Sunday, July 31, 2005

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Sunday gonna end soon... So fast!!! I'm gonna look forward to tis coming weekend cos I'm outa Singapore!! Yeahooo! I just need a break!! I'm tired!!! We be off to Malacca, BIL's hse... yippie!!!

Yesterday we went JB with my parents and sis.. Went to Giant Tampoi for groceries shopping.. Both me & hubie didn't buy much things.. But my parents really borong many2 things!! hehe .. Takut kalau tgk.. hehe. .After the borong session, we went dinner at Yeo's Family Restaurant at PTP.. Again we ordered lotsa foods... We were really hungry so we finished up the food! Licin beb! hehe

Reached Spore around 10.20pm.. Sent my parents & sis back and we zoomed to MIL's place to fetch Alisha..

This morning I so berkobar-kobar to masak.. So I whipped up Nasi Briyani Ayam & Ayam Tandoori.. Verdict : Sedapp.. ;P (according to hubbie lah) Can try again next time.. *grin*

Nasi Briyani & Ayam Tandoori..

After Asar, the 3 of us went to Compass Point.. Bring Alisha go jalan2.. Stopped over at Metro and bought Alisha 2 pair of shoes.. Den we ate our dinner at Banquet.. Around 8pm, we went back...

Getting ready to go Compass Point..

After morning bath..

Now Lil' Alisha is sleeping.. And soon I will join her... So ngantuk and penat liao! Byee all!
For more peektures pls click here!

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Virus! Virus! Virus!

I'm feeling super lazy tis morning!! Lazy to wake up..lazy to go to work.. arghh.. How I wish I can sleep & sleep!! I'm lacking of sleep rite now!!! *yawning*

HmMmmmm.. no mood to werk.. My coff is really getting on my nerve.. Feel so itchy down the throat.. Dunno when it will go away... First it was fever & flu.. Now coff..iskk.. And the virus now are all around.. Everywhere you go, people are down with flu, fever & coff..And it seems that I brought the virus to the office and now one by one is down of flu and coff.. hur hur hur...

Another day to work before weekend is coming... *sigh*

Monday, July 25, 2005


Early in the morning I got the crave to eat BBQ Ribs at Amirah's Grill.. Siow rite?? haha.. It's all bcos of last Friday lah, both me & hubbie hang out with Kak Nor & Abg Wan at Amirah's Grill having our late supper.. Padahal before tat dah menyekik Burger King at West Mall but we were so tempted upon seeing what's in the we ordered FOOD again!! isk isk isk!! The food there are superb! Nice & affordable... Will patronize there again for sure and will be asking the rest of the gang!! ;) Oh ya geng!! Jgn lupa itu Sakura International hor!! *grin*

By the way this craving got nuthing to do with any pregnancy ah!! hur hur hur... :P Saja nak mengemukkan badan.. muakakka

Very fast Monday oredy!! Iskk..Not enuff of rest over the weekend.. If only weekend is longer!! *u wait long long lah Zubaidah!* But hopefully tis week will be fast like last week... Then by next week we gonna be off to Malacca...Yippie! Can't wait for the day to come... First time we be bringing Lil Alisha balik kampung! And shopping for her new clothes there.. and making Hari Raya baju kurung there too!! So excited!! *jumping with joy*

Eh okaylah....better not get carried away... Shall stop here... Poor Rohani, my kolig who is sick rite now!! U better rest at home!! Will see you tomoro and continue with our chit chatting in the opis...

Have a great week ahead ya!!! Take care...

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Happy 5 mths old Alisha!!

My Lil Cutie Pie Alisha Ameera turns 5 mths today.. sungguh kan?? isk isk isk.. She is not super active... Likes to play with her air liur and make bubbles... and also loves to put her hands inside and suck till all her saliva drooling over her baju... And one thing she sleeps so nakal now.. She can turn 180 degrees... hehe..

Image hosted by

One of her nakal position when sleeping..

Kay lets see her 5 mths olf peektures taken today... :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Mami Jarum Kenit!

See!! My Kenit has become Mami Jarum U know!!! What I did was to take out her jewelleries and put on for her.. And snap some pics of her putting on the jewelleries.. Dah mcm Mami Jarum Junior plak! hehe.. Mentang2 Atok Bedok dia baru belikan gelang emas di Golden Chance last Saturday..So apalagi, bukan main posing lah si kenit menit kita nie!! hehe..

"Ohhh I sungguh suka sekali!"

"Cantik tak gelang emas saya??"

"Hmmm..apa lagi yg kurang ye?"

"Eh! Lawa lah gelang ini kat tangan saya"

Sunday, July 17, 2005

What a Sunday!

What a day to get sick! Iskk.. Temperature running at 38.2 degrees celcius... Went doc and as I was feeling terrible.. Sore Throat, flu & headache..

There goes our plan to go out! aiyahh! Now I'm resting while hubbie fetch Lil Alisha from MIL..

Just finished taking my medicine and will start drowsy a while later..

Arghhh..tomoro werking... But I have a standby MC doc gave me... But will work lah if I'm ok..

Have a great new week peepz!!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Another New Mummy!!

Congrats esbokz & hubby on the arrival of yur Lil princess yesterday afternoon.. Yur doter is such a cutie!! yum yum! hehe

After werk today, we visited Mdm Maslia aka esbokz at Gleneagles Hospital.. Met Nollie, Rosie & Yaya there.. We were greeted by the new mummy & daddy of LiL Ellia Maisarah.. First thing we did was to grab hold of Baby Ellia Maisarah from her mummy! Ni semua kerja Rosie ah!! Dia yg terkam dulu! haha.. We took turns to carry Baby Ellia.. She soooo cute lah..

Baby Ellia Maisarah

Aunty Rosie with Baby Ellia

Me with Baby Ellia

The New Mummy esbokz

The female visitors

Too bad Aunty Nollie is having coff or else Baby Ellia will not be spared by her too.. hur hur hur..
By the way picture was taken with my camera phone cos I did not bring my digicam as it is a last minute decision to visit the esbokz & baby today...

Went back around 8.10pm.. Fetched Alisha from MIL's place den off back home..

Got Zuriat Magazine in the letter box just now.. Finally it's here!! It took them such a long time to publish and send the magazine to us!! iskk!

But was delighted to see our fren in the front cover.. *wink*

Presenting our Mdm Nura

Last Year, Tis Very Date!

A year has past... This very date which is 14th July 2005 marked 1 year tat I got to know I'm pregnant!! Tested positive by my neighbourhood GP.. I still keep the HCG test given by the doctor.. hehe.. Tat very day I was sick and decided to see doctor and at the same time I missed my menses for 5 days.. I have yet to test on the pregnancy kit cos I dunt want any disapointment.. So when I told the doctor that I miss my menses before he prescribed me a strong medicine for my fever & flu. Doctor then suggested tat I shud do a HCG test.. Dag Dig Dug!! My heart beat very fast.. Slowly I went to the toilet and took my urine.. When the counter staff did a test, I was like hoping but at the same time not to put on a high hope.. It might be a false alarm.. So I keep still before I was asked to see the doctor for the 2nd time..

Once stepped in the doctor's room, my heart was beating very fast.. With a smile on the doctor's face, he congratulate me saying that I'm pregnant!! I was like... wat?? really?? are u sure?? but at the same time was delighted to hear the very good news! Inside my heart I keep saying syukur alhamdulillah.. At that point of time, I cudn't wait to break the news to my hubbie and to my family members as well as my frens.. Excited banget!! hehe.. Doctor gave lotsa advise and even gave me a pregnancy booklet.. I came out from the doctor's room with a happy face! After taking the medicine from the counter, I quickly dialed my hubbie's hp and broke the news to him.. Of course he was uper duper happy cos before this, he kept asking when can we have a baby.. And the news really made him lost in the twilight zone.. hehe..

The +ve HCG test which confirmed my pregnancy!!

Since tat very day, watever I want I got it!! From hubbie, MIL, FIL, SIL, mum, dad and even frens.. Watever I craved for being cooked or bought.. See how lucky I was tat time.. First craving was Seoul Garden! haha.. Nak makan yg mahal jer! haha.. I remembered I wanted to drink Qoo Peach soo much but was disappointed tat F&N has ceased selling that Qoo Peach.. But luckily my parents spotted it in one of the supermarket in Batam.. They bought lots of bottles for me.. Dapat jugak minum itu Qoo Peach.. hehe.. Along my pregnancy I just love to drink Peach Tea by Pokka too.. Over at my house and my parents house, there will be stocks of Pokka Peach Tea.. hehehe..

How I wish I'm still pregnant now! ehhh wait! wait!! Not now lah!!hehe.. Perhaps another 2 years time.. My precious Lil Alisha still needs our attention.. hehe..

Ok ok..I shall not drag else, u guys will be bored with my basi story.. hehe.. Anyway now Alisha has came out from my boncitz tummy and is already 4 mths old.. So time really flies sooo fast! Not realising we're not getting any younger too! isk isk isk!!

Kay will update again when time permits.. Bye for now!!

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Dine @ Rice Table..

We celebrated kissy's besday with the ewah2 guys at Rice Table, Suntec City.. It was such a fun event having the rest joining in the dinner..

Hubbie, myself and Alisha went out around 3.30pm. Sent PIL to Mak Mok's place den off we went to SPC to get kissy's besday cake at Blossom.. Got a Tiramisu cake.. Halal nya pasal! hehe.. Den off to Suntec.. We entered ECP and exit Rochor as many roads were closed due to the IOC & National Day rehearsal.. Before meeting kissy, Pan, DB & hir, I asked hubbie to sent the cake up to Rice Table so kissy wont get to see the cake first.. Then joined the rest at Delifrance Bistro.. We had a light lunch cos we gonna have heavy dinner at Rice Table..

Around 6.20pm, we made a move to Rice Table.. There we 15 of us.. Hubbie, Alisha &myself, kissy & Pan, Mal & Adam, eL & Remy, Kak Sun & Abg Mie, hir & DB, Cen, sham.. KP joined us later.. We start the event by having the cutting cake ceremony.. We get the besday gurl to do some "forfeit" before blowing the candle.. Surprisingly, hubbie too got his belated besday present.. It was an interesting present! hehe

We had our spread of food after tat.. 20 dishes which can top up over & over again! Fuiyoo.. makan sampai mabuk!!! We ate as we joke... We finally out of Rice Table around 9.15pm... Walked around Suntec for awhile den we headed to Starbucks for more chit chatting session.. Kak Sun, Abg Mie, Cen, sham, eL & Remy made a move first... Left the rest of us having our coffee at Starbucks..

By 11.20pm, all of us made our way home.. Tired but fun! hehe..

Would like to thank Rosie aka Mal for organising this event.. It was a success!! Kudos to you and the rest too who made your way to Rice Table to celebrate kissy's besday together! Thanks guys! Now we're looking forward for August event!! *wink at August babes*

Now I shall leave the picture do the talking!!! Good nite everybody!! :)

For more peektures, pls visit here! For video, please click here! (jgn mare kissy! ;P)

Friday, July 08, 2005

Friday JB Trip!

We're on leave! Yeah!! Sent our darling Alisha over to MIL's place around 10.30am.. Met hir at MIL's carpark and we zoomed to pick up the Besday Gurl at her place... Then went straight to JB.. The traffic was smooth thruout Spore Checkpt to Malaysia checkpt.. First stop to City Square.. had our bfast cum lunch at Secret Recipe.. Konon jer nak makan light food.. Hah kau!! Sekali order heavy food! hehe.. Power!! Sedap!! hehe..

After eating, we went jalan2 for awhile.. managed to grab clothes from Mango.. Cheap2 sale!! Fuiyoo!! Den off to Gulati Shop... Dah sama cam Masjid India ah bila masuk! Many2 nice kain! Menggoda iman betul! hehe.. I managed to buy 2 kains & 1 kain for Alisha... Got the same material for me & Alisha.. So bleh ah pakai sedondon bila raya nanti! As for the besday gurl, she dunno wat kain to buy so at last we have to let her choose one kain tat she likes and we at ewah2 bought her the kain as a present! Hope you like the idea of giving you the kain for yur besday ya! ;)

After tat, we went to Giant Tampoi... Did some shopping... Den makan durian outside Giant.. mak oii! Punya lah power itu durian! Durian Tembaga beb! Isi dia oren2.. iskk! tak terkata bila dirasa! :D

The Drumstick Man looks like our fren, DB! haha...Sama lah! :>

Our next destination, Pelabuhan Tanjung Pelepas.. Bukan nak pi atas kapal ker apa, ni nak pi makan Seafood ah! hehe.. We reached there nearly 6pm.. At first we tot of going to Saujana Restaurant.. sekali tutup dah!! So we went to Yeo's Family Restaurant.. Ordered lotsa food! Dah macam makan 10 org nya! hehe.. We had Chilli Crab, Fried Rice, Baby Kailan, European Style Prawn, Hotplate Beancurd, Baby Squid, Thai Fried Chicken, Steam Fish & 1 jug of Orange Juice! Makan sampai mabuk seh! hehe.. hir is our defending champion!! He can eat alot ah today! hehe

We made a move from there around 7.45pm... Top up petrol and zoom back to Spore via 2nd link.. We send the besday gurl first den hir.. Fetched Alisha den went home! Now feel so kenyang and sleepy! I feel tat I'm fat oredy!! Asyik menyekik jer lately! hehe.. Asal kuar jer makan!! isk isk isk! *shake head*

Kay lah, better stop here lah! Mata sudah stoinky liao! Tomoro gonna be another round of makaning again at Rice Table.. We @ ewah2 gonna celebrate kissy's besday there! Makan lagikk!! isk isk isk... hehe

Have a great weekend!! Papai!