Thursday, November 30, 2006

Hady, I've got it!

Finally get to own this!! All thanked to hubby who bought for me at Singapore Post yesterday! :> It came with Hady's stamp too :> But yet to hear the songs in there! Will do so tonite!! *grin*

Next mission will be Taufik's album! Gonna get it this weekend!! I'm so in lurpe with Taufik's Usah Lepaskan & All Because of You....

Support SG Idols' album!! hihihi

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I may call it QUIT!

Not blog of course but my current job! Yesh! My new found job! It's only a week of my new job but I was having hell of time! Darn!! I shud have not accept the job in the first place! Shit! What was said during the interview really varies when I have started work! Sheesh!! Was not even told to do SALES call during the interview but last 2 days was told to do so!! So much so compare to my job title! Duh!! The previous gal did not even have to do such thing and got to know that I have many tasks added on for me!! And guess what?! The previous gal was paid much higher than me! (I happen to do her last claim).. And the amount of work she did was like so little compared to mine! Duh!! Izzit being the minority here, I am being taken advantage of?? *sigh*

Just like today, I have to do "shit" work!! My manager was on mc but that doesn't mean that I'll get away from him! No!! He emailed me few times and one of the task I have to do by Friday is to clear a stretch of cabinets and threw unwanted things as other dept needs the space! duh!! Dah mcm sochai sak!! And fancy being a newbie is of cos blur on wat things to throw and what to keep!! So I asked our Sales Specialist for help! The 2 ladies just tell me on what to throw and what to keep.. That's it! Not even saying that they will help me! Arghhh!!! So I managed to take 2 boxes and dumped all those unwanted things.. Mind you, the cabinets sooo dusty one!! And me having a sensitive nose already felt the itch! I so fed up and I just stop packing 2 boxes cos i din get anymore boxes... heck care lah!!

I tink soon my task will be cleaning toilets? cebok kan manusia2 ni?? *sorry exaggerating here :p*

Argh!! Why am I complaining so much when I just started my work only for a week! I guess the department sucks! The people sucks! The environment lagi sucks!! For goodness sake, I need a NEW JOB plsss!!! Been applying for jobs these few days!! Hopefully I can get a better one! So you guys if have any lobangs for admin job, do inform me pls!! I really appreciate that!!

Kay gonna blah from here soon! Must go back chop2 one!! Sien!!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Weekend updates..

Well, it's already Monday nite.. Monday just go off like that... Isn't it fast? Yesterday nite I was telling hubbie that weekend gonna end in few hrs time.. Now, Monday has come to an end.. iskk..

Anyway I did enjoy my weekends tho... Our weekend started on Friday nite.. After maghrib, went over to my parents' place.. Mum cooked beefball curry and chicken rendang.. Niceee! After that lazed around in my sis's room with the rest.. Helped my sis to pack her clothes.. Oh ya, both my parents and sis will be holiday-ing to India.. They followed Shahidah Travel's package.. How nice they will be going for a holiday while we are stuck in SG... But neh mind... Shall plan for a holiday soon...

We stayed till 10pm...We then went to Changi Airport.. Saja-saja jer... We ended up at Popeye eating the chickies and I finally had my Mashed Potato...Simply lurving it!! After that went to the Viewing Mall and just looked at the planes taking off.. Icah was half sleepy but excited.. We only made our way back home around 11.45pm..

Saturday morning spent our time for spring cleaning our house... We only went out around 3.30pm.. Pick our niece, Aqilah, up from MIL's and we went Vivo City.. As hubbie yet to explore that place so we decided to go lah.. Upon reaching Vivo City, we were lucky to get a parking lot near to the lift.. Once we step in the mall, we were sooo shocked to see the crowds! Like Maslia said "Poning kepala bibik" hihihi... As we have yet to take our lunch, we proceed to Earle Swensen.. Got a nice seat facing Sentosa... power!! The ambience is just soo nice..It's diff from other Swensen..This one is more to fine dining.. We ordered our food and had our salad buffet.. Pahwer!!! Spent around 1 hr eating... Then we go window shopping and proceed to the 3rd level where the pool is.. My gawd! We were like soo surprised that the pool was packed with lotsa people..Dah mcm picnic sey dorang buat! We just walked past and took a few pics and went down.. Cannot tahan liao! Went to Best Denki to get Alisha's flask den went off..

Next stop was to Bugis Junction...fuh! better sket! Went to SingTel and bought N73.. Trade in my W800i and I only paid $48 for it! Satisfied! Eventho I know Nokia N Series do not have a good rating but bcos I like the wide screen and the camera is 3.2 megapixels so I grabbed it.. And what's more the new line I'm taking is under hubbie's staff rate.. selamat lah kan.. Anyway I did not change my number as yet cos my M1 contract has yet to end.. Will inform you guys if I changed my number.. Then off to Adidas Boutique as hubbie wanted to buy shoe..

We went off from Bugis only around 7.30pm.. Went to MIL's place for awhile as Abg Long & family came over... Had chit chat session with them and we only went back around 9.15pm.. Rested for awhile before we went out again to The Cage at Kallang around 11.45pm.. Met my cousins there.. Hubbie joined them to play indoor soccer while me, Icah and my cousins, Nini & Nadia just watched the guys played. Icah soo excited seeing them playing.. They finished playing around 2am.. Went back home after that.. Hubbie's 2 nephews slept over at our place so as Nini & Nadia...We finally went to sleep around 3.45am...

Sunday morning we woke up around 10am... I decided not to cook bfast as was soo tired.. We just bought roti prata at the nearby coffeeshop.. Icah woke up late as I know she is just soo tired.. At 12.30pm, we went out to jemputan at Yishun.. It was hellokitty (Ida Rohani)'s wedding.. Met Nollie & ahem there... After the guy side came and took pictures, we went off... Sent Nini & Nadia to the nearest MRT and we went back home.. Get to take a nap for 2 hrs... After maghrib, we went to Spize at Simpang Bedok to have our dinner.. Great food there!! Hubbie had Bullet Black Pepper Steak while I had my Seafood Olio Spaghetti & Mushroon soup.. Tapau Nasi Goreng Kampung for my dad as we be dropping off at Bedok to pass my sis something... Reached home only at 9.30pm..

That's what my weekend were all about.. 4 more days to next weekend.. I just can't wait cos weekend are the only days we get to spend time with our family...

Till then, will update again soon... :)

Alisha 21 months
Weekend pics

Friday, November 24, 2006

Happy 21st Alisha!!

My darling princess turns 21 months today! Weeeeeee! So fast!! 3 more mths, she will be TERIBLE TWO! wow! I tot we just celebrated her 1st birthday but now she's gonna turn TWO soon! iskk...Ku pulak nak masuk TIGA-KOSONG! aiseyyy....

At 21 months, she:
  • likes to imitate what people around her does
  • ask me to put her lipstick *ni kes mentel*
  • Whenever she sees petrol station be it Shell, Esso, Mobbil or others, she will goes "Air!! Air!!" cos she knows whenever we went to the mart there, we sure buy drinks.
  • She lurves 7-11 and will make her mama or abah's pocket berlobang when she enter there..
  • She understands what people communicate with her..
  • Can be a great help when ask to take something..
  • She lurves when people tell her she's pretty..She will show you her mentel smile.. *vainpot*
  • She's much much more friendlier than before..
  • As usual, she's playful and cheeky plus active..
She's my hunny bunny..she really lights up both hubbie & my life! She's simple lovable... Mama & Abah lurve you Alisha Ameera... *mmmwahhhhh*

Thursday, November 23, 2006

3rd day??

Hokay! Did you guys realise that how fast the time flies? I'm into my 3rd day of work in the new! So fast huh?! Well, my first day went well...Was told about my job scope by my reporting manager.. Managed to do some work with the aid of my manager.. One thing for sure, I did get "lost" in the office.. The office is really big and it has too many doors and exit.. Dah mcm Madu Tiga dahh.. Pening kepala bibik! I was totally blur to the max! haha.. But what can I say..First day mahhh!!!

Today is better...Get to familiarise with many things... And gosh, was so busy today! But at least the time just pass very fast! That's what I like!

Let me tell you that whole office, can you believe that I'm the only Malay there?? duh?! I was like oh mann! No lunch kakis that I used to have in my previous jobs... Now I'm "town-sick"..I miss town environment..I miss my lunch partner, Nollie..I miss my old koligs..huwaaa! Feel like crying when I have to lunch alone! No "beautiful things" (READ: clothes, shoes at JL, Robinsons, OG, Taka, Tangs) to oogle to.. Here, I can only see buildings, flats & factories...huwaaaa!! But one thing for sure, I can save money lah for not TER..TER..TER..(beli) those stuffs...hehehe... So now weekend I must get hubbie to bring me to town or any shopping centres for me to "wash eyes"... ;)

Anyway, my legs and body do hurt as I did walk to office and back home..Mebbe bcos long time no exercise lah.. :p But for the past 2 days, I took bus to work from MIL's place (3 bus stops) after sending Icah...cos it's quite a distance from MIL's to office wheras from my blk to office is not so bad...(2 bus stops) ...

Ermm..shall stop here for now..I need to take my rest now...Quite sleepy... So till I blog again... Adios!!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Having jitters....

Well, tomoro gonna be my first day at work in the new company... Having butterflies in my stomach liao!! Need to start all over again...New working environment, new koligs & new task.. Hopefully everything will be smooth for me... Insya' Allah... So work starts at 9am...Will be going out from my hse at 8.30am...First day must be early mah... ;)

Enuff of having fun over the weekend and today... Tomoro will be a brand new day for me.. :)

Anyway last Saturday marked our last Hari Raya visiting for this Syawal...We had a blast outing and enjoyed ourselves... With 7 houses we covered, almost all houses we get to eat delicious food...Peyot pon naik kembong! :) .. Photos can be located in my multiply...

Yesterday, we went to my ex-kolig, Thameem's wedding at Kampung Glam CC...Met Rohani there for awhile... After the wedding reception, we went back to MIL's place... Nowhere to go... At night we ordered Golden Pillow for dinner...

Today, had an appointment with Nollie to go merayap-ing at Vivo City.. The place is so huge!! Kaki gue betol nya mintak ampon!! Had lunch at Fig & Olive...Overall I like the outdoor corner where we can chill out and also the pool where kids juz love it! Even the adults like too! :) ..

Enjoying viewing the photos...

Raya Pics
Vivo Las Vegas

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I shall tell you...

Well, I guess you guys must be guessing what good news I wanna announce... hehe.. All this while, when I on my MSN, messages keeps popping up asking what is the good news.. ekekek...
Most of you guys asked if I'm pregnant!! I would love to but guess belom ada rezeki.. :)

Actually it's nothing great lah but to me, it's something that I look forward to... As some of you know that currently I'm working for a Telco company and is under contract... Somewhere on September, I was informed by my boss that they might not want to have contract staff under the headcount.. As my headcount is under a project base, so my boss has no say in this.. So she told me to be prepared to get my contract lah nasib kalau under contract.. They can just kick you as and when they like... So from then on, I tried to apply some internal posting but too bad not successful...

So I keep looking for jobs in Jobstreets, JobsDB & in the paper... Not until on 1st week of raya where Maslia (tenkiu hor) gave me a job link for me to apply.. I tried applying and guess what? Few mins after sending my resume, the job agency called me.. Told me about the job scope and all but she did not mention which company. She said that she will arrange and interview with the manager there.. It was Monday then... By the time I got her call on Wednesday saying that I secured an interview with the company on Friday... Friday came, I went for the interview...We chatted informally for abt an hr.. Sampai haus ku dibuatnya... After the interview ended, I was hoping to get the job there cos :

  • It's just a 10 mins walk from my house..
  • Save transport money!!
  • The company is one of the biggest logistic company in S'pore...
  • Will be working a 5 days work week..
  • Work starts at 9am and ends at 6pm..
  • Most importantly it is a permanent position..

I was praying that I can get the job..

Then the following week which was last Thursday, I got a call from the job agency telling me that I got the job! I was like ..Ohhh Reallyy??? That's a great news!!

So this Friday will be my last day in my current company...Come next Tuesday (21st Nov), I will embark a new journey in the new company... Hopefully all goes well for me.. Insya' Allah.. :)

Thanks to my MMVD sistas who have been encouraging & praying for me.. Thanks also to some of you out there for the well wishes & words of encouragement... :) *cheh dah mcm amek award plak ako ni*

Monday, November 13, 2006

Yaaaaaaa Kunnnnnnn..

I had a good breakfast today! Finally get to eat Ya Kun toast this morning! Days after days hearing Kak Sun's morning breakfast at Ya Kun, so coincidently this morning I was at Raffles City, I bought Ya Kun Toast Set A bfast! :) Met Rosie first to pass her the pineapple tarts..Den she accompany me to buy my bfast at Ya Kun..Never did I know the half boiled egg can be "tapau" back until Rosie and the Ya Kun Aunty told me... hehe..I so jakunist :p

After buying my bfast, I said goodbye to Rosie and went to office... As I was the first one to be in the office, I savour my bfast slowly and enjoy every bits of the kaya toast and half boiled egg.. :)

Oh ya, speaking of Ya Kun, I remembered a "joke" made by hubbie's nephew when we were at Parkway sometimes back... The conversation goes like this:

Me: "Eh, Ya Kun lah tuu!"
Hubbie: "A'ah lah"
Nephew: "Ya Kun tu kawan Aunty Idah (Me) eh?"

All of us burst into laughter... So innocent as he is till he doesn't know what Ya Kun is... So we pointed the shop to him and he laugh at his silly question.. :p

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Good News!!

Yeah! A call that I've got this morning left me smiling all day.. These few days I was really hoping for this piece of good news! Alhamdulillah, today Allah has answered my prayers! :)
Will share with you guys the news soon... :)

Another good news is that my faveret singer, Dr Fazley, got married on 7th November! His bride is soo pretty!!! Secocok sungguh!!! Semoga mereka diberi kebahagiaan bersama sebagai suami isteri.. If they were to have kids, for sure they will be adorable.. :)

The news that I've got thru email:

7 November 2006 - Selamat Pengantin Baru.
Moga kekal hingga ke akhir hayat...

Alhamdulillah. Kita bersyukur ke hadrat Allah swt. Yang Maha Pengampun dan Maha Penyayang di atas limpah rahmatNya yang telah menentukan penyatuan suci dua jiwa yang saling mencintai.

Pada 7 November 2006 bersamaan 15 Syawal 1427 selebriti kesayangan anda Dr. Fazley Yaakob telah selamat diijabkabulkan dengan puteri pilihan hatinya Azrene Soraya. Mereka telah ditunangkan terlebih dahulu pada pukul 12 tengahari dan acara pernikahan dilangsungkan pada 2.30 petang di Masjid Saidina Abu Bakar Bukit Damansara, Kuala Lumpur.

Pasangan suami isteri ini dengan penuh kesyahduan memohon doa dan restu dari semua ahli keluarga, saudara-mara, para peminat dan sesiapa sahaja yang mengenali mereka. Alhamdulillah.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

2nd week of Syawal..

Today mark the 12th day of Syawal.. Nearly 2 weeks have past and for me I have yet to complete my jalan raya.. For me, I dunt feel the raya mood already.. mebbe bcos last week been spending our time in the hospital.. MIL was discharged yesterday.. Alhamdulillah she is recuperating back home.. And happen yesterday too, I was on mc.. Down with sore throat & flu.. Luckily now it's better..

Today we managed to go for 2 raya open house... Went out only at 4pm.. Fetched my parents & sis and we headed to Aunty Ani & Uncle Mat's abode.. Delicious food was being served! The main attraction was the chocolate fountain where we, the cuzzins gathered around and dip the fruits, marshmallow & biscuits in the yummylicious chocolate.. We stayed there for nearly 2 hrs before we made our move to my buddy's place in Tampines.. Nini & Nadia followed in our car while Nini's bf, Ashraff, waited for us in Tampines..

We reached Adi's place at around 6.30pm... It was great to see the 4 (inclusive of our the other half) of us gathered together.. Been such a long time since I saw Apool... Rambut ko tak tumbuh2 lah!! Gerpren pon jembu! hiak hiak hiak.. While eating, we chit chat... Alisha so happy to get her freedom.. She walked around the big house while we watched Adi & Yanti's Wedding DVD.. After camwhore session, we made our move.. Nini, Ashraff & Nadia proceed to Woodlands and we went back to MIL's place to visit her.. Sat there for awhile and we went back...

Now hubbie is watching the soccer match.. He'll be bringing us for supper at Popeye after the match ended.. So now I better laze around first before going out..

Enjoy the newly uploaded pictures here!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Worned out...

It's just soo heavy to step into the office after 2 days of leave.. The feeling is just sooo arghhh.. How I wish that I can be on a long leave.. Mebbe soon? Only Allah knows!

It has been a hectic week.. MIL is currently in Tan Tock Seng.. Had her arthritis operation on Monday and now is on road to recovery.. I hope that she can be discharged soon... Both me & hubbie took turns to take leave... The journey from home/office to th ehospital really drained me out! Now my whole body is aching and what's more my throat is feeling sore.. I'm having flu also.. arghh..Hate this feeling... Perhaps I just got infected by hubbie.. He has yet to recover from his flu...

These few days, I received many invitation for Raya Open House this coming weekend.. One of it is my auntie's house & my poly buddy's house.. I wanted so much to go but I dunno how my weekend will be? I already missed my poly buddy's wedding last June and actually I do not want to miss gather with the 2 other buddies (including my cuzzin) at his house this Saturday.. We'll see how it goes...

Actually now I'm emotionally tired.. How I wish I can just rest at home and regain back my energy.. Many2 things on my mind right now... sheesh

Outta here...