Thursday, December 16, 2004

On Vacation!!

Finally I m anaged to pack my bag!! Ever since tis afternoon, I have set aside the clothes tat I'm gonna bring to Malacca but too lazy to pack inside the bag... So now tat I've done with the packing, I can update tis last entry for the week! :) Will continue blogging after I come back hor! But if I'm not tired, I shall update it on Sunday else Monday lor!!

Was out just now after magrib prayers... Went to Sim Lim to get my optical mouse then off to Swensen Bugis to have our dinner... Post celebration of my besday & anniversary!! hehe.. I ordered Ribeye Steak Set Meal while hubbie ordered Seafood Platters Set meal.. Each set comes with Soup of the day, drink & ice cream... Worth it lah!! As we were soo hungry, we finished up the food very the fast one! hehe.. Lapar beb!! Baby kat dalam pon dah tendang2 mintak makan! hehehe

Here is the sneak preview of our dinner!! ;)

Shall stop here!! Need to have an early nite as we gonna wake up as early as 5am.. After Subuh prayer, we have to pick up my parents den off to Malacca... Too bad sis didn't get to join as her N Level result is out tomoro!

Kay guys!! Have an enjoyable weekend!! Take care & Tata!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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