Thursday, April 27, 2006

Mak Budak & the Sesame Street Bag!

Finally I got my hands on this bag!!! Yayness!!

Sesame Street Bag by Bossini

See this Mak Budak is so in lurve with the bag. Cute ain't it? But when I flashed it in front of my Lil kenit, she just point2 to the Sesame Street character and after awhile, she showed no interest on it anymore! Mama dia ni lah ajer yg excited! hehe

I dint buy any of the tee shirts but just bought the bag itself with a 30% discount at Bossini.. Berbaloi you!!! So why wait?! Now Bossini got storewide 30% discount! So grab it!! *cheh! dah mcm advertisement plak* ;P

I bet this lady too excited with her Sesame Street bag .. :p *wink @ Rosie*

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