Saturday, November 21, 2009

27 weeks progress...

Went for my monthly check up this morning..
Lil Bebe is progressing well and he now weighs 1.007kg .. Expected that he will put on another 300 plus grams... He was so active when the gynae did the scan on him..

We discussed on the EDD. Gynae was saying that he might be going for holiday during CNY as it will be a long holiday. I told him that I'm quite worried that I might give birth during the CNY week.. And I really want him to deliver my Lil Bebe.. He can jokingly said I should give birth earlier than that.. He won't want the baby to be too big like the sister.. haha.. Anyway he said that I can get ready to start my maternity leave somewhere around 7 Feb onwards.. which means I will be in my 38th week.. Oh well, I don't mind using my annual leave to take a week off before I start my maternity leave.. I guess by then I'm too heavy to go to work.. So looking forward to the long break!

Next week I will be in the 3rd trimester.. which is 7 mths.. fuh! So fast sey! Anyway now I'm waiting for December to go for a short trip to KL before I give birth.. :))

Sunday, November 01, 2009

24 weeks

I've reached my 24 weeks mark.. which is 6 months.. Isn't it fast? I felt that I just gotta know that I'm pregnant but I'm left with 3 months plus before I can see my Lil Bebe Boy... I'm so looking forward to it... Firstly to see my baby... next is my 16 weeks maternity leave.. I really need a break! I need a rest from work!

Anyway at 24 weeks, my tummy is bigger than when I'm expecting Alisha 4 years back. Everybody keep telling me that my tummy looks like 7 mths pregnant.. I guess this is bcos of my 2nd pregnancy and the tummy is well-stretched.. This pregancy is sooo different from the last.. But I'm loving my pregnancy every bits...

Hopefully I will have a smooth pregnancy journey till I reach my full term..Insya Allah..