Friday, March 06, 2009

Swamp Me..

I guess this week is just so stressful for me.. With a huge 'burden' that I need to settle quickly before the dateline.. I feel like time is not on my side..
Anyway it's past dateline but still it's not been settled yet!
Bcos I'm the only one who is doing it
Bcos the stoopid system is a cork up system
Validation failed!
Arghhhhh!! Stresssss!! I've been going back late except for the day which I've got my classes.. Yesterday was worst.. it's like everything went wrong.. By end of the day, I was super tired..super drained out! I feel just like getting out from everything!! Arghhh!!
Today I'm alone in the office while the rest of them are in IP... Finally I have my peace altho there's calls for me (being a walking database..yeah, they can't live w/o me..duh!) .. Finally managed to finish the blardy task but now the site seems to be down.. How to submit like that?? grrrr! Stoopid lah!
I just feel like going back now! But there's class later.. What's more Friday class is a super boring module with a super boring lecturer... there goes my evening! I hope this weekend will be a good one for me.. Insya Allah... *hubby, i know you gonna read this.. so please bring me to a nice place this weekend where I can re-charge myself after a stressful week* hehe
To all, have a great weekend...

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