Tuesday, June 21, 2005

When Alisha Meets Rian..

They stared at each other.. They smiled & laughed at each other... They hold each other hands..
And most importantly, they look like twins... ;)

It was the first time Lil' Alisha met King Rian yesterday nite! Rian is sooo cute! Suka main bailon ah itu budak!! hahaha ..

Both me & hubbie brought Alisha to Tampines to meet her, her hubbie & cutie King Rian to pass Similac milk... We met under her blk and had chit chat session for awhile... So geram when I see that cutie King Rian with his 2 deep dimple!! Lil' Alisha oso seems happy seeing her fellow baby clan!! King Rian get to hold Lil' Alisha's hand!! Kecik2 dah pandai eh nak ngorat!! hehe

Went back shortly after that!!

Today is a busy day at werk! I'm just looking forward for weekend to come! 3 more days!! Quick!!!

LiL' Alisha & King Rian

King Rian!!

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