Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Boleh Pengsan woohhhh!

Got a story to tell! Yesterday on my way back home, at Eunos Interchange, I was approached by this Malay Aunty who asked me whether bus 63 go to North Bridge Road. I was not that sure so I replied to her that I din know lah cos I will only be stopping at Ubi area not further than that. So I kept quiet after that conversation. She then tried to make conversation again. I was like errrr...Just answer a short reply back to her. Then the moment came. "Pukul brapa sekarang eh kak?" I was like WHAT?!! Aik makcik, kau panggil aku kakak?? Giler ker? Apa umur makcik ni 17 tahun ker? Wah peh hot gue!!! But I calmly tell her the time.. No choice mah!!

Then, I smell something unpleasant. I tot it's just a passing smell but it became stronger. Just then I realised that the smell came from that "YOUNG" gemok makcik. It must be her Body O.. I tried to control my breath as not to sniff too much of the smell but I simply can't! I was hoping the bus will reach fast. Arghhh! I was soooo lega when the bus came. BUTTT! It din not stop there. This "YOUNG" makcik boarded the bus and asked the bus driver whether bus 63 stop at North Bridge Road. Not too sure what the apek driver said to her, she happily moved on and trying to find her EZ Link card. I was so happy that she sat in front. But boy! I was wrong!! She moved forward and chose to sit 1 seat before me but opposite side. Geezzz! The Body O smell stuck in my poor nose again! huwahhh!! I wanted to puke at that moment but I tried to control myself. Tried to cover my nose while trying to concentrate the Spore Idol on the TV Mobile. This "YOUNG" makcik then went back to the front seat and search for her EZ Link card again! Weirdo!! After she has found and tap her card, she came back sitting the opposite side again! Arghh!

She then took out her hp and dunno what she pressed and started to talk loudly! Mak ai! Apa dia ingat dia sorang ke kat dalam bus tuh?? Mcm nak amik hp dia buang kat luar sey!! Irritating freako! After awhile, she happily munching away 1 epok2. *slap forehead* The smell of the epok2 plus her Body O really really makes me wanna puke oredy! Gue dah mcm kene morning sickness plak! Nanti org ingat gue ngandong! Padahal si makcik ni punya bau dahhh!!! I was just hoping that the bus driver cud drive faster so that I can reach my destination soon.

A lady in front of her starts to become uneasy. I guess it must due to the strong unplesant smell. She was restless.. She shifted herself nearer to the walkway. I was sooo glad when I've reached my destination. She saw me alighting and looked at me. I pretended not to look at her lah! She really spoilt my evening man!!

What an experience yesterday!! Today onwards I shall take hubbie's bike as usual ah!! And hopefully I wont bump into the "YOUNG" makcik again in future if I were to go back myself. Spare me!!!!

On another happier note, Congrats Aliyah & Jaybonz on the arrival of your Lil Princess yesterday nite. Sure you will enjoy yur motherhood very much! Speedy recovery!!

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