Monday, October 16, 2006

So penat weekend...

Last weekend past like a flash! All I know is that today is a working day! I dint get to make many kuih oso.. haizz..

Supposed to have iftar over at my place with Nollie, hir, Megat & Nur but was cancelled last minute.. So hubbie decided that we go over to mamu jamil's house to have iftar there.. Lotsa of food as usual.. Got kacang pool, samosa and others...*forget what other dishes*.. Zaki made Passion Fruit Ice blended and Milo Ice blended with pearl some more! haha.. Dah bleh bukak kedai lah Zaki!!

Morning, I went for my hair treatment and color.. Was quite shocked to see my new hair color.. Peh terang kaler! Sib baik ku tak pengsan! Was contemplating to re-color my hair myself.. hmmmm.. Mebbe a bit darker color.. Will see how.. The whole day I din make any kuih.. SIL called saying that she will not be back for iftar at our place. So another cancelled iftar.. Again hubbie suggest to go over mamu's place.. So I made the sardin puff and brought it over for iftar. Aunty Murni made bonesteak, mum cooked fried macaroni..there's fried chicken as well.. By 9.45pm we went back as there's Liverpool game that hubbie dunt wanna miss.. Tapau bonesteak and bubur for sahur..

Sardine Puff

Started to make macadamia raisin nut cookies in the morning...Was struggling to finished up cos there's a lot for 1 adunan..Finally finished at around 2pm.. Kak Nana came over as Abg Daud wanna fix our new lap lip.. Icah as always so excited when seeing Abg Daud fixed the lap lip.. I tot of making another kuih but was so tired by then..Put Icah to sleep and I went to dreamland too.. Woke up at 4pm and started preparing the Black Pepper Seafood Pasta..Went over to MIL's place at 6.30pm.. After break fast, we went Geylang for awhile..Went over to TKC buy the cheap shoe that Rosie rekemen..Den went over to Maniq to get another purple shoe to match my first day baju kebaya..

Macadamia Raisin Nut Cookies

Black Pepper Seafood Pasta

Followed SIL to bazaar as she wanted to buy alas meja for MIL.. Finally the 3rd week of Ramadhan I get to buy dendeng.. By 9.15pm we went back. Cannot tahan the crowd lah.. Now I need to get Icah's raya shoe and 1 kebaya for her..

Alisha poses...

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