Friday, June 24, 2005

Friday Nite Outing!

Happy 4 mths old to my dearest cutie lil pie, Alisha Ameera!! Fast huh?? She has grown up!! From the day I saw her in the labour room till now, I still can't believe that I have her! Our precious lil' doter! Now she just love to lift her head up and starting to "tiarap" by herself altho's she's a bit lazy to "tiarap".. hehe ... She just loves to suck her fingers!! Sampai air liur meleleh2!! Mum & MIL said she might have her teeth early.. She loves blabbering when people starts talking to her!! With her cute & innersen look, people around her will be soooo geram with her! hehe

Anyway, after magrib just now, went to send my mum & sis back home and off we went to Orchard to meet Nollie, hir, DB & KP.. Met over at Paragon den proceed to Swensen Crown Prince Hotel. Luckily Alisha was not cranky! Phew! We had chit chat session with lotsa laughter.. As usual if the 4 guys meet, for sure there will be lotsa jokes & laughter!! We actually celebrated Hubbie's advanced besday.. We ordered for him the Firehouse Happy Birthday Ice Cream.. We surprised him actually.. hehe.. And he gotten advanced besday present from them... A Mont Blanc car key holder! Chewah! Branded seh key holder! hehe... Too bad I forgot to bring my Canon! So have to use my camera hp.. Jadilah kan! At least ada gambo! hehe

After eating, we went back home. But the 3 of us went to C&C Ubi to drop our car in for the 1000KM services.. So by tomoro, we can collect it and go jalan2...

*yawn* Time to sleep now! better off my pc! papai all! Have a great weekend!

Peektures of the day! Sorry it's kinda blur! Bear with it hor!! ;)

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