Saturday, July 09, 2005

Dine @ Rice Table..

We celebrated kissy's besday with the ewah2 guys at Rice Table, Suntec City.. It was such a fun event having the rest joining in the dinner..

Hubbie, myself and Alisha went out around 3.30pm. Sent PIL to Mak Mok's place den off we went to SPC to get kissy's besday cake at Blossom.. Got a Tiramisu cake.. Halal nya pasal! hehe.. Den off to Suntec.. We entered ECP and exit Rochor as many roads were closed due to the IOC & National Day rehearsal.. Before meeting kissy, Pan, DB & hir, I asked hubbie to sent the cake up to Rice Table so kissy wont get to see the cake first.. Then joined the rest at Delifrance Bistro.. We had a light lunch cos we gonna have heavy dinner at Rice Table..

Around 6.20pm, we made a move to Rice Table.. There we 15 of us.. Hubbie, Alisha &myself, kissy & Pan, Mal & Adam, eL & Remy, Kak Sun & Abg Mie, hir & DB, Cen, sham.. KP joined us later.. We start the event by having the cutting cake ceremony.. We get the besday gurl to do some "forfeit" before blowing the candle.. Surprisingly, hubbie too got his belated besday present.. It was an interesting present! hehe

We had our spread of food after tat.. 20 dishes which can top up over & over again! Fuiyoo.. makan sampai mabuk!!! We ate as we joke... We finally out of Rice Table around 9.15pm... Walked around Suntec for awhile den we headed to Starbucks for more chit chatting session.. Kak Sun, Abg Mie, Cen, sham, eL & Remy made a move first... Left the rest of us having our coffee at Starbucks..

By 11.20pm, all of us made our way home.. Tired but fun! hehe..

Would like to thank Rosie aka Mal for organising this event.. It was a success!! Kudos to you and the rest too who made your way to Rice Table to celebrate kissy's besday together! Thanks guys! Now we're looking forward for August event!! *wink at August babes*

Now I shall leave the picture do the talking!!! Good nite everybody!! :)

For more peektures, pls visit here! For video, please click here! (jgn mare kissy! ;P)

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