Monday, November 27, 2006

Weekend updates..

Well, it's already Monday nite.. Monday just go off like that... Isn't it fast? Yesterday nite I was telling hubbie that weekend gonna end in few hrs time.. Now, Monday has come to an end.. iskk..

Anyway I did enjoy my weekends tho... Our weekend started on Friday nite.. After maghrib, went over to my parents' place.. Mum cooked beefball curry and chicken rendang.. Niceee! After that lazed around in my sis's room with the rest.. Helped my sis to pack her clothes.. Oh ya, both my parents and sis will be holiday-ing to India.. They followed Shahidah Travel's package.. How nice they will be going for a holiday while we are stuck in SG... But neh mind... Shall plan for a holiday soon...

We stayed till 10pm...We then went to Changi Airport.. Saja-saja jer... We ended up at Popeye eating the chickies and I finally had my Mashed Potato...Simply lurving it!! After that went to the Viewing Mall and just looked at the planes taking off.. Icah was half sleepy but excited.. We only made our way back home around 11.45pm..

Saturday morning spent our time for spring cleaning our house... We only went out around 3.30pm.. Pick our niece, Aqilah, up from MIL's and we went Vivo City.. As hubbie yet to explore that place so we decided to go lah.. Upon reaching Vivo City, we were lucky to get a parking lot near to the lift.. Once we step in the mall, we were sooo shocked to see the crowds! Like Maslia said "Poning kepala bibik" hihihi... As we have yet to take our lunch, we proceed to Earle Swensen.. Got a nice seat facing Sentosa... power!! The ambience is just soo nice..It's diff from other Swensen..This one is more to fine dining.. We ordered our food and had our salad buffet.. Pahwer!!! Spent around 1 hr eating... Then we go window shopping and proceed to the 3rd level where the pool is.. My gawd! We were like soo surprised that the pool was packed with lotsa people..Dah mcm picnic sey dorang buat! We just walked past and took a few pics and went down.. Cannot tahan liao! Went to Best Denki to get Alisha's flask den went off..

Next stop was to Bugis Junction...fuh! better sket! Went to SingTel and bought N73.. Trade in my W800i and I only paid $48 for it! Satisfied! Eventho I know Nokia N Series do not have a good rating but bcos I like the wide screen and the camera is 3.2 megapixels so I grabbed it.. And what's more the new line I'm taking is under hubbie's staff rate.. selamat lah kan.. Anyway I did not change my number as yet cos my M1 contract has yet to end.. Will inform you guys if I changed my number.. Then off to Adidas Boutique as hubbie wanted to buy shoe..

We went off from Bugis only around 7.30pm.. Went to MIL's place for awhile as Abg Long & family came over... Had chit chat session with them and we only went back around 9.15pm.. Rested for awhile before we went out again to The Cage at Kallang around 11.45pm.. Met my cousins there.. Hubbie joined them to play indoor soccer while me, Icah and my cousins, Nini & Nadia just watched the guys played. Icah soo excited seeing them playing.. They finished playing around 2am.. Went back home after that.. Hubbie's 2 nephews slept over at our place so as Nini & Nadia...We finally went to sleep around 3.45am...

Sunday morning we woke up around 10am... I decided not to cook bfast as was soo tired.. We just bought roti prata at the nearby coffeeshop.. Icah woke up late as I know she is just soo tired.. At 12.30pm, we went out to jemputan at Yishun.. It was hellokitty (Ida Rohani)'s wedding.. Met Nollie & ahem there... After the guy side came and took pictures, we went off... Sent Nini & Nadia to the nearest MRT and we went back home.. Get to take a nap for 2 hrs... After maghrib, we went to Spize at Simpang Bedok to have our dinner.. Great food there!! Hubbie had Bullet Black Pepper Steak while I had my Seafood Olio Spaghetti & Mushroon soup.. Tapau Nasi Goreng Kampung for my dad as we be dropping off at Bedok to pass my sis something... Reached home only at 9.30pm..

That's what my weekend were all about.. 4 more days to next weekend.. I just can't wait cos weekend are the only days we get to spend time with our family...

Till then, will update again soon... :)

Alisha 21 months
Weekend pics

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