Thursday, July 14, 2005

Last Year, Tis Very Date!

A year has past... This very date which is 14th July 2005 marked 1 year tat I got to know I'm pregnant!! Tested positive by my neighbourhood GP.. I still keep the HCG test given by the doctor.. hehe.. Tat very day I was sick and decided to see doctor and at the same time I missed my menses for 5 days.. I have yet to test on the pregnancy kit cos I dunt want any disapointment.. So when I told the doctor that I miss my menses before he prescribed me a strong medicine for my fever & flu. Doctor then suggested tat I shud do a HCG test.. Dag Dig Dug!! My heart beat very fast.. Slowly I went to the toilet and took my urine.. When the counter staff did a test, I was like hoping but at the same time not to put on a high hope.. It might be a false alarm.. So I keep still before I was asked to see the doctor for the 2nd time..

Once stepped in the doctor's room, my heart was beating very fast.. With a smile on the doctor's face, he congratulate me saying that I'm pregnant!! I was like... wat?? really?? are u sure?? but at the same time was delighted to hear the very good news! Inside my heart I keep saying syukur alhamdulillah.. At that point of time, I cudn't wait to break the news to my hubbie and to my family members as well as my frens.. Excited banget!! hehe.. Doctor gave lotsa advise and even gave me a pregnancy booklet.. I came out from the doctor's room with a happy face! After taking the medicine from the counter, I quickly dialed my hubbie's hp and broke the news to him.. Of course he was uper duper happy cos before this, he kept asking when can we have a baby.. And the news really made him lost in the twilight zone.. hehe..

The +ve HCG test which confirmed my pregnancy!!

Since tat very day, watever I want I got it!! From hubbie, MIL, FIL, SIL, mum, dad and even frens.. Watever I craved for being cooked or bought.. See how lucky I was tat time.. First craving was Seoul Garden! haha.. Nak makan yg mahal jer! haha.. I remembered I wanted to drink Qoo Peach soo much but was disappointed tat F&N has ceased selling that Qoo Peach.. But luckily my parents spotted it in one of the supermarket in Batam.. They bought lots of bottles for me.. Dapat jugak minum itu Qoo Peach.. hehe.. Along my pregnancy I just love to drink Peach Tea by Pokka too.. Over at my house and my parents house, there will be stocks of Pokka Peach Tea.. hehehe..

How I wish I'm still pregnant now! ehhh wait! wait!! Not now lah!!hehe.. Perhaps another 2 years time.. My precious Lil Alisha still needs our attention.. hehe..

Ok ok..I shall not drag else, u guys will be bored with my basi story.. hehe.. Anyway now Alisha has came out from my boncitz tummy and is already 4 mths old.. So time really flies sooo fast! Not realising we're not getting any younger too! isk isk isk!!

Kay will update again when time permits.. Bye for now!!

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