings!! Cute-cute some more!! But I have to resist in buying tat cos we had enuff of shopping at Malacca tat time... hehe

After we had our "tawaf" at Robinsons, I have to find a sit as my hip is aching... So we went to Coffee Bean and rest our bum there... Met Bunnyz for awhile as she is on half day today and will be doing shopping with her mum at Robinsons... Then we walked our way to Paragon to cclooklook at Metro Sale... Nuthing much actually except if we go to the Metro Warehouse Sale @ Expo then we can get a better bargain... By the time we went out from Paragon, it was nearly 5pm... We decided to end our day as I need to go back Bedok Home.. kissy took a bus home while me & my sis took MRT back to Bedok... Quite tiring lah cos in the MRT, not a single soul offered me any seats!! Can't you see my big tummy???? Blind izzit?? I have to wait for ppl to alight then I can grab the seat... iskk... Pathetic Singaporean!!

Anyway I was told by my sis just now when we were on the way to Orchard, a guy was actually alighting at Lavendar Station and the empty seat is just in front of me..and of cos being pregnant I need to have tat seat... I didn't see tis nyonya beside me actually signalling to tis achi standing to take up the seat... My sis saw the whole incident... She was saying tat when the nyonya saw me sitting, she shooked her head and so called take pity to tis achi...Pls ah!! Tis achi is not really old... Of cos I deserved the seat better than her wat!!! So what's the problem???? If only I saw the whole incident, I would have blasted at her... My sis just stared at the nyonya tua kutuk with a pissed off look!! Ugly Singaporean!! iskkk...

Once reached Bedok Home, I was already panting for breath!! My hip really pain!! iskkk... Rested at the living room sofa till hubbie came... Dad came back shortly... We had dinner together.... Oh bought me a maternity pant & 2 sets of baby's clothing when they went Batam last Monday... The baby clothing soo cute!! My dad told me tat he was sooo geram with the baju baby there... hehe... He said once my baby around 4 to 5 mths, we can bring her to Batam and buy her clothings there... Atuk dia yg excited!! hehe

There will be no live telecast of the Nation's Countdown tomoro as a mark of respect to the tsunami victims.. Meaning no Taufik??? ok ok...nvm...still got other chance to see Taufik on TV.. :)

Shall stop here for now..Need a massage for my pain hip... Enjoy yur New Year Eve tomoro!! Byee!!

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