Sunday, July 03, 2005

Oh sian! Tomoro work!

Dunt u guys realised that everytime weekend past like a flash! So fast gonna be Monday! *sigh* If only weekend is longer!!

Noon time, we went to Tampines for awhile w/o Alisha to search for besday present.. Managed to get the present at Tampines Mall.. Den went back to MIL's place.. At 2.50pm, went out again and headed to MK's place at Woodlands for her son, Zikry's besday party.. Reached there about 3.30pm.. First time attending pkh gathering after being a member there for sooo long.. hehe.. Met Haslina, Marlysha, Thamrin, Rida & Lil Aaryan & also Husna.. Mayang came awhile after tat with her King Rian, mum & hubby..Layla aka Voguemummy came with Lil Anaqin & her maid.. Met Kak Syuhada for the first time too... Caught up with Aliyah & Jaybon before we went back.. Fiza & LiL Asyiqin came when we just wanna step out of the house.. aisey..lambat ah kamu!! Nvm we shall meet again other days okay!! Lil' Zikry, the besday boy is not feeling well so he is not in the mood to cut his besday cake.. cian dia... I forgot to bring my camera along ah! So forgetful of me today! iskk..kalau tak dah leh "tampal" gambar2 kat blog ni.. iskk..

Alisha was a bit cranky just now... Luckily she managed to sleep in the car else, she will be even more crankier... Went to Sembawang Satay Club for awhile to eat my Cheese Prata.. hir & MeGat came too.. Then they followed us back home to lepak.. Reached home, I bathed Alisha and put her to sleep... Then I did the the laundry & lipat the bajus... The guys are planning the Friday trip to JB... Yesh!! me & hubbie will be on leave.. And the besday girl oso will be on leave.. ;) kekeke .. We shall return to PTP after 3 years since we went there.. hehe..

Oopss, it's already past 11.30pm.. I better stop here and get to bed! So sleepy oredy liao!! Till then, have a great brand new week guys!! tata!!

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