Friday, April 28, 2006

Another break...

2 hrs 40mins more to go before I shall call off the day! I'm on half day today! After werk, hubbie together with PIL & Lil Kenit gonna pick me up at Comcentre to drive up straight to Tuas checkpoint. Our destination : Melaka.... Yay! We are off to BIL's hse for another break...

Anyway the Progress Package money is in our accounts! yay!! And SALES are going on everywhere... But for me need to keep the $$ for my shopping therapy in June! ;)

Kay shall stop here! Will blog again once I;m back from Melaka this Monday!! To all, enjoy yur long holiday!!! Adious!!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Mak Budak & the Sesame Street Bag!

Finally I got my hands on this bag!!! Yayness!!

Sesame Street Bag by Bossini

See this Mak Budak is so in lurve with the bag. Cute ain't it? But when I flashed it in front of my Lil kenit, she just point2 to the Sesame Street character and after awhile, she showed no interest on it anymore! Mama dia ni lah ajer yg excited! hehe

I dint buy any of the tee shirts but just bought the bag itself with a 30% discount at Bossini.. Berbaloi you!!! So why wait?! Now Bossini got storewide 30% discount! So grab it!! *cheh! dah mcm advertisement plak* ;P

I bet this lady too excited with her Sesame Street bag .. :p *wink @ Rosie*

Monday, April 24, 2006

Happy 14th Alisha Ameera!

My darling turns 14 months today!! She is a growing toddler now!!

She can/likes:

- Walk already!! yay!!! Finally!
- Likes to say Oo-ohhhh
- Lurves to imitate what ppl say
- say Allah and put her palm on her ears
- Likes to trick ppl
- Likes to smile and very friendly
- Likes birds & cats
- Likes to sing to her own tunes
- Lurves attention
- Lurves to eat adult food
- Likes playing with kitchen utensils
- Likes tearing newspaper (her hobby lah)

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Weekend escapade..

It's already Sunday! And back to werk tomoro! Huwahhhh!! So fast!

Later, we be going over to my aunt's place at Yishun. We are having kenduri for my arwah datuk, arwah nenek & arwah moyang.. Come this 16th May & 22nd May, it will be a year that Arwah moyang & Arwah nenek left us.. Anyway we gonna fetch my parents later and go over to Mak Opat's hse..

Yesterday morning, I was super rajin you know! Did french toast with baked beans and scrambbled egg for breakfast and also Cheese Fries too!!

After our breakfast, helped hubbie out with the spring cleaning. Our Lil Alisha too busy "sping cleaning" round the house. Oh ya! She can walk now you know!! Semalam malam, dia dah "pasang" kaki and keliling rumah dia jalan.. Dia dah "giler" jalan lah ni!! Abis lah!!!! Tu lah, blom tahu jalan, kita ni asyik nak suruh dia jalan cepat.. Ni dia dah jalan, baru padan muka kita..nanti asyk terkejar sana sini, terpekik sana sini.. hehe

At 3.30pm yesterday, we went to fetch my parents and went over to Nani's hse to visit her. She is soo weak now! She din have the strength to walk too! Pity her.. Stayed there till nearly 5pm before we went over to Tampines Swimming Complex. Reached there and changed Alisha to her swimming costume. Oh my!! She is afraid of the pool!! When I first brought her down to the Kid's Pool, she cried!! mak aiii!! One thing, she is afraid of cold water! Anak dara ku ini mandi air panas! So kalau kene air sejuk, melalak lah dia!

I put her inside her "boya" and bring her in the middle of the pool. Hubbie joined us. She took some time to settled down. The pool was pack with children and their parents.. What a wrong day to go! Lucky for mayang that time she went during weekdays... We could not even go to the MUSHROOM there as it was surrrounded with kids. We just stayed in the pool for 40 mins before we were out from the pool. The weather turned dark and we decided to take our shower and go off from there. Perhaps next time shall go during weekdays!

By the time we reached our car, it started to rain. Phew! Lucky us! Went to Pasar Geylang to have our dinner and met Abg Long's family there. Together we went over to PIL's place. Stayed there till 11 pm before we went back.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Update on KL Trip

Actually I'm lazy to update this blog! The M mood is already in me rite now.. Anyway, we are back in SG now. We reached SG on Sunday midnite. Yesterday all of us were on leave.. Sungguh fenat and suffered from "coach lagged" :p

3 days not enuff lah for holiday! We shud have gone longer.. hehe *wasted plak leave nanti* Here's the recap what we did in KL...

On Good Friday itself, we went out from our house at 7.35am. Went over to PIL's house to park our car there and take Alisha's pram. By 8.10am, we took a cab to Golden Mile. Nollie was already there and Megat came a while later. Exactly 9.03am, our coach set off from Golden Mile to Tuas checkpoint. Amazingly, no jam at all. Inside the coach, this Alisha of mine really cannot sit still! She just wanted her way. At one point she wanted to just stand and will start get cranky when she is sleepy! Aiyohh! When she cried, the whole bus filled with her loud cries.. *menduga kesabaran betul* Once she is asleep then aman dunia!! hehe

Anyway we did stopped over at Yong Peng. Had burger for bfast. Saw her boarding Grassland Coach but too bad we unable to see each other faces..hehe.. But I did smsed her.. :)

We reached Tol Sungai Besi around 3pm. Really jammed over there with lotsa S'pore plate cars & tour coaches.Reached Puduraya around 3.30pm. Waited for a cab but none were seen. Those cabs parked by the roadside were seen with no drivers in it. So we decided to walk all the way to our Melia KL hotel at Jalan Imbi. Upon reaching there, we straight away went up to our room as hir has already checked in for us. Hir went KL a day earlier so since hubbie had made booking for 2 rooms in Melia, hir get to checked in earlier. Felt soo syiok when we entered the hotel room. Cam dah bertahun tak masuk hotel! hahaa.. The last time was on August 2004 where I was 2 months pregnant with Alisha.. Alisha seemed to enjoy herself in the room. She really "tawaf" satu bilik! Touched here and there.. Agaknya anak ku jakun ah masuk hotel! haha.. She also likes to be on the bed and after that she will get down the bed herself altho the bed is quite high! See how active she is! Penat Mama dia ni! Supposedly all of us had agreed to go out again at 5pm but all of us took a nap and only woke up around 6 plus.. haha.. penat nya pasal! By the time we had our shower and we finally went out after magrib. Took a cab to Petaling Street.Massive jam as usual. Only get to reach Petaling St around 8.45pm. Luckily KL Taxi's meter not like SG else, terkopak abis! hehe

Dint shopping much in Petaling St tho' as there are not much things there. We only spent 45 mins there before taking a cab back to Bukit Bintang to have our dinner at the Nasi Ayam Hailam stall. After dinner, we just walked down the streets at Bukit Bintang. Alisha was so cranky at that time due to her sleeping time already over. She was so clingy to me and I had to carry her. Bleh patah seh pinggang. She only sat at her pram for awhile before making noise asking me to carry her! And she does not want anybody else not even her Abah! Mana bleh seh camni! Badan mama dia ni mintak ampun sey!! After that we made our way back to the hotel. Tot of putting Alisha to sleep the moment we reached our room BUT this kenit of mine, was back in her active self. Fuh! penat gue! Ingatkan nak tido rupanya nak main2 lagik! Kene marah dgn Abah dia baru lah dia tido! *slap forehead*

The next day, woke up quite early as we need to get ready for breakfast at the coffeehouse. By 9.10am, we went down and saw the Queue was quite long. We got a separate table. 2 and 3 person per table respectively. Anyway I always enjoy hotel bfast. Alisha too has her share. She had Chicken Porridge and French toast. After bfast, we went up to our room and rest for awhile before we went out for shopping trip. Hir's fren, Zack, came over and took hubbie, Alisha, Nollie and myself in his car to Masjid India. Hir & Megat took a cab there. I just bought 2 kains for myself, 1 kain for Alisha and for our mums. Now it seems that Masjid India din have much things like before lah.. No excitement at all when see all the kains.. More to makcik2 kind of kain... We made our rounds for an hr before we headed to KLCC. There, we promised to meet syana at KLCC. By the time we reached there, syana had waited for us in front of Vinci Shop. Fuh! We had not meet each other for such a long time sey! First stop I went to Clinique counter to get my compact powder. It is way cheaper in Malaysia compared in SG. Nak sep duit nya pasal sanggup beli kat KL! haha.. Then after few roundings, we had our lunch at Al-Marjan Cafe. A lebanese cruisine.We took the lunch buffet. Upon seeing the buffet spread, all of us seemed so excited. Dah lapar nya pasal, tgk makanan mcm nak telan itu spot gak! haha..Luckily I had finished my lunch before Alisha woke up from her sleep. After that I had to entertain my princess for her lunch. She too had her lebanese lunch.. Kencang sey ini anak! hehe..After lunch, we all decided to go to Sogo. With 2 cars, ladies in syana's car and the guys in Zack's car, off we went to Sogo Shopping Ctr. There the stuff all cheap cheap ah! Bought 2 tee shirts, a pair of working shoe, 2 dresses for Alisha. Berbaloi sungguh harga!! By the time it was already 5.30pm. All of us went back to our hotel room to rest for awhile. Kaptenz, our chat fren met us at Sogo too joined us back in the hotel. The ladies chit chatted in our room while the guys were in their room. After we had our shower, we rest for awhile before we went out again at 7.45pm for our dinner. Syana & Kaptenz din join us as they have to go back. This time Zack's gf and hir ex beau, Nur, joined us for dinner. Another car to tumpang.. :) We went to Juara Tomyam at Kampung Baru. This time we din have our usual Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa instead we had seafood.. Too bad the service was slow.. Lapar sey tunggu makanan sampai.. By the time we finished eating was already 10 plus. Went back to hotel. Tot of lepaking at Starbucks beside the hotel but instead all of us stayed in the room except for hir who went on "date" with Nur.. ;) Not sure what time we fell asleep then...

Next morning which was our last day in KL, woke up earlier than the day before as we wanted to avoid "jam" at the coffeehouse. Luckily this time we got a bigger table which fit all of us. Had our last bfast there so we ate our fill. Then back to our room. Packed our luggage and sempat tido for an hr plus.. We checked out at 1pm. Put our luggage at the conceirge. Zack met us in the lobby and off we went to Sungei Wang Plaza. They shopped for DVDs. Bought Alisha's shoe, underwear and my Looney Tunes pyjamas at World of Cartoons. I simply cant resist going in World of Cartoons.. Sure got someting to buy one! hehe.. Then off we went Nandos for our lunch! Nandos food better than Kenny Rogers lah! Taste wise, serving wise! And the soup is refilable sey! Only RM5.95 per bowl! Mak ai!! Berbaloi sey! Hir made a move first as he has to catch his 4pm coach back to SG. He din get to take the same coach as us. Last minute confirm nak pegi sebab tuh kene separate! We then proceed to Berjaya Time Square for the last stop. Both me & Nollie bought 2 shoes each at one of the shoe shop. After which we made our way back to the hotel and collect our luggage. Before that I washed Alisha up at the restroom and changed her clothes and diapers so that she wont feel uncomfortable.

Zack sent us to Pasar Rakyat Bus Terminal (the one that Gaduh-Gaduh Sayang scene which Rima Melati took the coach). We took Transtar Coach back. Too bad the Executive Coach that we were to take was having problem that day so we have to settle with the normal coach! Asal kan dapat balik SG sudah lah. Still we have the massaging chairs and free food serve by the "air stewardess" minus the LCD TV. But we got refund back for our money ah! We boarded the 6pm coach. Alisha was sooo good during the ride back to SG. She's been sleeping thru out the journey. Now we know that she likes to travel during nite time! Less hassle for us too! Tak lah terpekik sana sini! We were being served Nasi Goreng & Mineral Water. Jadi lah kan.. Asal peyut kenyang! Reached SG at 10.45pm but due to the jam at the bus lane, we were stranded for nearly 1hr and 15mins at the checkpt. Anyway we reached Golden Mile at midnite. Took a cab back and reached home around 12.20am.. Did all the necessary things and managed to sleep at 1.20am.. Penat!!!!!! It was fun trip afterall despite of my tiredness carrying Alisha most of the time. But seriiously 3 days 2 nites really not enuff! Hubbie suggest that we shall go for a longer trip to KL next time. Insya Allah...

To syana: Thanks for the ride in yur new, cute car & most importantly being our great companion!!

KL Peektures

Click the pix for larger view.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Shoooo the flu bug! I wanna go KL!

Guess what! I'm having flu now! And tomoro morning we are going KL!! Hopefully my flu will go off by tonite!!!! Pls Mr Flu, BACK OFF!!!!

Anyway in the morning I was in the office, sneezing all the way. Dint get to touch any werk at all as I was busy sneezing and blowing my nose! My waste paper basket fulled of tissue.. My koligs were all so concerned and asked me to go see doctor and take mc to rest at home.. At first I tot the flu will subside soon but wah lau, I keep sneezing and sneezing non stop! Tried to make appointment with the doctor at the basement and got 11am appt. At that time it was only 9.40am.. So my kolig suggested that I just go to the doctor nearest my blk there instead of waiting for the appt at 11am.. After getting approval from my boss, I packed up and left office.. In the MRT, I kept sneezing and I tink ppl all scared of me passing the germs to them lah! They see me like I'm a virus carrier... ekekeke... But heck care! I cud not control my sneezing what! hehe..

Once I reached Eunos MRT, I called my sis who by chance was at my MIL's place. She accompanied MIL to TTSH as MIL need to draw blood for her next check up. So my sis was there to help to attend to Alisha... Met my sis at the bus stop as I need the house key from MIL's hse.. I wont want to go up to MIL's place as for sure Alisha wants to follow me. So after the doctor visit, went to buy epok2 for lunch and went back straight. My sis too make her way back home..

Reached home, I took the flu medicine and I dozzed off. Just woke up and now dunno what to do. Have finished packing the luggage yesterday nite... Mebbe I shud just lie down and rest... I need the rest anyway...

Kay shall stop my ranting here! Will be back blogging next week with updates on KL.. Till then, have a good long weekend guys!! Take care!!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

My Sick Baby

My baby is down with fever. Yesterday nite we brought her to the doctor. Her temp was 38.4 degrees. But she is still hyper active. Then late morning around 3.45am, she woke up and when I touched her forehead, it was burning hot. I quickly get hubbie to wet a towel and I sponged her whole body. She can laff some more! Isk budak kenit ni! I was like kanchiong yet she like not sick at all.. Gave her medicine and plain water to drink. Managed to put her to sleep at 4.15am.

Alhamdulillah this morning before we went to werk, her temperature has went down.. Hopefully she will get well before we off to KL.. My poor baby!

Here are some photo updates on her during weekend... More photo available here!

Thursday, April 06, 2006


I tink now DIA fever is still lingering around us.. Ari Wibowo was in Spore last week and made appearance at Plaza Singapura last Sunday. Tabloids too kept featuring the Indonesian-German hensem lad! Over 30 000 ppl were there at Plaza Singapura... Thank God that I was not there else sure kena stampede.. hehee.. But sadly I cud not get to meet my hero!! uwahhhh!!! Hubbie said sure it will be jammed pack with Ari's fans! True enuff!

Yesterday, I finally "katam" the synopsis of DIA till the last episode.. This coming May will be the last episode of DIA.. Yesterday, I slogged myself going thru the indo siar forum page for the synopsis.. Finally I get to read and copy paste in word document and shared with my frens! I feel satisfied after reading and shall wait for the telecast next Monday till it ends! Tho I know the complete story but I have to see them in action and what's more that charming Ari!!

Enuff said and I shall end my blabber here... Anyone who wants to read the next episode of DIA till the last episode, do inform me so that I can forward the synopsis to you guys! But pls be inform that the synopsis is in Bahasa Indonesia and you can get konpius deh! Mata bleh kero! hehe.. Nevertheless, it's worth reading! ;)

Monday, April 03, 2006

Mendak Monday..

What a mendak Monday today! Firstly, have to drag myself waking up early in the morning. Secondly, seeing Lil Alisha sleeping so soundly made me wanna joined her back to sleep! But wat to do, need to drag my feet to the bathroom.. Why must weekend past for fast??!! Arghhhh!!!

Saturday we din go anywhere except to Pasar Geylang Foodcentre for our late lunch... Met Along and family there. I managed to get 2 kurta.. Around 7pm, all of us left for MIL's place.. Stayed there till 10.30pm and off we went back.. I was sooo tired and quickly pat Alisha to sleep and off I went to wash myself up and went to sleep..

Sunday morning managed to catch Suria Segar.. It was a good informative show! And that Ari Wibowo is justttttt soooooo cuttteeeeee.. Too bad we din get to go Plaza Singapura to catch him live. And Lucky we din go as it was so crowded with 2000 over people.. Phew! And it was raining some more.. Again in the afternoon around 4.30pm, we met Along & family at Labrador Food Centre. Ate mee rebus and goreng pisang before we headed to Labrador Park.. It was drizzling by then.. We had our brollies & mat geared with us... Half way thru the rain stopped and we layed out the mat to sit. Alisha started her walking hobby with the aid of her 2 cuzzins... By 6.10pm, we went to Harbourfront.. Went see see look look at BIG while waiting for my parents to "touch down" from Batam...Anyway nuthing catches our eyes in there.. 7pm, we met my parents. Bought New York Pizza home for dinner and off we sent my parents back home... We then went back.. By then I was having headache due to the drizzling at the Labrador Park.. Pop up 2 panadol after bathing and after watching True Files off i went to sleep...

Now I'm just waiting for this coming weekend to come!! And the next following weekend, we are off to KL to de-stress!! Yeahooooo!!!!!!