Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Of Serangoon and Fish Curry...

I've decided to register my Diploma course today after getting my MD's signature.. The closing date is drawing near. So I dragged my another partner in crime, Hajira, (my sidekick, Suri, is on leave, else the TRIO will go together) to follow me.. Anyway, the top management went for their Fish Head Curry's lunch at Jurong East and left us, the middle management, to find our own lunch...

Off we took MRT to NorthEast Line and went to SHRI to register my Dip Course.. Then went to Banana Leaf Apollo for our lunch.. Yes, we are treating ourselves to a nice and sumptious lunch today! *GST $$ just credited mah :p*

Our lunch place for the day

This is what we ordered:-
... Fish Curry
... Masala Bindi
... Apollo Chilli Chicken
... Mutton Samosa

Our glorious food

That's me with the hungry face but still can smile.. :D
That's Hajira doing some promotion for Banana Leaf Apollo

We were so hungry till we managed to finish up our rice (usually the rice they give is like 'bukit' ok!) ..

The aftermath..

Then to Jothi Store to buy henna and off we went back office... If only we can go shopping at Mustafa Centre... to do that we need additional 3 hrs for lunch!! hihi ;p

Burp! Alhamdulillah......

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