Saturday, November 04, 2006

2nd week of Syawal..

Today mark the 12th day of Syawal.. Nearly 2 weeks have past and for me I have yet to complete my jalan raya.. For me, I dunt feel the raya mood already.. mebbe bcos last week been spending our time in the hospital.. MIL was discharged yesterday.. Alhamdulillah she is recuperating back home.. And happen yesterday too, I was on mc.. Down with sore throat & flu.. Luckily now it's better..

Today we managed to go for 2 raya open house... Went out only at 4pm.. Fetched my parents & sis and we headed to Aunty Ani & Uncle Mat's abode.. Delicious food was being served! The main attraction was the chocolate fountain where we, the cuzzins gathered around and dip the fruits, marshmallow & biscuits in the yummylicious chocolate.. We stayed there for nearly 2 hrs before we made our move to my buddy's place in Tampines.. Nini & Nadia followed in our car while Nini's bf, Ashraff, waited for us in Tampines..

We reached Adi's place at around 6.30pm... It was great to see the 4 (inclusive of our the other half) of us gathered together.. Been such a long time since I saw Apool... Rambut ko tak tumbuh2 lah!! Gerpren pon jembu! hiak hiak hiak.. While eating, we chit chat... Alisha so happy to get her freedom.. She walked around the big house while we watched Adi & Yanti's Wedding DVD.. After camwhore session, we made our move.. Nini, Ashraff & Nadia proceed to Woodlands and we went back to MIL's place to visit her.. Sat there for awhile and we went back...

Now hubbie is watching the soccer match.. He'll be bringing us for supper at Popeye after the match ended.. So now I better laze around first before going out..

Enjoy the newly uploaded pictures here!

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