Saturday, December 30, 2006

Hari Raya & New Year 2007!

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha to all Muslim bloggers & frens and Happy New Year to all bloggers, fren and families..

We are only left with 1 day before Year 2007 come! I tot that I just celebrated Year 2006 but now it's gonna come to an end soon!! Year 2006 has been a good year for me tho's there's some ups and down..

  • The year where we lost our loved ones...
  • The year where I've made many new friends be it bloggers or outside friends..
  • The year where I switched 3 jobs..Hopefully this current job will last.. Insya Allah..
  • The year where my darling princess turned 1 year..
  • The year where we had lotsa fun with our beloved families..
  • The year where there's family's feud goes on (and still ON!)
  • .....and lots more...
Hopefully Year 2007 will be a great year for all of us...Semoga dimurahkan rezeki kita, diberikan kesihatan yg baik dan semoga amalan2 kita diberkati Allah.. Amin...

Some Year 2007 resolutions:
  • DIET! *check my 2007 dictionary* It's a must! Need to control my food intake! *ni kes sama resolution dgn geng MMVD* :p
  • Be a good wife, mother, daughter, sister, blah..blah..blah...
  • Save more $$...
  • Project B perhaps.. ;) *kalau diizinkan Allah*
  • ....and the list goes on...

Anyway, I was super busy for the past week...What else with my task at work..But overall, I'm enjoying it.. I love my new job..All my koligs are great people! They rawkz!! Yesterday we had our Year End Party..I enjoyed myself very much...Around 9.20pm hubbie & Icah fetched me..Went to Bedok to pick up my parents and sis..Then off to Popeye at T1.. Had supper.. I ate a bit cos I was so full eating the free dinner! We just jalan2 in the airport and went back only at 12.15am...

Today, my mood was super rajin and I baked Chocolate M&M cookies..Cheh! Semangat raya konon! hiak hiak hiak... Bukan selalu rajin youuuu! hehe...Tot of doing baking some cakes for tahlil but unfortunately the tahlil was cancelled due to unforseen circumstances... So around 5pm, we went over to MIL's hse...SIL had finished cooking Rendang Ayam, Sambal Goreng Pengantin & Sambal Satay...We had late lunch... Then after maghrib, the 3 of us went Parkway.. Bought some clothes den off we went back as hubbie wanted to watch soccer...

Tomoro gonna go over MIL's place and in the afternoon to Uncle Mat's place...We're be having BBQ at his place...Something new in my dad's family for this Hari Raya Haji...

Shall stop here for now...Adios!!

p/s: Help! I'm addicted Ungu's song - Andai Ku Tahu! Can't stop listening to that!!! Simply Sedap!

New pix in multiply!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

What a weekend...

So fast today is already Sunday...Lucky tomoro is a public holiday..else have to go to work... My weekend was so so...Yesterday, I was down with a bad diarhea.. Was awake at 3am due to the urge to go to the toilet..I tot a normal urge but when it came twice, thrice and eventually 7 times plus vommitting, I knew that it was something bad! I was crying in pain! My abdomen was in pain. A sharp pain poking my tummy...I rather have a hugh fever than this diarhea... So at 8.30am yesterday, hubbie brought me to the doctor.. I was so weak and at the same time in pain... Luckily I was 2nd in Queue.. Doctor examined me and found out I had a fever at 38.2 degrees...And was asked what did I had last nite. I remembered that I drank green apple juice from NZ Natural..The juice was super masam..No sugar added as it supposed to be Natural.. Took a wrong choice..Shud take the watermelon juice instead... and plus the ice cream and Nasi Lemak at MIL's and that made my tummy reallu upset! I was prescribed with lotsa medicine..
So the whole day of yesterday was spent at home.. I slept thru the whole day as I din slept a wink the whole nite till 12pm...

This morning was better.. I dunt feel much pain but once in awhile my tummy signal does signal a bit of pain..Or I shud call it wind? ermmm... But Alhamdulillah it was way better than yesterday.. Dad called to inform that mum cooked Nasi Dhal, Dalca, Ayam Tomato & Black Pepper Prawn.. sedap yet I'm sooo afraid of eating that! Nevertheless, we went over to Bedok house at 12 plus...near to lunch time.. I just ate rice and Fried chicken with a bit of dalca.. Took a few prawns only...I was hoping that I won't visit to the toilet... We stayed there for almost 3 hr before we went back..

We then met Kak Nana, Abg Daud and Aqilah at MIL's carpark... They just came back from jemputan and wanted to go to Hello Shop to buy Aqilah a new phone.. So we waited for them to get changed and went off to Parkway.. Went Hello Shop and Aqilah got herself N6233 while Abg Daud upgraded his line and took N6080.. Went jalan for awhile and went to GIANT before we went back home... Went up at MIL's place when suddenly received a call from my sis and was told that Ayah Tu passed away...I was quite shocked but as told by the doctor that there isn't any hope for him. But I guess it was too sudden for another loss in my mum's family.. Last year we lost our great-granny and our granny within a week apart...Early this year we lost our grandpa and now my mum's bro-in-law which is our uncle... We just visited him last 2 weeks at TTSH and now he's gone.. I really pity my Aunty's family....Hope they will stay strong and accept the lost of their beloved husband/father... Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas roh Allahyarham Haji Saptoe dan moga2 beliau ditempatkan dikalangan orang2 yg beriman.. Insya Allah...

Will be going to Mak Opat's hse early in the morning for the pengkebumian...I guess have to turn in early...Will update again when time permit... For now, have a great holiday...

Monday, December 18, 2006

New task, new environment..

Phew! I managed to pull thru the day with a wide smile..Alhamdulillah my new job really gives me satisfaction that I'm looking for.. The environment and the people are really warm and friendly... I felt so welcome just now... I like my new task anyway... Now I can rest my mind at ease as I have found a job that really suits me... I hope that I will stay put in this company for as long as I can... Insya Allah...

Okay, now I'm gonna wash myself up and relax... Will update when time permits... Have a great week ahead guys.. :)

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

We turn FOUR!

We finally reached the 4th year mark in our marriage.. On this very date, 4 years back, I became a wife to my dearest hubbie...Once the akad nikah was said by hubbie, I was filled with joy & happiness.. No words can describe how I was feeling at that moment.. When I kissed his hand, that moment of time I knew that the responsibility of a wife is not easy but Alhamdulillah till now I am still carrying out my duty as a wife without feeling any burden at all...What's more with our dear Alisha Ameera around, she really completes our life!

To hubbie,

...thank you for accepting who I am.
...thank you for hearing my thoughts & understand my problems.
...thank you for those moments where you have to comfort me when I was down. you have to bear with my temper, my flaws and all the negative sides of me. words can ever describe how much love you gave and keep giving to me & to our princess.

I really appreciate all those things that you have done to me... Syukur Alhamdulillah that our love are still strong and will always be strong as long as we're together... May Allah protect our marriage always! Amin...

Happy 4th year Anniversary dear!!

Monday, December 11, 2006

They're back!!

This morning both me & Icah went to the airport to fetch my parents and sis back from their India trip. As hubbie has to work, I took a cab down... They were supposed to come back yesterday morning but the flight was cancelled due to bad weather.. Bro took urgent leave and he too went to the airport. Too bad no licence else I drove our car down to the airport! hehe...

Before we went back to Bedok home, we had our bfast at the canteen.. Ate Nasi Jenganan and we tapau thosai back home.. Reached Bedok home around 10am...

We all then sat in the living room while they un-packed their luggages and took out the ole-ole dari India and at the same time shared their stories while they were there! Me & bro were so jeles when they described the places there and what's more when we saw the pictures taken there.. Gosh! We have yet have a chance to touch the real snow but they had theirs!! Soooo syiok seyy! Like mum said mebbe one day we shud all go there as a family...*tgk poket...aik ada doposen je ah* :P

My Lil Icah was enjoying herself by sitting on top of the luggages and helped to "un-packed" the things!!

Dad was suggesting to have dinner together as they missed SG food.. Dad wanted to eat noodles!! hehe.. Cos over there they are sick of Naan, tandoori chicken, chapati & briyani! haha.. I guess they wont be touching any of them for 1 mth??? ekekekeke

So after maghrib, we went to Segar Rest at Bedok Central.. Hubbie met us there... Had a feast there...*dah syiok makan sampai lupa amik gambar ah*

Then off we went back home... :)

ole-ole India Mari

Saturday, December 09, 2006

The start of weekend! weeeeee!

Just finished having our breakfast.... I just cooked pasta ala melayu...hihihi ...

Now chatting with Nollie & Rosie in MSN while my Lil Kenit busy "kemas" with whatever things she can get.. Gasak lah nak, buat lah apa ko suka!!

Okay, finally yesterday was my last day in the company... No sadness but happy instead!! weeee!! Now I'm so looking forward for my new job the following week.. But I have this coming week to rest!! Weeeeeeee!! Can spent time with my Lil Kenit!!

Anyway yesterday nite we had dinner at KFC Kallang... We lurve to go there cos the drinks are free flowing! And the place is big. After dinner hubbie drove aimlessly to nowhere. Not till when I called Nollie and found out that she was with Rosie, Maslia & family at Secret Recipe.. They asked us to come down so hubbie drove to Suntec and met them there around 9pm.. Ordered my faveret Chocolate Indulgence cake & Esprit drink (Passion Fruit).. *forgot to take the pic lah* ... We left Secret Recipe close to 10pm..

Oh ya, I was surprised with a birthday present from them.. The bag that I wanted to buy and Nollie had told them abt it! hehe.. Thank you so much frens!! :)

Later, we're going out but not sure where but definitely will be going out! hehe.. Tomoro morning we gonna fetch my parents and sis.. They will be back from their India Trip... So fast sey!!!

Shall stop here for now..Need to layan si kenit!! Enjoy yur weekend guys!! :)

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Dinner @ Seoul Garden

A simple birthday dinner treat by hubby at Seoul Garden for my 30ish bday.. I requested to go Seoul Garden cos it's been ages since we went there.. Seoul Garden also reminds me of my first craving when I was pregnant with Alisha.. Takde hegeh2, hubbie trus bawak pi makan masa tu! hehehe..*ni lah untungnya kalau ngandung* ;)

Anyway after work just now, we went back home and get freshen up. After our maghrib prayers, we left the house and went to MIL's to pick Icah.. Bid goodbye to both PILs as they will be going back kampung tomoro with BIL's family.. Will only be back on Sunday.. So Icah will be under hubbie's care for Thurs & Fri...

So we went to Tampines Mall's Seoul Garden to have our dinner.. Surprisingly we met Maslia & family there! Ingatkan bday girl yg ngidam nak makan situ, rupanya awak pon tak sempat2 dah pegi siang2! hahaha.. Now Seoul Garden has a spread of food!! Better than before!!

I was surprised with a Bday Cake by Maslia!! Terharu sungguh daku, wahai Cik Maslia ku!! Tenkiu many2 for the Dark Chocolate Truffle cake hor!! I lioke!!! hehe..Sempat kita berposing ye! :)

Maslia & family went off first... We only left Seoul Garden at around 9.20pm... By the time we wanted to "spend money", most of the shops were closed.. We only went to Kiddy Palace to shop for Icah's bottle teats & Strawberry Shortcake straw cuppie.. Anyway I've yet to choose my present.. Dunt know what to get hubbie to buy! hehe.. Nehmind..let me tink!! ;)

After we went out of Tampines Mall, hubbie drove to Orchard Road to see Christmas lightings.. Nice view... Off to ECP and proceed back home...

Tomoro I'm taking a day leave.. So very the malas wanna go work lah.. Anyway Friday is my last day.. Yippieee!!! I got a whole of next week to spend my time with Icah before I start my new job on the 18th Dec... Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

Hokay, gotta stop here!! Mata udah kelat!! Come view the pics here!!

p/s: Thank you frens/family for your lovely wishes that came by sms, e-cards, emails, msn, multiply, friendster & blogspot.. I really appreciate it so much!!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Three - ZerO..

In less than 2 hrs I'm turning BIG 30...I'm definitely gonna miss the TWOish.. haizz...dah tuek, apa nak buat!! Eh tapi tak lah tua sgt kan kan?! :p Young at heart mah!!! hiak hiak hiak..

Hopefully being 30 I will be more tactful handling things around me..I also hope to be a better wife & momma to my 2 darlings..

My only wish now is that I can leave my current workplace by this Friday!! Oh ya, I've finally tendered my resignation! Got a new job and all thanks to one of my dear fren (you know who you are *wink*) for recommending me.. Hopefully with a brand new THREE ZERO, I will get to start afresh & wish that everything will be smooth for me in the coming new company.. Insya Allah...

For now, I shall set my mind at ease and enjoy my bday nite tomoro with my beloved hubbie & princess....

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Hady, I've got it!

Finally get to own this!! All thanked to hubby who bought for me at Singapore Post yesterday! :> It came with Hady's stamp too :> But yet to hear the songs in there! Will do so tonite!! *grin*

Next mission will be Taufik's album! Gonna get it this weekend!! I'm so in lurpe with Taufik's Usah Lepaskan & All Because of You....

Support SG Idols' album!! hihihi

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I may call it QUIT!

Not blog of course but my current job! Yesh! My new found job! It's only a week of my new job but I was having hell of time! Darn!! I shud have not accept the job in the first place! Shit! What was said during the interview really varies when I have started work! Sheesh!! Was not even told to do SALES call during the interview but last 2 days was told to do so!! So much so compare to my job title! Duh!! The previous gal did not even have to do such thing and got to know that I have many tasks added on for me!! And guess what?! The previous gal was paid much higher than me! (I happen to do her last claim).. And the amount of work she did was like so little compared to mine! Duh!! Izzit being the minority here, I am being taken advantage of?? *sigh*

Just like today, I have to do "shit" work!! My manager was on mc but that doesn't mean that I'll get away from him! No!! He emailed me few times and one of the task I have to do by Friday is to clear a stretch of cabinets and threw unwanted things as other dept needs the space! duh!! Dah mcm sochai sak!! And fancy being a newbie is of cos blur on wat things to throw and what to keep!! So I asked our Sales Specialist for help! The 2 ladies just tell me on what to throw and what to keep.. That's it! Not even saying that they will help me! Arghhh!!! So I managed to take 2 boxes and dumped all those unwanted things.. Mind you, the cabinets sooo dusty one!! And me having a sensitive nose already felt the itch! I so fed up and I just stop packing 2 boxes cos i din get anymore boxes... heck care lah!!

I tink soon my task will be cleaning toilets? cebok kan manusia2 ni?? *sorry exaggerating here :p*

Argh!! Why am I complaining so much when I just started my work only for a week! I guess the department sucks! The people sucks! The environment lagi sucks!! For goodness sake, I need a NEW JOB plsss!!! Been applying for jobs these few days!! Hopefully I can get a better one! So you guys if have any lobangs for admin job, do inform me pls!! I really appreciate that!!

Kay gonna blah from here soon! Must go back chop2 one!! Sien!!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Weekend updates..

Well, it's already Monday nite.. Monday just go off like that... Isn't it fast? Yesterday nite I was telling hubbie that weekend gonna end in few hrs time.. Now, Monday has come to an end.. iskk..

Anyway I did enjoy my weekends tho... Our weekend started on Friday nite.. After maghrib, went over to my parents' place.. Mum cooked beefball curry and chicken rendang.. Niceee! After that lazed around in my sis's room with the rest.. Helped my sis to pack her clothes.. Oh ya, both my parents and sis will be holiday-ing to India.. They followed Shahidah Travel's package.. How nice they will be going for a holiday while we are stuck in SG... But neh mind... Shall plan for a holiday soon...

We stayed till 10pm...We then went to Changi Airport.. Saja-saja jer... We ended up at Popeye eating the chickies and I finally had my Mashed Potato...Simply lurving it!! After that went to the Viewing Mall and just looked at the planes taking off.. Icah was half sleepy but excited.. We only made our way back home around 11.45pm..

Saturday morning spent our time for spring cleaning our house... We only went out around 3.30pm.. Pick our niece, Aqilah, up from MIL's and we went Vivo City.. As hubbie yet to explore that place so we decided to go lah.. Upon reaching Vivo City, we were lucky to get a parking lot near to the lift.. Once we step in the mall, we were sooo shocked to see the crowds! Like Maslia said "Poning kepala bibik" hihihi... As we have yet to take our lunch, we proceed to Earle Swensen.. Got a nice seat facing Sentosa... power!! The ambience is just soo nice..It's diff from other Swensen..This one is more to fine dining.. We ordered our food and had our salad buffet.. Pahwer!!! Spent around 1 hr eating... Then we go window shopping and proceed to the 3rd level where the pool is.. My gawd! We were like soo surprised that the pool was packed with lotsa people..Dah mcm picnic sey dorang buat! We just walked past and took a few pics and went down.. Cannot tahan liao! Went to Best Denki to get Alisha's flask den went off..

Next stop was to Bugis Junction...fuh! better sket! Went to SingTel and bought N73.. Trade in my W800i and I only paid $48 for it! Satisfied! Eventho I know Nokia N Series do not have a good rating but bcos I like the wide screen and the camera is 3.2 megapixels so I grabbed it.. And what's more the new line I'm taking is under hubbie's staff rate.. selamat lah kan.. Anyway I did not change my number as yet cos my M1 contract has yet to end.. Will inform you guys if I changed my number.. Then off to Adidas Boutique as hubbie wanted to buy shoe..

We went off from Bugis only around 7.30pm.. Went to MIL's place for awhile as Abg Long & family came over... Had chit chat session with them and we only went back around 9.15pm.. Rested for awhile before we went out again to The Cage at Kallang around 11.45pm.. Met my cousins there.. Hubbie joined them to play indoor soccer while me, Icah and my cousins, Nini & Nadia just watched the guys played. Icah soo excited seeing them playing.. They finished playing around 2am.. Went back home after that.. Hubbie's 2 nephews slept over at our place so as Nini & Nadia...We finally went to sleep around 3.45am...

Sunday morning we woke up around 10am... I decided not to cook bfast as was soo tired.. We just bought roti prata at the nearby coffeeshop.. Icah woke up late as I know she is just soo tired.. At 12.30pm, we went out to jemputan at Yishun.. It was hellokitty (Ida Rohani)'s wedding.. Met Nollie & ahem there... After the guy side came and took pictures, we went off... Sent Nini & Nadia to the nearest MRT and we went back home.. Get to take a nap for 2 hrs... After maghrib, we went to Spize at Simpang Bedok to have our dinner.. Great food there!! Hubbie had Bullet Black Pepper Steak while I had my Seafood Olio Spaghetti & Mushroon soup.. Tapau Nasi Goreng Kampung for my dad as we be dropping off at Bedok to pass my sis something... Reached home only at 9.30pm..

That's what my weekend were all about.. 4 more days to next weekend.. I just can't wait cos weekend are the only days we get to spend time with our family...

Till then, will update again soon... :)

Alisha 21 months
Weekend pics

Friday, November 24, 2006

Happy 21st Alisha!!

My darling princess turns 21 months today! Weeeeeee! So fast!! 3 more mths, she will be TERIBLE TWO! wow! I tot we just celebrated her 1st birthday but now she's gonna turn TWO soon! iskk...Ku pulak nak masuk TIGA-KOSONG! aiseyyy....

At 21 months, she:
  • likes to imitate what people around her does
  • ask me to put her lipstick *ni kes mentel*
  • Whenever she sees petrol station be it Shell, Esso, Mobbil or others, she will goes "Air!! Air!!" cos she knows whenever we went to the mart there, we sure buy drinks.
  • She lurves 7-11 and will make her mama or abah's pocket berlobang when she enter there..
  • She understands what people communicate with her..
  • Can be a great help when ask to take something..
  • She lurves when people tell her she's pretty..She will show you her mentel smile.. *vainpot*
  • She's much much more friendlier than before..
  • As usual, she's playful and cheeky plus active..
She's my hunny bunny..she really lights up both hubbie & my life! She's simple lovable... Mama & Abah lurve you Alisha Ameera... *mmmwahhhhh*

Thursday, November 23, 2006

3rd day??

Hokay! Did you guys realise that how fast the time flies? I'm into my 3rd day of work in the new! So fast huh?! Well, my first day went well...Was told about my job scope by my reporting manager.. Managed to do some work with the aid of my manager.. One thing for sure, I did get "lost" in the office.. The office is really big and it has too many doors and exit.. Dah mcm Madu Tiga dahh.. Pening kepala bibik! I was totally blur to the max! haha.. But what can I say..First day mahhh!!!

Today is better...Get to familiarise with many things... And gosh, was so busy today! But at least the time just pass very fast! That's what I like!

Let me tell you that whole office, can you believe that I'm the only Malay there?? duh?! I was like oh mann! No lunch kakis that I used to have in my previous jobs... Now I'm "town-sick"..I miss town environment..I miss my lunch partner, Nollie..I miss my old koligs..huwaaa! Feel like crying when I have to lunch alone! No "beautiful things" (READ: clothes, shoes at JL, Robinsons, OG, Taka, Tangs) to oogle to.. Here, I can only see buildings, flats & factories...huwaaaa!! But one thing for sure, I can save money lah for not TER..TER..TER..(beli) those stuffs...hehehe... So now weekend I must get hubbie to bring me to town or any shopping centres for me to "wash eyes"... ;)

Anyway, my legs and body do hurt as I did walk to office and back home..Mebbe bcos long time no exercise lah.. :p But for the past 2 days, I took bus to work from MIL's place (3 bus stops) after sending Icah...cos it's quite a distance from MIL's to office wheras from my blk to office is not so bad...(2 bus stops) ...

Ermm..shall stop here for now..I need to take my rest now...Quite sleepy... So till I blog again... Adios!!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Having jitters....

Well, tomoro gonna be my first day at work in the new company... Having butterflies in my stomach liao!! Need to start all over again...New working environment, new koligs & new task.. Hopefully everything will be smooth for me... Insya' Allah... So work starts at 9am...Will be going out from my hse at 8.30am...First day must be early mah... ;)

Enuff of having fun over the weekend and today... Tomoro will be a brand new day for me.. :)

Anyway last Saturday marked our last Hari Raya visiting for this Syawal...We had a blast outing and enjoyed ourselves... With 7 houses we covered, almost all houses we get to eat delicious food...Peyot pon naik kembong! :) .. Photos can be located in my multiply...

Yesterday, we went to my ex-kolig, Thameem's wedding at Kampung Glam CC...Met Rohani there for awhile... After the wedding reception, we went back to MIL's place... Nowhere to go... At night we ordered Golden Pillow for dinner...

Today, had an appointment with Nollie to go merayap-ing at Vivo City.. The place is so huge!! Kaki gue betol nya mintak ampon!! Had lunch at Fig & Olive...Overall I like the outdoor corner where we can chill out and also the pool where kids juz love it! Even the adults like too! :) ..

Enjoying viewing the photos...

Raya Pics
Vivo Las Vegas

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I shall tell you...

Well, I guess you guys must be guessing what good news I wanna announce... hehe.. All this while, when I on my MSN, messages keeps popping up asking what is the good news.. ekekek...
Most of you guys asked if I'm pregnant!! I would love to but guess belom ada rezeki.. :)

Actually it's nothing great lah but to me, it's something that I look forward to... As some of you know that currently I'm working for a Telco company and is under contract... Somewhere on September, I was informed by my boss that they might not want to have contract staff under the headcount.. As my headcount is under a project base, so my boss has no say in this.. So she told me to be prepared to get my contract lah nasib kalau under contract.. They can just kick you as and when they like... So from then on, I tried to apply some internal posting but too bad not successful...

So I keep looking for jobs in Jobstreets, JobsDB & in the paper... Not until on 1st week of raya where Maslia (tenkiu hor) gave me a job link for me to apply.. I tried applying and guess what? Few mins after sending my resume, the job agency called me.. Told me about the job scope and all but she did not mention which company. She said that she will arrange and interview with the manager there.. It was Monday then... By the time I got her call on Wednesday saying that I secured an interview with the company on Friday... Friday came, I went for the interview...We chatted informally for abt an hr.. Sampai haus ku dibuatnya... After the interview ended, I was hoping to get the job there cos :

  • It's just a 10 mins walk from my house..
  • Save transport money!!
  • The company is one of the biggest logistic company in S'pore...
  • Will be working a 5 days work week..
  • Work starts at 9am and ends at 6pm..
  • Most importantly it is a permanent position..

I was praying that I can get the job..

Then the following week which was last Thursday, I got a call from the job agency telling me that I got the job! I was like ..Ohhh Reallyy??? That's a great news!!

So this Friday will be my last day in my current company...Come next Tuesday (21st Nov), I will embark a new journey in the new company... Hopefully all goes well for me.. Insya' Allah.. :)

Thanks to my MMVD sistas who have been encouraging & praying for me.. Thanks also to some of you out there for the well wishes & words of encouragement... :) *cheh dah mcm amek award plak ako ni*

Monday, November 13, 2006

Yaaaaaaa Kunnnnnnn..

I had a good breakfast today! Finally get to eat Ya Kun toast this morning! Days after days hearing Kak Sun's morning breakfast at Ya Kun, so coincidently this morning I was at Raffles City, I bought Ya Kun Toast Set A bfast! :) Met Rosie first to pass her the pineapple tarts..Den she accompany me to buy my bfast at Ya Kun..Never did I know the half boiled egg can be "tapau" back until Rosie and the Ya Kun Aunty told me... hehe..I so jakunist :p

After buying my bfast, I said goodbye to Rosie and went to office... As I was the first one to be in the office, I savour my bfast slowly and enjoy every bits of the kaya toast and half boiled egg.. :)

Oh ya, speaking of Ya Kun, I remembered a "joke" made by hubbie's nephew when we were at Parkway sometimes back... The conversation goes like this:

Me: "Eh, Ya Kun lah tuu!"
Hubbie: "A'ah lah"
Nephew: "Ya Kun tu kawan Aunty Idah (Me) eh?"

All of us burst into laughter... So innocent as he is till he doesn't know what Ya Kun is... So we pointed the shop to him and he laugh at his silly question.. :p

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Good News!!

Yeah! A call that I've got this morning left me smiling all day.. These few days I was really hoping for this piece of good news! Alhamdulillah, today Allah has answered my prayers! :)
Will share with you guys the news soon... :)

Another good news is that my faveret singer, Dr Fazley, got married on 7th November! His bride is soo pretty!!! Secocok sungguh!!! Semoga mereka diberi kebahagiaan bersama sebagai suami isteri.. If they were to have kids, for sure they will be adorable.. :)

The news that I've got thru email:

7 November 2006 - Selamat Pengantin Baru.
Moga kekal hingga ke akhir hayat...

Alhamdulillah. Kita bersyukur ke hadrat Allah swt. Yang Maha Pengampun dan Maha Penyayang di atas limpah rahmatNya yang telah menentukan penyatuan suci dua jiwa yang saling mencintai.

Pada 7 November 2006 bersamaan 15 Syawal 1427 selebriti kesayangan anda Dr. Fazley Yaakob telah selamat diijabkabulkan dengan puteri pilihan hatinya Azrene Soraya. Mereka telah ditunangkan terlebih dahulu pada pukul 12 tengahari dan acara pernikahan dilangsungkan pada 2.30 petang di Masjid Saidina Abu Bakar Bukit Damansara, Kuala Lumpur.

Pasangan suami isteri ini dengan penuh kesyahduan memohon doa dan restu dari semua ahli keluarga, saudara-mara, para peminat dan sesiapa sahaja yang mengenali mereka. Alhamdulillah.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

2nd week of Syawal..

Today mark the 12th day of Syawal.. Nearly 2 weeks have past and for me I have yet to complete my jalan raya.. For me, I dunt feel the raya mood already.. mebbe bcos last week been spending our time in the hospital.. MIL was discharged yesterday.. Alhamdulillah she is recuperating back home.. And happen yesterday too, I was on mc.. Down with sore throat & flu.. Luckily now it's better..

Today we managed to go for 2 raya open house... Went out only at 4pm.. Fetched my parents & sis and we headed to Aunty Ani & Uncle Mat's abode.. Delicious food was being served! The main attraction was the chocolate fountain where we, the cuzzins gathered around and dip the fruits, marshmallow & biscuits in the yummylicious chocolate.. We stayed there for nearly 2 hrs before we made our move to my buddy's place in Tampines.. Nini & Nadia followed in our car while Nini's bf, Ashraff, waited for us in Tampines..

We reached Adi's place at around 6.30pm... It was great to see the 4 (inclusive of our the other half) of us gathered together.. Been such a long time since I saw Apool... Rambut ko tak tumbuh2 lah!! Gerpren pon jembu! hiak hiak hiak.. While eating, we chit chat... Alisha so happy to get her freedom.. She walked around the big house while we watched Adi & Yanti's Wedding DVD.. After camwhore session, we made our move.. Nini, Ashraff & Nadia proceed to Woodlands and we went back to MIL's place to visit her.. Sat there for awhile and we went back...

Now hubbie is watching the soccer match.. He'll be bringing us for supper at Popeye after the match ended.. So now I better laze around first before going out..

Enjoy the newly uploaded pictures here!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Worned out...

It's just soo heavy to step into the office after 2 days of leave.. The feeling is just sooo arghhh.. How I wish that I can be on a long leave.. Mebbe soon? Only Allah knows!

It has been a hectic week.. MIL is currently in Tan Tock Seng.. Had her arthritis operation on Monday and now is on road to recovery.. I hope that she can be discharged soon... Both me & hubbie took turns to take leave... The journey from home/office to th ehospital really drained me out! Now my whole body is aching and what's more my throat is feeling sore.. I'm having flu also.. arghh..Hate this feeling... Perhaps I just got infected by hubbie.. He has yet to recover from his flu...

These few days, I received many invitation for Raya Open House this coming weekend.. One of it is my auntie's house & my poly buddy's house.. I wanted so much to go but I dunno how my weekend will be? I already missed my poly buddy's wedding last June and actually I do not want to miss gather with the 2 other buddies (including my cuzzin) at his house this Saturday.. We'll see how it goes...

Actually now I'm emotionally tired.. How I wish I can just rest at home and regain back my energy.. Many2 things on my mind right now... sheesh

Outta here...

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Seminggu berlalu..

Esok genap seminggu kita beraya.. Dengan sekelip mata masa berlalu..Rasanya baru kita merayakan 1 Syawal.. Aisey, besok dah Monday.. Working day..haizz...

Last Friday, ku amek haf day..saja jer sebab mcm malas nak keje.. Balik jer, lepak2 kat rumah.. Lepas maghrib, keluar dgn hubbie's family pergi ke rumah nenek sedara hubbie kat Tampines.. Lepas tuh ke rumah parents ku..den last pi rumah jiran lama MIL kat Bedok Reservoir View.. By 11.30pm dah sampai rumah..

Saturday plak, satu hari kat rumah..Prepare Hainanese Chicken Rice utk adik beradik hubbie yg akan beraya ke rumah kami.. Hubbie plak kene sore throat, selsema dan batok..aisey.. musim raya mesti kene sakit.. nasib baik dia pegi doctor..dapat jugak obat.. Lepas maghrib, tetamu semua datang.. makan, lepak2 sambil berbual.. Kul 10pm, tetamu semua balik.. Lepas kemas rumah semua, si kenit ngan mama dia ni pon apa lagi, melepak ah...Hubbie pulak pi join cousin2 ku main bola kat CAGE.. Dah sakit2 pon dia nak pegi.. Mula2 ingat nak ikut tetapi mcm ngantok so ku lupakan niatku itu.. By the time hubbie balik dah kul 2.30am..

Sunday, selepas Zohor, pergi beraya ke rumah makcik ku di Sembawang.. Lepas tuh parents ku nak beraya ke rumah PIL..den ke rumah kita... Petang tuh, Nollie & partner bertandang ke rumah kami.. Pirst time lah ku dapat berjumpa dgn future partner in crime-in-law ku! khekhekhe.. Makcik kasi 10 OoooOooos youu! :p .. Pakai sedondon youuu... haha *jgn mare Nollie..raya haji ku mintak maap lagik ye! haha*

Alamak, otak dah jammed plak nak type apa..ntah apasal ni kali blog dalam bahasa melayu rojak mcm kelakar plak.. malas nyaaa nak pegi keje besok... Besok pulak MIL kene operation arthritis kat kaki.. So besok hubbie on leave.. Tuesday & Wednesday baru ku pulak on leave.. Insya Allah semuanya akan berjalan dgn lancar...

Kay lah stop sini dulu..mcm ngantok kenit tu pon dah soundly asleep..

Gambo raya lagik..

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Aidilfitri 2006, 1427H

Dah masuk Raya ketiga pon..Sungguh cepat masa berlalu..Tahu-tahu hari ni dah mula bekerja.. Adoii..sungguh liat nak bangun pagi tadi! Betul nya jeles dgn orang2 yg masih bercuti... Nak tak nak, datang jugak keje..Dalam kepala otak dah ingat urgent leave ajer tapi ku tetapkan iman ku utk pegi ke kerja jugak! cheh! .. Sampai opis jer takde mood ku nak buat keje.. Declare off sendirik.. haha.. Sibuk ber-emailing dgn biasa nya kakis, ber-multiplying, upload gambar raya etc.. haizzz....nasib baik lah niari Thursday...Besok ku amik half day..datang malas nya kes lah ni.. Hubbie ku pon sepakat amik half day besok.. Sehati sejiwa lah katakan..wakakaka..

Kay meh ku singkap kembali detik2 akhir Ramadhan dgn ketibaannya Syawal kali ini..

30 Ramadhan
Masih bekerja tapi dapat half day.. Balik dari keje, gi Geylang ngan Nollie..kita dua ni belom beli sampul duit raya lagik so pegi lah kita ke Geylang.. Ku pon ada mission tertentu.. Kat sana dapat lah beli sponge bunga, sampul duit raya dan 2 beg cheap one lah! hehe.. Dah tawaf sket, kita pon balik.. Ku terus ke rumah MIL jumpa hubbie kat sana.. Abg Ngah & family dari kampung pon dah sampai.. Dok berbual2 kejap den dalam kul 3pm kita pon pi carpark.. Maklum lah kereta kita ni KERETA HANTU (READ: Weekend Car) .. Byk mission belom habis..So first stop pegi lah rumah si Maslia aka esBokz utk collect MAC compact powder ku yg dibeli oleh suami nya si Elmy Elmo tuu...*nak murah nya pasal so beli kat DFS Changi Airport* :P.. Terima kasih lah ye Cik Elmy.. ekekeke..

Next, kita pi amik fader gue di Bedok.. Trus pegi Bedok Central utk mission seterusnya.. apa lagik, nak belikan kasut si Makcik Kenit ku lah.. Pi Bata, carik kasut raya dia..At last dapat jugak kasut Bubble Gummers dia.. sempat dia posing kat anak sungguh vain pot.. *slap forehead* Fader ku yg bayarkan kasut dia tuu...Hubbie pon dapat gak beli sandal raya.. Lepas tuh sempat ku belikan Icah nya getah rambut ngan clip..tu pon nasib lah kalau dia nak pakai clip tu..

Next mission, pi Sheng Shiong...beli air oren (ni kan dulu2 orang cakap air hari raya=air oren) plak...Fader ku beli 1 carton, kita plak beli 9 botol jer..sapa lah nak datang rumah kita kan.. Silap2 Tuan Rumah yg abis kan air tuuuu.. ekekeke... By the time hantar fader ku dah nak kul 5.45pm.. Lekas2 kita zoomed balik.. Sampai rumah jer, mandikan Icah and kita pon siap sedia nak pegi rumah MIL utk berbuka..Last day of buka sesama.. Sampai rumah MIL dah azan pon.. Cepat2 makan...makan ketupat, sambal goreng pengantin, rendang ayam, rendang daging, sambal kacang...fuh! sedap sungguh.. Dalam kul 8.10pm, kita pon ke rumah pakcik ku kat Bedok.. Ada tahlil utk Arwah Nani ku yg genap 30 hari.. Sedih tak terkata bila teringatkan Arwah Nani tidak ada bersama kami utk raya tahun ini.. :( Walau apa pon, life must goes on..

Lepas dah berborak2, kul 9.30pm, kita pon balik ke rumah MIL...tgk Suria Raya Live... Dalam kul 11.30pm, kita pon balik rumah..Anak2 buah semua ikut balik sebab rumah MIL dah takde tempat utk tido..maklum lah 2 family tido sana.. Ku plak sempat atur kuih dalam bekas, susun bunga yg ntah apa fesyen..*ni kes asal boleh susun sebab ku tak tangkap skill utk susun munger* .. By then lepas abis program Intai Raya, semua tido..Penat nya pasal...

1 Syawal
Kul 6.30 pagi ku dah kejut semua bangun utk solat Subuh..Si kenit Icah pon bangun siang! Adoii! Tak bleh ku nak buat keje.. Dia asyik nak berkepit pulak..Suruh tido balik tak nak!! Lepas hubbie pi solat hari raya, kita ramai2 tgk DVD My Heart for the 2nd time.. Sedih sungguh citer tuu... Kul 8.30am baru ku siapkan si Icah..Lepas tuh ku pulak siap.. Tunggu hubbie balik...

Kul 10 pagi, kita pon pegi lah rumah MIL..Lepas makan dan bermaaf-maafan, kita pon keluar gi rumah family ku...By the time sampai dah kul 10.45am..Amik gambar & maaf-maafan den trus kita semua keluar pi rumah Mak Opat kat Yishun...Sampai sana, adik beradik mak dah ada.. makan sket.. Duduk for abt 45 mins, kita pon mintak diri..

Next house pegi rumah Nani Midah kat Avila Garden, Pasir Ris.. Sampai sana dok berbual ramai2 sambil makan kuih..Si Icah ni asyik nak makan muruku jer..feveret betol dia.. tak abis2 cakap nak air..Kasi air putih dia minum sket..yg dia nak itu air berwarna warni...iskk budak ni..Apa lagik kene sekat dgn Abah dia lah! Nanti ada jer batok...

Next house plak, pegi rumah Nani Yah..actually belakang blk fader mader ku jer.. hehe.. Sampai sana jer makan Nasi Dhal, Kari Daging dgn Ayam Goreng..Fuh! sedappp!! Dok sambil tgk Jutawan Fakir.. By the time dah kul 2.45pm.. Mintak diri utk balik..Cuma fader & mader ku yg dok lama sket... Aidah ngan Kamal pon balik jugak.. Kita pulak balik rumah MIL..Adik beradik hubbie ku dah berkumpul kat sana..

Lepas Asar, jalan raya side hubbie plak.. First house gi rumah Mak Mok kat Eunos...Lepas tuh gi rumah jiran sebalah Mak Mok yg dah di-consider sedara...Lepas tuh pi rumah Kak Aton kat Bedok Reservoir...By the time, Icah pon dah knock out..Penat sgt dia...apa tak nya, bangun pagi2... Next house, kita pegi Hougang, rumah Abg Chik's MIL...Kat sana, ku mandikan si Icah ni..dah melekit abis! Suka dia dapat mandi..Lepas tuh dah kembali active...

Last house of the day, rumah Arwah Nani or to be precise rumah Mamu Jamil.. That is the last pit stop utk kita semua berkumpul.. Always looking forward utk jumpa semua cousins, aunties and uncles.. Cuma tahun ni, kita semua beraya tanpa Nani tersayang.. Kalau tidak selalu Arwah Nani lah orang yg paling sibuk bertanyakan whether kita semua dah makan ke belom.. Dia seorang yg prihatin... Kalau dulu Arwah Nani yg masak Briyani Dam, sekarang Kala Normah yg masak Briyani Dam... Bila ramai2 dah berkumpul, sibuk lah dgn kita punya camwhoring.. Tangkap gambar sana sini... agaknya kalau camera boleh cakap, mesti dia complain penat! hehe

Lepas dah berborak & gurau senda, kita pon balik dalam kul 11pm... By the time Icah pon dah tertido...Balik ajer, tukar kan dia baju den tidokan dia.. Ku pon apa lagik, bila dapat mandi, betul nya segar bugar.. On aircon & kipas terus ku terlena sebelah Icah..

2 Syawal
Pagi ni kita tiga terober shot bangun.. Kul 10 pagi baru tersedar.. apa taknya penat rabak sey! Itu pon kita gi jalan raya selepas solat Zohor.. 2 kerete konvoi pi rumah Abg Chik kat Pasir Ris.. Semua berkumpul kat sana.. By the time Abg Long sampai dah dekat kul 3.30pm..gedebak gedebuk, kul 4pm kita kuar..Pegi rumah Nenek Laguna kat Laguna Park.. Duduk kejap jer den terus pi rumah Abg Long kat CCK.. Kita order KFC den Kak Long last minute buat maggi special..10 bungkus you..jgn main2..abis dgn sekelip mata! Lapar nya pasal! haha.. KFC plak sampai an hr later.. tapi sempat jugak kita makan ayam sebelom gi rumah Kak Nana.. Selepas solat maghrib jer kita pon bertolak pi rumah Kak Nana kat Bukit Panjang..Dok bersembang sambil makan nasi lauk asam pedas plus sotong masak itam plus telor scrap.. makan lagi..isk isk isk.. Mandi kan si Icah yg dah melekit.. Lepas tuh biasa lah kan, start dia nya active... At last kul 9.45pm baru kita balik.. sampai rumah kul 10pm.. Balik jer si Icah tido..sampai tak sempat nak bukak baju raya..penat sakan dia..ku pon apa lagik, gosok baju kerja lah..mak aii..weak sungguh nak kene pi keje besok pagi.. lepas mandi, rileks japz den trus tido!

itu jer lah update yg panjang lebar dari ku!! Sorry ye kalau terober panjang! haha..maklumlah citer raya nya pasal! ehehe..

Meh sini kalau nak tgk gambo raya..

1 Syawal
2 Syawal

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Salam Lebaran..

Disini Frina ingin menyusun sepuluh jari memohon ampun dan maaf diatas segala kesilapan dari segi tutur kata mahu pon tingkah laku dan juga comment2 di cyberworld ini yg menyinggungkan perasaan anda semua.. Harap maafkan.. Sempena Syawal yg akan menjelang, Frina sekeluarga mengucapkan pada semua bloggers dan pembaca setia blog ini Selamat Hari Raya dan semoga berbahagia bersama keluarga tersayang..

Pada yang nak datang rumah, sila lah call atau sms ye..

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I'm handicap..

I miss my hp.. I'm just so handicap w/o my phone.. All bcos I forgot to bring my hp to work.. arghhhh!! Toopid me...Now I can't fiddle with it... :(

So those who want to contact me, pls do so after 6.30pm.. And to those who have already called or sms, I will only return your call or sms after 6.30pm.. *sigh*

Monday, October 16, 2006

So penat weekend...

Last weekend past like a flash! All I know is that today is a working day! I dint get to make many kuih oso.. haizz..

Supposed to have iftar over at my place with Nollie, hir, Megat & Nur but was cancelled last minute.. So hubbie decided that we go over to mamu jamil's house to have iftar there.. Lotsa of food as usual.. Got kacang pool, samosa and others...*forget what other dishes*.. Zaki made Passion Fruit Ice blended and Milo Ice blended with pearl some more! haha.. Dah bleh bukak kedai lah Zaki!!

Morning, I went for my hair treatment and color.. Was quite shocked to see my new hair color.. Peh terang kaler! Sib baik ku tak pengsan! Was contemplating to re-color my hair myself.. hmmmm.. Mebbe a bit darker color.. Will see how.. The whole day I din make any kuih.. SIL called saying that she will not be back for iftar at our place. So another cancelled iftar.. Again hubbie suggest to go over mamu's place.. So I made the sardin puff and brought it over for iftar. Aunty Murni made bonesteak, mum cooked fried macaroni..there's fried chicken as well.. By 9.45pm we went back as there's Liverpool game that hubbie dunt wanna miss.. Tapau bonesteak and bubur for sahur..

Sardine Puff

Started to make macadamia raisin nut cookies in the morning...Was struggling to finished up cos there's a lot for 1 adunan..Finally finished at around 2pm.. Kak Nana came over as Abg Daud wanna fix our new lap lip.. Icah as always so excited when seeing Abg Daud fixed the lap lip.. I tot of making another kuih but was so tired by then..Put Icah to sleep and I went to dreamland too.. Woke up at 4pm and started preparing the Black Pepper Seafood Pasta..Went over to MIL's place at 6.30pm.. After break fast, we went Geylang for awhile..Went over to TKC buy the cheap shoe that Rosie rekemen..Den went over to Maniq to get another purple shoe to match my first day baju kebaya..

Macadamia Raisin Nut Cookies

Black Pepper Seafood Pasta

Followed SIL to bazaar as she wanted to buy alas meja for MIL.. Finally the 3rd week of Ramadhan I get to buy dendeng.. By 9.15pm we went back. Cannot tahan the crowd lah.. Now I need to get Icah's raya shoe and 1 kebaya for her..

Alisha poses...

Thursday, October 12, 2006

First time out..

Yesterday was my first time having iftar out of the house.. Had a mini gathering with my ex-Opus koligs at Resto Surabaya.. This gathering was held also bcos one of our fren, Thameem, is getting married next month.. Such a surprised for us that he's getting married this soon! But anyway it's time for him oredy lah! As in the past, he usually grumbled that he got no gf... haha

So 7 of us - me, Rohani & hubby, Thameem, Jahangir, Naveen and Masita (she's my ex-kolig in HP..we ask her to tag along) had our break fast there.. The food is simply nice there! Both me and Masita just lurve their Ayam Bakar..Terasa beb!! Fuiyooo! Mcm nak pegi lagik! But beware of the crowd...So before going, must make a booking first else you will not get a seat!

We had fun talking and joking..Talked about the happy moments during our MOE-ITSS days.. The pranks that we made among us! The "good" SDM that we had! I simply missed those days where I'm the Team Leader who kasi muka to my agents.. Semua kes tutup mata jer!! haha ..
Wish that we can turn back the time! But of cos minus off the unhappy moments with the marangperapukepundengmarangskeper SDM ah...

We stayed at the Resto Surabaya for almost 1 and half hr! Then all of us made our move.. So both me & Masita headed to Paragon as she needs to take out some cash at the ATM.. I saw Natural New Zealand Ice Cream counter and was tempted to buy! *remind me of Rosie who always buy Mango Sorbet/Passion during her lunch time before Ramadhan*.. So I told Masita that I wanna buy the Macadamia Nut ice cream.. I tempted her too and she ended up buying Mango Sorbet! haha.. So we enjoyed ourselves with the ice cream while waiting for my hubbie & Icah to pick me up at the Paragon Taxi Stand... Time is just short..when we were having fun, it just past like a flash! I guess we need to organize another gathering with the complete us after Thameem's wedding.. This time hopefully all can make it...

p/s: No pic taken as everybody was engrossed with their own food.. And the goondoo me, I brought my camera but totally forget abt it! Duh!!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Sungguh Mak Nenek!

Guess what Alisha did when I was engrossed in front of my pc? She discreetly bongkar my drawer and grabbed my old compact powder and starts to imitate me.. Oh boii! Ni anak satu sungguh bijak sekali!! Never did I expect her to do this... *slap forehead*

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Half of Ramadhan gone..

It's 17 days of huh? Another 13 more days to Eid. Preparation wise, not that much.. Ala kadar only.. Have collected the curtains from my parents's house. This year dad and mum sponsored us to make curtains for our house.. Baju raya all ready except for hubbie's baju melayu. I'm buying Alisha 1 kebaya as she has 1 baju kurung already.

Last Saturday, I managed to bake 2 cookies. Sarang Semut and Chocolate M&M cookies. Started as early as 8.30am. First was to do the Sarang Semut den continued with Chocolate M&M cookies. Alisha as always, like to kacau me..Here I make the kuih, here she wants to hold what I hold..So end up I gave her some papercups and she took her Trix cornflakes and put inside the papercup..Gasak ko lah nak!! And once I had finished baking a tray of the sarang semut and let it cool, she asked for it.. So I gave her one.. She ate and she kept asking for more..mak ai ni anak! Raya pon belom, nak makan byk2 plak! She ate until 5 sarang semut before I quickly hide the bottle in the cupboard! Like her Abah said, "ingatkan mondok besar(refering to himself) jer ada kat rumah ni rupanya nya mondok kecik(Alisha) pon ada" What to do..Like father like doter...wakakakkaa.. My big mondok oso always kapok the m&m cookies after break fast..mcm gini tak sampai raya, kuih pon dah surut oii! *slap forehead* Ni belom buat suji lagik!! aiyoooo!

As we were breaking our fast over at MIL's with hubbie's siblings, I made Baked Macaroni and Samosa Daging. We had a spread of food for the break fast..There's Indian Mee Goreng, Bee Hoon Hailam, Kacang Phool, Baked Macaroni, Samosa, Murtabak, kueh mueh, Iced Jelly and many others.. Perut boleh kembung sey!

We stayed till 10.30pm before we went off to Bedok Home to pick up my tapau Chapati and Kari Babat/Perut. On Friday, had informed my aunty that I want the Kari Babat so she has "reserved" for me already. So mum brought back my share and I took from her. There's BBQ chix and also Laksa Gravy w/o the Laksa Mee..

Back home, after washing up both Alisha and me went to dreamland.. Was so tired and my body was aching...

On Sunday, I was soo mendak but managed to make another adunan of Sarang Semut to give it to mum & MIL.. After that managed to rest for awhile before we went out to Sheng Shiong with SIL & hubbie and MIL.. Bought some groceries there and off we went back to MIL's place.

While waiting for break fast, we watched Nasib Do Re Mi VCD. SIL made jempot2 bawang and jempot taugeh, sambal sotong, sop ikan merah..I brought the laksa gravy over for break fast. Had already asked SIL to buy some laksa mee from the market..

By 9pm, we made our way home. Ironed our working clothes and by 10.30pm, I was feeling so tired and sleepy. If only I have lotsa leave balance, for sure I will take some days off. Haizzz....How I envy those who have lotsa leave balances... like Rosie and my cuzzin! Donate to me some plsss! eheheheh...

More peektures here!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

New Look..

I did hair rebonding last Saturday as my hair was frizzy and uneven.. So before rebond, I cut my hair first and make it thin.. I feel soo light after that!! So here is my new look .. Muka ada toyer sket! :P

On the other hand, I met Wana aka Senorita for the first time at Bugis MRT just now.. Finally get to collect the materials and Alisha's punjabi suit from Pakistan.. Nice meeting you Wana! :) Lil Ash is soo cute in person! hehe

Presenting Lil Alisha parading with her new Punjabi suit.. A bit fitting for her body as her peyot a bit boncitz but okay lah! Next time can order a size bigger.. :)

See the mentel her!!