Sunday, September 28, 2008

First Step..

to Geylang at nite.. This year I really have no mood to go Geylang. Went once during daytime with SIL & MIL then yesterday the 2nd visit.. Was quite surprised that hub wanted to go Geylang yesterday.. After the Liverpool match, hub suggested to go Geylang since I wanted to get Dengdeng for the past weeks.. So at 11.45pm we setoff.. Parked at Spore Post and went to the Bazaar in front of the SPC before we off to the main bazaar.. Nothing much I could say.. The crowds are getting lesser and lesser compared to years before...

For me, I still prefer the atmosphere when the bazaar was once situated at Dewan Perses.. It was much more happening with bigger crowds.. That I must say the feeling of raya was super terasa..

We just bought Alisha's socks, hub's butang baju kurung, sampul duit, dengdeng & keropok lekor and off we for a KPE ride as hub wanted to "test" the KPE route..

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