Sunday, June 08, 2008

My Poor Lil Girl is sick

It's just so disheartened to see your child fall sick.. My Poor Alisha has been sick since Wednesday nite.. MIL has brought her to the doctor last Friday. She was prescribed with lotsa medicine.. Besides fever, she's having sore throat, cough, flu and ulcer.. That's too much for her to handle and I'm so sad to see her sunken face.. He has lost 2 kgs these few days. Her appetite really drop to zero.. She hasn't been taking any solid food these few days.. Only her main intake was her milk..
Her fever has subside since but her cough is really terrible.. Lotsa phlegm when she vomitted out.. Can hear the wheezing sound too.. Her voice so "sengau"..
She seldom falls sick but once she is sick, it will take sometime for her to recover.. I just hope that she will recover in time for the Friday retreat in Batam...
Poor darling..

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