Saturday, December 31, 2005

Demise of my maternal grandfather..

This morning I had just entered an entry for year 2005/2006 and now I just received news from my sis that my maternal grandfather has just passed away peacefully at Apex Harmony House at 1.35pm.. Was shocked! But he has been very fragile lately and keeps going into unconscious mode and suffered breathing problem..

Just mentioned that this year I have lost 2 elderly in my mum side and today another lost in our family.. :(

Alfateha buat Sulaiman Bin Yusoff.. .Semoga roh arwahnya ditempatkan dikalangan orang2 yg beriman.. Insya Allah..

Gambar kenangan bersama arwah datuk

Bye Bye 2005!! Hello 2006!

Few hrs we gonna celebrate the coming 2006. 365 days past real fast ya w/o us realising.. Year 2005 is full of sweet, bitter and sad memories.

Sweet Memories:-
- Giving birth to my precious darling, Alisha Ameera on 24th February 2005.
- Officially a mother
- Finally we get a car of our own
- Make more new friends

Bitter Memories:-
- Loses friendship
- FIL undergo a 50-50 operation
- Hubbie's knee operation
- Hubbie's bike accident
- Lost of our Canon Ixus

Sad Memories:
- Demise of my beloved moyang on 16 May 2005
- Demise of my beloved granny on 22 May 2005
- Demise of my beloved grandad on 31 Dec 2005 (updated)

Well, that's all I can think of.. I just hope that 2006 will be a better year for me & for my family.. Insya Allah...

New Year resolution:

- Shred some fats away
- Save up more $$
- Perhaps a bro/sis for Lil Alisha ;)
- Go for holiday

Happy New Year 2006 to all my blogger friends!!! Hopefully 2006 will be a great year for all of us!!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Dunia oh Dunia!

Another day to long weekend! Yippie! I was quite sleepy this morning when I woke up but forced myself to the bathroom for my shower! Eyes half-closed.. iskk.. Yesterday nite went to SGH to visit my paternal granny.. Went off around 9pm and headed to Bedok Hawker Ctr for dinner with dad.. After eating, sent my dad home and we went back.. By the time, I'm feeling so tired..

Yesterday afternoon, got a call from Nokia saying that the engineer detected liquid in my N3230.. Must be Alisha's air liur lah ni! She loves to suck hp and when we gave her fake hp, she will still want the original one! iskk..budak ni! And the staff was saying that they will try to repair but if the damage is severe then it will be beyong repair.. Uwahh!! I just tot that I'm gonna trade in my phone in Jan 06 so that I can get that W800i.. Now I have to pray that N3230 will survive the ordeal else, I need to pay the full price for that W800i.. *tengok poket ku yg lobang* So guys, refrain your babies/children from getting hold your hps..else yur hp might be in the same state as mine! :)

Yesterday too, I got another shocking news from a fren of mine.. While hubbie & I were on the way to SPC carpark, I saw her at LJS. Wished her happy birthday as I was a day late in wishing her. She started to cry when she wanted to tell me something.. I was shocked to hear when she told her story.. Her husband divorced her on her birthday itself! Cruel man! It all bcos he has another woman in his life! $^!%#^%$(!$^) him!! He didn't tink of his daughter who is just a year old who needs attention from both parents.. How can he did that to my fren & her daughter!! On the surface he looks so nice and come to tink he got the cheek to divorce his wife just bcos he finds someone better??? Come to tink, some men are not contented with what they have! I just hope that my fren will stay strong for the sake of her daughter!

Ya Allah! Jauhkan lah perkara-perkara sebegini berlaku pada kita semua.. Amin!

Monday, December 26, 2005


Sungguh the long holiday gonna over... Tomoro is a werking day.. Luckily this week only 4 days of working... I'm feeling so tired rite now..Perhaps due to the outing since Saturday till today..

Yesterday, we went 2 jemputans.. One of it is my primary/secondary school classmate, Rozi at Fernvale.. She got married with our classmate too... Dah jodoh tak ke mana lah katakan.. hehe.. Congrats Rozi & Herman!! Food was superb, and the overall event was a grand one! Another one was at Yishun... After tat, we met Megat & hir. Luckily I brought along extra clothes to change.. Takkan gue nak pakai pant suit utk pi merayap beb! hehe.. I got changed at petrol station's toilet.. hehe.. We headed to Suntec... It was pack with people... We go jalan2 before we had our dinner.. First we tot of going to Rice Table but it was fully reserved so we ended up eating at Siam Kitchen for dinner.. Had the buffet set.. Thanks to Megat for the treat! :) Before we went them home, we went for drink at one of the coffeeshop at Yishun.. Came home around 10 plus..

The newly wed couple.. ala-ala Cleopatra!! :)

Today noon, went over to my parents place for awhile before we headed to lunch out. We tot of having lunch at Hajah Maimunah Rest at Geylang but it was closed so we went over at Best Hawa Rest. Ordered quite a lot of food as today it is my bro's 23rd besday.. All of us including my bro's gf, Linda, were having a big feast.. After that we went over to SGH to visit my granny.. She was warded to hospital yesterday.. Her jerking started again and she had numerous of falling too.. Doc gonna observe her for few days..

Stayed there for awhile before the 3 of us went to meet Nollie, hir & Megat at Paragon Orchard.. Today is hir's besday too.. Orchard was packed with people!! iskk... Bleh mabuk tgk orang ramai cam tuh!! We headed to Centrepoint to window shopping and at 6pm, we headed to Rice Table for our dinner... At last we get to go Rice Table for dinner.. It was a good deal for us as we dine for 5 person but only pay for 3 person's meal.. Tat's bcos they have the promotion of dine 1 and free 1. And today's dinner is on BIRTHDAY boy.. hehe..

And of all days, today my phone choose to be not working!! I cudn't hear the caller's voice when ppl called in nor I cudn't heard voice when I make an outgoing call! Shit!! I was just tinking of changing my phoen to W800i but have to hold on as my contract with M1 ending next mth.. But now I need to service my 3230 at one of the Nokia service centre before I can change to W800i next mth.. So for the time being, I have to borrow Nollie's Sony Ericsson T610.. Luckily she got a spare hp else I cud not survice w/o any phone!!! Anyway when we went Nollie's back, I have to follow her to her home to collect the phone.. Now I can fiddle around with Sony Ericsson phone first before I buy my own Sony Ericsson.. :)

Today we reached home early as tomoro is a werking day.. Once reached home, I did with the ironing of both hubbie's and my werking clothes.. Tomoro gonna be hubbie's first day of werk ever since 3 months of hospitalization leave... No more holiday for you huh!!! hehe.. Tomoro I'm in 8.30am shift so will be back at 5.30pm!! I got 11.5 days to werk before my last day!! :)

Kay lah..Gotta stop here for today! Mata dah kuyu!! Have a brand new week guys! Look forward for this coming weekend again cos it's a long holiday!! yeahooo!! :)

My Lil darling at 10 months old...

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Alisha turns 10 months!

My darling turns 10 months on 24th Dec.. 2 months away to a year old... phew! Isn't tat fast? I feel that I had just given birth to her...

At 10 mths old, she:

- can call Baba & Mama occasionally
- standing up
- baby talk non stop
- very the manja
- know how to tepok amai2
- will do action with her hand when singing twinkle2
- has 2 teeth below
- can't sit still
- hyperactive

See her development... I'm soo sooo sooo tired! She is soo active till I myself cannot handle her alone.. phew! kenit! kenit! *shake head*

Anyway Sat morning I went for my medical check up for my new job at Republic Plaza.. Den off to Hajah Maimunah at Jalan Pisang to buy some dishes for lunch. Then went to MIL's place to fetch Alisha. At 4pm, we went out. Megat came over at our carpark and we headed to Bedok to buy a new digicam.. We chose Panasonic Lumix FX9.. A cool camera.. The one that my dad is using now too! But his is FX7.. We got ours cheap too.. A 6.1 megapixel & wide screen. Free casing and 512MB SD card.. Worth it! Got it at $615 only...

After tat we headed to Marina Square's Swensen to meet Nollie & her nieces, Pan & Ira... I had Black Pepper Seafood Pasta...yum yum!! After tat we jalan2 for awhile before deciding to lepak at Starbucks. Met Daya & Naj over at Starbucks.. hir & his date came later.. Nollie & nieces made a move earlier as they gonna go over to Orchard to see the lites. Daya & Naj went back too. At 10pm then we went off from Marina.. hir did not follow us as he has to sent his date back home. So we left Marina for Sembawang Road to have our supper...

Anyway we reached home at 1am.. Now time to get some sleep!! Tomoro got 2 jemputans... Will update more! Bye all!

Friday, December 23, 2005

Festive Mood!

aloo...Here I am blogging in the opis at this time... Some companies may even let their staff went off early... But here I am in the ofis slogging till 7pm.. But hey! I'm not alone okay..I still got 3 more companions(all melayus) here plus my TL and supervisor.. So total makes 6 of us... Anyway all of us are in holiday mood...

Just now we had a mini celebration for Dec besday bash and also gift exchange event over at Ease. And I'm th eonly December baby alone.. Was so paisey that they have to sing a besday song for me alone.. hehe.. Then we have some food and gift exchange after that.. My lucky number was 40 and I got a box of Cadbury chocolate... At our desk, most of us get chocolate and some of them got teddy bears or frame.

Now all of us counting down till 7pm before we can enjoy our weekend and holiday! Next Fri den our group turn to work 7.30am. Yay!

To all fellow bloggers, Have a Happy Holiday!

Taken in the ofis..
From left: Masita, me, Rohani

Wednesday, December 21, 2005's a X'mas feast?

Just reached home.. Am feeling very tired.. This week was a tired and sleep week for me.. The tot of sleeping early comes to my mind every morning when I woke up but when nite came, I will tend to sleep late! iskk...

Anyway after work (OT an hr), I have to go over Apollo Centre for a X'mas feast organised by HP-MOM Team. Went over with Eline, Nelita & Masita. The first batch of my koligs went at 3.45pm and they were back only at 5.30pm. That explained why I need to do the extra hr... Took a cab down to Havelock Road. Was half hearted actually wanting to go or not.. Both me & Masita wanted to escapte but a NO by our TL.. Kes terpaksa lah ni...

We were greeted by some of the HP-MOM staff. Did the gift exchange den we get to eat the food.. Gosh! The food there sucks actually (for Muslim Halal food)... Fried Bee Hoon was like *bleargh*... But luckily the so called Tandoori Chicken was nice.. I ate that only and the log cake didn't look like one! The sight of it really make us no appetite to eat. We kept laffing & laffing.. But in the end we ate a bit. The taste not that bad apart seeing the state of the cake... hehe.. Worst still, there is no more paper plate and me & Masita have to share the cover of the tray to eat our food and both Nelita & Eline have to use papercups to eat.. haha.. Wat a pathetic way of eating.. And we only have skyjuice for drinks...ekekekeke

Anyway I got my gift among the wishlist that I wanted. A purse.. A nice one actually.. The person who bought my gift was a guy.. He said that he gave me 4 things instead. A purse, tiny weeny mix chocolate & sweets, a band for tying hair & a nice paper bag to fit all the items in.. hehe.. So sweet of him... And wat I have to buy for someone's wishlist?? A CD which cost me $19.90... Supposedly the X'mas gift has a max of $10 budget but I left with no choice as I had to pick a list of wishlist which consists only Audio CD (Orchestra CD mind you) Have hard time finding one but got the last choice at Sembawang Music Store.. But lucky the guy who received my gift is a nice bugger... An Indon guy.. The funny part is that, he wants my autograph for memory sake.. muakakakaka... Do I look like a celebrity?? muakakakakkaka... I like one artist whi just cut an album signing on the cover of the album.. My 3 koligs were laffing their hearts out.. I myself cudn't control laffing!! Anyway it was nice of him lah actually. Cos he said that he have a hard time finding the CD..

Anyway after we had our food, we went off. Time was already 6.30pm.. And I have to take bus service 2 to Eunos where hubbie gonna pick me up there. Back to MIL's place to pick Alisha up.

And now my lil darling is sleeping.... I gotta settle my things before she wakes up for her milk.. Till I blog again! Adious!!!!

A not nice bee hoon with a tasty tandoori chicken on a pathetic tray cover

Food in a pathetic paper cups.

Skyjuice only..

Chicken in a paper cup

Log cake? urrghhh...

My X'mas gift.. :)

Our Lil' Cerato co-driver.. ;)

Monday, December 19, 2005

The demised of our beloved Canon Ixus 400!

We lost our Canon Ixus 400!! *wail* Of all places, we lost it over at Giant Plentong yesterday.. It was a case of "pickpocket".. I brought haversack bag with me and when we were shopping in the Giant, I saw my haversack front pocket zip opened. Didn't think of anything, I just zipped back. I did ask hubbie "eh sapa bukak zip ni eh?" but after that both of us didn't tink of anything and continued with our shopping.. It never crossed my mind that I put the digicam in the front pocket. I only realised when we reached at Perlabuhan Tanjung Pelepas (PTP) for our dinner.. Hubbie searched the car but cudn't find the digicam. And finally I came to realised that the "open zip" that I noticed earlier was when I lost the digicam.. *sob*sob* Bukan rezeki kita lah nampaknya.. 2 years having the Ixus 400 and now we have to depart with it.. I'm digicam-less now!!!

Apart from the loss, we had a great time going "excursion" with Nollie, Cen, Rosie & Adam, Kak Sun & Abg Mie, Yaya & family. Eventho, the 3 of us arrived a bit later due to our car's brake problem but we managed to get it service with the help of a kind soul at Cycle & Carriage. We made our way to JB at 11am.. Alhamdulillah no massive jam.. Headed to Jusco at Permas Jaya to meet them.. They had their ice cream session at Baskin Robbin when we arrived. Joined them before we all headed to Giant Plentong (place we lost out Canon hoo hoo) We walked around first before went in Giant. Bought some groceries and quickly went out from Giant as the place was packed with shoppers... And the aircon seemed not working.. panas!! Went to the foodcourt to feed Alisha with Marybrown Chicken Porridge. Kesian anak ku lapar.. After that we waited for the rest to finish shopping before heading to PTP.. By the time we reached PTP was nearly 5pm..

Ordered our food as all of us were very hungry...Dah cam "monster" plak kita!! hehe.. Once the food was served, "takde toleh kiri kanan, trus ngap" hehe.. Alisha oso ate 4 pieces of beancurd.. Kak Sun was the "joker" of the moment.. As we eat, we would laff at Kak Sun's reaction and jokes.. hehe.. Anyway we had Ikan Siakap Masak Siam, Baby Kailan, Kangkong Belacan, Lemon Chicken, Udang Goreng Tepong, Black Pepper & Chilli Crab, Sotong Goreng Tepong, Hotplate Beancurd plus 2 jugs of Orange Juice. So bloated our stomach after that... ekekeke..

They celebrated my belated besday there too.. With a Chocolate Christmas cake, they sang me a besday song... hehe.. So paiseh..dah tuek2 pon org nyanyikan.. hehe.. Had 2 pressies... Once from Nollie and another one from all of them.. Nollie gave me a Swatch watch which I lurve so much!! Thank you dear Nollie!! And the other present was a pinky lingerie.. isk isk isk *korang nak ada jadi godmothers to another child lagik eh?* ekekekekke... Too bad no pictures from me.. But can wait for Nollie & Rosie to upload their pictures... hehe..

By 7pm, we made our way back. Stopped by at Esso to top up petrol. Once we were out of Esso, we can see a massive jam.. Gosh! The jam was sooo "rabak" .. We were stucked for 2 hrs there.. Rosie's car managed to clear first followed by Yayak den us.. Sent Nollie home den we made our way back.. Reached home nearly 10.30pm... So tiring but fun!! Now shall wait for the next outing on 14th Jan.. :)

I tink enuff of my story...need to get back to werk.. Have a great week ahead guys! :)

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Saturday Blues!

ohhhhh weLL... I'm so bored rite now!! Currently in the ofis..yeah have to werk today! And it's from 10am to 2pm.. The boring shift... And looking at the time now is only 10:41 am.. Still a long way to go... shucks!!

Well, later in the afternoon, there will be BBQ organised by the EASE.. Might be reaching there around 5pm.. Then have to get Xmas present for this coming Wednesday Xmas party at MOM Apollo Centre.. All of us are so lazy to go but we have been arranged by out TL to go on selected timing... Guess, we have to drag ourselves to go there....

HmmMMm....I keep getting msns asking me on what is the news that I'm breaking to you guys... hehehe... Shud I or shud I not???? hehehe...

Kay lah not going to keep it any longer... I'm OBVIOUSLY not pregnant again!! That's for sure.. not now..perhaps next year mebbe??!! hehe... But I got a NEW job which I've been wanting to do so far!!! :) It's time to move on to a diff enviroment..yay!! I will leave Call Centre environment as for now! No more handling end users! Am too tired with that task oredy! I shall not reveal the company which I will be working for... But for those who are closed to me, they hv already knew which company that I'm in.. ;) But for sure I am happy to join the company (my fren is working there too *wink) and what's more the task that I'm going to do... So Hari Raya Haji week will be my last week with my current job... Sad to leave behind the fun colleagues but dream must be pursued...

That's all for now!

Have a great weekend guys!! Can't wait for tomoro's "excursion"!!!! *wink Nollie & Rosie*

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Alisha's sleeping pattern

Presenting my lil cutie pie sleeping pattern.. Sungguh anak dara ku ini!! :p

Our 3 years Wedding Anniversary!

Today mark our 3rd year wedding anniversary..... How fast time really flies.. This year is special cos we have our Lil Darling with us celebrating together...

Hope our marriage will be blessed and Insya Allah we will be together till death do us part...

To my dearest hubbie, Rahmat, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY DEAR!!!!!!

Monday, December 12, 2005

Too Good To Be True!

Yeayness!! I'm in a happy mood now!! Will share with you guys when the time comes! Shall not reveal it for now ;)

But satu balak belom lepas dahh! iskk.. Hopefully the last hurdle will accomplish by tomoro!! Insya Allah..

Till then will be back soon! :)

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Birthday blues!

You guys tot that I had a great besday celebration yetserday aite? But too bad that it ended up in a "tragedy".. Yesterday morning around 10.15am, hubbie went to Katong Sing Post to get our car weekend coupon. While both me and Alisha had gotten ready. We had already plan to go Bugis and wanted to go Seoul Garden for lunch. But around 10.40am, I received a call from hubbie saying that he was involved in road accident. My heart was thumping real fast. I was so worried and asked abt his condition. Hubbie told me tat he suffered minor scratches and not too worry. He's waiting for Traffic Police to come. Wanted to probe further but I tink he's busy settling things. I prayed to Allah to protect him.. I hold Alisha so tightly and keep talking to her that her Abah will be ok altho she knew nuthing..

At around 11.30am, hubbie called asking me to come down as he's taking cab and need me to bring cash down. Saw his arm area and right knee covered with bandage. I kept asking whether he is alright. I'm worried about his knee. He injured his right knee which was being operated during Oct. He said that it's nothing and he didn't feel any pain at the operation area but instead the pain came from the wound. At home he began contacting the insurance company and IDAC. He told me that there is a mercedes who stop at the right lane just near Paya Lebar MRT to drop someone. And it's double yellow line and behind the mercedes, there a Van which stop abruptly. Hubbie was behind the van and tried to swerve to the left but hit the van brake light before falling and was thrown off at the centre lane. Lucky for him that a van approaching jammed break, else the van gonna knock him down and god knows what will happen with him. I was so petrified when heard his story. But Syukur Alhamdulillah nothing bad happen to him. Allah really protect him from the mishap apart from her minor scratches. His bike really broke down and the radiator broke.

At around 12 plus, both me & Alisha followed hubbie for ahwile to IDAC Paya Ubi to make report. There's no chance of claiming any insurance so hubbie has to fork out his own money for the bike repair. I told him that we can earn back the money but what's important is his life. Then hubbie sent both of us to MIL's place while he went back IDAC to bring her bike to the nearest workshop. After quoting, it cost $675 to repair the bike. Wow! That much! What to do, the bike is the one bringing him to and fro to work and bringing me to mu werkplace too.. By the time it settle was already 4pm.. Hubbie wanted to bring me out but I just told him that we just go back and rest instead. Anyway after magrib, my dad wanted to havemy besday dinner at Arnold. I was not in the mood to go out anyway. Before going back, hubbie drove to Ah Boy to buy something for his bike. Alisha and me slept in the car. After that we went back home.

After magrib, went Bedok to pick my parents and sis and headed to City Plaza where dad treated all of us at Arnold. I was so hungry but just managed to eat only 2 chicken. Alisha ate the mashed potato. After that we headed to First Lady where mum wanted to buy the pant suit. Dad asked me and sis to choose which baju we want. In the end both me and sis chose the same design of baju kebaya ala punjabi but in different color. The color that I wanted didn't have my size. Same goes to the color that sis wanted didn't have her size so in the end we swap the colors. I took the color she wanted and she took the color I wanted. Alisha got her fair share too. Dad bought for her baju kurung too and it's for Hari Raya Haji.. Pity dad that he has to spent hundreds of dollars on us.. He insisted us to get something eventho I said i dunt want any. He is just the best dad we have in this world!

After sending them home, we proceed to go back. After I had my shower, put Alisha to sleep and I went to sleep too..

Before I forget, I woild like to thank my bestest partner in crime, Miss Norawati, for the lovely white roses that you've sent me yesterday. Thanks a million my dear fren!! I lurve them very much!! :)

Anyway here are some pictures of my Lil Alisha Ameera. For more pics, pls click here!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Happy Birthday to ME!

A year older!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! Time really flies!!!! Not getting any younger liao!

Hopefully this coming year will be a better year for me and Insya Allah whatever I wished for will be fulfil...

Meantime, will enjoy myself the today! Till then adious!!!

Monday, December 05, 2005

Baby Boom!

Wow! It has been a week since I last update my blog! Call me lazy bum but true I really got no time to update it diligently like I used to do! haha.. Now with me working and handling my lil kenit have already make me a busy woman!

Anyway as of lately I keep hearing frens get pregnant, 2nd cuzzins being pregnant for the 2nd one and one qns that I get on top of these pregnant news, whan will be my 2nd one? *gulp* My answer: Not the right time yet! Alisha is merely 9 mths and she still needs attention from both me & hubbie. But anytime when our rezeki comes by then we can't say No! But meanwhile we plan to wait for Alisha to turn 1.5 year before we are ready to give her a lil bro/sis.. But am happy to hear the news of baby booming nowadays.. Which brings back memories when I was pregnant with Alisha.. hehe..

Here is the updates from Fri till yesterday..


Came back home with a big plastic bag.. Shopping sakan at New Balance sale just opposite my werkplace and was so surprised to bum into my fren, Siti Hawa with her belly sticking out! 2nd one on the way liao! And another Prince for her too.. Anyway Daniel is already 4 years old so it's time for her to have another one! Happy for her!

At nite, we brought Alisha to Changi Airport. Went to Swensen for dinner.. This time we bummed into my 2nd cuzzin who is 8 months pregnant with her 2nd child.. At that time I was pregnant along with 3 of my 2nd cuzzins including her.. but the 3 of them gave birth earlier than me and Alisha being the youngest among their babies...


Was working in the morning. In the afternoon we tot of bringing Alisha to the pool but apparently we have yet to buy her her lil swimming costume so we dropped the idea and instead went to Parkway bringing hubbie's nephew and 2 nieces.. Went Swensen again but this time we had only ice cream... After that we went jalan2 and finally went to Bedok Corner to have our dinner.. Bedok Corner now looks better than before and the interior is just the same as Adam Road Food Centre...


Went to my aunty's place at Yishun where there is kenduri for my aunty who will be going HAJ this coming January... Alisha is busy playing with my cuzzin's camera cover while my cuzzin is busy taking her pictures and video.. Shortly after that the 3 of them , dad and sis went back. Instead of going Sim Lim, we went to S'pore Expo for the JL Sale.. Lotsa people! Bought 1 lingerie, swiming suit and a bedsheet which all under dad's account.. hehe .. Then sent both dad and sis back home and we went back straight.. At home after Alisha is sound asleep, I joined her too as I was sooo sleepy. Wake up to realise that it's magrib. At 8pm, went over to MIL's place to pass the "tapau" from my aunt's place. Stayed there for awhile den off back home as the next day I've to work.

Tonite we will be going in JB to top up petrol and have supper there... And tomoro will be on leave!! Yeahooo!! Will be celebrating my HARI TUEK with both hubbie and Alisha!! :D