Thursday, October 05, 2006

New Look..

I did hair rebonding last Saturday as my hair was frizzy and uneven.. So before rebond, I cut my hair first and make it thin.. I feel soo light after that!! So here is my new look .. Muka ada toyer sket! :P

On the other hand, I met Wana aka Senorita for the first time at Bugis MRT just now.. Finally get to collect the materials and Alisha's punjabi suit from Pakistan.. Nice meeting you Wana! :) Lil Ash is soo cute in person! hehe

Presenting Lil Alisha parading with her new Punjabi suit.. A bit fitting for her body as her peyot a bit boncitz but okay lah! Next time can order a size bigger.. :)

See the mentel her!!

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