Saturday, July 02, 2005!

Aiseyman!! All my body now aching!! Sakit pinggang, sakit tangan, sakit kaki, segala-galanya sakit lah! Iskk... Ni lah gara2 terlalu lenguh dan fenat bila dukung Alisha for nealy 2 hrs... Uwahhh!!! helep!! She's soo cranky nowadays!! Nak tido nangis, terlalu ngantok nangis, dah penat nangis... lah tukar bulan nya pasal... isk isk isk... Kesian Mama dia ni.. Dah tak kuat nak dukung dia..

It's all started after her 4mths jab last Tuesday.. She got a slight fever which was on & off.. Fed her with the medicine tat the polyclinic gave.. And she's been cranky since then.. And today I had a hard time pacifying her at Bedok Home.. She's been crying due to her sleepiness... She had stayed awake for more than 2 hrs and started her "music".. I have to stand up and get the momentum right to cool her down.. For once I tot she has already gone to her deep sleep, but I was wrong... When I put her down at my bro's bed, she started her "music".. Wahh piang!!! And if she wants other people to hold her nvm...but now she only wants me.. not even her Abah.. aisey... dah kenal org betul ah...bengkok lah Mama cam nie!! Trus ada muscle tak lama lagik lah nampaknya.. hehe..

But I just hope tat once she turns 5 mths in 3 weeks time, her crankiness will go away and hope to adapt a new pattern...

Oh ya, I just changed my tagboard as the old one keep giving problem lah.. she kept saying that she cudn't tag me.. So sista, bcos of you hor i changed the tagboard you know! hahaha

Kay I better stop here... Need to tampal some koyok over my body! Lenguh to the max seh!! Till then, have a great Sunday peeps!

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