Wednesday, December 31, 2008


In few hours time we have to bid goodbye to 2008 and welcome 2009.. Sad as we are leaving 2008 but hope 2009 will be a fresh new year for all of us to look ahead upon..
Many things happened for the past months.. sad and happy moments...The most challenging that I can't ever forget was the 22km walk from office to terminal 2, Changi Airport.. It was the "craziest" challenge I ever took.. Alhamdulillah with the participation I learned lotsa things and the bonding that we had was priceless...
Another significant thing that I took upon was the Diploma in Business & HR sponsored by the company.. With this course, I've to juggle between work, school & family but alhamdulillah so far I can managed it quite well.. With the exams just over, I hope that I can pass and go to the next semester...
For a start of this year 2009, my first ever significant moment will be my precious daughter, Alisha, going to school.. She will be in Nursery this 2nd January 09. I'm a proud mother who wants to see through her daughter entering the education world..

Friday, December 19, 2008

Bye Exam..Hello Holiday!

Finally I sat for my last paper this afternoon... I was so relief after I've handed over my answer script to the invigilator and smiled widely to her.. a call for celebration after weeks of brain-cracking process.. Yeah I know results are not out yet but who cares!! I need a break! Results come later.. heh!

We will be driving up to KL in the wee Saturday morning.. 4D3N over in KL and a nite in Malacca at my BIL's house.. 5 days of getaway is enuff for me for the time being.. My leave started last Thursday up to next Thursday and will only be back on the D&D day (Friday)! weee..

Okay..I can't wait to reach KL... to eat all the good food there.. put aside how many kilos I will gained heh! Now I wanna enjoy myself!! yeah!!!

Wait for my next KL update here!! Till then..have a great weekend peeps...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

They're back!

My parents & siblings are back from their Gold Coast trip.. They reached Singapore yesterday afternoon...Too bad we coudn't fetch them due to work commitment..

Nevertheless, we popped up at Bedok home yesterday nite.. The house was in a mess with Aussie's stuff! Chocolates, bags, teeshirt & many more stuff lying around...

We received our shares too! :) Alisha got the most as usual! Mum and sis kept telling me that everytime dad saw something cute, he will buy for Alisha.. and he himself just got 2 teeshirts for himself after being forced to buy something for himself.. He only thinks for his children & the only grand-doter...that's my dad! The World Bestest Dad we have!

Here presenting our shares from Aussie...

4 bags of goodies for us..
Alisha's tops, bottoms & dresses
Alisha's accessories
Mummy's stuff
Daddy's stuff
For the tummies
Yay! we got new tops to wear for our KL Trip this Saturday! :p

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ku Dibius lagu ini...

Getting hooked of this song...all thanks to Suria for the frequent showing of this video clip.. :)

Di Bius Cinta - Yusry & Melly Goeslaw (OST Cicakman 2)

6th Wedding Anniversary

Today marks our 6th years legally together.. Alhamdulillah we've reached this far and we hope to stay together till death do us part.. Insya Allah...

Shout out to hubby:

Happy Anniversary Dear!! Love you loads!! Thank you for loving me and tolerating my nonsense (shud be our nonsenses plus Alisha).. hehe.. Insya Allah we will be celebrating more anniversaries together in years to come..

Semoga mahligai yg kami bina berkekalan hingga ke syurga dan diberkati Allah.. Amin...

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Little Miss...

On the way to my parent's place this morning, I stepped inside Bosini at Bedok Central where something caught my eyes... I was a fan of Little Miss characters back then.... I lurve to read their books when I was small.. So now the characters are back hence I took no chance but bought Alisha 2 pieces of tee shirts of the Little Miss character.. One of them is Little Miss Chatterbox! Indeed it speaks of her character! She has becoming more & more chatty than before.. She can yak & yak non-stop!! Penat ku dengar sey!!

Unfortunately the tee shirt left only 2 characters, Little Miss Chatterbox & Little Miss Twin.. so I bought for her the general tee shirt which has few characters on it.. Since they are having 30% discount with min 2 pieces, so I grabbed 2 of those.. I guess Alisha sure loves the tee shirt!!

Can't wait for her to wear & snap the Lil Miss Chatterbox in action! :p

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Finally the day is here.. In few hrs time I'm sitting for my first HR Dip paper.. It's has been such a long time since I sat for one... I'm feeling relax rite now but at the same time dunno what to expect when eventually I get to see the paper.. errr...hopefully my mind doesn't goes blank...

There's 3 more papers to come... I really hope to pass this exam and go to the next semester.. Insya Allah...

Till then...

Monday, December 01, 2008


Presenting my new iPhone...

Hub bought for me as my bday gift.. Altho' it a tad too early (5 more days) to give it to me but since the delivery guy had came and sent the phone today, of course I cudn't resist but to open it and utilized it.. :)

Thank you dear hubby for the new phone.. Love you many2.. xoxo

Hub too got 1 for himself.. It's all the influenced by my 2 siblings as they owned an iPhone each! :p (we are too fascinated by the applications & functions)

It's fiddling time... :)