Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Hubz turns 32 today!!

... Got him a Swatch Watch
... Make him a personalized card

Now make way for me to dedicate a birthday wish for hubz...

*clear throat*

Specially to hubz, Rahmat...

A person who always bring smile on my face,
A person who always care for both Alisha & me,
A person who always be there for both Alisha & me,

The person is YOU...

And today on your birthday
I wish you all the happiness, laughter,
and luck for the year ahead.
May all your dreams come true
And reach new heights of success each day


Your 2 darlings...

Monday, June 23, 2008

Enuff of meetings!

Today is a terrible Monday I must say! I was involved in 3 meetings consecutively.. I dunt even have the time to clear my emails which reached up to 130 plus..Ya, I was away for a 2.5 days course...Else I shud be fast enuff to clear all the emails that come in everyday... Payroll stuff finally settled after some 'dispute'...

I managed to complete 3 tasks out of errrr (still counting)... More tasks waiting for me for the rest of the week.. I need a holiday! My sidekick, Suri, will be going for her 2nd honeymoon this Sat and will only be back to ofis on Thursday! So syiok!! I want to go honeymoon also preasssseeeeeeeeee!! hiak hiak hiak *hinting to hubz* :p

Anyway, I'm looking forward to tomoro as most of the top management will be away for the Basic Course conducted at IP... So our office will be peaceful and I can finish up my task smoothly and efficiently... haha

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Gotta New Blog Skin

Yippie!! I'm so happy that I finally change to another blogskin.. I'm so lurving it.. Simple yet nice..

What did we do on a Sunday? Yes, we gotto watch Kung Fu Panda! Hubz booked the tixs at Cathay Downtown East.. Great place to watch movie.. The movie was hilarious! The 3 of us simply enjoyed it very much.. We were laffing our hearts out!

Had our lunch cum dinner at BBQ Chicken and went Giant Tampines for some groceries shopping....

And.....tomoro is a MONDAY! Dreadful Monday! After 2.5 days of Excel course last week, I'm just so lazy to go back to office.. anyway Monday Blues what!!! :p

Have a great week ahead!!

p/s: I'm starting to countdown for the next weekend :p

Sunday, June 08, 2008

My Poor Lil Girl is sick

It's just so disheartened to see your child fall sick.. My Poor Alisha has been sick since Wednesday nite.. MIL has brought her to the doctor last Friday. She was prescribed with lotsa medicine.. Besides fever, she's having sore throat, cough, flu and ulcer.. That's too much for her to handle and I'm so sad to see her sunken face.. He has lost 2 kgs these few days. Her appetite really drop to zero.. She hasn't been taking any solid food these few days.. Only her main intake was her milk..
Her fever has subside since but her cough is really terrible.. Lotsa phlegm when she vomitted out.. Can hear the wheezing sound too.. Her voice so "sengau"..
She seldom falls sick but once she is sick, it will take sometime for her to recover.. I just hope that she will recover in time for the Friday retreat in Batam...
Poor darling..

Thursday, June 05, 2008

He's back

Hubz is back at home this afternoon... He's feeling better today... Yesterday he was wheeled back to the ward at around 3.30pm.. He was still groggy due to the anasthetic... Dinner was served to him but he has no appetitte.. Ate a bit but vomitted quite a handful... He was feeling dizzy and he slept all the way..
This morning hubz sms-ed me to inform that he can be discharged.. His Orthopedic Specialist had checked on him and told him that he was fit to go home.. I set off from home with Alisha at 9.15am to fetch him.. Hubz has to undergo physio-teraphy before he can be discharged. By the time the medicine was prescribed to him and the discharged administration was done, it was already 1.30pm.. Took a cab back. FIL waited at the carpark to help hubz with his crutches.. 2 weeks later, hubz will need to go back SGH to remove his stitches and a follow-up check up.
Tomoro I will be back at work and lucky it's a Friday.. But weekend will be a stay-home day as hubz cant move around that much...
Thank you for the doas and wel wishes from you guys.. We really appreciate it.. :)
Hubz feeling groggy
Alisha posing beside Abah's bed
Alisha eating dinner with Abah
Hubz's dinner: Curry Chicken & Spinach
Our complimentary dinner due to extra (the nurse gave it to Alisha but Alisha's Mama finished it .. hiak hiak hiak) : Shepperd Pie & Chicken Soup (Alisha finished that up)
Note: Pictures were taken using my Nokia 6500s.. That explained the blur-ness.. :)

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Operation in Progress

At this moment, hubz is having his left knee operated due to torn ligament...It's his 3rd operation to be precised..but the 1st for his left knee...
Supposedly the surgery was at 8.30am just now but according to our nephew who accompanied hubz, the surgery is delayed. I guess by now he's in the op theatre... Just hope everything will be smooth running...
I'm on half day leave and full day leave tomoro.. I guess hubz will be warded for few days or at least a day... I'm going off to SGH in few hrs time...
Pray for my hubz pls...