Sunday, September 28, 2008

First Step..

to Geylang at nite.. This year I really have no mood to go Geylang. Went once during daytime with SIL & MIL then yesterday the 2nd visit.. Was quite surprised that hub wanted to go Geylang yesterday.. After the Liverpool match, hub suggested to go Geylang since I wanted to get Dengdeng for the past weeks.. So at 11.45pm we setoff.. Parked at Spore Post and went to the Bazaar in front of the SPC before we off to the main bazaar.. Nothing much I could say.. The crowds are getting lesser and lesser compared to years before...

For me, I still prefer the atmosphere when the bazaar was once situated at Dewan Perses.. It was much more happening with bigger crowds.. That I must say the feeling of raya was super terasa..

We just bought Alisha's socks, hub's butang baju kurung, sampul duit, dengdeng & keropok lekor and off we for a KPE ride as hub wanted to "test" the KPE route..

Saturday, September 27, 2008

We go O-LIO..

We had Aglio Olio Pasta for break fast as hubz wanted so much to eat that. The last time we ate was at Spize and now he's craving to eat it..

It was a success for a first try.. I can say it's delicious (oops masuk bakul angkat sendiri :p) .. Hubz agreed too... hihihi...

Anyway I have finally stop my baking after another round of M&M cookies this morning. Maybe tomoro I will bake a cake but till now I'm not too sure what cake I wanna bake... SIL will for sure bake variety cakes for us so I'm contemplating whether to bake or not to bake.. So I shall see my mood tomoro.. We gonna go Parkway tomoro as I need to get our bedsheet at Aussino and hubz need to buy a sandal for hari raya...

2 more days before Hari Raya.. so fast! haizz....

Monday, September 22, 2008

Uh so peaceful!

It's been so long since I have peaceful-ness in the office.. Today I was alone in the office as my sidekick, Suri, is on leave and the rest are currently at our International Plaza office facilitating the Selection Workshop.. Lucky me need not to be involved..

I managed to clear some work and at the same time complete my group assignment.. If only everyday is like today..

There's class today and hopefully we will get out test paper back! :)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

13 Ramadhan - Baking Session

Isn't it fast that we have reached 13 Ramadhan? Almost 2 weeks have passed.. Another half month to go before Syawal..
Today I've started my baking session... Completed Chocolate M&M cookies for the orders received and also for own consumption.. Altogether I baked close to 600 pieces.. Luckily MIL helped me else I will surely be behind time. Finished just in time for break-fast.
And today break-fast was simple yet delicious.. Black Pepper Chicken Pita.. Hubz helped me to stir-fried the chicken while I prepared the pita & veggies..
Tomoro will be my revision day as I have 2 class tests this coming week.. Mon & Wed.. So no baking for me tomoro eventho I feel the urged to bake.. hihihi..
Now let the peektures do the talking...
Chocolate M&M Cookies
Black Pepper Chicken Pita

Friday, September 12, 2008

3 down..

I lost 3kgs! Yes, 3 KILOS! Was so happy when I weighed myself yesterday nite.

But I think my happiness will be shortlived when Hari Raya comes.. sure the weighing scale akan mintak ampun! :p Kilos akan naik kembali! hihihi...

Hopefully can maintain the weight or can even be reduced further.. let's see :)

Sunday, September 07, 2008

7 Ramadhan..

We have reached a week of fasting this Ramadhan.. very fast indeed..

Today we had "bought-back food" for break-fast and MIL fried her epok-epok sayur... We went Jalan Pisang to buy Abak Briyani. Luckily hubz called to book the briyani else we have to wait long for it... Then bought murtabak from Victory...

I have also shopped for my kuih-baking ingredients at Sheng Shiong & Phoon Huat. Gonna start baking soon for the orders I've received and will continue to bake for mum & ownself.. At the same time need to study for my 2 tests the following week.. Stresssss!

Hope I can study & at the same time baking.. Must know how to multi-task smartly.. :)

......presenting the food that we had for today's break-fast... *boy, i missed those days where I put up food pictures on my blog every day with my home-cooked break-fast food.. Those were my tai-tai hood days when I was 5 months time flies...*

Abak Nasi Briyani

Victory Murtabak Daging

Home-made Epok-epok sayur