Monday, November 28, 2005

Weekend update..

Sian...It's Monday again! How fast the time flies and back to werk again!! iskkk... The weekend just past like a flash! Here is the recap what happened for the past 3 days..


Was on half day. Hubbie fetched me den we off to JB. Bringing hubbie's 2 nieces and 1 nephew & not forgetting out Lil kenit, we went shopping spree over there.. First we had our lunch at Secret Recipe at City Square.. Then went window shopping but Aqilah managed to get her skool bag at one of the shop.. After "tawaf" the City Square, we finally went over to Giant at Xtra.. Shopping spree for "barang rumah", Alisha's pyjamas and miscellaneous thingy.. After that hubbie went for a car wash while we sat at Marrybrown to grab lite bites.. Off we top up petrol and went in back Spore.. Quite a jammed over the caueway and finally reached home at 8pm.. What's more has promised her to go over her open house.. So after refreshing ourselves, we went out again at 8.45pm and headed to her blk at Edgefield Plain and waited for mayang and hubbie... Too bad Rian was not well, else Alisha wud love to see her "twin"... We proceed to Diana's place and saw quite a number of blogger.. As we were shy-shy cat, we just smiled.. But saw familiar faces tho...

We sat down at one korner and enjoy the nice view from the open concept window... Nice house you have there Di! We have to do the cooking ourselves to the ala2 Seoul Garden.. Not forgetting the yummy and spicy Tom Yam.. Power!! I get to eat at little as Alisha was cranky at that point of time.. Cranky pon cranky jugak tapi bila dapat duit raya dari aunties2, apa lagik, dia sapu youuu! hehe.. That's how my lil doter is! hehe.. Neway we made a move at around 10 plus. Send mayang & hubby home and we zoomed back home... I was so tired and straight went to dreamland after putting Alisha to sleep.


Finally get to jalan raya with Nollie today.. DB came over our house den we went to Nollie's house.. Nollie's mum cooked Nasi Lemak.. It's been such a long time since I ate Nollie's mum cooking..Few years back, at least thrice a month we came over to Nollie's hse and her mum will cooked for us.. Missed those times and of cos miss Nollie's mum cooking..hehe.. After Nollie's hse, we went to yaya aka lervme's hse.. She cooked Macaroni Soup for us.. Nice lah sista!! hehe.. Met Cen over there... After that we went over to Kak Mah aka Yahfiq's hse. She cooked Asam Pedas, Sambal Petai, Kacang Panjang Goreng and Telor Dadar eaten with white lah! Only that Alisha is cranky and I get to eat a little.. Again, lil kenit only want me to carry her! iskk..stress gue dibuatnya.. Dah lah lengan semua sakit.. isk isk isk...

After Kak Mah's hse, we went over to Sibak's place.. There we ate Mee Bandong..asyik badok jer.. Peyut pon kembung dgn makanan seh! hehe.. Shortly after tat we made our move to DB's hse.. DB's mum cooked Sup Tulang, Bee Hoon goreng and ayam goreng.. Power!! Lil Alisha having frens to play with.. DB's twin nieces.. But the kakak was quite cranky so Alisha played with the adik.. And tis kenit of mine, she bullied the adik twin.. Her hand is sooo very the "ringan" to just "ketuk" the adik at her head and also she wants to squeeze the fellow face.. isk isk isk.. I never taught her tat u know! But it's fun seeing them play.. At one time, the 2 of them took turns to "pok" one another.. haha..

We finally made a move from DB's place at 9 plus where we sent Nollie home and went straight back.. Wow, my legs are aching even till now.. I tink too much jalan lah...

Peektures of the day:


Attended Wati aka blitze's wedding at Simei.. Unfortunately my ex-kolig, Nazreen, cudn't make it last min.. Mayang came late so never get to see her.. While I looked around for other ex-kolig but managed to see only 2 of them.. So after eating, we greeted the bride and the groom and made our way to Compass Point. Hubbie wanted to buy jeans so we headed to Giordano.. Bought the jeans and have to wait for alteration. At the same time, waiting for Nollie, Cen, Kak Sun & Yaya to reach Compass Pt.. Get to buy Alisha's stroller fan and hubbie grab some tee shirts.. Sat down at Burger King and waited for them.. Once Nollie, Cen & Yaya plus Sarah & her maid came, we made our way to Metro to find kokodot's besday present..Then off to Polar Cake shop to buy the besday cake.. Yaya not knowing we gonna celebrate her besday too, was taken in tat we gonna celebrate kokodot's besday alone.. hehe.. Once Kak Sun reached Compass Point, we made our way to Rosie's abode...

The Bride and the Groom...

We were warmly welcomed by Rosie & Adam.. Sat down and chit chatting together... Sham was there too.. Rosie prepared for us white bee hoon goreng, chickie wings and pishballs.. Nice lah Rosie... *wink* ... We had a great fun and laughter with Kak Sun's being our Joker of the Day! :p
Gonna plan for our upcoming "project" soon! hehe.. Anyway kokodot came late as we force her to come eventho Izzat has to work.. jahat kan kita!! hehe.. Just bcos we wanted to celebrate her belated besday! We surprised kokodot with the besday surprise and also yaya is surprised too when we said that we gonna celebrate her besday also.. hehe.. Kak Sun has already brought yaya's present earlier. Had blowing candles andcake cutting ceremony.. And while we had this small party, my lil kenit was sound asleep at Rosie's comfy bed.. Lawa lah itu bedsheet! hehe.. But Lil kenit soon getting cranky as she has not enuff of sleeping and seems so tired...

Finally at 8.40pm, all of us made a move...Nollie and Cen shared a cab while we sent Kak Sun to her PIL's place at Tampines and cocoa to her mum's place at Tampines too.. We then made our way back..

Peektures of the day:

To nz, sorry sis we cudnt make it to yur house as Alisha was cranky.. Insya Allah one day we will come over to yur place okay! Sorry about tat ya!

Kay for photos, please visit my multiply....

Thursday, November 24, 2005

My Darling turns 9 mths!

My Lil kenit turns 9 mths today but she is having fever... Anyway her fever has subside today.. Unlike yesterday when hubbie brought her to the doc, it was like 39.1 degrees.. I was so worried but doc said that it is normal for baby who is teething and was asked to sponge her whole body.. Alhamdulillah after sponging and gave her a stronger medicine, her fever really went down yesterday nite.. Else if not, we were ready to bring her to KKH cos we have a referal letter ready from our GP.

She is as usual...jovial as before eventho she is sick... That makes her a strong lil girl.. She keeps smiling but one thing now, she knows that I wanna go werk, she will cry when I went out from MIL's hse... I feel so sad when I saw her crying... If only I am not working, I can take care of her... One thing she enjoy most is bringing her out.. She seems so excited when me or hubbie carry her.. She tot we are bringing her out and she will wave her hands to everybody..

Okay gotta go...Will update Lil Kenit new photos soon! :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

My Sick Baby..

My Lil darling is on high temperature since yesterday. We brought her to the doctor yesterday nite.. Even she is having high temperature, her mood is still good.. She is still playful as ever and she did not lose her appetite.. Alhamdulillah for that..

Early in the morning, she woke up at 2.30am.. I knew she felt uneasy with her body heat. Took her temperature and it was 38.5 degrees. Poor baby.. Woke hubby up to get him to prepare her medicine and milk. After that she won't want to sleep.. Oh boi! I was already so sleepy and need to work in the morning yet she is wide awake.. When hubbie wants to put her to sleep, she cried. So I have to attend to her with my half-closed eyes.. She finally slept at around 3.30am.. But she keeps tossing and turning. I put the Kool Fever on her forehead to keep th etemperature low.

When I woke up this morning, measured her temperature and luckily it has dropped to 37.7 degrees. Gave her milk den her medicine. She is still as jovial as before... Gave her a warm bath and changed her into nice clothes as MIL has her check up at TTSH. Hubbie will send me to werk then he will then bring MIL to TTSH with our dear Alisha.

And now, I'm soo sleepy... And the time really past very slow today.. How I wish now is already 6pm where I can go back home... *yawn*

Till then..byee!!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Kenit's bloggie is up!

Finally I magaed to change a new skin for my lil kenit's bloggie.. Actually I wanted to change the skin quite sometimes back but no time lah.. So today at werk, I managed to change the skin despite the number of calls I received.. hehe..

Anyway, for those who kept asking abt Lil Kenit's bloggie not updated, please visit her site now as everything is updated oredy! hehe..

Friday, November 18, 2005

It's Friday!

Been quite awhile since I last update my blog entry.. Been sooo lazy lah nowadays.. Some more I was on 3 days MC from Mon to Wed... Had fever on and off and heavy headache... Alisha also seems to wake up frequently early morning and that makes my headache even worse.. Ever since her 2 teeth popping up in her gums, she became restless and perhaps her sleep is disurbed bcos of her teething.. Hopefully she will get to sleep as per normal soon..

Over this weekend, got quite a number of open house invitations... Dunno if I can get to fulfil the invitations...

Kay lah dunno wat else to update.. now brain dead liao!! Bye all!! Have a great weekend!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Syawal Update!

Dah masuk 11 Syawal kita beraya.. Walaupon masih ditahap pertama kita beraya, tapi bahang beraya ni sudah tak dirasai.. Ntah kenapa raya tahun ini cam malap jer.. Agaknya kita ni dah tua lah.. hehe.. Lain lah kalau masih budak2.. Excited sebab dapat berjalan raya dan lagik2 dapat KOLEKSION.. mesti best... Teringat kembali zaman Secondary school, zaman poly.. wah betul nya jalan raya dgn kawan-kawan.. Jalan pon jalan jugak, collect tetap collect.. hehe.. Best kan?? Sekarang ni dah tuek..dah jadi Mak Budak pon.. :D

Anyway meh kita singkap balik activiti2 yg berlaku for past few days..


Lepas kerja daddy ku belanja kami semua makan di Sakura International.. Besday adik ku, Aidah, yg ke 17 tahun...Sebelom tuh sempat aku pegi ke Esprit Harbourfront beli present utk Aidah.. Grab a sling bag yg terbaru utk Aidah.. Nasib baik dia berkenan.. hehe.. Lepas tuh, kita pi rumah MIL amik si kenit den trus pick up daddy ku kat tempat kerja den trus ke bedok utk amik mummy ku dan besday girl.. Adik ku Kamal trus jumpa kat sana..

Buat booking pukul 6.30pm tapi sampai kul 7pm.. Traffic jam nya pasal... Sampai je, tak hegeh2, trus pi amik makanan.. Al Maklum lah semua tgh lapar.. hehe.. Si Kenit ni pon duduk lah kat Baby Chair.. Suka dia sebab dapat suapkan makanan2... Mood kenit baik plak hari tuh.. Asyik ketawa dan tersengih-sengih.. hehe.. Kita makan sampai peyut mintak ampun youuu... Kenyang abis!!! hehe.. Then lepas tuh kita pon pi lah beraya ke rumah Uncle Mat & Aunty Ani memandangkan rumah mereka dekat jer kat Downtown East tuh.. Sampai jer rumah mereka, kawan2 Aunty Ani ada dirumah.. So kita pon layan diri kita sendiri.. Uncle Mat pulak kene food poisoning.. Kesian dia..Terbaring dia.. So lemah... Tgk album lama2.. So kental muka ku masa muda2 dulu.. ahakz... Kul 10 malam jer kita pon balik.. Dah penat!! Nasib baik Saturday tak keje..


Pagi bangun dgn semangat berkobar-utk buat kek.. Apa tak nya nak buat Choco Fudge Kek asyik tertunda je..Dari ke petang raya sampai lah dah 10 Syawal baru lah ada time nak buat..Bahan2 semua ada tinggal nak buat je.. So apa lagik, si kenit ada dibawah jagaan Abah dia, kelam kabut lah buat itu kek..

Dalam kul 3.30 petang, kita bertiga pon siap2 utk gi Raya Open House kat Sengkang.. First house ke rumah Rohani, kawan sekerja ku di Fernvale Road.. Then lepas tuh ke rumah sepupu hubbie ku di Compassvale Link.. Last balik ke rumah... Dalam kul 8 malam, hir & MeGat came over our place... Hubbie and the 2 of them got lotsa things to catch up, while I spent my time chatting with Nollie and the rest in ewah2.. And our kenit dah pon tido sebab tuh ada masa ku berdepan di PC.. hir and MeGat went back at 3.30am..


Ni nak bersiap2 pegi ke rumah makcik ku di CCK.. Den lepas tuh nak ke rumah Abg Long.. Ni kali nak bawak daddy dan mummy ku ke sana.. Dorang tak pernah gi so ajak lah dorang jalan raya ke sana sekali since dah dekat dgn rumah makcik ku.. Petang nanti kawan2 hubbie ku nak datang rumah.. Nasib baik ada Kak Nana utk tolong gorengkan mee.. Kalau balik ku nak goreng, nampak nya tak sempat lah... :)

Kay lah si kenit ni pon dah membebel.. Papai!!!

More pics, please click here!!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

8 Syawal...

Today marked my 3 years Wedding Anniversary according to Islamic calendar which is 8 Syawal.. We were solemnised 3 years back on first week of Hari Raya. Orang masih tengah beraya tapi kita sibuk nak kahwin youuu..! hehe..

But for the official celebration will have to wait till 13th December.. hehe.. Or must I say double celebration cos I will be celebrating my 29th Besday on 6th December.. Sooo hubbie, I want tat "blink-blink" hOr!! ekekekeke... :P

Anyway a day to go before weekend.. So fast ya!! Last week on this very day, we were busy celebrating our Hari Raya and today, all slogging at work...

Yesterday received another kad saman from one of the forummer(hi0725).. She's getting married on 3rd December.. Another ex-kolig of mine, Wati or better known as blitze ( forummer too) will be getting married this coming 27th Nov.. See now after hari raya so many pak bing bing ah.. hehe... Dah lama gak tak gi jemputan ni.. Cam best gitu tgk orang kahwin.. :)

Ok ok..better stop here lah..Need to continue my work... Toking about work, tot of scouting a new job soon as this current place is quite far from my hse lah.. And also I need a change in the job scope.. Dunt want to do IT line anymore but instead admin work.. Any vacancy to offer?? hehe..

Monday, November 07, 2005

Lil Alisha in action..

Kay here's some peektures of Lil Alisha taken on 3rd and 4th day of Raya... For more pics, pls proceed here..!

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Hari Raya updates..

Phew! Baru 20 min memijak kaki didalam rumah.. Walaupon dah hari ke-empat kita beraya, tapi masih terdapat ramai keluarga yg berjalan raya.. Y elah kata raya kan sebulan.. ;)
Meh ku update apa yg berlaku pada raya pertama sampai lah raya ke-empat..

Raya Pertama

Pagi2 lah dah bangun.. apa tak nya si kenit ni pon bangun awal.. Cam tahu jer hari raya.. Mentang2 pirst time nak dapat collection.. excited lah tuh.. hehe... Lepas siap2 (ni kali pirst time lah dapat pakai sedondon dgn si kenit ni) dan minta maap dgn suamiku (tarak angpow tapi itu white gold bracelet mari hah!!! *wink*) kita pon kuar lah ke rumah mertua ku yg cuma 3 blok jauhnya... Sampai jer, isi perut dulu..Lapar lah katakan.. hehe.. Ada ketupat, rendang daging, rendang ayam, sambal goreng pengantin, sambal satay, lontong, lemak lodeh..iskk..pendek kata, perut kita ni sampai senak lah... Ntah brapa kilo agaknya naik nanti lepas raya.. ekekeke..

Dalam kul 11 pagi, kita bertiga pon pi bertolak ke rumah ibu bapak ku di Bedok.. Sampai je, si kenit "diterkam" dgn meke2... apa tak nya geram tgk dia pakai baju kurung dgn berbeg, barang kemas mcm mami jarum jnr.. iskkk.. Pandai melaram plak anak dara ku sorang ni.. hehe.. Siap berposing depan camera.. hehe.. So kita pon apa lagik posing memosing lah sebelom mintak maap semua.. Lepas tuh kita pon menuju ke Yishun, rumah makcik ku... Datuk ku beraya di rumah makcik ku.. Hanya datuk ku sebelah mak je orang tua yg tinggal... Tahun ni adalah tahun pertama kami semua beraya tanpa nenek & moyang kesayangan kami... Sedih bila memikirkan tidak dapat lagik bersalaman dgn mereka.. Semoga roh kedua nenek dan moyang kami dicucuri rahmat oleh NYA dan ditempatkan dikalangan orang2 yg beriman.. Insya Allah...

Tepat pukul 2 petang, kami pon bertolak ke rumah ibu saudara bapa ku yg menetap di Flora Road (Pasir Ris).. Sempat pulak kita berposing dekat waterfall diluar rumah tuh... Si Kenit ni excited plak bila nampak waterfall tuh.. iskk..tak tahu diam dibuatnya... Selepas itu kami semua menuju ke Bedok North dimana ibu saudara bapa ku yg lagik satu menetap.. 2 blok away jer dari umah parents ku... Kat sana, kami pon bersantap Briyani Dam.. Ingatkan nak simpat peyut utk malam sebab Nani ku (nenek sebelah bapak) pon masak menu yg sama.. Tapi memandangkan orang dah jemput makan, apa lagik..bedal lah! hehe..

Setelah itu, parents ku dan adik2 ku pon pulang ke rumah dan kita bertiga pon kembali ke rumah mertua utk berkumpul bersama adik beradik suami ku.. Selepas solat Asar, kami pon pergi beraya sebelah suamiku.. Kami ke Eunos Crescent utk meziarahi makcik suami ku.. Lepas tuh ke rumah saudara suami ku yg terletak 2 pintu away dari rumah makcik suamiku.. Kuih dah dihabiskan, air pon dah diteguk, kami semua pon konvoi ke Hougang.. Ke rumah mertua abang ipar ku.. Lepas tuh baru lah kami ke rumah Nani ku di Bedok North utk berkumpul bersama makcik pakcik dan sepupu sepapat ku...Makan malam bersama... Alhamdulillah si kenit tak buat perangai.. Agaknya dia tahu lah hari ni hari raya so dia pon mood raya lah.. hehe..

Dalam pukul 10.30 malam, kami pon beransur pulang...Mata pon dah kelat abis.. Penat sehari suntuk beraya..

Raya Kedua

Pukul 11.30 pagi dah pegi ke Bedok mengambil parents ku utk ke Marine Parade ke rumah ibu saudara ibu ku... Si Kenit ni pon suka bila dapat makan kek es krim 2 keping dan 1 keping kek cempedak.. Ewah..beraya jugak dia.. hehe.. Bila part orang kasi dia collection, dia main amik je itu sampul duit..dah amik lepas tuh mulut jugak dia masukkan..Sampai basah itu sampul duit.. hehe..

Lepas ke Marine Parade, kami menghantar bapak ku ke Masjid Al-Ansar dan ibu ku balik.. Kami menuju ke rumah mertuaku... Selepas solat Jumaat, kami konvoi lagik.. Ni kali ke rumah Abg Ipar ku di Pasir Ris.. Lepas tuh ke Laguna Park utk menziarahi nenek saudara suami ku..Dalam pukul 5.30 petang, kami pon ramai2 ke rumah parents ku, ni kali beraya bersama adik beradik suamiku..Ibu ku menyiapkan Mee Tomato..Selepas solat magrib, kami bertolak menuju ke Bedok Reservoir...Sempat pegi 1 rumah sebelom kita balik ke rumah.... Penat abis ah...

Raya Ketiga

Kita kuar lambat sebab pagi adalah masa utk rehat.. Oukuk 3 petang baru kami semua kuar utk ke rumah Abg Long di CCK... Menu of the day : Nasi Ayam.. sedapppp!! hehe.. Lepas lepak2, berbual bual.. kita pon pergi lah ke rumah Kak Nana kat Bukit Panjang.. Sempat Kak Nana goreng mee, nasi goreng dgn roti goreng... Semua nya goreng2.. hehe.. Ni kali lepak abis kat rumah Kak Nana.. Lepas bola Liv lwn Aston Villa baru lah kita balik.. Fuiyoo..balik trus tak hegeh2 ah..Mandi den tido... Syokkk gitu dapat bantal.. hehehe

Raya Ke-Empat

Pagi ni bawa si kenit po doctor.. Dia kene berak2 lah..kesian dia.. Katanya semua dia tgh nak tumbuh gigi sebab tuh dia kene berak2.. Gigi bawah nya dah kuar 2 batang..cute plak tgk gigi dia.. Padan lah dia asyik nak gigit2 benda.. Nasib baik dia tak cranky sgt.. Bawak pi jalan pon dia ok.. Asal masuk kete jer, trus tido.. Kesian jugak tgk kan dia.. nasib baik by petang je, dia dah tak berak.. Doctor pon ada kasi obat utk tahan berak2... Alhamdulillah..

Ni mata pon tgh stoink jugak.. Si Kenit dah tido.. Ni Mama Kenit plak nak masuk tido.. Nasib baik besok cuti... Hari Selasa baru lah masuk keje.. Ada chance nak rehat lah besok..

Kay lah kawan2... Bila senang lagik nanti saya update lagik ye... Gambar raya ketiga dan ke-empat nanti saya upload kay.. Now tido more impt.. hehe


Saturday, November 05, 2005

Hari Raya

Arghhhhhhhhhh!!! My posting gone in just a blink of eye.. Goodness!! And the entry is super long!! Hate tis when it happens.. Now I got no mood to update oredy.. Shud have save it!!

Now I tink let the pictures do the talking... If I have the mood then I will update again! *knock my own head* Tooooo-pid me!!!

Raya Pertama

My family

My Siblings and Alisha

Me, my sis & Alisha
Raya Kedua

Alisha with her Kebaya..

Family Portrait

Mama & Alisha
Abg Long & family

Abg Ngah & family

"Mama! Help!! Icah nak kene tium!!!"

Alisha & Syazwan

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Salam Aidilfitri..

Di sini Frina ingin mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya pada semua bloggers-bloggers.. Mohon maaf zahir dan batin.., Semoga raya tahun ini membawa sinar kebahagiaan pada anda sekeluarga... Minal Aidil Wal Faizin..

Salam dihulur, Maaf dipinta
Ku Ucapkan Selamat Hari Raya

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Patah Pinggang!!

Aiseyman..Hari ni betul punya penat tak leh angkatz sehh!! Pinggang ni kalau boleh cakap, confirm dah minta ampun nya.. hehe.. Apa tak nya, hari ni buat keje tak henti-henti.. Pagi pukul 7 lebih dah bangun..Si Kenit ni celik mata trus mintak dilayan.. Around 8 plus baru lah dia tido balik.. Itu jam apa lagik, pegi dapur kuarkan barang2 kuih.. First kuih of the day : Honey Cornflakes... Itu pon buat tersekat-sekat sebab si kenit ni ada jer.. Ngan Abah dia main kejap lepas tuh nangis... Terpaksa layan kan dia..kasi susu den kasi tido.. Then continue lagik..

Around 1.30pm, buat kuih Cashew & Walnut Cookies.. Plak tuh adunan ni dapat byk so kelam kabut ah habis kan.. Abis around 4 plus... After tat sambung buat Floating cookies.. Everything finish dalam kul 5.45pm.. Itu pon nasib baik hubbie's niece (Aqilah) tolong.. kalau tak confirm tak masak utk buka.. Kak Nana & Abg Daud datang utk pasangkan langsir living room..

Kelam kabut buat makanan utk buka.. Masak Nasi Briyani & Ayam Tandoori.. Betul nya express seh.. Nasib baik sempat bawak semua makanan tu ke rumah MIL...Sampai betul2 on the dot bila nak azan..

Ni badan pon dah lembik abis.. Dah lah cuaca soo panas.. Teguk air bergelas-gelas..Sempat Abg Long gi 7-11 beli ice cube, coke & apple juice.. Apa lagik, kita semua togok lah... iskkk...

Ni besok kene keje.. Nasib baik half day.. Sayang kalau amik leave.. Tapi tak bleh pon kalau amik leave sebab 2 of my kolig dah amik leave.. So my leave starts this Friday and next Monday..

Ni pon baru abis lipat langsir, jemur baju and gosok baju.. Mata dah stoinky ni.. So apa lagik..Landing time!!!! hehe...

Tgk si Kenit ni.. Dia pon sibuk kat dapur.. :)

Honey Cornflakes

Cashew & Walnut Cookies

Floating Cookies

Finally Lil Kenit so penat and slept at her own cot.. :)