Thursday, December 29, 2005

Dunia oh Dunia!

Another day to long weekend! Yippie! I was quite sleepy this morning when I woke up but forced myself to the bathroom for my shower! Eyes half-closed.. iskk.. Yesterday nite went to SGH to visit my paternal granny.. Went off around 9pm and headed to Bedok Hawker Ctr for dinner with dad.. After eating, sent my dad home and we went back.. By the time, I'm feeling so tired..

Yesterday afternoon, got a call from Nokia saying that the engineer detected liquid in my N3230.. Must be Alisha's air liur lah ni! She loves to suck hp and when we gave her fake hp, she will still want the original one! iskk..budak ni! And the staff was saying that they will try to repair but if the damage is severe then it will be beyong repair.. Uwahh!! I just tot that I'm gonna trade in my phone in Jan 06 so that I can get that W800i.. Now I have to pray that N3230 will survive the ordeal else, I need to pay the full price for that W800i.. *tengok poket ku yg lobang* So guys, refrain your babies/children from getting hold your hps..else yur hp might be in the same state as mine! :)

Yesterday too, I got another shocking news from a fren of mine.. While hubbie & I were on the way to SPC carpark, I saw her at LJS. Wished her happy birthday as I was a day late in wishing her. She started to cry when she wanted to tell me something.. I was shocked to hear when she told her story.. Her husband divorced her on her birthday itself! Cruel man! It all bcos he has another woman in his life! $^!%#^%$(!$^) him!! He didn't tink of his daughter who is just a year old who needs attention from both parents.. How can he did that to my fren & her daughter!! On the surface he looks so nice and come to tink he got the cheek to divorce his wife just bcos he finds someone better??? Come to tink, some men are not contented with what they have! I just hope that my fren will stay strong for the sake of her daughter!

Ya Allah! Jauhkan lah perkara-perkara sebegini berlaku pada kita semua.. Amin!

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