Monday, February 23, 2009


My dear princess turns 4 today.. See how fast she has grown .. tsk tsk tsk.. 4 years ago (24 Feb 05), she was just a little baby, cuddling in our she has grown up to a little schooling toddler.. With her adding another year to her age suddenly I feel that age is really catching up on me..
We will be celebrating her birthday together with her classmates in few hours time.. She was all excited since last week.. Goodies bags all ready, her Dora The Explorer cake too has been delivered to us just now.. Now it's just a matter of time she will be blowing and cutting her cake in the presence of her classmates and teachers..
Alhamdulillah her 4 years journey have been very blissful (Insya' Allah she will continue that way) and she is an easy child to handle with but can be so mischevious and playful at times.. No matter what, she will always be our little baby...
Alisha Ameera...
Both Abah & Mama love you so much! You are the light of our life.. Happy 4th Birthday Sayang!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Her First Nebulizer

Brought Alisha to the doctor for her prolonged cough treatment.. It's been 2 months since she had this cough.. This time I brought her to another doctor (non-company doc). A visit which I was caught by surprised..Alisha was diagnosed to have an early stage of bronchitis.. There's infection at her left lung and nose.. Too much phlegm.. There's also a wheezing sound at her left lung. So Alisha was asked to use the nebulizer for about 5 minutes in order to stop the wheezing sound.
Alhamdulillah after the nebulizer treatment, her wheezing sound went off.. The doctor explained the causes of bronchitis and advised Alisha to avoid any cold stuff, direct aircon and any artificial colouring food/drinks.. She better listen to us.. She is just super stubborn nowadays. The more we try to advice her, the more rebellious she will be.. haizz.. But now she has no reason not to listen to our advice.. We told her if she were to consume any cold drinks or sweets, we will send her to hospital..
I just hope that her cough will goes off soon and she be back in her normal health.. So worried for her..

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Suria Hatiku

Finally I got hold on Taufik's Suria Hatiku Album.. Never failed to buy his albums eversince his first winning in Singapore Idol..
I must say that this Suria Hatiku Album is good! Great songs to listen..
Now I'm hooked with 2 songs... Suria Hatiku & Nafas ku.. power!!

Nafasku - Taufik Batisah