Sunday, June 26, 2005

Family Day Out!

Went out quite early today.. By 12.30pm, we were at Bedok sending my Pak Long's CPU to Bedok Home.. Then we off to Parkway Parade for our lunch at Siam Kitchen.. Conjuction with hubbie's besday ;) Ordered set meals.. The food there not bad ah! I like the Spicy Green Mango Salad the most! Fuhh!! so syOkkk ah! hehe

After lunch, we went to Giant.. Bought some things... Den jalan2 for awhile before we proceed to Tampines Mall. Over at Tampines Mall we window shopping... It was so crowded!! GSS ah!! isk isk isk! Luckily Alisha managed to get some sleep in her pram else she will be very cranky..

Then around 5 plus, stopped by at MIL's place... SIL cooked Chicken curry & bubur kacang durian! yum yum!! After magrib, we went home!

And now my eyes so stoney liao! The tot of going to werk tomoro really make my body soo lembik!! Kay lah better stop here... Dunno if I shud watch the repeat telecast of Pesta Perdana.. *thinking*

Adious Amigos!

The cup cakes that I order for hubbie..

The prezzie which I bought for hubbie plus the belated Father's Day card cuma Besday! *wink*

The place where we had lunch on his besday!

The besday Daddy!

The food! *drooling*

The Happy Family!

Happy 29th Besday Hubbie!!


Semoga dipanjangkan umur & dimurahkan rezeki.. Insya Allah! Rest assured that no matter what happen, your doter & myself will be there for you always!! Love you deep deep! ;)

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Weekend is here!

Alisha woke up as early as 6.45am.. This Mama has no chance to sleep even longer during weekend! aiseyman!! She wants someone to goo gaa with her and she will laughed her heart out! Tak bleh tahan lah kalau hari2 cam nie! isk isk isk! Mata ku dah mcm panda! Seeing hubbie sleeping made me sooo jealous! So around 8 am, I decided to use Alisha to wake hubbie up.. Notti! Notti Mama!! hahaha.. I get Alisha to sit beside him and use her hand to touch2 hubbie's hand! Alisha stared blindly at him and laugh at the same time! Bangun jugak!! Tapi dgn muka stone dia ah! hehe.. So I asked hubbie to take over my shift while I get few mins of sleep! Ngantok beb!! haha.. So gotten around 20 mins of sleeping while hubbie watched his newly bought Champion of Europe 2005 DVD with Alisha..

Around 9.15am, I bathed Alisha.. She was soo excited when I put her inside her bathtub.. Budak ni tak takut air ah!! After bathing her, give her milk but she refused! She gets cranky as she is very sleepy.. I put her to sleep... Amazingly today she slept for 3.5hrs! Usually she will tends to wake up even with a slightest noise! Penat sgt lah tuh!! When she woke up, she gulped down 5 ounces of her milk.. Haus beb! hehe.. After tat she wants me to talk and play with her.. Brought her in front of my PC while I chatted with Nollie & Rosie in MSN.. After a while, she gets cranky again! So I put her to sleep again! Then I went to prepare her stuff as we gonna go out!

Around 3.30pm, we went out.. Collect our car at C&C Ubi which we sent for servicing yesteday nite.. Den off we went to Tampines for hubbie's ex-kolig's engagement.. After tat zoomed to my parent's hse.. Me & Alisha stayed over at my parent's hse while hubbie, my bro & dad went to Sim Lim.. Hubbie has to set up my Pak Long's pc... They came back at 8pm.. After tat we went to Woodlands to collect cup cakes meant for hubbie's besday at Kak Fai's hse.. Den zoomed back to MIL's place... MIL cooked Rendang Ayam & sambal Sotong to be eaten with Ketupat Nona.. Dah mcm hari raya plak! hehe.. Abg long & family were there too! Abg Chik & family left early.. Opening ceromony of hubbie's besday cup cakes! One box gone! Licin! hahaha.. Sedap nya pasal! Another box I brought home!

Went back home around 10.30pm.. Caught up with Rosie in MSN while waiting the clock to strike 12mn.. Gonna wish and present hubbie with his besday gift ;)

Kay stop here for now! Shall continue the next part... tata!!

Friday, June 24, 2005

Friday Nite Outing!

Happy 4 mths old to my dearest cutie lil pie, Alisha Ameera!! Fast huh?? She has grown up!! From the day I saw her in the labour room till now, I still can't believe that I have her! Our precious lil' doter! Now she just love to lift her head up and starting to "tiarap" by herself altho's she's a bit lazy to "tiarap".. hehe ... She just loves to suck her fingers!! Sampai air liur meleleh2!! Mum & MIL said she might have her teeth early.. She loves blabbering when people starts talking to her!! With her cute & innersen look, people around her will be soooo geram with her! hehe

Anyway, after magrib just now, went to send my mum & sis back home and off we went to Orchard to meet Nollie, hir, DB & KP.. Met over at Paragon den proceed to Swensen Crown Prince Hotel. Luckily Alisha was not cranky! Phew! We had chit chat session with lotsa laughter.. As usual if the 4 guys meet, for sure there will be lotsa jokes & laughter!! We actually celebrated Hubbie's advanced besday.. We ordered for him the Firehouse Happy Birthday Ice Cream.. We surprised him actually.. hehe.. And he gotten advanced besday present from them... A Mont Blanc car key holder! Chewah! Branded seh key holder! hehe... Too bad I forgot to bring my Canon! So have to use my camera hp.. Jadilah kan! At least ada gambo! hehe

After eating, we went back home. But the 3 of us went to C&C Ubi to drop our car in for the 1000KM services.. So by tomoro, we can collect it and go jalan2...

*yawn* Time to sleep now! better off my pc! papai all! Have a great weekend!

Peektures of the day! Sorry it's kinda blur! Bear with it hor!! ;)

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

When Alisha Meets Rian..

They stared at each other.. They smiled & laughed at each other... They hold each other hands..
And most importantly, they look like twins... ;)

It was the first time Lil' Alisha met King Rian yesterday nite! Rian is sooo cute! Suka main bailon ah itu budak!! hahaha ..

Both me & hubbie brought Alisha to Tampines to meet her, her hubbie & cutie King Rian to pass Similac milk... We met under her blk and had chit chat session for awhile... So geram when I see that cutie King Rian with his 2 deep dimple!! Lil' Alisha oso seems happy seeing her fellow baby clan!! King Rian get to hold Lil' Alisha's hand!! Kecik2 dah pandai eh nak ngorat!! hehe

Went back shortly after that!!

Today is a busy day at werk! I'm just looking forward for weekend to come! 3 more days!! Quick!!!

LiL' Alisha & King Rian

King Rian!!

Sunday, June 19, 2005!

Was awake early tis morning as Alisha wants to be entertained! Tak kasi chance langsung Mama dia bangun lambat! So have to goo gaa with her for 1 hr before I get back to sleep and hubby took over to layan her.. Hubbie bathe her while I was asleep.. I really need rest!! Was super tired!

Yesterday went to my aunty's place at Bishan for the kenduri tahlil.. After sending my parents home, we went back to MIL's place... Hubbie's 2 brothers came with their family.. So kecohrable and Alisha was being surrounded by her "fans".. hehehe..

"Alisha Kunci" being surrounded by her fanatic fans!!

At 10.30, instead of going back home, hubby drove to Changi Airport T1 and we had Delifrance for supper... Alisha was wide awake when we reached there ... Luckily she's being very kwai.. After supper, we went home...

This morning, we got ready quite early as we need to send PIL to jemputan @ Bedok South then off we zoomed to eL's engagement! She look so pretty!! Congrats eL & fiance! Very grand one hor!! hehe.. Met Rosie & Adam, Yaya & Omar plus Sarah, Kokodot & Izzat, shammek & ahemz & also kiccy! After all the photo takings, we said goodbye and went off..

Me, hubbie, Alisha & kiccy proceed to Plaza Singapura.. Need to collect something.. Went jalan2 for awhile before we sat down at KFC for a drink... Den we went off.. Sent kiccy home den we proceed to meet Abang Long & family at Changi Village.. Bought some goreng pisang and drinks den we went to Changi Beach... Lepak2 for awhile and went back before magrib...

Went back to MIL's place.. Ate soto for dinner then durian for dessert.. Abg Daud bought one big basket of durian!! Wow! At last got to eat durian after my birth! hehe..

Kay now I need to sleep!! Body all aching liao! Have a great week ahead ya!! Ciao!!

For more peektures please click here & here!

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Wet Saturday!

*yawn* I shoud be at home sleeping soundly in this kind of weather! iskk.. But too bad I have to werk at 7.30am.. *uwahhhh* So just now around 6.45am, we sent Alisha to MIL's place and at 7am, hubbie sent me to werk...

Along ECP, I was so excited when I saw rainbow above the sky.. It was sooo beautiful.. I was busy looking up in the sky while hubby was riding.. I just love the sight of rainbow and it reminds me of carebear... hehe.. The cute lil' bear!!

Luckily reached opis cun cun!! ;) Now counting down to 11.30am den I can go back ZzzZzz! Then in the afternoon will be going over to my aunty's place at Bishan for my arwah moyang & arwah nenek kenduri tahlil.. hmmm.. I just feel that they are still around with us but the fact is, they had left us a month ago... :( Hari Raya tis year won't be the same again like every otehr years! No nenek & moyang to visit.. :(

Anyway tomoro is eL's engagement... She must be feeling very excited now! hehe.. Sabar ye eLeK... besok jer dah jadi tunangan orang! Tup tup! tak lama jadi isteri orang..hehe..

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Rise & Shine!

Good morning everyone! Mood to blog in the morning liao! hehe *apa angin ntah gue ni! ;p*
Reached office 5 mins late as it was raining on the road so hubby have to stop the bike and quickly took out the raincoat..

Now I'm having my breakfast, Pau Goreng plus Ondeh2 Goreng courtesy from MIL & with a cup of Neskepe.. hehe..

Today I shall be very fresh cos yesterday nite by 9.30pm, I'm into my dreamland oredy! So shiokk! hehe... Luckily Alisha slept so soundly so both me & hubbie got our beauty sleep!

Kay now got to countdown till 4.30pm den I can BALIK!!! oops..baru masuk opis dah nak countdown! hahaha...

Now better get back to work.. Have a great day peeps!

Here presenting my LiL' Alisha's bloggie! *budak kecik pon ada blog ah! Dunt play play! ekekeke*

Monday, June 13, 2005


Was feeling so tired today! Physically and mentally tired! Almost cudn't wake up tis morning!! Sent Alisha to MIL's place at 6.50am and by 7am, hubbie sent me to werk..

Today I end werk at 4.30pm.. Went to Harbourfront to buy my lenses den off I took Bus 30 to SPC to meet hubby.. Went to MIL's place for dinner and brought Alisha home after magrib...

And now I'm super duper tired! Another 4 more days to go before the next weekend!

Kay lah better stop here... Adious!

For those who requested my LiL Alisha's peektures, happy viewing the pics below!

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Great Weekend!

A few hrs more weekend gonna end liao! Super fast lah! And tomoro back to werk! iskk! But watever it is, we really enjoy our weekend. What's more with our new Black Mamba addition in our family, it makes us easier to move around especially with our darling Alisha! Kay let me recapped back what we did during weekend. ;)


Hubbie fetch me from werk and off we went back to Ubi to take BIL's Toyota Picnic for a wash before returning to him tat very nite.. After magrib, we went to send my parents back to Bedok with the Toyota Picnic den zoomed off to Changi Airport to pick up BIL & family. They came back from New Zealand for their holiday... Officially the Toyota Picnic returned to his owner! So we said bye bye to the Toyota Picnic which had been with us for 2 solid weeks before our Black Mamba came out last Tuesday! After BIL send us back at Ubi, we took our Black Mamba off for spinning... End up at my SIL's place at Bukit Panjang.. Sat there for awhile then we went off.. Tot of going to Mustafa but I told hubbie to drop off the idea as I want to go back home to sleep!
While hubbie was spinning with the Black Mamba, the Mama & Doter were sleeping soundly at the back!! Haha.. Penat beb! Tahu2 dah sampai Ubi balik! hahaha


Not working today so household chores to be done for both of us.. Hubbie took charge of the living room and toilet while I'm at the kitchen.... At 3pm, went out to Abang Chik's place at Pasir Ris to collect the some stuff from New Zealand den off to another Abang Long's place at CCK to send their PC which hubbie had repaired... Ate Mee Bandung! Sodapp ah Kak Long!! Sampai bertambah2.. ;)

After tat we went to Mustafa Centre (finally get to go!) .. Bought some stuff for Alisha and we both bought our perfumes there... Prices there a bit cheaper from outside... (sep cost beb.. hehe)
Then went over to Bedok House to check on my bro's PC .. Called my cousin, Nini, to come over as she's at her dad's place.. Both my parents and sis went to my Pak Long's place at Batam... Had chit chat session there before we finally went back home at 9.30pm..

Reached home, had our bath den we went out again! before tat fed Alisha with her milk.. This time we brought hubbie's niece & nephew.. Went to Jalan Kayu for our late dinner... Den rounding2 at one Expressway to another.. hehe.. Reached home nearly 1am.. Sleeping time!

Sunday which is today!!

Sent Alisha to MIL's place at 9am den we went off to JB.. Before tat we picked her up den off to Woodlands KFC to meet her & hubby... Zoomed in to JB... Luckily it was a smooth ride... Went straight to Giant Plentong.. Main mission : To get Alisha's S26 Gold milk... But end up with lots of other things!! (who can't resist shopping at JB, rite? hahaha) .. Nollie who dun't want to buy anything end up of buying somethings oso! haha.. Rosie & hubby bought things oso! After tat we went to Jusco to have our lunch at Pizza Hut.. Ordered lots of food! Gelojoh betul ah! Apa tak nya lapar giler!!! hahaha... After lunch, we walked around Jusco and end up buy things again!! hehe...

Then off to Shell for fuel topping up... Den back to Singapore... Send Nollie back den off we went to MIL's place to fetch Alisha... After magrib, went out again to fetch my parents and sis at Harbourfront... Den zoomed off to Bedok House... Went up... Dad as usual bought for us our faveret Nescafe French Vanilla..We ate Mee Bakso for dinner which dad bought over at Batam.. Den wend back home...

Now my whole body so tired! Time to sleep!!!!!!! Looking forward to the next weekend! yippie!!! Rosie.. Nollie... our next project coming up soon ya!! *wink* Till then, have a great week ahead! Adious!!

Today's pictures