Saturday, June 25, 2005

Weekend is here!

Alisha woke up as early as 6.45am.. This Mama has no chance to sleep even longer during weekend! aiseyman!! She wants someone to goo gaa with her and she will laughed her heart out! Tak bleh tahan lah kalau hari2 cam nie! isk isk isk! Mata ku dah mcm panda! Seeing hubbie sleeping made me sooo jealous! So around 8 am, I decided to use Alisha to wake hubbie up.. Notti! Notti Mama!! hahaha.. I get Alisha to sit beside him and use her hand to touch2 hubbie's hand! Alisha stared blindly at him and laugh at the same time! Bangun jugak!! Tapi dgn muka stone dia ah! hehe.. So I asked hubbie to take over my shift while I get few mins of sleep! Ngantok beb!! haha.. So gotten around 20 mins of sleeping while hubbie watched his newly bought Champion of Europe 2005 DVD with Alisha..

Around 9.15am, I bathed Alisha.. She was soo excited when I put her inside her bathtub.. Budak ni tak takut air ah!! After bathing her, give her milk but she refused! She gets cranky as she is very sleepy.. I put her to sleep... Amazingly today she slept for 3.5hrs! Usually she will tends to wake up even with a slightest noise! Penat sgt lah tuh!! When she woke up, she gulped down 5 ounces of her milk.. Haus beb! hehe.. After tat she wants me to talk and play with her.. Brought her in front of my PC while I chatted with Nollie & Rosie in MSN.. After a while, she gets cranky again! So I put her to sleep again! Then I went to prepare her stuff as we gonna go out!

Around 3.30pm, we went out.. Collect our car at C&C Ubi which we sent for servicing yesteday nite.. Den off we went to Tampines for hubbie's ex-kolig's engagement.. After tat zoomed to my parent's hse.. Me & Alisha stayed over at my parent's hse while hubbie, my bro & dad went to Sim Lim.. Hubbie has to set up my Pak Long's pc... They came back at 8pm.. After tat we went to Woodlands to collect cup cakes meant for hubbie's besday at Kak Fai's hse.. Den zoomed back to MIL's place... MIL cooked Rendang Ayam & sambal Sotong to be eaten with Ketupat Nona.. Dah mcm hari raya plak! hehe.. Abg long & family were there too! Abg Chik & family left early.. Opening ceromony of hubbie's besday cup cakes! One box gone! Licin! hahaha.. Sedap nya pasal! Another box I brought home!

Went back home around 10.30pm.. Caught up with Rosie in MSN while waiting the clock to strike 12mn.. Gonna wish and present hubbie with his besday gift ;)

Kay stop here for now! Shall continue the next part... tata!!

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