Monday, February 23, 2009


My dear princess turns 4 today.. See how fast she has grown .. tsk tsk tsk.. 4 years ago (24 Feb 05), she was just a little baby, cuddling in our she has grown up to a little schooling toddler.. With her adding another year to her age suddenly I feel that age is really catching up on me..
We will be celebrating her birthday together with her classmates in few hours time.. She was all excited since last week.. Goodies bags all ready, her Dora The Explorer cake too has been delivered to us just now.. Now it's just a matter of time she will be blowing and cutting her cake in the presence of her classmates and teachers..
Alhamdulillah her 4 years journey have been very blissful (Insya' Allah she will continue that way) and she is an easy child to handle with but can be so mischevious and playful at times.. No matter what, she will always be our little baby...
Alisha Ameera...
Both Abah & Mama love you so much! You are the light of our life.. Happy 4th Birthday Sayang!!

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