Thursday, April 06, 2006


I tink now DIA fever is still lingering around us.. Ari Wibowo was in Spore last week and made appearance at Plaza Singapura last Sunday. Tabloids too kept featuring the Indonesian-German hensem lad! Over 30 000 ppl were there at Plaza Singapura... Thank God that I was not there else sure kena stampede.. hehee.. But sadly I cud not get to meet my hero!! uwahhhh!!! Hubbie said sure it will be jammed pack with Ari's fans! True enuff!

Yesterday, I finally "katam" the synopsis of DIA till the last episode.. This coming May will be the last episode of DIA.. Yesterday, I slogged myself going thru the indo siar forum page for the synopsis.. Finally I get to read and copy paste in word document and shared with my frens! I feel satisfied after reading and shall wait for the telecast next Monday till it ends! Tho I know the complete story but I have to see them in action and what's more that charming Ari!!

Enuff said and I shall end my blabber here... Anyone who wants to read the next episode of DIA till the last episode, do inform me so that I can forward the synopsis to you guys! But pls be inform that the synopsis is in Bahasa Indonesia and you can get konpius deh! Mata bleh kero! hehe.. Nevertheless, it's worth reading! ;)

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