Wednesday, December 31, 2008


In few hours time we have to bid goodbye to 2008 and welcome 2009.. Sad as we are leaving 2008 but hope 2009 will be a fresh new year for all of us to look ahead upon..
Many things happened for the past months.. sad and happy moments...The most challenging that I can't ever forget was the 22km walk from office to terminal 2, Changi Airport.. It was the "craziest" challenge I ever took.. Alhamdulillah with the participation I learned lotsa things and the bonding that we had was priceless...
Another significant thing that I took upon was the Diploma in Business & HR sponsored by the company.. With this course, I've to juggle between work, school & family but alhamdulillah so far I can managed it quite well.. With the exams just over, I hope that I can pass and go to the next semester...
For a start of this year 2009, my first ever significant moment will be my precious daughter, Alisha, going to school.. She will be in Nursery this 2nd January 09. I'm a proud mother who wants to see through her daughter entering the education world..

Friday, December 19, 2008

Bye Exam..Hello Holiday!

Finally I sat for my last paper this afternoon... I was so relief after I've handed over my answer script to the invigilator and smiled widely to her.. a call for celebration after weeks of brain-cracking process.. Yeah I know results are not out yet but who cares!! I need a break! Results come later.. heh!

We will be driving up to KL in the wee Saturday morning.. 4D3N over in KL and a nite in Malacca at my BIL's house.. 5 days of getaway is enuff for me for the time being.. My leave started last Thursday up to next Thursday and will only be back on the D&D day (Friday)! weee..

Okay..I can't wait to reach KL... to eat all the good food there.. put aside how many kilos I will gained heh! Now I wanna enjoy myself!! yeah!!!

Wait for my next KL update here!! Till then..have a great weekend peeps...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

They're back!

My parents & siblings are back from their Gold Coast trip.. They reached Singapore yesterday afternoon...Too bad we coudn't fetch them due to work commitment..

Nevertheless, we popped up at Bedok home yesterday nite.. The house was in a mess with Aussie's stuff! Chocolates, bags, teeshirt & many more stuff lying around...

We received our shares too! :) Alisha got the most as usual! Mum and sis kept telling me that everytime dad saw something cute, he will buy for Alisha.. and he himself just got 2 teeshirts for himself after being forced to buy something for himself.. He only thinks for his children & the only grand-doter...that's my dad! The World Bestest Dad we have!

Here presenting our shares from Aussie...

4 bags of goodies for us..
Alisha's tops, bottoms & dresses
Alisha's accessories
Mummy's stuff
Daddy's stuff
For the tummies
Yay! we got new tops to wear for our KL Trip this Saturday! :p

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ku Dibius lagu ini...

Getting hooked of this song...all thanks to Suria for the frequent showing of this video clip.. :)

Di Bius Cinta - Yusry & Melly Goeslaw (OST Cicakman 2)

6th Wedding Anniversary

Today marks our 6th years legally together.. Alhamdulillah we've reached this far and we hope to stay together till death do us part.. Insya Allah...

Shout out to hubby:

Happy Anniversary Dear!! Love you loads!! Thank you for loving me and tolerating my nonsense (shud be our nonsenses plus Alisha).. hehe.. Insya Allah we will be celebrating more anniversaries together in years to come..

Semoga mahligai yg kami bina berkekalan hingga ke syurga dan diberkati Allah.. Amin...

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Little Miss...

On the way to my parent's place this morning, I stepped inside Bosini at Bedok Central where something caught my eyes... I was a fan of Little Miss characters back then.... I lurve to read their books when I was small.. So now the characters are back hence I took no chance but bought Alisha 2 pieces of tee shirts of the Little Miss character.. One of them is Little Miss Chatterbox! Indeed it speaks of her character! She has becoming more & more chatty than before.. She can yak & yak non-stop!! Penat ku dengar sey!!

Unfortunately the tee shirt left only 2 characters, Little Miss Chatterbox & Little Miss Twin.. so I bought for her the general tee shirt which has few characters on it.. Since they are having 30% discount with min 2 pieces, so I grabbed 2 of those.. I guess Alisha sure loves the tee shirt!!

Can't wait for her to wear & snap the Lil Miss Chatterbox in action! :p

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Finally the day is here.. In few hrs time I'm sitting for my first HR Dip paper.. It's has been such a long time since I sat for one... I'm feeling relax rite now but at the same time dunno what to expect when eventually I get to see the paper.. errr...hopefully my mind doesn't goes blank...

There's 3 more papers to come... I really hope to pass this exam and go to the next semester.. Insya Allah...

Till then...

Monday, December 01, 2008


Presenting my new iPhone...

Hub bought for me as my bday gift.. Altho' it a tad too early (5 more days) to give it to me but since the delivery guy had came and sent the phone today, of course I cudn't resist but to open it and utilized it.. :)

Thank you dear hubby for the new phone.. Love you many2.. xoxo

Hub too got 1 for himself.. It's all the influenced by my 2 siblings as they owned an iPhone each! :p (we are too fascinated by the applications & functions)

It's fiddling time... :)

Friday, November 21, 2008


Oh dear! I'm so stress!! It's the D-DAY today! The ISO re-certification audit!! I'm being audited now! Yes now! I'm in the conference room and at the same time kene audited on HR processes .. hopefully by the end of the day, the finding reports will not reflect any non-comformity..

Oh I feel like adjusting the time now.. 6pm please come soon!!! I wanna go back.. I wanna enjoy my weekend!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Happy 20th Birthday to my dear sister, Noraidah...
May you be blessed with lotsa happiness and good health.. Dipanjangkan umur dan dimurahkan rezeki.....Enjoy your special day...
Another shout out to Jujuk (simpleplainjane).. shared the same birth date as my sis.. Happy Birthday to you Juk! Semoga dipanjangkan umur & dimurahkan rezeki selalu.. Dan dikurniakan cahayamata... Insya Allah...

Thursday, November 06, 2008


Congrats to lieyaelms a.k.a Amiek a.k.a Maslia & family for the arrival of Ellisa Nabilah on 6 Nov 08.. Such a sweet name for her 2nd princess..
Speedy recovery to you!
Hope to see you & bebe there tonite! :)
Another fren of mine, Suriani (non-multiplier) had just gave birth to her first Prince, Imran Muqarim on 4 Nov 08.. Speedy recovery to you too.. Insya Allah will visit both mother & baby soon..

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Poor Alisha is sick

My poor baby is sick.. Hubz told me she is running a fever in the afternoon and vomitted with lotsa phlegm.. Was quite worried cos she seldom falls sick but when she is sick, it will takes time for her to recover..
After work, hubz brought her to the doctor and I met them at the doctor's place itself. Informed the doctor that she is running a fever with running nose, lotsa phlegm and also ulcer.. The doctor checked for symptoms of HMFD but was glad that there's no such symptom.. Was diagnosed with normal flu.. But her temperature was quite high, 38.7 degrees..
She was given 6 type of medicine.. She looks so 'layu' .. Now she is asleep and hope her fever will subside soon.. We are monitoring her temperature every 1 hr..
Get well soon my dear pumpkin..
Sick Alisha..(taken a few mins ago - pardon the air liur basi..hihihi)
Her 5 out of 6 medicine
Alisha before she falls sick..taken last Sunday @ Best Denki, Parkway

I SO ...

This ISO is driving me crazy!! Arghh! So much paper work to do which some needs to be re-engineered.. Since yesterday we've been having this Internal Quality Audit and today is the continuation of it..Come 21 Nov, it's the actual audit day! Besides ISO, there's lots of other stuff waiting for me to complete.. Time is just so limited!! Never ending work!
Stress! Stress! Stress!
Exam will be coming soon! Next month! But I'm less worried about the exam cos so far I've scored well for my assignment and tests. Just need to secure some marks to get a PASS but of course a PASS is not enuff, hopefully can score... Insya Allah..
I guess I will have to take things slowly but how to??? :S

Sunday, October 05, 2008


My dear Alisha now loves to draw.. Just few mins ago, she showed me that she has drawn a cat.. When I see her drawing, I was like wow! A smiley cat.. It do really look like a cat.. the face only lah.. I guess she really takes after her Abah.. Her Abah was once a Arts student.. Mama can't really draw.. haha..
Presenting her Smiley Cat... :)
She drew on a book instead of her doodle.. tsk tsk tsk

Sunday, September 28, 2008

First Step..

to Geylang at nite.. This year I really have no mood to go Geylang. Went once during daytime with SIL & MIL then yesterday the 2nd visit.. Was quite surprised that hub wanted to go Geylang yesterday.. After the Liverpool match, hub suggested to go Geylang since I wanted to get Dengdeng for the past weeks.. So at 11.45pm we setoff.. Parked at Spore Post and went to the Bazaar in front of the SPC before we off to the main bazaar.. Nothing much I could say.. The crowds are getting lesser and lesser compared to years before...

For me, I still prefer the atmosphere when the bazaar was once situated at Dewan Perses.. It was much more happening with bigger crowds.. That I must say the feeling of raya was super terasa..

We just bought Alisha's socks, hub's butang baju kurung, sampul duit, dengdeng & keropok lekor and off we for a KPE ride as hub wanted to "test" the KPE route..

Saturday, September 27, 2008

We go O-LIO..

We had Aglio Olio Pasta for break fast as hubz wanted so much to eat that. The last time we ate was at Spize and now he's craving to eat it..

It was a success for a first try.. I can say it's delicious (oops masuk bakul angkat sendiri :p) .. Hubz agreed too... hihihi...

Anyway I have finally stop my baking after another round of M&M cookies this morning. Maybe tomoro I will bake a cake but till now I'm not too sure what cake I wanna bake... SIL will for sure bake variety cakes for us so I'm contemplating whether to bake or not to bake.. So I shall see my mood tomoro.. We gonna go Parkway tomoro as I need to get our bedsheet at Aussino and hubz need to buy a sandal for hari raya...

2 more days before Hari Raya.. so fast! haizz....

Monday, September 22, 2008

Uh so peaceful!

It's been so long since I have peaceful-ness in the office.. Today I was alone in the office as my sidekick, Suri, is on leave and the rest are currently at our International Plaza office facilitating the Selection Workshop.. Lucky me need not to be involved..

I managed to clear some work and at the same time complete my group assignment.. If only everyday is like today..

There's class today and hopefully we will get out test paper back! :)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

13 Ramadhan - Baking Session

Isn't it fast that we have reached 13 Ramadhan? Almost 2 weeks have passed.. Another half month to go before Syawal..
Today I've started my baking session... Completed Chocolate M&M cookies for the orders received and also for own consumption.. Altogether I baked close to 600 pieces.. Luckily MIL helped me else I will surely be behind time. Finished just in time for break-fast.
And today break-fast was simple yet delicious.. Black Pepper Chicken Pita.. Hubz helped me to stir-fried the chicken while I prepared the pita & veggies..
Tomoro will be my revision day as I have 2 class tests this coming week.. Mon & Wed.. So no baking for me tomoro eventho I feel the urged to bake.. hihihi..
Now let the peektures do the talking...
Chocolate M&M Cookies
Black Pepper Chicken Pita

Friday, September 12, 2008

3 down..

I lost 3kgs! Yes, 3 KILOS! Was so happy when I weighed myself yesterday nite.

But I think my happiness will be shortlived when Hari Raya comes.. sure the weighing scale akan mintak ampun! :p Kilos akan naik kembali! hihihi...

Hopefully can maintain the weight or can even be reduced further.. let's see :)

Sunday, September 07, 2008

7 Ramadhan..

We have reached a week of fasting this Ramadhan.. very fast indeed..

Today we had "bought-back food" for break-fast and MIL fried her epok-epok sayur... We went Jalan Pisang to buy Abak Briyani. Luckily hubz called to book the briyani else we have to wait long for it... Then bought murtabak from Victory...

I have also shopped for my kuih-baking ingredients at Sheng Shiong & Phoon Huat. Gonna start baking soon for the orders I've received and will continue to bake for mum & ownself.. At the same time need to study for my 2 tests the following week.. Stresssss!

Hope I can study & at the same time baking.. Must know how to multi-task smartly.. :)

......presenting the food that we had for today's break-fast... *boy, i missed those days where I put up food pictures on my blog every day with my home-cooked break-fast food.. Those were my tai-tai hood days when I was 5 months time flies...*

Abak Nasi Briyani

Victory Murtabak Daging

Home-made Epok-epok sayur

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ramadhan Al Mubarak

Alhamdulillah kita diberikan kesempatan sekali lagi untuk menyambut Ramadhan yg mulia ini esok.. Semoga kita diberikan kekuatan menempuhi bulan yang suci ini dengan penuh kesyahduan dan keinsafan... Insya Allah

Selamat menyambut Ramadhan pada semua kawan-kawan di multiply ini...

Friday, August 29, 2008

Kuih Tart Season is back..

My Sis-in law has started taking order Kuih Tart for this coming Hari Raya... For those who had ordered the year before, now the kuih tart season is back again for this year!!! :) So for those who are interested, kindly drop me an email at and for those who has my mobile number, do sms me your order else you can PM me too...and for those who have ordered thru MRSiDelicacies, thank you for your support.

Price: 1 bottle = $15 (75 pcs per bottle)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ramadhan Challenge

Alhamdulillah, 3 more days to go before we welcome the holy month of Ramadhan.. The month which all Muslims been waiting for.. the month of 'collecting' more pahala.. I'm waiting eagerly too.. I just love this holy month as the feeling is just so different, so undescribable ..

For this coming Ramadhan, it will be a challenge for me as I have to juggle between night classes, work and family. What's more I have 2 class tests and a project due in September. Can I cope?? I hope so..with the support from my hubz & family and some close frens.. Insya Allah...

The saddest part is that, 1st Ramadhan I will be breaking fast in class (I'm the only Muslim there) while my family is enjoying their break-fast in the comfort of our home.. But anyway, these are all sacrifices for good cause... Hubz had been there and done that last year.. Insya Allah with the patience given, I can overcome the challenge smoothly..

To end this entry, herewith I wish all my friends in multiply, SELAMAT MENYAMBUT KEDATANGAN BULAN YG MULIA, RAMADHAN AL MUBARAK...

Friday, August 08, 2008


My long awaited bracelets & necklace..

Thursday, August 07, 2008

National Day Song

Hokay, now I need another help!! Where can I get some National Day songs online or should I say mp3 (pree punya).. too much rite?? haha.. ok ok.. I know it's illegal to 'steal' mp3 songs online but I need some of the National Day songs plss.. errr.. the old one to be precise.. eg. We Are Singapore, Stand Up for Singapore, One People One Nation One Spore..

Those who have the song pls email me or PM me pls!! Thank you many2...

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Catering Services - need help!

Dear all

I need contacts for Halal Buffet Catering which takes minimum order of 25 pax. Price ranging $ between 10 to $12... Will need to order for this Friday lunch!

Please help! Thank you!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Updates on..

my first day of school... I was the 2nd one to arrive.. Not kiasu or what but I was early hokay! Anyway it was a great lesson yesterday. Had a good & funny lecturer for my Productivity Management Module.. Thank goodness the class was not boring at all.. We kept laffing through out the class.. There's close to 50 of us.. A huge group... Even the lecturer was panicked to see the number of students.. Hope I will get a good lecturer as this one for my other modules..

First day we've got:-
... our class test date - 8 Sep 08
... class test tips
... topics which are most impt and sure to come out in exam
... infos on how the lecturer marks our exam paper
... and so on.....

Surprisingly yesterday I did not feel tired at all but instead I enjoyed my class.. ya..yaa.. i know cos it's only the 1st lesson...perhaps close to the 5th lesson, sure I will complain & complain.. and there's 3 more modules for this semester.. *breathe in..breathe out* .. Insya Allah, I will hang there till I finish my Dip in Feb 2010... :)

Thanks all for your encouragement and wishes.....

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Weekend No Enuff!

Few hrs more to Monday.. Oh dear..I couldn't get enuff of weekend.. hmmm.. What did we do for weekend..???

Met up with Umeer, Has & Nini at Popeye T3 for late lunch.. After lunch, the cousins went to Coffee Beans for a cuppa ice blended before we got into our BBQ discussion.. Yes, we gonna have BBQ on National Day..

Nini left earlier as she has something to attend. As for the rest of us, we stayed till 7.15pm before deciding to go Karaoke. We wanted so much to hear "Misha Umeer" sings.. Unfortunately both Cash Studio outlets were fully book. The earliest slot was at 1am.. Forget it. So we then decided to catch a movie at GV, Tampines Mall. Mummy - Tomb of The Dragon Emperor. So we went Tampines Mall. Again we were disappointed as the good seats were all taken up. Left only the front row.. So we decided to just lepak at McDonald and wait for Nini's call to go for our late dinner/supper... At 10pm, Nini called to inform that she could not join us for supper. We then went to Kampung Chai Chee Seafood and went back.

Went for 2 jemputan. And in the evening we went to Parkway to get something. The rest of the time was spent at home.

Tomorrow will be a long day for me.. My class finally starts tomoro.. Gosh! I'm having jitters already. *seems like the feeling when I first went to poly in 1995.. haha* .. Not too sure what to expect but I hope I'm able to jungle between work, family & studies. Insya Allah... Pray for me ya! Do hope that after 18 mths I can get my Dip in HR and continue my degree... Insya Allah.. Have pack my "school bag"... :)

Will update again soon.. Have a great week ahead...

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Rosie!!!

Happy 32nd Birthday to my dear fren, Rosie... and Happy 6th Wedding Anniversary to you & Adam...

Semoga dipanjangkan umur, dimurahkan rezeki dan diberi kesihatan yg sempurna... Insya Allah...Cekal kan hati untuk menghadapi apa pon dugaan dari NYA..

May your marriage be blessed with happiness always...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Walk to Remember

I couldn’t believe that I’ve actually walked 22km from our office (Braddell Road) to Terminal 2 Changi Airport. I guess no one will believe but yes, we did it!!

It’s all started on Monday when the Management had our Capstone MBA session where we were talking about BELIEF.. So our CEO, Michael, suggested that we should walk from our office to Changi Airport for our Wednesday Health is Wealth. Most of us shocked! We knew that we couldn’t do it for sure cos it will be a long walk.. But according to Michael, if we believe in ourselves, we know that we can do it.. We can reach Changi Airport.

So with the belief that we had in ourselves, we were ready to go for the Capstone TGR Challenge. Before that planning were done by our Health Is Wealth guru, Jerome. Routes were all planned, enuff food & drinks, safety measures were done and we were all ready to go.

In fact I was a bit skeptical whether to join the 22km walk cos I’m unsure if I have the stamina to complete the whole journey. Fear but yet excited on the event. Since most of them had set their mind to go, I followed them. Anyway we were not forced to complete the journey. We can fall out anytime we want.

So 14 of us set off from our office at 3.40pm after our warming up session led by Farhan.

The routes that I can vividly remember were:-
- Braddell Road
- Toa Payoh Lorong 8
- Potong Pasir
- Bendemeer
- Whampoa
- Kallang Bahru
- Mountabtten Road
- Old Airport Road
- Fort Road
- East Coast Beach
- Budget Terminal
- Terminal 2

2 Pitstop – Carpark B1 (light food & drinks) & F2 East Coast (light food, sugarcane drinks & tea) - all thanks to Cik Husin.

Challenges: Walking along ECP grass area. Lotsa pot-holes and uneven grass walkway.

Fall out: 1 colleague Casualties: none except our legs are still sore and pain (I'm feeling it now still, cant even walk properly)

Arrival at Terminal 2 was at 10.45pm. It took us 7 hrs, 14 mins & 59 secs. Our CEO then gave us a treat at Swensens for our late dinner/supper. Eyes were half closed by then but the feeling that we've actually completed our journey was priceless... Great achievement I must say! Not forgetting the bonding that we had and most importantly the support that we received from one another.. That was priceless too! :)

A walk that I will remember for the rest of my life…. We are given an off day today. And my left leg is super aching... ouch!

For pictures, do visit here!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Thank You Dear!

Thank you hubz for the watch.. Simply lurve it! *ku yg choose sendirik* :)

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Birthday Note..

Glitter Graphics

Happy Birthday Glitter Pictures

Happy Birthday to my dear fren, Norah aka Nollie!!
Semoga dipanjangkan usia, dimurahkan rezeki selalu dan diberkati Allah...
May you be blessed with love and happiness always... Enjoy your special day today!!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Movie Marathon

Yes, we did that yesterday. Watched 2 movies in a row. I took half day and met hubz at Plaza Singapura. Only the 2 of us.. So called a date lah after so long.. hiak hiak hiak..

Hubz called me when he was queuing to buy the tix.. He asked if I wanted to watch another movie at 1625hrs and I agreed.. So he bought tix for 2 movies.. HANCOCK first followed by WANTED.. Sungguh! Our first time ever did a movie marathon.. haha

First round..

Second round..
All time favourite, Nachos with lotsa cheese..

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Meet the notes Part II

Reference from my previous entry 2 months ago...

... Received the letter today.
... Application was approved..yay-ness!
... Skool starts on 4 Aug 08.. mati liao! a month more to enjoy..
... Need to ask company for $$ to pay for the fees (will do that tomoro)
... Next mth onwards = study, study, study! focus! focus! focus!
... 1.5 years to endure before I can go to a step further.. Insya Allah..

... Thank you Allah for this opportunity!
... Not forgetting thank you to the bosses for letting me furthering my studies..
... The course that I've been wanting to do since 2005.. Alhamdulillah...


Presenting APOM

I love going to Blk 527 Bedok North St 3 makan place... The APOM there is so sedap.. It's made-to-order and you will be served a fluffy white apom with crispy outer layer..not forgetting the orangy sugar.. Dad who brought us there sometimes 2 months ago and I fell in love with the apom there (not the mamak of cos..hihi)..

During single days, mum used to buy apom for me from one of the market in Bedok but now the aci who sold the apom was no longer there for last few years.. Now I can stop my APOM search.. anytime can go to Bedok and eat it... :)

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Happy Three-O Lieyaelmz..

Myspace Comments
Myspace Comments @

Kepada co-partner ku.....

Semoga kamu dipanjangkan umur, dimurahkan rejekik dan sentiasa dilindungi Allah swt.
Many many happy returns to you... May happiness will always be with you...

Co-partner mu (",)

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Of Serangoon and Fish Curry...

I've decided to register my Diploma course today after getting my MD's signature.. The closing date is drawing near. So I dragged my another partner in crime, Hajira, (my sidekick, Suri, is on leave, else the TRIO will go together) to follow me.. Anyway, the top management went for their Fish Head Curry's lunch at Jurong East and left us, the middle management, to find our own lunch...

Off we took MRT to NorthEast Line and went to SHRI to register my Dip Course.. Then went to Banana Leaf Apollo for our lunch.. Yes, we are treating ourselves to a nice and sumptious lunch today! *GST $$ just credited mah :p*

Our lunch place for the day

This is what we ordered:-
... Fish Curry
... Masala Bindi
... Apollo Chilli Chicken
... Mutton Samosa

Our glorious food

That's me with the hungry face but still can smile.. :D
That's Hajira doing some promotion for Banana Leaf Apollo

We were so hungry till we managed to finish up our rice (usually the rice they give is like 'bukit' ok!) ..

The aftermath..

Then to Jothi Store to buy henna and off we went back office... If only we can go shopping at Mustafa Centre... to do that we need additional 3 hrs for lunch!! hihi ;p

Burp! Alhamdulillah......