Friday, June 30, 2006

Off to Jalan-Jalan..

Another an hr plus to go before I declare WEEKEND! Yeahoooo!! Saya sungguh hepi!! Ye saya haf day hari ni!! Jgn jelesh!! ;)

Hubbie & Alisha will fetch me here later! Gonna bring Alisha up in the ofis as my koligs wanna meet her...

Then we off to Tong Seng for lunch. It has been a year and half since I went there! I remember when I was 8 mths pregnant, dad and sis brought me there while hubbie's at werk.. hehe.. See that long period...

Then we will go jalan2 at Bugis... Dinner will be at Kintamani Furama Riverfront.. Then to Clarke Quay! Yeah! I sooo looking forward spending time with my 2 lovers!!

So you guys, have an enjoyable weekend!!


Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Errr...Sinful Lunch!

For lunch today, me & Nolllie really can't decide on where shud we have our lunch! We tot of eating something light.. I mentioned here light hokay!! :P But dunno why our legs ended up in front of Bistro Delifrance????! Ok lah we tot...So I tot that I can just eat the sandwich meal. Before that we did ask the staff what is the soup of the day. It was Cream of Chickie.. So we took our seat and looked at the menu.. We saw PASTA!! Yummylicious looking pasta!!! Tergugat iman kita berdua! wakakakaka...

So conclusion, sandwich ke mana, something light ke mana?! akakaka

Tu lah konon kata nak diet lah this week sebab last weekend dah makan "sinful food" tapi tak menjadi lah nampaknya... Today jer dah Sinful Lunch! What can I say??? I rest my case.... :P

Nollie & her meal

Nollie's Cheesy Shrimp Ratatouille Pasta Gratin

Yours Truly & my meal

My Cheesy Masala Chicken Potato Gratin

Ended up, both our tummy bloated!! And super sleepy in the office! :p

And tagging continues....

Been tagged by Mama Adriana.. Have cracked by brain since 9.30am at the same time doing my work... So here it goes...

[*]10 Favourites
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Food: Anything that are tasty
Favorite Song: Heaven Knows by Rick Price
Favorite Movie: My Best Friend's Wedding
Favorite Sport: SwimmingFavorite Season: Summer
Favourite Day Of the Week: Friday
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Strawberry

[*]9 Current
Current Mood: Sleepy
Current Taste: Prata
Current Clothes: Pantsuit
Current Desktop: Alisha's cheeky smile pic
Current Toenail Color: Color-less
Current Time: 9:51am
Current Surroundings: Office
Current Annoyance(s): None
Current Thought: Weekend!

[*]8 Firsts
First Best Friend: Suhaili
First Crush: Can't remember :p
First Movie: Blue Lagoon
First Piercing: My ears when I was 5
First Lie: oops...can't remember either
First Music: Nursery ryhmes
First Car: KIA Cerato - Transport for the 3 of us

[*]7 Lasts
Last Drink: Horlicks
Last Car Ride: Monday nite to Jalan Kayu
Last Crush: The character "Azman" in Gaduh-Gaduh Sayang..*wink Rosie*
Last Movie Seen: The Police Story II
Last Phone Call: Hubbie
Last CD Played: Scrapbooking CD

[*]6 Have You Evers
Have You Ever Dated One Of Your Best Friends: Nope
Have You Ever Broken the Law: Nope
Have You Ever Been Arrested: Nope
Have You Ever Skinny Dipped: Nope
Have You Ever Been on TV: Yesh (Was in Detik last 2 years when the presenter Alawiyah Siz was making "liputan" for Bazaar Ramadhan at Bussorah St and both me & hubbie passed by there. We saw us in TV when Detik was aired!!! :p
Have You Ever Kissed Someone You Didn't Know: Nope

[*]5 things you're wearing

[*]4 things you've done today
Emailing my usual kakis
"Sametime" with her, Nollie & my hubby
Did this TAG

[*]3 things you can hear right now
My colleagues discussing
Sound of my keyboard due to my typing
Phone ringing

*]2 things you can't live without

[*]1 thing you do when you're bored
Surf the net

5 people to carry on the game:

I tink 5 not enuff leh! Can I get whoever want to do it, just do it lah eh! hehe

Monday, June 26, 2006

Happy TIGA POSEN Hubbie!!

Hubbie turns BIG 30 today! *dah tuek* :p

On this very day, I was down with flu + fever and was on mc. Spent my day on the bed, sleeping due to the drowsiness from the medicine taken. Hubbie is on Family Flexi Leave and take care of Alisha. We did not even go out in the day. So today after maghrib, hubbie drove me to AMK as I need to meet the simply cupcakes lady, Ayu, to pick up my order.. I've ordered hubbie's besday cuppies from her.. :)

Then we went to Jalan Kayu for dinner. Bump into Rosie & family there. After eating went straight home.

At home, I surprised hubbie with his besday present. The "thing" that he longed for... ;)

HAPPY 30th BESDAY to my BELOVED HUBBIE, RAHMAT.. Semoga dipanjangkan usia dan dimurahkan rezeki.. Insya Allah... From: Mama & Icah

The Liverpool theme Cuppies

Hubbie with his 30 sen Besday Cuppies

The 30 sen Besday Present, Swatch

Opening his 30 sen present

Showing his 30 sen present to Icah

Posing with his 30 sen Besday Present

Wearing it

Mama & Icah with Besday Abah

The Liverpool Cuppie with the soccer guy

Thanks Ayu for the Nice Birthday Cuppies! My hubbie simply lurve it!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Sinful Gathering..

Sinful food with great companions! We just had our Donnatz Clan gathering at my place. Lotsa food were seen on the table! Perut boleh kembong sey!! With jokes & chattering, we ate the managed to try all the food. Each member gets to tapau the food too.. So the next few days it's diet time!! rite gurlz?? ;) wahahahaha

Here are the list of food that we had:

1. Black Pepper Pasta
2. Nutella Frosted Cuppies
3. Nuggets & Balls
4. Veggie Quiche
5. Breadcrumb Stuffed Hotdog
6. Polar Sugar Roll
7. Polar Curry Puff
8. Donnuts
9. Pizzas
10. Bread & Butter Pudding
11. Manggo Pudding
12. Ice Cream
13. Dark Chocolate Truffle (besday cake)

Banyak kan????!!!

At the same time, we celebrated hubbie's advanced birthday. I had ordered Dark Chocolate Truffle from Royal Cake and Nollie was assigned to pick the cake up in the afternoon.. Tenkiu hor Nollie ;)

And today also mark Alisha 16th months! So the Daddy & Daughter cut the cake togeder-geder..

So let the peektures do the talking... :)

Absent with Apology : Cennie

The Food

The Shots

Friday, June 23, 2006

Friday Finally!!


Just finished eaten my Zinger lunch meal. Feeling so bloated suddenly. Went to Taka with Nollie & Nana... I picked up my loan book from the Orchard Library! Yesh! Finally I've loan a book from the library after 1 year & half.. When I was pregnant with Alisha, I so very the rajin borrowing books from Bedok Library but I stopped when I stepped into my 36th weeks. And TODAY I stepped into the library again after sooo long.. hiak hiak hiak.. I just miss the peaceful library environment... So I shall be going library often now as it's just 1 MRT away from my werk place :p

This evening we will be visiting my granny again. She has been admitted to SGH for more than a week. At first was due to low blood. Now doctor found tumour growing in her intestine and what make matter worst is that, her intestines are bleeding.. Gosh! The same thing happened to my FIL last year except that FIL does not have any tumour in his intestine. Seeing my granny in that condition really makes me sad. In fact all of us (my dad's family) are so sad to see granny sooo weak. She is bedridden. She used to be a strong lady. Likes her children to bring hee out. But now she could not even walk nor speak. I just hope that she will be well again and get to go back home. Hopefully the tumour is not a cancerous one! I don't want to lose another granny as she is the only granny that left. My maternal granny & great-granny left us last year. 2006 begins with the lost of my maternal grandad... Now we can't afford to lose another family member again! It's soo heart wrenching...

On a happier note, tomoro will be a long awaited gathering for the DoNNatz clan over at my abode.. Can't wait to see them again!! There will be lotsa food!! So wait for the updates perhaps sometime next week!

I leave you guys with Alisha's peektures... Have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Fresher New Look..

I simply lurve this new layout! I feel so freshier! Maybe it's been quite sometimes since I changed to a new layout. But I must thanked Hajira for creating the previous previous layout for me! I still lurve them alot! But my hands are just itchy to change a new one! As usual lazy to do my own layout...

Ermm..but there's a minor hicups in this layout.. I just cud not figure out why the blog entries seems to move alittle to the left! *wonder*... On Frontpage, it seems perfect & even I tried on another blogger template and it seems alrite.. Aiyoh!! Too stress to tink oredy! Guess it's time for me to go to bed! Will figure it out someday! Till then, goodnyte!!

Leave you guys to watch Alisha's swaying away with her favourite song, Teman Tapi Mesra..

Monday, June 19, 2006

Why Oh Why?!

Why Shah Iskandar is not the winner of Anugerah Skrin??! I just like the way he hosts & acts but too bad luck is not on his side! Shahril is not bad tho'.. I'm sooo happy that Huda won! yay!! Lucky it's not that super "yek" Surianny!!! wakakaka.. Call me bad but I super dunt like that Surianny's attitude and she is over confident and over-acting/over-hosting..

Nevertheless, I knew Datuk Yusoff Haslam was quite disappointed that Shah Iskandar is out but my instinct said that Datuk Yusoff Haslam will sure take in Shah to be in his drama, even for a minor role. Can see Shah is his favourite! Huda really captivates him since the day he became the judge.

Hopefully Huda & Shahril will do Singapore proud by giving their best in the film industry in Malaysia led by Datuk Yusoff Haslam...

Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Lil Kepo of Mine..

This Mak Kenit of mine lurves to do what we, adults do! She is really an observant child thus she will follow whatever action that we did. Like today @ MIL's place, when I was about to do my maghrib prayer, she with her own telekung came to me and started to do her own "prayer".. I was distracted by her and cud not stop laughing. So what I did was to take another sejadah and put it beside my sejadah. Let's see what she is up to by looking at the pictures below.

Getting ready for prayer

Close up of her

Tahyat Akhir

Memberi Salam

Selepas membaca doa..Amin

Alisha & me