Thursday, April 13, 2006

Shoooo the flu bug! I wanna go KL!

Guess what! I'm having flu now! And tomoro morning we are going KL!! Hopefully my flu will go off by tonite!!!! Pls Mr Flu, BACK OFF!!!!

Anyway in the morning I was in the office, sneezing all the way. Dint get to touch any werk at all as I was busy sneezing and blowing my nose! My waste paper basket fulled of tissue.. My koligs were all so concerned and asked me to go see doctor and take mc to rest at home.. At first I tot the flu will subside soon but wah lau, I keep sneezing and sneezing non stop! Tried to make appointment with the doctor at the basement and got 11am appt. At that time it was only 9.40am.. So my kolig suggested that I just go to the doctor nearest my blk there instead of waiting for the appt at 11am.. After getting approval from my boss, I packed up and left office.. In the MRT, I kept sneezing and I tink ppl all scared of me passing the germs to them lah! They see me like I'm a virus carrier... ekekeke... But heck care! I cud not control my sneezing what! hehe..

Once I reached Eunos MRT, I called my sis who by chance was at my MIL's place. She accompanied MIL to TTSH as MIL need to draw blood for her next check up. So my sis was there to help to attend to Alisha... Met my sis at the bus stop as I need the house key from MIL's hse.. I wont want to go up to MIL's place as for sure Alisha wants to follow me. So after the doctor visit, went to buy epok2 for lunch and went back straight. My sis too make her way back home..

Reached home, I took the flu medicine and I dozzed off. Just woke up and now dunno what to do. Have finished packing the luggage yesterday nite... Mebbe I shud just lie down and rest... I need the rest anyway...

Kay shall stop my ranting here! Will be back blogging next week with updates on KL.. Till then, have a good long weekend guys!! Take care!!

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