Friday, December 03, 2004

Yay! It's Friday!

Was feeling so lazy tis morning... Woke up with an aching body... :( Around 12 plus, decided to go over the Mamak Kopishop to buy Briyani Ayam for lunch cum bfast... Dia punya nasi..Mak Datukkk!!! Peh banyak!!! I ate half of it and kept it in the fridge for later comsumption..

Chatted, blog-hopped, surfing Taufik's webby was my agenda in the afternoon... At 5pm, met hubbie at his werk place and we zoomed off to Funan Ctr to pick up someting and off to Mustafa Ctr to buy my things... Coincidently met my uncle & aunty there... They will be going to Gold Coast & Melbourne tis 7th Dec...So syiokkk!!! How I wish I can go there again!! Flashed back during my honeymoon there last Dec 2002... Nvm lah..once my baby big oredy, we can return there as what hubbie said.. Insya Allah... Anyway we get to use my their car when they are away... :) Then met my dad to pass someting as he was around there to meet his friends for dinner...

Before we went home, bought chappati @ Norris Rd for our dinner.. At home I get the things ready for tomoro Jalan Raya with ewah2 gang... (haizz...raya dah 3 minggu baru nak jalan ramai2..hehe..But anyway very excited lah)

Gonna stop here and iron my clothes & hubbie's... Have a great weekend guys! Papai!!

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